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Shahzad Khero

A/65, Prince Complex, Clifton Bridge, Karachi 75530 (92) 333 3098841 shahzadkhero@gmail.com

Objective ___________________________________________________________________________

I want to work for a reputable organization which will enable me to gain higher levels and further explore my capabilities in a dynamic role.
Profile _____________________________________________________________________________

A business Process Driven professional with more than 3 years of SAP Experience in SD & BI. Have excelled in requirement gathering, business process re-engineering, & Understanding complex business processes in SAP R/3. I have carried out Two Full Life Cycles in Sales & Distribution and also completed Two Full SAP BI (Business Intelligence) 7.0 Implementation Life Cycle. Have Experience of various Industry sectors of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Polyester, Fertilizer, Soda Ash, Filming & Process Industry. Experienced in carrying out SAP training sessions. Have good understanding of business processes in Supply Chain Management & technically capable.
Executive Summary __________________________________________________________________

SAP Certified in SAP BI 7.0. SAP Certified in SAP Order Fulfillment. 3 + Years of SAP Experience and Expertise in SAP BI and SAP SD. 2 Complete Life-Cycle of SAP BI 7.0. 1st SAP BOBJ Life Cycle in Progress. 2 Years Support Experience in BI 7.0. 2 Complete Life Cycles of SAP Sales & Distribution. 2 Years Support Experience in SAP Sales & Distribution. Technical Upgrade experience from SAP 4.6C to SAP ECC 6.0. SAP Pre-Sales Presentations & Scoping in SAP SD & SAP BI.

Professional Experience _______________________________________________________________

ABACUS CONSULTING PVT, LTD.(Previously PWC) SAP Solutions Consultant SD & BI,

Karachi, PK 2010 to Current

Carrying out a full scale SAP BI 7.0 & SAP BOBJ 3.1 Implementation encompassing all modules of SCM, HCM, FICO, PLM, ERP Analytics for Fauji Fertilizer Company Pvt Ltd From July 2010 Current. A three Phase Strategy for this implementation with the 1st phase based on SAP BI 7.0, 2nd phase comprises of SAP BOBJ 3.1 and the final Phase consists of SAP BOBJ BPC 7.0. Responsibilities Include: o Carrying out requirement gathering workshops to pin point the development standards which need to be followed and developing the business blue print document. o Activating SAP ECC 6.0 based Datasources and extractors and setting up the setup tables for the relevant datasources for the source system.

A/65, Prince Complex, Clifton Bridge, Karachi 75530 (92) 333 3098841 Shahzadkhero@gmail.com

Shahzad Khero
o Extraction of data from logistics (LO) cockpit, FI, HCM, CO-PA and from Generic datasources. o Activation SAP BI Content based on the requirements gathered by the Key Performance Indicator documents submitted by the power users of all functional areas of SAP. o Modeling of customized infoproviders and their relevant infosources, transformations, datasources e.t.c., as per the requirement of the client. o Load monitoring of Master & transactional data via process chain maintenance and also maintaining Authorization. o Developed highly customized cross-modular reports via BEx analyser, Query designer RRI (Report to Report Interface) and relevant structures pertaining to Sales and Distribution, Human Resource, Finance, Controlling and Production planning modules along with pre-requisite data-sources and data targets in ECC and BI respectively. o Training the power users on all the front end tools of BEx. o Peformance tuning using aggregates, rollups, partitions and compressions. o Designed templates and relevant structures in SAP BI for legacy data upload for historical reporting in the areas of Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Finance and Controlling. o Developed a Comprehensive financial reporting pack solution of fauji Fertilizer company based on Workbook which included Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash flow statement, Asset History Sheet, Statement of Change of Equity, Statement of Comprehensive Income and hundred of other financial ratios. o Installation of BO Edge Environment with oracle 64 bit, SAP integration configuration with Business Objects Enterprise and configuring SAP single sign on Business Objects Enterprise. o Developing Analytical reports in Web Intelligence Rich Client for different subject areas and also training power users and IT users on this tool. o Designing Universes and Query As Webservice features on top of SAP BI Infocubes and Queries, so that SAP BI Data can be reported on all SAP BOBJ Tools like Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius e.t.c. o Creation of Management Dashboards via Xcelsius for executive management which include currently work in progress what if analysis based CFO dashboard which includes all subject.

