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Isla Reta Beach Resort

Talikud Island is another nearby island in Samal. Also packed with beautiful and peaceful serene beaches is a place to visit on hot summer days. Famous for its untouched sea kingdom is Isla Reta Beach Resort. A divers paradise it is! According to some divers who went there, one must come and see for themselves a nature beneath the surface of the earth. Divers will have a one of a kind diving sensation as they plunge into the depths of its crystal clear waters. Isla Reta Beach Resort has a lot to offer for your untamed palates. A number of restaurants are available within the vicinity of the resort. Delicious delicacies that will surely fill your soaring tummies are there to complete your getaway. The guarantee comes with a price, well as economists usually say: there is no such thing as free lunch these days! It really is, because this delicious food comes with exuberating charges. Its charges are quite expensive due to the inaccessibility of the ingredients. So if you plan to come over and you have tight budget for such escapade, Id advise you to bring your own food since they have ample facilities where you can cook your own food. For you to have a clue about the food prices: its about 50% higher than the usual price in the city. Anyway you can have a good lunch or dinner with your loved ones and friends with your own recipes. Like any other resorts around the island, Isla Reta Beach Resort takes pride with the natural corals that pops up anywhere beside its shores. Walking along the sea shore is quite a peaceful moment but I bet youll spoil your moment when you walk along their shores since sea urchins are just around the corner unnoticeably wailing theirs stings. So if you plan to walk around the shore, wear your sandals to refrain from the Sea Urchins sting. With your snorkeling gear, corals are best seen in their territory. So soak up in water and see for yourself the baby chorals flourishing in their utmost regent forms. So with the marine creatures that will awestruck you as you hold them. If you have any plans of staying here overnight, you may bring in your tent and pitch them near the shores. Else, you may look for a pair of trees and hang in your hammock. There are available huts also where you can have a fresh breeze dripping into your skin while taking a nap. Isla Reta Beach Resort is a good place to visit when you want to be one with nature since its a less developed resort. Just be patient with its rocky roads though.

The Isla Reta Beach Resort is behind a small village. There are regular trips for tourists and travelers up to 3pm. From Davao city it only takes ten-minute boat ride to reach Samal Island, plus it takes around 30 to 45 minutes trip to Talikud Island.

Rate :
o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
Cottages Picnic Hut Php 150.00/night Table under Talisay Tree Free of charge w/ bed(single or double) Open Cottages Free Beddings Rental Complete bed Php 80.00/set Mattress Php 40.00 Blanket Php 20.00 Pillow Php 20.00 Mat Php 30.00 Entrance Daytour Php 75.00/head Overnight Php 150.00/head Overnight(Kids) Php 75.00/head 3 years old and below Free 4 to 10 years old/half Php 35.00 Accomodation Concrete Room(max of 2 persons) Php 800.00/night Native Room(max of 3 persons) Php 700.00/night Dormitory Type(max of 15 persons) Php 3,500.00 Corkages Beer and Soft drinks 25% 1.5 coke Php 10.00 Litro Php 8.75 Grande Php 20.00 Family Php 7.50

o o o o o

12 oz Php 6.75 Regular Php 10.00 8 oz Php 5.00 N Can Php 10.00 *Price may change without prior notice Boat Fare Fare per Trip Php 70.00

Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation Area One will surely enjoy their stay with its clean and relaxing ambience. Facilities are well maintained by the staff. Guaranteed clean environment is what this resort can brag among all other resorts in Samal. The facilities inside the resort and hotel will keep you busy as they provided all these for your comfort and entertainment. Their facilities are as follows: Swimming Pool Free WIFI 34 Hotel Rooms 12 Air-conditioned Cottages Aircon Function Hall up to 600 people Camping ground Beach Restaurant 3 Billiards Table Venue for Function Function Hall Capacity(Whole) 600 = Theater type seating 450 = Classroom Seating Function Hall Capacity (half) 300 = Theater type seating 225 = Classroom Seating Theres no way you can spell boredom inside this resort, they provide all the facilities you needed for a real family and friend bonding, so with your function needs. This is an ideal place for almost all occasions. Bothered about their rates? They have provided reasonable prices for their rates. Here are the rate guides: Rates: * Entrance Fee Day Tour (Adult) Php 80.00/pax net (Free Use of Swimming Pool and Open Cottage) Day Tour (Senior Citizen) Php 64.00/pax net (Free Use of Swimming Pool and Open Cottage) Overnight(Adult) Php 150.00/pax net (Free Use of Swimming Pool and Open Cottage)

