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Sections #4365, 5067 THEATER ARTS 7B CONTEMPORARY FILM HISTORY SYLLABUS Spring 2012 Tuesday Classes

INSTRUCTOR: DR. ROD FOSTER OFFICE: C121-F PHONE: 626.585.7563 e-mail: wrfoster@pasadena.edu
Course materials are at: vams.pasadena.edu/~wrfoster


Film History II: Contemporary Film History, 1st ed. (With Great River Technologies Access) isbn #978-0-7575-8482-4, Foster The text book is available at the publishers web site (kendallhunt.com) discounted to $56.00. Topic and assignment Course introduction and methods Assignment: Read Chapters 1 (Begin chapter quizzes. All chapters are available until June 8) Hollywood in the Fifties Rebel Without a Cause Hitchcock (North by Northwest) The New Wave and Truffaut (400 Blows) Assignment: Read Chapter 2 &3 Post Code Hollywood (Bonnie and Clyde) Assignment: Read Chapter 4 Counter-culture: The Sixties and New Auteurs Mike Nichols (The Graduate) Film Review (Term paper) Project Assigned Assignment: Read Chapter 9 The New Auteurs Continued Roman Polanski (Rosemarys Baby) Midterm Review Midterm Examination Assignment: Read Chapter 5 Spring Break (campus closed) The Film School Generation Inherits Hollywood Francis Ford Coppola and Godfather Godfather continued Assignment: Read Chapter 6

Date Feb. 21

Feb. 28 March 6 March 13 March 20 March 27

April 3 April 10 April 17 April 24 May 1

May 8 May 15 May 22 May 29 June 5

Milos Foreman, Jack Nicholson and Cuckoos Nest Martin Scorsese (The King of Comedy) Term Papers Due American Independent Cinema in the Eighties (Stand By Me) Read Chapter 7 and 8 The Dominance of Corporate Cinema (L.A. Confidential) Extra Credit Papers Due Independent Film and the Festival Movement (Run Lola, Run) Final Review (June 8: Last day to take chapter quizzes) Final Examination: Morning Class 8:00am Afternoon Class 1:00pm

June 12

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will be able to identify the major developments and events in contemporary film history as demonstrated on quizzes and examinations. 2. Students will be able to identify major figures and their contributions to contemporary motion picture history as demonstrated on quizzes and examinations. 3. Students will be able to identify major films on contemporary film history as demonstrated on quizzes and lectures. 4. Students will be able to analyze motion picture style, mise en scene, theme and presentation as demonstrated through class discussion and writing assignments.


Attendance (45 points)----------Chapter quizzes-------------------Term Paper (100 points)--------Midterm (50 points)---------------Final Exam (100 points)---------Total Points-------------------------Extra Credit 25 points maximum

45 80 100 50 100 375

Chapter Quizzes: 1. Your access code comes with your text book. It is the only access code you will receive. Do not buy a used book as it will not contain an active access code. 2. Quizzes must be completed by noon on the date stated in this syllabus. 3. You will have twelve minutes to complete each quiz. Do not log off or lose your internet connection while taking a quiz. If you do log off or lose your connection, you will not get credit for that quiz.


1. One or no absences 45 points 2. Two absences 30 points 3. Three absences 15 points 4. Four or more absences expect to fail 5. There is no such thing as an excused absence

Other Course Policies: 1. No papers accepted by e-mail. 2. Plagiarism (def.): To steal and use (the ideas or writings of another) as ones own. Plagiarized term papers will receive an automatic zero grade. Plagiarized extra credit papers will result in a 25 point deduction from the final grade. 3. Repeated cell phone use will result in a charged absence. 4. It is your responsibility to sign the sign-in sheet. 5. It is your responsibility to read and understand the syllabus.