Carrying out a full scale SAP BI 7.0 Implementation encompassing all modules of SCM, HCM, FICO, PLM, ERP Analytics & Solution Manager for Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Pvt Ltd from August 2010 June 2011. A two Phase Strategy for this implementation with the 1st phase based on SAP NW Best Practices 3.7 and the 2nd phase comprises of Enhancement project to cater complex requirement. Responsibilities Included: o Manage & Analyze Reporting requirements & liaison with the functional consultant to streamline them. o Creating & Consolidating Reporting analysis document via KPI Documentation, Technical Documentation (Functional Specifications) & GAP Analysis. o Standard Content Activation, Pertinent configuration in BI & ECC, Creation of data flows 3.x & 7.x, Modeling (Custom Info providers & Generic Data sources), Loading Data (Master & Transactional), Process Chain scheduling and Enhancement (Transformation, Data sources & Extractors) and Legacy Data Migration in BI. o Prototyping reporting requirements via Bex Analyzer and Query Designer & Training the power users on all the Bex tools.

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Shahzad Khero
o Developing Queries & Workbooks in Bex Analyzer & Query Designer. o Dashboard Requirement analysis and Designing dashboards for all Business Units head of Departments (Plant manager, Quality manager, Warehouse Manager, Finance Manager, HR manager e.t.c.) including the company CEO & CFO in Visual Composer. AKZO NOBEL PVT, LTD. SAP Solutions Consultant SD & BI,

Karachi, PK 2008 to 2010

SAP Upgrade Implementation of 3 ECC 4.6c Instances to ECC 6.0 as a SD Consultant. Business Process Re-engineering of the current SAP System to align the Business Processes to the SAP SD Best practices: o Developing the Business Blue Print Documents for the Re-engineered processes & the new Processes using ASAP Methodology. o Configuring the sub components of Sales & Distribution like Pre-Sales, Sales, Pricing, Shipping, Billing, Credit Management, Sales Operation Planning and Rebate management. o Aligned to process more toward standard by minimizing ABAP & providing standard solutions. o Developing customized reports in SAP Query. o Carrying out the Scenario testing & Integration testing of the new & Improved processes on the development server. o Training the users on the new processes and providing the user manuals. o Providing support to the users & also re-engineering the system to cater the ever changing business requirements & giving added value to the business. Designed & Developed Analytical BI 7.0 Reports for the Business. o Worked on the administrator work bench to utilize existing info cubes available in the BI 7.0 Business Content. o Extraction, transformation and loading of transactional and master data in the SAP BI system as well as modeling of the data warehouse. o Process chain maintenance and authorizations management. o Main Area of Focus for the reports development was Sales, Accounts Receivable & Inventory management. o Consolidated reports of Sale, AR & Inventory from all 3 SAP Servers were developed to give an Over view of the AKZO Nobel Pakistan as a whole. o Sales Reports were developed Customer & Business Wise, Sales Employee Wise, Material Wise, Sales Office Wise, Division & Distribution channel Wise to give the Higher Management a cross Analytical picture of the Sales. Key performances Indicators were added to the reports to give a comparative data to further enhance business control. o Cross business Debtors aging report was developed which provided Accounts Receivable aging on the basis of Secured & Un-Secured Receivables. Further modifications were made to the FI_AR cube to incorporate Sales Data so that Product Division Wise Debts could be analyzed. o Inventory Aging Report was developed for Trading & Finished goods to enable the Sales team to better forecast their future Sales. o Graphical Reports e.g. Pie Chart, bar, e.t.c. Were developed with Nested layers to Generate Comprehensive reporting details.

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Shahzad Khero
o Training the respective power users in front end tools of Bex. o Enhancing the Info providers as per the user requirement and also carrying out the necessary modeling activity. o Activating of the standard content related to Sales & Distribution, Materials Management and FI-AR.

Henkel Tolling SAP Project Implementation: o Gathering the Requirement for the new Tolling process for the AKZO NOBEL Pakistan Chemicals business. o Designing the Business Blue Prints of the tolling process for the Sales & Distribution Area. o Developing the Reporting Requirements & Developing reports on ABAP, SAP Query & reports based on LIS. o Configuring the Components of Sales & Distribution like Sales, Pricing, Shipping, Billing and Credit Management. o Functional & Scenario testing was carried out to test the new tolling process. o Implementing the new HENKEL Tolling process & providing training to the users. Providing Support on all 3 SAP servers in the area of Sales & Distribution Module & BI Module. Carrying out support activities across the Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Polyester, Soda Ash & Power Generation Industries. Configuring the system to meet ever changing business requirements & also providing end user training to New & Experienced SAP End users. Karachi, PK 2008

