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T h e M es s eng er Spring 2 011

A VEXED QUESTION Over the years I have had mixed feelings and attitudes about illegal migrants coming to Australia. These circulating thoughts again came to the fore when I visited the Curtin Detention Centre about 40km from Derby, WA. There are about 1,300 detainees in this centre. I was fortunate to be amongst a group of Christians from a church in Derby who helped conduct an informal church service at the Another leader spoke about the need to keep their hopes positive during their times of despair. We were told privately that after about a years waiting many of them go downhill fast into an attitude of hopelessness. At the end of the more formal part of the meeting we were given the opportunity to talk with the men. Most of them were very happy to greet us and converse in broken English. As I walked out of the Centre I felt sad and sorry for these men. They must have wondered how they ever got themselves into such a place as this. Only a few weeks later I read in The West Australian that seven asylum seekers were flown to Christmas Island because of increased tension at the remote centre. Two men had tried to escape by climbing an internal fence but did not get past the electric perimeter fence. It was also reported that two Serco guards had committed suicide since April showing that the guards also found the situation hard to handle. Entrance to the Curtin Detention Centre, near Derby, WA In reflecting on this terrible centre. The centre reminded me of earlier visits dilemma I have tried to be as objective as to major prisons in Perth; razor wired fences, possible in looking at the pros and cons in guards, searches, locked gates, and no photos. order to better assess the situation. As we were escorted into the main area we Firstly, here are some reasons why it may be passed groups of detainees playing cricket and good for these immigrants to come to Australia: soccer and sitting around in groups. In proportion to the legal migrants accepted We were taken into a large room where men into Australia they are a very small minority. slowly filtered in mostly carrying a Bible. There They are a mission field right on our were about 25 in all. The leader had previously doorsteps. asked the men to bring a Bible portion which They provide an opportunity for Christians they found to be helpful and say why it to show compassion to needy people. was helpful to them. They had a very good They get an opportunity to improve interpreter who gave us a good idea of what themselves and their families. was said. The men came from many countries such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Sri Lanka. The Australians should share the good things God has given us with these people. men were very sincere in what they said. I was moved by their positive words. Many of them are hard working and studious
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Editorial continued

and have become good citizens of Australia. Australia is a nation of migrants; even the Aboriginals migrated here sometime in the past. They can escape, persecution and warfare in their home lands. The Bible tells us in Exodus 23:9 that Gods people were to care for the aliens amongst them. Their food adds interest and variety to the Australian culture. Secondly, here are some reasons why it may be bad for these immigrants to come to Australia: They are likely to die at sea during their journey. The relative peace and prosperity in Australia is largely due to our Christian heritage. We do not want this destroyed by aggressive non-Christian religions. Some of the migrants do not assimilate easily and want to force their culture on to Australians. For example, some Muslims want to be governed by sharia law. This is causing difficulties in Britain and other countries. There are limited natural resources in Australia which could be overstretched by

over populating the country. Some migrants bring their home-grown arguments with them; for example, the Croats and the Serbs. It could be better if they stay in their own country and put their efforts into improving conditions there. They face the strong possibility of remaining in a detention centre for a long time with resulting severe physical and mental health problems. Im sure there are other issues which I have not thought about. But with these conflicting thoughts running through my mind I can only reluctantly conclude that while I have much sympathy for these illegal migrants I believe it is better that they either stay where they are and try to improve their home situation or try to get to Australia through the official channels. NB. Since writing the above, the High Court of Australia has made its momentous decision regarding refugees coming to Australia and how the Australian government is allowed to deal with them. Its impossible to say how this decision will play out in the future. U

C lem W hite

FEEDBACK ON NEW FORMAT We have had some very positive responses to our new format of The Messenger. Everyone seems to LOVE it. One reader likes it because it fits well on his bookshelf and is easily accessible when he wants to refer to an earlier article. Clem White - Editor

The Messenger Committee relax after a cuppa in sunny Perth. We welcome our two new members, Roy Lim and Ray Wilson to the committee.

T h e M es s eng er Spring 2 011


Why I Love Alice Springs

N aomi F iNdlay
hen I arrived in Alice Springs in January little did I expect to find myself not wanting to leave. The past eight months have been a journey of exploring Aboriginal ministry as I learn more and more how faithful our God is. My favourite part of the week would have to be going out to Amoonguna Aboriginal Community to spend time with the kids J I love it when they start singing songs theyve learnt in Sunday school when were just outside playing together or telling each other Bible stories. Building relationships is such a vital part of the ministry here and I love that the past month the kids families have been helping me learn some language (and joining in laughing at my weak attempts!). However, its hard when Ive put a lot of effort into preparing something for the kids and they dont turn up but I have been learning that its not about what I do but God getting the honour when I faithfully use my time to serve Him. When things get tough God always sends some encouragement my way and He has certainly blessed me through the Stuarts and with friendships here. Every couple of days we (Phil & Cathy and I) go hospital visiting. It can be really hard to know where people stand with the Lord, but I pray for them and read the Bible. The rest is up to God! During the past few months Ive also been involved as a houseparent at Yirara College (Aboriginal Lutheran Boarding School). I really enjoy spending time with the girls there as most of them come to the church. And what else fills my days? Well, preparing and teaching Sunday School, putting together

Shamia and Naomi

packs for people in hospital, sorting through cupboards of ministry resources that have piled up over the years, working part-time at a local school, and whatever else happens to come up on the day. You can never know around here! Id love it if you can pray: for the kids to truly believe in Jesus as their Saviour; that the church mob will keep coming to church and be challenged about where they stand with God; for me as I make preparations to return to Canberra in October and that I will keep putting God first in my life. May God alone be the one who gets the glory and honour in our lives! Psalm 108:4, For great is your love... your faithfulness reaches the skies. U

Naomi Findlay - serving with AIM (Australian Indigenous Ministries) in Alice Springs with Phil & Cathy Stuart

T h e Me sse n ge r S pr i n g 2 0 1 1


Marshall Musings Sep 2011

d avid & W eNdy m arshall

Serving Others
We started our term of service last year with 1 Peter 4:11 on our Prayer Card and it continues to appear. We see again and again how God asks us to serve Him by serving others around us, often just in little ways. In August it has included packaging up magazines, collecting two new teachers from the airport, inviting Serving with OMF people who need some help over for a meal, using our car and muscles in Japan to shift furniture and boxes for someone, sorting rubbish at our churchs summer festival,

pray because youre looking for praise either. So lets turn all the praise giving to God. This coming year well continue to have opportunities to serve. Many of them the same ways we served in the last 12 months. Some official, some unofficial. We deeply desire your prayers for strength and for wisdom. The opportunities to serve are many and we need to be selective, yet not mean with our resources. And pray that God would be praised in all things.



