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To apply this patch, you go to your dead island folder (aka game folder) and unpack all files

there and overwrite all (likely at least 3 files will be ov erwritten but possibly more) THEN, You are in of the these situations: 1. you already have played the game and your game lobby was not greyed, your pre vious steam_appid.txt was kept intact even after the above. You need do nothing else, just run the game. 2. you have just installed the game first time (preferably the RELOADED release) and thus you have no savegames (which are kept in steam folder btw, so if this is a reinstall the savegames would still be there, as long as you're using the s ame appid as before) - in this case you need to do an extra step just so that your Game Lobby is NOT greyed so you can enter/click it: rename the file "steam_appid-backup.txt" to "steam_appid.txt" and overwrite the existing one (it is likely containing the number 91310) DO not do this if you want to keep your previously existing (presumed) savegam es. Because you will loose access to them and the game won't show you a Continu e button - in other words it's like you start fresh. Your future savegames will of cours be saved and work, unless you decide to change appid again. Changing appid => lost access to your existing(if any) savegames. (this file is already set to readonly - which is required so that the game won't change your appid automatically back to 91310) ---------These files could not have been brought to you without the help of these people (alphabetical order): fatherkius iNHUMANBE Many thanks to them and much appreciated! -----------Note: because the original .exe for this update is not cracked, it will ignore and not load the following files: \DI\DataDLC1_XX.pak \DI\DataDLC1.pak where XX is country code like En, Fr etc. because of this, I had to manually unpack them into \DI\out\Data\ this way they do get loaded and you can Fast Travel to Arena Lobby and/or enter the door located at `fast travel Jungle Tunngle` Because of this also read the file: "!change language.txt" only if you need to u se other than English languages! I'm guessing that if someone can crack the original exe which is included named as: "zDoNOTRunThis-originalNotCracked-DeadIslandGame_update7_bba_original.exe_" then you won't need the .pak to be unpacked in DI\out\Data\ the current working .exe is the one from reloaded.iso in the crack folder.

======= the md5 files are helpful to you to check integrity of files "Dead Island prerequisite for this update.md5" this file will help you know exactly what files you needed to have BEFORE applyi ng this update, such that after you applied it then it's guaranteed to work for you as it worked for me. "Dead Island Bloodbath Arena only aka update 7 of 23 November 2011 it is still v 1.3.0.md5" this file are all the files that this patch contains, and all you need if you ju st installed the game from reloaded iso --I the writer of this and packer do not care to give myself credit :P so I shall not be named :) You just enjoy this :P