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Language Proficiency Center

Course Evaluation Form

This questionnaire gives a participant the opportunity to express his/her views about the course taken at LPC. Please answer all questions. Tick the appropriate box to answer question 1 to12.

(GB ckgvjvwU Gj wc wm AvqvwRZ Kvb cwkY Kvm mK GKRb cwkYv_xi gZvgZ cKvki Rb cYxZ nqQ| mKj cki Di w`b| 1 _K 12 bs cki Dii Rb mwVK Ni wUK wP w`b| 15-16 bs cki Di wbavwiZ vb wevwiZ wjLyb Ges cqvRb evsjvq Di w`b|)
1. How suitable was the course content for you? (Kvmi

welq-e Avcbvi Rb KZLvwb

DchvMx wQj?)
DchvMx bq wKQzUv DchvMx ewkifvM DchvMx DchvMx LyeB DchvMx not suitable partly suitable mostly suitable suitable very suitable 2. How relevant were the topics covered during the course? (Kvmi

welq-e Avcbvi Rb

KZLvwb cvmwK wQj?)

cvmwK bq wKQzUv cvmwK cvmwK LyeB cvmwK not relevant partly relevant mostly relevant ewkifvM cvmwK relevant very relevant

3. Did you have any exposures to American culture, tradition and values before attending this course? (GB Kvm AskMnbi c~e AvgwiKvi mswZ, HwZn I g~jeva mK Avcbvi wK Kvb avibv/Rvbvi myhvM wQj? Yes No Yes No

4. Did you have enough materials on American society and culture?

(AvgwiKvi mgvR I mswZ welqK KvY wkv DcKiY wK Avcwb cqQb?) If yes, what impact did this course have on your perception of the American people and society? Di nv nj, AvgwiKvi RbMY I mgvR mK Avcbvi avibvi Dci GB KvmwU KZUv cfve djQ? quite enough enough not enough very little

5. What were your objectives behind taking this course? (You may tick more than one) (GB Kvm AskMnYi cQb Avcbvi wK Dk wQj? AbMj BsiRx ejvq `Zv ew `k AviI fvj PvKzwi jvf developing fluency in spoken English AvgwiKvi RbMb I mgvR mK Rvbv we`k PvKzwi jvf getting jobs abroad getting better jobs locally

BsiRx cvV`vb `Zv ew

knowing American people and society

developing English teaching skills

6. How well have your objectives been achieved from the course? (GB Kvm LK Avcbvi Dk KZUv AwRZ nqQ?) h_ very well AbKUv mostly Zgb bq not much not at all gvUI bq

7. Did you find interest in the course? (Avcwb wK KvmwUi cwZ AvMn eva KiQb?) nv, memgq ewkifvM mgq memgq bq KLbB bq yes, always most of the time not always never 8. Did the instructor encourage your participation in the class? (Avcbv`i cwkK wK Kvm Avcbvi AskMnbK DrmvwnZ KiZb?) Never sometimes usually most of the time always

9. Did the instructor show a good command of the course materials? (Avcbv`i cwkK wK wkv DcKibi Dci fvj `Lj c`kb KiQb?) KLbB bq memgq Never gvSga sometimes usually mPivPi ewkifvM mgq always

most of the time

10. Was the instructor accessible outside your class? (Avcbv`i cwkK wK Kvmi evBiI mgq w`Zb?) Never sometimes usually most of the time always

11. Overall, how well organized was the course? (mvweK weePbvq, KvmwU KZUv myweb wQj?) AZ `yej Lye fvj very poor `yej poor average Mogvbi good fvj very good

12. What is your overall evaluation of the course? (mvweK weePbvq, KvmwU mK Avcbvi g~jvqb wK?) AZ `yej Lye fvj very poor `yej poor average Mogvbi good fvj very good

13. What benefits have you gained in your personal and professional life from this course? Please specify below. (GB Kvm _K Avcwb wbR ewMZ Ges ckvMZ wK DcKvi cqQb? wbPi Ni mywbw` weeiY w`b|)

14. What were some of the strong features of the course? Please specify. (KvmwUi fvj wKQz ewk DjL Kib)

15. Please, give suggestions on how to improve this course. (KvmwUK AviI fvj Kivi Rb wK wK Kiv hvq, m evcvi Avcbvi civgk w`b)