Spotlight on CAJ
The hallways are buzzing with students now that school has started. CAJ is once more engaging young hearts and minds with the goal of equipping them to impact the world for Christ. There are many things that we are grateful for: God has provided all our staffing needs. Our classes are nearly full, with more than 460 students enrolled.

st. 4:11

In August: Doug, Jamie and Wendy help the In August: Doug, Jamie and Wendy help the administrative staff staff of Japan Evangelical administrative of Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA) to package(JEMA) to package Missionary Association up the magazine Wendy edits.

r e h is to at ve, t to

The weather is slightly cooler, so we are able to concentrate in our classrooms. We have a chance to show Jesus to a number of non-Christian kids in our midst. For all of this we will need Gods grace. We are teaching with all our heart, serving Jesus as we touch the lives of these precious young people. They are exploring the world, trying to find where and how they fit it into it. Please pray that we would be faithful stewards of the time and opportunities we have to help children this coming year. We want them to use their gifts for Jesus, just like we do.

up the magazine Wendy edits.

tutoring So lets turn all the praise year either. someone in science before the starts and offering words of encouragement giving there. here and to God. We mentioned CAJs theme verse last month, to have opportunities to serve. 1 John 3:18. The school has summarised it as Many Action. the is what serving is. Love inof them That same ways we

This coming year well continue

how e. It hat


have. It is truly with the strength of God that th actions and in truth. 1 in a mysterious way, we do what we do. And John 3:18 your prayers allow that to happen. You dont
T h e M es s eng er Spring 2 011

served in the last 12 months. Some Sometimes writing this prayer letter every official, some unofficial. We deeply month feels like were glorifying ourselves. But desire is that were not doing what we do to the truth your prayers for strength and for wisdom. for opportunities the get recognition Theourselves. That is to last thing we want. We serve, we to get glory for serve are many and not need to be ourselves, butyetglorify God. with our selective, to not mean resources. And pray service, weve seen Over our eleven years of that God would repeatedly how little things. of our own we be praised in all strength

Prayer points
Continue to pray for the CAJ families who lost sons in June-July. For new students and teachers (6) as they continue to adjust to CAJ. For those teachers who arent new to CAJ but have different

responsibilities this year (13 staff, including David). For Wendy as she begins leading an evangelistic Bible Study at our church. It is an English-based study for a group of nonChristians. For David as he continues his studies at night time. His days are also full at school, teaching Year 11s and 12s Physics and Calculus, plus juggling many other responsibilities, including head of the Maths and Science departments. For more long-term financial partners to join us. For the boys as the excitement of school wears off and reality of hard work sets in.

For many opportunities to serve others in big and small ways. For all our prayer and financial partners who enable us to do what we do. For nine years of Dougs life and 40 years of Davids. God has blessed many people through their lives. For 14 years of marriage. What a blessing! That we can send our boys to a good school just down the road. Were so thankful. We were given a new dining room table. It expands to sit 8-10 people. Wow! Callum memorised 1 John successfully. U

Praise points
A relaxing, enjoyable summer break. Were loving our new family hobby of camping.

David and Wendy Marshall are missionaries in Tokyo, Japan with the Overseaas missionary Fellowship

Brookton Bush Mission 2012

t oNy v eale
Good morrow fair Lords and Ladies, Hark now, me thinkest I do hear the sounds of preparations on yonder Brookton green, and trumpet sounds, heralding the gathering of the jolliest and worthiest nobles and noble gentlewomen. Come one and come all for ye are needed to proclaim the mysteries of the gospel to the kin at Brookton.

medieval theme will tie together two aspects of the Brookton Bush Mission in January 2012. We plan to hold a Kids Club from Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th and then have a Community Fair on Saturday 21st and a Community church service on Sunday 22nd. Would you consider helping the team run these exciting events as a way of bringing the Good News of Jesus to this country town in the western Wheatbelt? We are on the lookout for people who are willing to come with us. You may have experience in this kind of mission work. Good! We need your

expertise! You may have no experience. Good! We can teach you, as you join an experienced team, and have the support of Scripture Union, too. Are you single and over 16? Come along. We need energy and enthusiasm. Are you a family (especially with Primary School-aged children)? We love to have you in the team for all kinds of reasons! Our major Team Meeting is on Saturday 24th September at Mt Pleasant Uniting Church from 9.30 a.m. You need to be there for that!! More information: txt Tony (0431 572 026) or Caroline (0432 961729), email brookton. famfest@iinet.net.au or phone 9448 6542. U
T h e Me sse n ge r S pr i n g 2 0 1 1


Cross Purposes
s eptember 2011 r eport

CROSS Purpose

d avid & b

Phone: unknown E-mail: arbara ross D.Cross1942@gmail.com 6

TO OUR PURPOSE-FILLED PARTNERS We are on the move... Our house sale was completed last Thursday, August 25th and the money deposited in our account. We are now staying in the apartment of a friend in Writtle, near Chelmsford while she stays with her mother. Writtle has been described as one of the most picture-perfect villages in England. The village green has a duck pond and is surrounded by an ancient church and many old, old houses. We are using these days to catch up with friends and trying to get a little rest after the busy schedule around packing our things to ship by container to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, via the port of Philadelphia. The movers did a fantastic job of packing and wrapping everything for the move a much more complicated process than a move across town or even across the country by truck. Neighbours helped us by providing dinner on the Monday and Tuesday and providing a bed to sleep in on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is really hard to leave such good neighbours. We are seizing the opportunity in these final days in Britain to see various friends with whom we have ministered and to see some of our family. On the ministry side, we are visiting with people that we have known through the church and through the DivorceCare program we ran here in Chelmsford. Several of these folk plan to attend the church service on Sunday morning where I will be preaching my final sermon before we leave the country. It is very humbling to have so many people say such kind things about the ministry Barbara and I have had with them. On the family side, we are going to go up to Edinburgh next week to see our eldest granddaughter, Brittany. She is beginning her final year of university there. Then we will take the train through the Channel Tunnel to Brussels to see our daughter, Shannon, and sonin-law, Carlton Deal. Shannon is planning our sightseeing agenda during our time with them. Then it will be on to America on September 20th.Barbs new US Passport has arrived!
T h e M es s eng er Spring 2 011

