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TRT Rice Americas Conference 2011

he Rice Trader (TRT) is pleased to announce the 5th annual TRT Rice Americas Conference 2011, which will be held in Panama City on 7-9 June at the Hotel Riu Plaza Panama. The conference will feature prestigious speakers, cutting-edge information and insights into what the future holds for the rice industry, as well as excellent networking opportunities. With a record attendance in Cartagena (in 2010), TRT Rice Americas 2011 is expected to continue to grow with business interest and further establish a ground for rice industry members to build their network among the most comprehensive group of delegates representing The Americas. Featuring a whos-who lineup of speakers as well as some of the worlds top analysts, the TRT team will present a considerable amount of analysis that will help delegates expand their understanding of the rice business beyond regional limitations. Panamas President Ricardo Martinelli and Minister of Agriculture Emilio Kieswetter are among the high officials to grace the event. Leading the panel of speakers are Jeremy Zwinger, TRT president and CEO, and Dwight Roberts, CEO of the U.S. Rice Producers Association. Other experts that make up the panel are Phyllis Powers, U.S. ambassador to Panama; Dr. S. Elwynn Taylor, extension agronomist from Iowa State University; Dr. Bill Wilson, professor from North Dakota State University; Dr. Steve Linscombe, director of the Louisiana State University Agriculture Center; Dr. Bruno Lanfranco, senior researcher from the National Agricultural Research Institute of Uruguay; and many more. Furthermore, the following key issues will be tackled at the conference:

Panama President Ricardo Martinelli.

Hotel Riu Plaza Panama

The world rice market: Will the global cereals situation leave its mark on rice? Currency movements and how they have affected origins and destinations. Climate change and its impact on food security: What can we expect in 2011? La Nia? Can South American exports remain competitive? How will Brazils recovery in production affect Latin American rice trade? How do Central and South American rice players deal with these changes? Is it a return to normalcy?
Rice Today April-June 2011

Will South American exports recover or will La Nia dampen hopes? How will the U.S. deal with an inventory problem that also has quality issues? What are the prospects for U.S. rice production when other commodity prices rise and look more attractive in the eyes of farmers? Food security and the security of supply: the latest in innovation, and the research foundations that provide the backdrop to food security efforts. What do buyers think? What are the concerns of buyers?