Overnight(Senior Citizen) Php 120.00/pax net (Free Use of Swimming Pool and Open Cottage) * Cottages/Rooms Guest Room (Twin Sharing) Php 1,500.00/night Air-conditioned Cottage(Twin/Matrimonila) Php 1,8000.00 Function Room Rental Whole = Php 50,000 for first 8 hours and Php 5,000 for every succeeding hour Half = Php 25,000 for first 8 hours and Php 5,000 for every succeeding hour Function Room Rental Whole = Php 50,000 for first 8 hours and Php 5,000 for every succeeding hour Half = Php 25,000 for first 8 hours and Php 5,000 for every succeeding hour Come and enjoy summer at Camp Holiday Resort in Samal enjoy a summer blast with their facilities and the beauty of nature as well.

Bluewaters Beach Resort

March is near ending and April is coming in so fast. Summer, it is! And where else do we wish to enjoy this season? the Beach! We all do look forward to this season where we all show off our bikini bods underneath the scorching heat of the sun. Sure thing, going to Boracay can be expensive, right? Why spend so much when we can spoil ourselves and enjoy almost the same kind of experience in Boracay here at Samal. For a vacation that is both comfortable and affordable, try to book your free days to this one of the best beaches at the ever blessed Island Garden City of Samal Bluewaters Beach Resort. This resort is located centrally along Samal Island Coast, and is only a 4-minute ride across the Waterfront Insular Hotel. In going to this Bluewaters Beach Resort, you need to ride their exclusive pumpboat named Danica at the Marina Wharf located at Davao Boat Club (Take note of their boat schedules: First trip 7:00 am Last trip: 5:00 pm). You will surely fall in love with its turquoise waters, and the feel of your feet striking against its white sands. This resort is not only endowed with a paradise-like shore, it was developed and advanced to provide its guests the best experience ever! A warm and welcoming staff will definitely make your stay as good as you are in your own home. For overnight stay-ins, they have rooms and cottages to offer its guests. All rooms are equipped with cable TV, full bath and private verandas. They also have an infinity pool with mushroom huts, picnic tables with the shades of Talisay trees, shower and covered grill house. Guests will enjoy their stay here with their banana boat ride, kayaking, skin diving, wind surfing, fishing and Jetski experience. This exquisite resort is also a perfect venue for weddings, seminars, conferences, group parties, reunions and island tour hopping. Their Grand Pavilion, Clubhouse and Anahaw Pavilion will surely cater your guests should you choose this place. Guests are assured as well of their safety and security in this resort. There is no doubt that the Island Garden City of Samal is endowed with the greatness of white sandy beaches. What makes each resort worth visiting over and over again is its uniqueness, the versatility of their amenities and the accommodation of the staff and the place itself. This resort is truly blessed with these.

Facilities :
Anahaw Pavilion (80-100/ Capacity) - $50 PHP 2500 Grand Pavilion (150-220/ Capacity with Stage) - $90 PHP 4500 Clubhouse (100-120/ Capacity Fully AC) - $140 PHP 5500 Apartel/Deluxe (2/ Air-conditioned) - $36 PHP 1,800 Standard Room (2/ Air-conditioned) - $30 PHP 1,500 Garden House (5/ Air-conditioned) - $70 PHP 3,500 Regular Room (2/ Air-conditioned) - $18 PHP 900 Family Room (4/ Air-conditioned) - $36 PHP 1,800 Dormitory Type (6/ Air-conditioned) - $50 PHP 2,500 Extra Person - $5 PHP 250 All Rooms with cable TV, full bath and private veranda

Entrance Fee - $2 PHP 100/head Picnic Hut - $6 PHP 300/hut Table for 10 - $3 PHP 150 Swimming Pool - $1 PHP 50/head