Se To our Purpose-filled Partners ARRIVAL IN USA are on the move We Our house sale was completed last us. Friends have diligently prepared the way forThursday, August They have found aaccount. for us to rent, a car house We for us to use on arrivalare now staying in the apartment of aas one of the and Writtle has been described friend in W with her mother. a mailing address land. The village green has a duck pond N. at a friends home. [Here is that address: 653 and is surrounde old houses. Hanover We are using these days to catch up with friends and Street, Carlisle PAschedule around We will things to ship by container 17013]. packing our use this of Philadelphia. The movers did a fantastic job of packin address until we notify you of a permanent move much a address. We also have anew more complicated process than a move th Email us by providing by truck. Neighbours helped addresses: dinner on a bed to sleep in on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is reall Davids is d.cross1942@gmail.com Barbaras is We are b.cross1942@gmail.com. seizing the opportunity in these final days in B some of our family. On the ministry side, we are visiting If we have failed toDivorceCare program we ran heresent to Severa reply to an email you in Chelmsford. will my final sermon before us please know thatwhere Iabout be preachingBarbara and I have had withlea it is because of the extreme we the things the ministry pressure we have been under. We hope to catch- is beginnin to see our eldest granddaughter, Brittany. She the up in the days ahead. Channel Tunnel to Brussels to see our daughter, Shan agenda during our time with them. Then it will be on to A We hope that our Arrival in USA arrive very soon things will after we get there, though we diligently prepared the way for us. They Friends have have no idea how mailing much delay may Street, be caused by permane d.cross1 hurricane Irene If we ha and the backlog cause of such an event days ah may bring to We hop no idea eastern ports. an even Carlisle, PA House Once we get Once w unpacked we can begin our final Home Ministry (HMA) Carlisle, PA the Assignment (HMA). Mission to House World support (MTW) has given us Pleaseto awhatto pray forreport finish the mov up continue kindtoministrywe: to have for u year of us as God may and discover our supporting churches, friends and family. We Thank you for your prayers and encouragement over hope to see you during this time. David L us as Please continue to pray for Cross we: finish the move to Carlisle plan our itinerary Support Donations should be sent to: Mission to the Account of David Cross, A/c # 011126 Please Note: visit some 35 supporting churches and discover what kind of ministry God may have for us in Retirement. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement over the years and especially in these months of transition. U
David & Barbara Cross have served with Mission to the World in England and Wales for about ten years. They have now returned to America.

Fe a t u re s



b arbara C ross
was feeling so much emotional pain. I happened to be reading a wonderful book by Bishop Ryle called Holiness in which he makes the statement, Trouble not felt is not trouble at all. That little statement was a great relief and eye opener to me to know that it wasnt sinful to feel the pain of what I was experiencing. I learned that it was in how I handled the pain as to whether or not I was sinning. We can see that Paul in his testimony on knowing contentment also experienced the pain of what he was going through. He mentions that he was at time, hungry and in want. In 2 Corinthians 6:12 he writes of the pain of having those he loves withholding their affection from him. These are all painful situations, especially to the extreme that Paul experienced them.

What do you think of when you think of contentment? Perhaps you picture a baby sleeping. Isnt it true that we often comment, What a contented baby! Contentment is a comforting word such a comforting word that even advertising agencies like to use it. As a child, growing up in the US, I along with the rest of the nation, was well used to the catchy ad for Carnation evaporated milk which was said to come from contented cows! As believers the first thoughts about contentment should not be about babies or cows but about what the Bible says on this matter. Perhaps the scripture on the subject that first comes to mind is that written by the Apostle Paul where he said, I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. To finish his thoughts Paul adds, I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed, or hungry, whether living in plenty, or in want. I can do all things through him who gives me strength.

Not opposed to making an orderly moan and complaint to God and to our friends. Demonstrating Christian contentment does not mean that we are simply to keep a stiff upper lip and never say anything to God or man. Burroughs DESCRIPTION OF CONTENTMENT reminds us that in a quiet, still, submissive way we While the very word contentment speaks of may unburden our heart to God and likewise we may something comforting and peaceful it is important communicate our sad condition to Christian friends showing them how God has dealt with us. The to know what it means. result of sharing with other godly people is that they WHAT CONTENTMENT IS NOT may pray for us and encourage us in our Christian It is always important when we want to know what walk. something truly is, to also know what it is not. Jeremiah Burroughs in his great masterpiece on this Scripture gives many illustrations of people in the subject of contentment, The Rare Jewel of Christian Bible who were experiencing great difficulties and Contentment, reminds us of four things that godly their response was to lay out their problem before the Lord. We see an example of this in 2 Chronicles contentment is not. 20:1-12 where the people of Israel were under attack Not opposed to feeling our problem. by Moab and Ammon. King Jehoshaphat went to the He says, God gives his people leave to be sensible of what temple along with leaders of the nation and declared they suffer. Too often Christians believe that to be their dangers before God. He ends his prayer in truly godly and content one must not feel painful verse 20 with a great statement of faith in the midst emotions. A person who has simply gone numb of their real trouble. We do not know what to do, is not a contented person. Some people try to cope but our eyes are upon you. In the Psalms (such as with difficulty by going into an emotional coma. 34 and 40) we see many statements by the psalmist as he comes before the Lord to pour out his troubles. They struggle to feel nothing. I remember being caught in the trap of thinking that We also see examples in Scripture where believers way at an early period of my life. I was going through shared their troubles with other believers for mutual a very difficult time and was feeling guilty because I encouragement. David went to the Prophet Samuel
T h e Me sse n ge r S pr i n g 2 0 1 1

