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Nhng cng thc ting anh hay vp phi!!!

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by test on 25/06/11, 10:11 am S + V+ too + adj/adv + (for someone) + to do something (qu.... cho ai lm g...) e.g.1 This structure is too easy for you to remember. e.g.2: He ran too fast for me to follow. S + V + so + adj/ adv + that +S + V (qu... n ni m...) e.g.1: This box is so heavy that I cannot take it. e.g2: He speaks so soft that we can't hear anything. It + V + such + (a/an) + N(s) + that + S +V(qu... n ni m...) e.g.1: It is such a heavy box that I cannot take it. e.g.2: It is such interesting books that I cannot ignore them at all. S + V + adj/ adv + enough + (for someone) + to do something. (... cho ai lm g...) e.g.1: She is old enough to get married. e.g.2: They are intelligent enough for me to teach them English. Have/ get + something + done (VpII)(nh ai hoc thu ai lm g...) e.g.1: I had my hair cut yesterday. e.g.2: I'd like to have my shoes aired. It + be + time + S + V (-ed, ct 2) / It's +time +for someone +to do something( n lc ai phi lm g...) e.g.1: It is time you had a shower. e.g.2: It's time for me to ask all of you for this question. It + takes/took+ someone + amount of time + to do something(lm g... mt bao nhiu thigian...) e.g.1: It takes me 5 minutes to get to school.

e.g.2: It took him 10 minutes to do this exercise yesterday. To prevent/stop + someone/something + From + V-ing(ngn cn ai/ci g... khng lm g..) e.g.1: I can't prevent him from smoking e.g.2: I can't stop her from tearing S + find+ it+ adj to do something(thy ... lm g...) e.g.1: I find it very difficult to learn about English. e.g.2: They found it easy to overcome that problem. To prefer + Noun/ V-ing + to + N/ V-ing.(Thch ci g/lm g hn ci g/ lm g) e.g.1: I prefer dog to cat. e.g.2: I prefer reading books to watching TV. Would rather + V (infinitive) + than + V (infinitive)(thch lm g hn lm g) e.g.1: She would rather play games than read books. e.g.2: I'd rather learn English than learn Biology. To be/get Used to + V-ing(quen lm g) e.g.1: I am used to eating with chopsticks. Used to + V (infinitive)(Thng lm g trong qk v by gi khng lm na) e.g.1: I used to go fishing with my friend when I was young. e.g.2: She used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day. to be amazed at = to be surprised at + N/V-ing( ngc nhin v....) to be angry at + N/V-ing(tc gin v) to be good at/ bad at + N/ V-ing(gii v.../ km v...) by chance = by accident (adv)(tnh c) to be/get tired of + N/V-ing(mt mi v...) can't stand/ help/ bear/ resist + V-ing(khng nhn c lm g...) to be keen on/ to be fond of + N/V-ing(thch lm g ...) to be interested in + N/V-ing(quan tm n...) to waste + time/ money + V-ing(tn tin hoc tg lm g) To spend + amount of time/ money + V-ing(dnh bao nhiu thi gian lm g) To spend + amount of time/ money + on + something(dnh thi gian vo vic g...)

e.g.1: I spend 2 hours reading books a day. e.g.2: She spent all of her money on clothes. to give up + V-ing/ N(t b lm g/ ci g...) would like/ want/wish + to do something(thch lm g...) have + (something) to + Verb(c ci g lm) It + be + something/ someone + that/ who(chnh...m...) Had better + V(infinitive)(nn lm g....) hate/ like/ dislike/ enjoy/ avoid/ finish/ mind/ postpone/ practise/ consider/ delay/ deny/ suggest/ risk/ keep/ imagine/ fancy + V-ing, e.g.1: I always practise speaking English everyday. It's + adj + to + V-infinitive(qu g .. lm g) Take place = happen = occur(xy ra) to be excited about(thch th) to be bored with/ fed up with(chn ci g/lm g) There is + N-s t, there are + N-s nhiu(c ci g...) feel like + V-ing(cm thy thch lm g...) expect someone to do something(mong i ai lm g...) advise someone to do something(khuyn ai lm g...) go + V-ing(ch cc tr tiu khin..)(go camping...) leave someone alone( ai yn...) By + V-ing(bng cch lm...) want/ plan/ agree/ wish/ attempt/ decide/ demand/ expect/ mean/ offer/ pare/ happen/ hesitate/ hope/ afford/ intend/ manage/ try/ learn/ pretend/ promise/ seem/ refuse + TO + V-infinitive e.g.1: I decide to study English. for a long time = for years = for ages( nhiu nm ri)(dng trong th hin ti hon thnh) when + S + V(Qk), S + was/were + V-ing.

When + S + V(qkd), S + had + Pii Before + S + V(qkd), S + had + Pii After + S + had +Pii, S + V(qkd) to be crowded with(rt ng ci g ...) to be full of(y ci g ...) To be/ seem/ sound/ became/ feel/ appear/ look/ go/ turn/ grow + adj(y l cc ng t tri gic c ngha l: c v nh/ l/ dng nh/ tr nn... sau chng nu c adj v adv th chng ta phi chn adj) except for/ apart from(ngoi, tr...) as soon as(ngay sau khi) to be afraid of(s ci g..) could hardly(hu nh khng)( ch : hard khc hardly) Have difficulty + V-ing(gp kh khn lm g...) Ch phn bit 2 loi tnh t V-ed v V-ing: dng -ed miu t v ngi, -ing cho vt. v khi mun ni v bn cht ca c ngi v vt ta dng -ing e.g.1: That film is boring. e.g.2: He is bored. e.g.3: He is an interesting man. e.g.4: That book is an interesting one. (khi khng nn nhm vi -ed, chng hn ta ni : a loved man c ngha "ngi n ng c mn m", tc l c ngha "B" v "c" ) in which = where; on/at which = when Put + up + with + V-ing(chu ng...) Make use of + N/ V-ing(tn dng ci g ...) Get + adj/ Pii Make progress(tin b...) take over + N(m nhim ci g...) Bring about(mang li)

Ch : so + adj cn such + N At the end of v In the end(cui ci g v kt cc) To find out(tm ra),To succeed in(thnh cng trong...) Go for a walk(i do)/ go on holiday/picnic(i ngh) One of + so snh hn nht + N(mt trong nhng...) It is the first/ second.../best + Time + th hin ti hon thnh Live in(sng )/ Live at + a ch c th/ Live on (sng nh vo...) To be fined for(b pht v) from behind(t pha sau...) so that + mnh (....) In case + mnh (trong trng hp...) can/ could/ may might/ will/ would/ shall/ should/ must/ ought to... (modal Verbs) + V-infinitive Gerunds and Infinitives V + V-ing Appreciate admit Avoid Can't help Can't stand Can't bear Consider Deny Dislike Enjoy Feel like Finish Give up Imagine Keep (on) Look forward to Mention Object to Practise

Put off Risk Suggest Be/get used to Be worth V + to VAfford Appear Arrange Decide Fail Forget Happen Intend Learn Manage Mean Offer Plan Pare Promise Refuse Seem Threaten Hope Expect Hesitate Agree Want Attempt Wish Tend V + O + VMake Let Have Hope Catch See Watch Feel Find Hear Overhear Observe

V + O + to V Advise Allow Encourage Force Invite Order Persuad Remind Teach Tell Warn Show Command Ask Urge