SIEMENS PAKISTAN, LTD. SAP Sales & Distribution Consultant,

SAP ECC 6.0 implementation as a SAP SD Consultant on Tri-Pack Films Ltd, which is a Films Industry. Analyzed the existing business process to complete the As is Document. After carrying out a detailed analysis of the current system and identifying the Gaps. I designed the Business Blue Print document to map the existing processes in SAP and mitigating the Gaps by providing an alternate solution in SAP. Development of the ABAP plan which included Sales Forecast Application, Reports & Scripts. Customization & Configuration of the business process onto SAP ECC.6.0 according to the business blue prints. Configuration of Enterprise structure, Master Data, Sales, Shipping, Billing, Pricing, Credit Management, Sales Operation Planning and Variant Configuration for make to Order Sales Process. Master & Transactional Data was identified & Uploads were created in LSMW. Functional, User & Quality testing of the process in SAP was rigorously carried out. End User training & user manuals were developed for the users. One Month Support was provided after the Go-Live.

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Shahzad Khero
TESCOS PLC, LTD. Shop Floor & Warehouse Stock Controller,

Enfield, London, UK 2004 to 2007

Worked in the third biggest Retailer in the world for nearly 4 years. Managed shifts for fresh food sales as a team leader. Helped and trained new or experienced team members in different areas of Retail, which included Customer Service, Health & Safety and Stock Management. Carrying out Gap Analysis, Product Assortment, Sales Forecast, Materials Planning & Purchasing, Shop Floor Planning, Merchandising and Replenishment. Handled the stock deliveries via Mobile Data Entry system which was integrated wirelessly to the central ERP system.

Education __________________________________________________________________________
ROYAL HOLLOWAY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON MSc (Hons) Business Information Systems, MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY BSc (Hons) IT with Business Information Systems, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE LOCAL EXAMINATION SYNDICATE Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE LOCAL EXAMINATION SYNDICATE Diploma in Computer Studies, Egham, UK 2006 London, UK 2005 Karachi, PK 2003 Karachi, PK 2001

Certifications ________________________________________________________________________
SAP CERTIFIED ASSOCIATE SAP Business Intelligence 7.0, SAP CERTIFIED CONSULTANT SAP Order Fulfillment 6.0, Lahore, PK 2011 Karachi, PK 2006

Trainings ___________________________________________________________________________
SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS Web Intelligence XI 3.1 BOW310 SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence XI 3.1: Report Design, BOW320 SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence XI 3.1: Advanced Report Design, SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS XCELSIUS 2008 ENTERPRISE BOX310 SAP BOBJ Xcelsius 2008 Enterprise: Core & Connectivity, SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS XI BO100 SAP BOBJ Integration for SAP Netweaver BW, Karachi, PK 2011 Karachi, PK 2011 Karachi, PK 2011

Key Strengths _______________________________________________________________________

An influential communicator with a proven track record of delivering complex data in a clear manner to both technical and non technical audiences. A solid academic history that highlights the ability to manage time effectively and work within stringent timescales. Ability to research and abstract information from various sources and present technical information both orally and in writing.

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Shahzad Khero

Methodical with a meticulous attention to detail and thrive in stressful, pressurized environments. Encourage collaboration and information sharing. Solution Oriented approach and always able to provide alternate solutions to a problem.

Additional Information _______________________________________________________________

People Skills: Have the ability to effectively communicate with people across different working environments, a good listener and a friendly personality. Management Skills: Have good experience as a Business Analyst, providing training to new and experienced users, Analyzing Risks & Developing mitigation Strategies to counter those risks and Statistical Analyses of Data. IT Skills: Languages: Interests: References: Faisal Zia BI/BO Team Lead, FFC (Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd) faisal_zia@ffc.com.pk Ibrahim Dorego ERP Manager, FFBL (Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd) ibrahim.dorego@ffbl.com Asad Ali Khan BI/BO Team Lead, Abacus Consulting Ltd aa.khan@abacus-global.com Shariq Saifuddin Head of IT (CIO), Akzo Nobel Ltd shariq.saifuddin@akzonobel.com
Omar Ibad BI Team Lead, Akzo Nobel Ltd omar.ibad@akzonobel.com

Expert in MS Office, Project & Visio. English, Urdu, Siraiki & Sindhi Music, Reading, Trekking & Climbing.

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