to tell him all that King Saul was doing to destroy him. (I Samuel 19: 18). The grieving women shared their pain with Peter when Dorcus died. (Acts 8:39) The Greek widows in Jerusalem complained to the apostles about being overlooked in the distribution of food. (Acts 6:1) Not opposed to seeking lawful help or lawfully working to be delivered from the problem. This means that we can lawfully pray for Gods aid in our problem or for the removal of the problem if God wills. The important thing is that we seek for either aid in trouble or deliverance from trouble in accordance with (1) when it is Gods will and (2) how God may choose to aid or deliver. Not opposed to having lawful ambition. Some people may be simply lazy and have no desire to be or do the best they can. This attitude is not contentment but is clearly sloth and idleness. We know that in other places the Bible commands us to

on the inside. Contentment is a something that is learned. Though there are people who may be born with a nature that is more placid than others this is not spiritual contentment. We are not born contented. It is a grace that must grow. Like all things that need to be learned hopefully there is progress in the learning though there may also be hills and valleys in the learning process. To learn something there must be effort and practice. It is the trials and sorrows of life that gives us the opportunity to learn and practice this grace. Contentment is only gained by a work of God through the Holy Spirit. I can do all things through him who gives me strength is an oft quoted verse and can be applied to many situations. However, it is important to note that this statement is given in the context of learning to be content. Just as we come to Christ for salvation by admitting that we are helpless and cannot save ourselves, we must come to him though all our Christian life admitting our own utter weakness and our need for his help. This is certainly true with contentment. It is a comfort to us to know that we are not called to grit our teeth, screw up our faces and become content but that we can call on our Heavenly Father to work that grace in our heart. He is the one who works in us to will and to act according to his good purpose. (Philippians 2:13) Contentment is finding true happiness in Gods dealings with us. This does not mean that I enjoy the difficulties that come into my life. There are those who have falsely taught that we are to be thankful for all circumstances. The wife is to be thankful for the beatings that her husband gives to her. The parents are to be thankful for their sons drug addiction. The Bible does not say to be thankful for sinful things. It does command us to Be thankful in all circumstances. What is the reason that we can be thankful a result of contentment in all things? It is because God has his hand in all that happens to us and is working all to the good of the believer. (Romans 8:28) THE DELIGHT OF CONTENTMENT (WHAT WE GAIN) We gain a closer relationship to God One of the greatest barriers to true fellowship with the Lord is a sense of discontent and grumbling. When we are not at peace within ourselves we

Barbara & David, 2010

work heartily for the Lord. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. (Colossians 3:23) WHAT CONTENTMENT IS Though I searched in a number of places I could not find a better definition of contentment than the one Jeremiah Burroughs has given to us. He says, Christian contentment is that sweet, inward, quiet, gracious frame of spirit which freely submits to and delights in Gods wise and fatherly disposal in every condition. Contentment is an inward work in the heart. It is possible for someone to appear to be content on the outside when inside they are raging against God and man. It reminds us of the story of a little boy, who when standing up in the back seat of the car was told to sit down and put on his seatbelt. He did what he was told but was heard to mutter, I may be sitting down on the outside but I am standing up 10
T h e M es s eng er Spring 2 011

are not at peace with God. We demonstrate this discontent by both inward and outward murmuring. Scripture tells us clearly that God calls grumbling sin. (See Numbers 14)

It is when I am willing to melt my will and desires into Gods will that I can know that fellowship with God for which I was created. It is important to understand that it is not enough to simply submit to his will which may imply that there is reluctance on my part. I must come to the place where like the Rethink Your Priorities Psalmist I can say, I delight to do thy will, O God. I must ask myself, What is the greatest good I can gain? The world says that having all I want of (Psalm 40:8 AV) How our hearts deceive us into thinking that wealth, success, pleasure and power are the greatest happiness and contentment come when we can good. The Rich Fool in the Bible was convinced that contentment would come when he could build have our way and our own will. We see this attitude bigger barns. But the Apostle tells us that godliness in children who are sure that if they can just get with contentment is the greatest good. what they want they will be happy and content. Sometimes when they are given what they want What is godliness? Godliness is being more and for a time they appear to be content. However, it is more conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. not true contentment because it doesnt last when In order to be find true contentment I must ask the novelty of what they have wears off. Sadly, it is myself if my greatest priority in life is to be godly. not only children who have bought into this way of Am I honestly able to pray the prayer of the deeply thinking. As adults and even believers we can feel spiritual Robert Murray McCheyne who said, Lord, that contentment can come through getting more make me as holy as a pardoned sinner can be? Godliness must become our first priority. than I have. Reduce Your Desires We gain a more favourable relationship with Jeremiah Burroughs reminds us in a pithy statement those about us. that, The Christian comes to contentment, not so God has built into human relationships the fact that much by way of addition, as by way of subtraction. when we follow his desires for the way we are to live This is completely opposite to what the world we not only please him but we generally please those and our sinful nature says to us. We think, and we around us. Each one of us can picture someone we are told; Contentment will come with just one know or have known who has made people around more thing. We are deceived into thinking that them miserable by their discontent and grumbling. contentment will be ours when we have more than we already have. Note that Paul reminds us that we Give me neither poverty nor are to be content with the most basic needs of life food and clothing. Am I willing to reduce my desires riches, but give me only my so that what I desire and what I have are in balance daily bread. with each other? Discontented children disgust parents. Grumbling marriage partners annoy their mates. Unhappy workmates cause friction; and murmuring relatives and neighbours are best avoided. What a delight, on the other hand, to be with those who have the grace of contentment. THE DUTIES OF CONTENTMENT If contentment is something that is learned then we need to know how we are to master being content through the help of the Holy Spirit. Many years ago my husband, David, preached a sermon on contentment that has always stuck with me. I wrote Redirect Your Ambition In the Sermon on the Mount we are told what our ambition should be and the blessing that is ours if we make the right choice. Jeremiah Burroughs states a paradox in the life of the Christian. The Christian is the most contented man in the world, and yet the most unsatisfied man in the world. He is content with what God has given him in this life, in enjoyment of the things of this life and yet he is never completely satisfied in this life in his hunger for God. Thus our ambition is to seek daily to satisfy that hunger that God has created in us. Jesus said, Blessed (the promise of happiness) are those who
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his key points into my bible and I often refer to them. He called the key principles for gaining contentment Rethink, Reduce and Redirect. He drew these principles from 1 Timothy 6:6-8, where Paul again addresses the issue of contentment. But Godliness with contentment is great gain. We brought nothing into the world and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing we will be content with that.