Contact: 082-303-2618: 0823046975 info@ebluwaters.com

Kaputian Beach Park Resort

xperience a beautiful white sand at Kaputian beach park resort which is located at a southern

coast of Samal Island. The resort takes the pride of its natural pulchritude of crystal blue waters that stand among other resorts. It offers a very affordable beach resort that suits your needs. The location of the Kaputian Beach Park Resort is near at Poblacion. It is also a great place to go if you want to get away from stressful life in the city. It takes 40 to 60 minutes boat ride boat from Sta. Ana wharf to reach this beautiful white sand beach. There are quite a few restaurants to choose from outside the beach and guests are allowed to bring foods and drinks without any corkages. The Kaputian Beach Resort offers both native bungalows and dormitory for those who wish to stay overnight at a very reasonable price. The structures of all cottages are facing in the west side to give a breathtaking view of the nearby Talikud Island.

Facilities :
Public rest rooms Canteen Cottages Security services Camping ground Venue for theme parks like: wedding, baptismal, birthday

Rate :
Cottages o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Big Cottage 1 and 2 - Php 800.00 with air-con, toilet and bath good for 2 person,max of 4 person) Extra Php 200/head Cottage(Small) - Php 400.00 with fan, toilet and bath with a max of 2 person Cottage(Small) - Php 300.00 with fan max of 2 person Tree House - Php 500.00 With fan max of 2 person Family Room - Php 200.00 double deck with(ceiling fan) Stall/booth rentals - Php 600.00 Tent(Double) - Php 250.00/use 24 hours Tables(plastic) - Php 100.00/overnight Chairs(plastic) - Php 5.00/Daytime Chairs(plastic) - Php 10.00/overnight Additional Beddings - Php 100.00

Entrance o o o o Daytour(Adult) - Php 10.00 Daytour(Kids) - Php 5.00/ 7 yrs old and below Overnight(Adult) - Php 75.00 Overnight(Kids) - Php 25.00/ 7 yrs old and below

Corkages o o o o o Electric Stove - Php 50.00 Rice Cooker - Php 50.00 Sound/DVD/Speaker - Php 25.00 Tent - Php 100.00 No Corkages for drinks and foods

*Price may change without prior notice


Facilities :
o o Beach Canteen

Rate :
Cottages o o o Open Cottages(daytour) - Php 75.00/small Open Cottages(night) - Php 100.00/small Closed Cottage - Php 400.00

Entrance o o o o Adult(Daytour) - Php 20.00 Kids(Daytour) - Php 15.00 Adult(Overnight) - Php 25.00 Kids(Overnight) - Php 20.00

Electric Charges o o o o o Rice Cooker - Php 30.00 Radio/cassette - Php 30.00 Components w/TV - Php 80.00 Karaoke - Php 80.00 Cellphone - Php 10.00

Corkages o o Softdrinks Per case - Php 50.00 per bottle - Php 10.00

o Tent o

liquor - Php 15.00

Small and Big - Php 30.00


The abundant amenities of Chema's By the Sea Beach Resort makes your stay comfortable and convenient. Chema's by the Sea is one of the newly opened resorts located on the western coast of Samal Island. This beach resort can be a temporary home for individual or groups vacationer. Many couples choose this resort for their honeymoon since the management limit the number of guests to be accommodated. The sense of privacy is methodically observed in this resort. To get there, visitors may catch a boat going to Chema's from Maryknoll near Insular Hotel in Davao City. The entrance fee is P100/ person for a Day Tour, huts price at P700.00, tent and cabasa cost P1, 500.00. Cottage is also available at P3, 500 good for 2 persons only. For an overnight stay, the entrance fee is P150/ person. Guests are not allowed to bring their own food. So, utilize the resorts cozy restaurant which serves delicious and affordable menu. This beautiful beach resort comes with amusing landscape showing distinct materials like dead coral and hardwood. The extensive lush greens and charming little cabanas with hammocks and bamboo sala sets added a very picturesque atmosphere.