hunger and thirst after righteousness (the ambition). highly unusual gift from God with a church planter Is that my ambition to daily know more and more of from another denomination and asked if he would him and to hunger and thirst after his righteousness? like to see the land that had been given to our church. Standing on that land together our brother asked if DANGERS OF DISCONTENT he could pray. In his prayer he earnestly thanked the In order to promote biblical contentment in Lord for what he had done for us. What a lesson it ourselves it is helpful to be aware of some of the was to us and an illustration of how a godly man dangers that face us when we are discontented. could rejoice with those who rejoice when it was almost certain that his small church would never Delay of Duties to Be Done have a grant of land like this. A person who is consumed with discontent wastes much time because their physical and spiritual energy Running to the Wrong Thing to Find Relief is depleted by negative thoughts, words and actions. When we are discontented we are tempted to turn Because of their inertia, practical and spiritual duties to a number of things that are wrong to find relief. are sadly neglected. Neglect of our duties hinders us Some things we turn to may seem harmless but from following the command of Scripture where become sinful because they take an inordinate place we are told to Whatever you do, work at it with all in our lives. Some things turned to for relief are your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men physically harmful and all our spiritually harmful. In (Colossians 3:23) one of the great Puritan prayers found in the book Valley of Vision the statement is made. Lawful blessings are the secret idols and do the most hurt. All discontent leads to some We must be careful that our lawful blessings do degree of rebellion against God. not become our secret idol to which we run to find relief. Lack of Thankfulness Rebellion against God Discontent is the very opposite of being thankful. All discontent leads to some degree of rebellion Some might classify the lack of thankfulness as against God. In the life of the Christian it may simply a negative emotion but in Gods eyes it is cause one to purposely neglect spiritual duties: time a sin. It is shocking to see in Romans 1:21-25 that in prayer, scripture reading and even worship and Paul lists lack of thankfulness along with the sin fellowship with other Christians. With some it may of homosexuality. For although they [the godless] take the form of radical hatred and outburst against knew God they neither glorified him as God nor God often the God they say they dont believe in. gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile One has to wonder how much the anger against God and their foolish hearts were darkened. over the death of his small daughter led to Darwins Resentment at What Others Have To be discontented with my situation always leads to resentment of those who are able to have or do more than me. Generally this inward feeling of resentment spills out in other ways harsh words as well as hateful and damaging actions. Resentment leads to us breaking a number of the 10 commandments especially the 10th You shall not covet (Exodus 20:17) One way to check my heart to see if I have contentment without resentment is to see if I can rejoice with those who rejoice even when I have very little especially when they have that which I would truly love to have for myself. (Romans 12:15) Years ago, during our ministry in Australia, things worked out that the church that we had started and developed was given a prime piece of land by the government. The charge for this land was $9.50 for a survey fee! We shared the story of this great and 12
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promotion of godless evolution.

RECIPE FOR CONTENTMENT IN TIMES OF WANT It is in times of want that we may most lack contentment. What are some of the steps that will help us to overcome this common temptation? Remembering Some Basic Truths In spite of what the world teaches and our sinful hearts want to believe we will never be satisfied or find true contentment by the things of this world even those things that may be good in themselves. It is not generally wrong to have people we love, possessions that we enjoy, positions that can be used for good or places that give us happiness. But our hearts will never be satisfied by the things of creation. Rather our satisfaction can only be in a right relationship with the creator. Augustine of Hippo pointedly reminds us Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.

We also need to remember the absolute truth of who were coming together with those who had less. Romans 8:28 that all things do work together for the The rich believers were eating and drinking ahead of good of the believer, even when we are in want. those who had little and because of this they were humiliating the poorer people among them in the Recalling That God Uses Affliction in the Life church. (1 Corinthians 11:17-22) How easy it is when of the Believer we have much to look down on those who have little. As with many biblical truths, this one cuts across an idea that the world would have us believe and that Sinful Self Reliance our sinful hearts might cling to that the only good Scripture constantly tells us that we can do nothing thing for me is being happy. In some cases God good without the help of Gods Holy Spirit. What brings painful discipline into our lives to restore us a temptation it is when we have much to think that to himself. Our fathers disciplined us for a little we are the cause of what we have. The Parable of while as they thought best, but God disciplines us the Rich Fool illustrates this. A man looked at all for our good. (Hebrews 12:10-11) Psalm 119:67 his wealth and though he had plenty he desired to reminds us of the need we may have for suffering, have more. To add to this sin he takes credit for all Before I was afflicted I went astray. In other cases that he has rather than recognising that all was a gift God allows the heat of suffering to enter our lives to from God. The Result? God said to him, You fool! purify us. Because of this God- ordained suffering This very night your life will be demanded from the Psalmist concludes in Psalm 119:71 It was good you. Then who will get what you have prepared for for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your yourself? (Luke 12:13-21) decrees. SCRIPTURAL PRAYER FOR RECOGNISING DANGERS IN TIMES OF CONTENTMENT PLENTY Years ago our family had been living in circumstances It seems almost strange to us when Paul tells us that were very humble and many would have that he needed to learn contentment even in times described as being in want. I knew that there of plenty. It would appear on the surface that times was coming a time when we would be travelling of plenty are the times of most contentment. Yet and be among people who had far more than we there are sinful temptations that would mar our did. I was concerned about the temptation to being contentment. greatly discontent with our lot. Somehow the book by Jeremiah Burroughs, from which I have drawn a Sinful Pride in What I Have number of the thoughts of this lesson, came into The dangers of sinful pride are illustrated in the life my hands and I read it. What a great challenge and of Nebuchadnezzar, who, when he was the ruler of spiritual encouragement it was to me. Along with the mighty Babylonian empire, became inordinately that book I came across a prayer in the Scriptures proud and God had to humble him. (Daniel 4) that I felt set out how I should view the matter of Even believers can be lead astray into the sin of having what God wanted me and my family to have. pride when they have plenty. Uzziah was a king who It became my prayer and a help in blending my will showed great promise. He sought God during the with Gods will for me. The writer of Proverbs 30:8days of Zechariah, who instructed him in the fear of 9 instructs us how we should pray for what we need. God. As long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success. (2 Chronicles 26:5) God gave him much Keep falsehood and lies far from me. Give me neither poverty in the way of position, power and possessions. But nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise I may there came a time when the Bible says, After Uzziah have too much and disown you and say, Who is the Lord? became powerful, his pride led to his downfall. He Or I may become poor and steal and so dishonour the name was unfaithful to the Lord his God. He unlawfully of my God took to himself the position of a priest. God struck What a prayer for a balanced life that leads to him with leprosy from which he suffered the rest contentment! U of his life. Scorn and Mistreatment of Those Who Have Less One would think that scorn and mistreatment of the poor would never be the pattern of believers who have plenty. Yet in the directions given for observing the Lords Supper Paul had to confront believers
David & Barbara Cross have served with Mission to the World in England and Wales for about ten years. They have now returned to America.
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N athaN W ooNiNgs

This is the fifth, God willing, of a series of articles written by various authors on the theme of each chapter of the Westminster Confession of Faith.
Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 4:2 Who am I? If I can find the answer to that my life will have true meaning. But who am I? Dont go there. Youll only get depressed. Youll just feel more and more fragile. Dont focus on who you are, just think about what youd like to experience. Go with the flow, re-organise yourself, re-think yourself, reconsider yourself. Thats modern Psychology. Talk about sidestepping the issue! But it is true that if you keep trying to find out who you are you will become more and more fragile. You will be on a hopeless and endless quest unless God reveals to you the real answer; and that liberates! Who am I? I am created to bear Gods image. I discover my true identity when I realise that I am created in Gods image. The Westminster Confession of Faith chapter 4: 2 tells us that Godcreated man, male and femaleendued with knowledge, righteousness, and true holiness, after His own image.2 DOCTRINE That which distinguishes you and me from everything else in creation is that we were created in the image of God.3 When we read the creation account in Genesis 1, the uniqueness of the creation of human beings comes into focus. Plants and animals were each created according to their kinds while human beings were created according to Gods likeness4. God simply speaks everything else into existence, on the one hand, but then sits down to deliberate with himself before creating human beings. While all of creation reflects his perfections, in some way, men and women are the crowning monuments of creation; the revelation of God in the world. When Genesis 1:26-27 speaks of being made like God and being made in Gods image it means the same thing. We are not made like God and in 14
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his image. To be in Gods image is to be like him; there is not important distinction. Some in the past have said that image refers to our physical frame and being like God refers to our spiritual nature. However, when we read the text of Genesis 1 more carefully (and the rest of the bible), we will discover that image and like can be used interchangeably because they are speaking about the same truth5. Well, what does it mean to be created in Gods image, which is to be like God? This is where it becomes difficult because the bible nowhere describes in explicit detail what it means to be created in Gods image. The bible doesnt say, To be created in Gods image means this, this and this. We have to work it out ourselves. We do it by reading carefully the parts of the bible where the words man and image/ likeness appear together in the same text or passage. From studying those passages we can learn from them about what it means to be created in Gods image6. The Westminster Confession of Faith does exactly that when it says that being made in Gods image is to be ...endued with knowledge, righteousness and true holiness.... So how does it come to that conclusion? It does it through the process of reading back in the bible. The WCFs definition appeals to Ephesians 4:21-24 and Colossians 3:10. Both verses have in focus the new man or woman created anew in Jesus Christ,7 indwelt and ruled by the Holy Spirit. That man or woman indwelt by the Holy Spirit is

being renewed in righteousness, knowledge and true holiness. What the authors of the confession conclude is that when God originally created us in his image, he created us in righteousness, knowledge and holiness. When sin came along they were, amongst other things, lost. However, when Jesus saves us they are renewed in us. Understanding the meaning of knowledge, righteousness and holiness helps us to understand Genesis 1:26. Specifically they focus our attention on that fact that we are as humans, relational creatures. We are being renewed in knowledge. We were originally created with knowledge. Knowledge refers to our knowledge of God. It is our relationship with God that distinguishes us from the rest of creation. As I write this, I am looking at the fish tank in the corner of my office. I am pretty sure they are oblivious to God. They are not aware that he exists. Unlike humans I havent seen them able to think independently like God. There is nothing in the way they swim or communicate with each other that shows me that they understand or know the character of God. We, on the other hand, are able to have knowledge of God and think thoughts after God. We are able to know God to some extent as he knows Himself. We know God not just in our minds but in our hearts; loving him and worshipping him in the way he has taught us. We are putting on the new self; true righteousness. We were originally created righteous. We seek to live right; right with God and those around us. As Christians we know how to distinguish right from wrong and act as independent moral creatures. We dont follow God out of blind obedience. It is not behaviour modification. We follow God and obey his norms and his ways because we know they are right. We disobey God and follow our own hearts because we want to do what is wrong or despise what God thinks is right. When I first got my dog it was clear to me that he had no concept of right from wrong. I controlled his behaviour. From the moment he was a pup I just modified his behaviour to suit me and my family. He had no concept that if he bit my son or daughter and it hurt them that it was wrong. I couldnt explain to him what was wrong with that. I couldnt get him to reason and understand it. I just had to modify his behaviour. On the other hand there is a moral will within us that allows us to make right choices. The focus of righteousness is our willing response to Gods authority. When we willingly chose to obey