The Philippines is just so awesome when it comes to natural wonders. Filipinos are lucky enough to have experience the beauty of nature without having to travel so far and spend too much. With the thousands of islands making up this blessed archipelago, there is no doubt that Philippines is already a place to be and a must see for foreigners. Among the most visited places in the Philippines particularly in the Southern part of Mindanao, is the Samal Island. It is just few kilometres away from Davao City. Samal is widely known for its powdery white sand coupled with its crystal clear blue waters. From the arrays of beaches in Samal Island, is the Mahan Garden Resort located at Barangay Caliclic, Babak District. The place like other beaches in Samal, is characterized with white sand and blue waters significantly Samal. They have different cottages to choose from, one of which is the tree house with gazebo. Mahan garden does not charge corkage, with strong pressurized water, clean toilet/bath, free use of cooking area and free firewood.

Rate :
Cottages o o o o o o o o Tree House with Gazebo - Php 540.00/Overnight Gazebo - Php 600.00/Day Cluster Rooms - Php 1,200.00(Weekdays)Max 9 pax Cluster Rooms - Php 1,400.00(Weekends)Max 9 pax Air Condition Dormitory - Php 1,750.00(10 Pax) Non-Air Condition Dormitory - Php 800.00(8 Pax) Non-Air Condition Dormitory - Php 400.00(4 Pax) Function Hall - Php 3,000.00 inclusive of Lights, Sound system, Tables and chairs

Entrance o o Adult(Daytour) - Php 30.00 Adult(Overnight) - Php 60.00

o o

Kids(Daytour) - Php 15.00 Kids(Overnight) - Php 30.00


Facilities :
o o o o Pumpboat Restaurant Beach Grills

Rate :
Cottages o o o o Open Cottages - Php 400.00/daytour Open Cottages - Php 500.00/overnight Closed Cottages - Php 1,500.00/good for 4 person Closed Cottages - Php 2,500.00/good for 10 person

Entrance o o o o Adult(Daytour) - Php 70.00 Kids(Daytour) - Php 60.00 Adult(Overnight) - Php 100.00 Kids(Overnight) - Php 90.00

Pumpboat - Php 20.00/head


picturesque landscape back dropped by an enchanting sunset, the new hide-away in Samal

Island that is about to be revealed. The Seagrass Beach Resort is the hot stuff in Samal Island today and should be the target of your next getaway. The resort is located at Barangay San Miguel, Penaplata, Samal District, just an hour drive from Babak Port. It offers a spacious field thus perfect for group and company outings. The place is strategically located in a secluded section of Samal Island and this retained its exclusive appeal which is great for chilling out and relaxing. The resort offers great amenities and good accommodation that youll surely enjoy during your stay. It flaunts its bewitching swimming pool that you can enjoy splurging during your visit. You can rent cottages either in the beachfront or the ones floating in the sea trailed by bamboo pathways. They also offer tents that are for rent if you are rooting on a more adventurous and nature-embracing escape. If you prefer a more convenient overnight stay then the resort offers duplex airconditioned rooms that can accommodate 6 persons which you can avail in a very cheap rate. For those fun searchers, maybe the place cannot give you the adrenaline you need but they have few activities you can enjoy like billiards, playground, boating, and the overwhelming sunset at the end of the day. Make sure to make reservations prior going here to avoid the hassle of missing out reservation schedules especially when you are renting the place as a group

Amenities :
o o o o Swimming Pool Billiard Tables Air Conditioned Room Play Gound

Clean Comfort Room

Rates :
Entrance Fee o o o Others o o o o o o o o Small Kubo (1-5 persons)- Php500(Day Tour)/Php750 (Overnight) Medium Kubo (6-12 persons)- Php650(Day Tour)/Php1000 (Overnight) Large Kubo (6-12 persons)- Php950(Day Tour)/Php1200 (Overnight) Floating Kubo-Php1000(Day Tour)/Php1500 (Overnight) Mini Function Hall(30-40 persons)-Php2000(Day Tour)/Php2500 (Overnight) Duplex Room - Php2480 Tent Rental - Php250 to Php750 Canopy (Open tent with Tables and chairs) - P250 /li> Adult- Php80(Day Tour) and Php 150 (Overnight) Kids (3-11)- Php40(Day Tour) and Php 80 (Overnight) Swimming Pool- Php 100

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