God we choose right. We are putting on the new self; true holiness. We were originally created holy. We reflect Gods character as holy. This focuses on our affections and feelings towards God. We want to live in his presence. We want to live before him and to live like him. Is our God pure? We want to be pure. Does our God hate sin? We hate sin. We want to live good, faithful, and godly lives. We want to devote our lives to him. We want our lives to mirror his character. We want people to know what God is like by the way we live our lives. But all this begs a further question. If we were originally created in Gods image but it was lost when Adam sinned, does that mean all those who arent being renewed by the Holy Spirit no longer bear Gods image? Even though the image of God, as just described, means being renewed by the Spirit and will be perfected in us when Christ finally comes back, that doesnt mean the image of God has been totally lost with the fall into sin. Following Adams fall into sin the Bible still talks about us being in Gods image. Genesis 9:6 says, Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image. Murder is so serious because assault of another human being is an assault upon the image of God and for that reason warrants capital punishment, even today.8 If even one person on the earth is not in the image of God, the reason for not taking the life of another person becomes null and void. I could argue from 1 Corinthians 11:7 the same but space does not allow it.9 Finally James 3:9, With [the tongue] we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. speaks of men and women generally, as made in Gods likeness. It would make no sense in context to read the verse as only referring to Christian men and women. Though not all with equal clarity, these passages are enough to show us that they assume men and women in the world today bear Gods image.10 So being in Gods image refers not just to something that we have lost but it also refers to something that we still are. For those in whom the image of God
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is not being renewed, the image is perverted11. We are, in the totality of our humanity, including our physical bodies, the image of God. The only way to ultimately destroy how we reflect God is to annihilate the human race. John Calvins statement rings true today. Gods image in human beings refers to those marks of excellence with which God has distinguished Adam over all the other creatures.12 As far as man being made in the image of God is concerned no more may be in view than that which belongs to human beings.13

We cant find meaning to life which is separate from God. We cant make ourselves anything other than what we were intended to be; in Gods image.

Maybe you or your friends think that coming under Gods rule is exchanging freedom for bondage. What you or they dont realise is that they would be exchanging bondage to self for freedom with God. To try to live as a human beings without living our lives in wholehearted submission to God is to rebel against our own identities. A fish was created to swim in the ocean or river. What happens if one So then following the fall into sin the image of God day it looks up in the sky and decides it wants to be has become deformed, mutilated and disfigured.14 like a bird and fly? It has sealed its doom. Without Men and women still have creative ability and are God we are fish out of water. True freedom is only found when we live as we were This creation has problems created to live; imitating God.

because we sinned and are sinners. Our sin brought the world under Gods curse.
able to pursue knowledge, study, learn about the universe, and think for themselves. They still have personality. The great horror of having all those traits is that God is now out of the picture! If human beings in their essence are imitators of God and they instead live in rebellion against God it makes sin all the more heinous.15 Instead of worshiping God (something unique to human beings) we worship wooden idols or ourselves. Men and women remain moral creatures. We still know instinctively that there is a right and a wrong even if we sometimes get the two confused (Apparently, in Australia, abortion is right and capital punishment is wrong?). The fact that we in our entire humanity bear Gods image is what makes films like the recent Cats and Dogs or the old Disney classic The Aristocats so heart warming and funny. We are bringing what is distinctly human into the animal world with all the range of human emotions. So we have a new connection with animals through fantasy which reflects what we have with each other in reality. IMPLICATIONS16 We are creatures and God is creator. Our lives are not our own. We belong to God whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Rather than imitate God we act as if we are the supreme beings. The result is that we struggle in and of ourselves to find any real lasting satisfaction in our lives. Whatever we achieve in this word is only torn away from us when we die. 16
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Because humans are created in Gods image they have certain rights which other creatures dont have. The Authors of the American Declaration of Independence got it absolutely right when they wrote, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men areendowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights17 I know of someone who worked in disability services soon after he was converted to Christianity. While working in the institution life became extremely difficult and everything finally culminated when one of them threw up all over him. Ready to quit he said to himself, It is beneath me to do any of this. At that moment God convicted him. No matter how disabled a person might be he or she has just as much right to be cared for and looked after as anybody else. We are all descendants of Adam. We are all the image of God, black or white, male or female, fully formed or deformed. In God we all have dignity. We all have a right to be treated as human beings, not as animals, slaves or commodities. The result of being created in Gods image is that we have been given a special task. We are to have dominion over the creation.18 We are responsible for it. We are to look after it and care for it. God has created us as his vice regents over the universe19. Am I afraid that a nuclear world war will destroy most of the human race and that the cockroaches will take over the world and humanity? No. Am I afraid that some alien from out of space will overtake the universe? No. It defies the natural order of things. God created man at the top of the pecking order. Between us and God there is no one. As the rulers of the universe we need to realize that there is a direct link between being in His

image and the environment. The world we live in has environmental problems because it is a moral universe. This world, in its ignorance, thinks that by pouring all its energies into saving the environment that it will be able to preserve the world. Conquering global warming20 will not rescue the universe. While it is important that we take care of the creation, act responsibly and not abuse the world which God has given us, we are foolish to think that we can truly save the environment and take no thought for our relationship to the creator. This creation has problems because we sinned and are sinners. Our sin brought the world under Gods curse.21 If our aim in looking after the environment is to achieve a perfect environment we are wasting our time. If we want a perfect environment we need to realize that we cant rescue it. It wont be right until God fixes it. If you want a world for generations to come you wont get it in this world. This world is passing away. Our universe groans longing to be delivered from the curse and be recreated perfectly22. Will you be a part of that world?

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

14 15 16 17

(Endnotes) 1 In this article all italics in quotes are mine. All bible quotations are taken from The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. 2001. Wheaton: Standard Bible Society. 2 The Westminster Confession of Faith. 1996. Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc. 3 Smith, M. H. (1994). Systematic Theology (Vol. 1). Greenville , South Carolina: Greenville Seminary Press. 4 Genesis 1:11 cf. Genesis 1:26 5 For the exegesis & history see Hoekema, A. A. (1986). Created in Gods Image. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, pp. 13-15; 33-35 cf. Reymond, R. L. (2001). A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith (2nd ed.). Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc, pp. 425-427 cf. Murray, J. (1977). Collected Writings of John Murray (Vol. 2). Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, p. 34 6 Because of this it is important to realise that while most Christians generally agree today that image and likeness refer to the same thing there is


19 20 21 22

certainly no agreement as to what it means exactly to be created in Gods image. I will focus on the Westminster Confessions view. It is the traditionally reformed view and one which I espouse. Even then what I say may not be exactly what others who hold the same view I do, believe. Be aware I have also left things out intentionally so as not to open more roads than I need to. For further study see also Reymond, 2001, p. 428 cf. Berkhof, L. (1958). Systematic Theology. Edinburgh, U.K.: Banner of Truth, pp. 202-203, 206-210 Murray, 1977, p. 40 Murray, 1977, p. 36 John Murray is excellent on this point (Murray, 1977, pp. 36-37) Murray, 1977, p. 37 Hoekema, 1986, p. 83 Quoted in Bavinck, H. (2004). Reformed Dogmatics (Vol. 2). (J. Bolt, Ed., & J. Vriend, Trans.) Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic, p. 550 Murray, 1977, p. 41. So with most reformed theologians I like to speak of the image in terms of the narrow sense and the broader sense. In this article I have focused on the narrow sense keeping within the scope of the Confession. Hoekema, 1986, p. 83 See also Murray, 1977, pp. 38-39 These are just some implications. We could also talk about sexual equality and the significance of worldwide evangelism. Hancock, J. (1776, July 4). The Declaration of Independance. Retrieved July 5, 2011, from USHistory. org: http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/ document/ If we dont have dominion over the creation we would fail to be who we are as human beings created in Gods image. However I agree with Murray, 1977, p. 41, who suggests that it is better to refer to this as a function that we have based upon the fact that we are created in Gods image. Genesis 1:26 I am sceptical that there is such a thing. Genesis 3:17-19 Romans 8:19-22.

Nathan Woonings is a ruling elder in Mandurah WPC and a student under care of the Presbytery of WA

A minister waited in line at the service station to have his car filled with petrol just before the Easter break. The attendant worked quickly, but there were many cars ahead of him. Finally the attendant beckoned the ministers car to a vacant pump. Reverend, said the man, Im sorry about the delay. It seems that everyone waits until the last minute to get ready for a long trip. I know what you mean, the minister chuckled, Its the same in my business. AUTHOR UNKNOWN
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s tuart J ohNsoN
under the inspiration of God (this was the opinion of Jesus, which although not a persuasive factor for some scholars is surely more than sufficient for a Christian). Now Moses wrote in a truly remarkable historical context: the Exodus of Gods people from Egypt. They had seen staggering displays of divine power. They had experienced salvation by grace. Their exodus from Egypt was the greatest redemptive event prior to the ultimate rescue, the exodus from sin and death achieved by Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection. And we can readily appreciate the significance of Genesis to Gods people at this time. It provided powerful answers to questions such as, who is this God Yahweh, and why did he help us?. We presume that from oral tradition, and perhaps also genealogical records, that the people of Israel had some understanding of the past. That Israel knew the names of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph (whose bones they carried from Egypt, Ex. 13:19). But as their grumblings in the desert revealed, they had been born into and indoctrinated by the worldview of Egypt. They were a people in need of wisdom, and God gave it to them. From Genesis chapters 12-50 Israel learned that their God was a powerful, faithful, promise making and promise keeping God. They learned that God had graciously called them to be His people. In particular, they learned that their liberty from Egypt was the fulfilment of Gods promise to their forefather Abraham, some four hundred or so years earlier (Genesis 15). They were children of promise. But as valuable as that was, the who

begin my contribution to Insights with a series in Genesis chapters 1-3. In doing so, I hope that we will be reminded of the majesty and grace of God, and the nature and need of humanity. However, for many Christians the grandeur of God or the nature of humanity do not come to mind when thinking of Genesis 1-3. For there is an almost insatiable appetite for argument regarding matters such as the length of the days of Genesis 1 and the age of the earth. This appetite for controversy is strong across the theological spectrum, from conservative to liberal. However, although our modern questions require treatment, Genesis addresses issues of greater interest and significance. Rather than rushing to the text with our questions, let us see what

He is the one true and living God, whose sovereign power was the answer to ancient concerns.
questions it asks of us. Questions regarding our understanding of God. Questions about what it means to be human. One way to help us to do this is to consider Genesis in its historical context, and to remember its first readers. Although Genesis includes an account of the creation of the world, it was not written at or even soon after the creation. Genesis was written thousands of years after the creation of our first parents Adam and Eve. As for authorship, we do well to accept the traditional belief that Moses wrote Genesis
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are we, and why is God for us questions demanded answers beyond 400 years; answers beyond Abraham. These were provided in Genesis chapters 1-11. Here we find ultimate answers to ultimate questions. With simplicity clothed in majesty it begins: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Only God is without beginning. All else came into being, at the beginning. Matter was not eternal, as some of the ancients believed. The sun, moon and stars were not gods. Instead, the God who brought you out of Egypt is the creator of all things. He is the one true and living God, whose sovereign power was the answer to ancient concerns. In our day the matter of origins looms large. To the ancients the big questions were around order and stability. In explanation of evil and chaos, they suggested an eternal struggle between the forces of chaos and the gods, who were capricious of character! In stark contrast Genesis asserted that there was only one God, the maker of all things (material and spiritual). Also against the grain of ancient thought was Gods repeated declaration of the goodness of the creation (1:3, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31). The material world was not the carcass of a dead god (one less than dignified ancient suggestion). And nor, where modern folly matches ancient, was the creation an inexplicable accident. The material world

was neither eternal nor evil nor accidental. It was made by God, and it was good. It was the theatre of Gods glory (Calvin). Plus, (as we shall see later) Genesis also provided clear answers regarding the degradation of this good creation, and pointed towards its restoration. For us today the supremacy of God as creator remains the foundation upon which our understanding of God is built. Gods word does not start here without cause! Yes, God as Redeemer is the primary message of scripture. However, this is inextricably linked to God as creator. Redemption is the restoration of the creation. The story of scripture moves from creation to newcreation. With this in mind we join those whom John saw worshipping God in heaven, saying: For you are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being (Revelation 4:11). U

Stuart Johnson, PhD Associate-Principal South Island Grace Theological College, NZ

In a time of severe drought the preacher scheduled a special prayer service to pray for rain. The church was packed out. The preacher stepped into the pulpit, scanned the assembled congregation, and told everyone, You can all head on home. This service is over! The people protested, but weve not prayed for rain! It wouldnt do a scrap of good, the preacher replied. Not one of you has brought an umbrella! AUTHOR UNKNOWN

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An Englishman Passionate About Evangelism - And Birds

t im s taFFord
John R W Stott CBE, the former rector of World countries. Time for birds was nearly All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, and always included. He traveled without entourage, one of the most significant Chrsitan leaders of sometimes preaching in a cathedral one day and the 20th century, died on 27 July 2011 aged 90. under a tree the next, meeting the mighty and the Like any good diplomat, Stott knew exactly lowly and staying in their homes. As a London who he was and where he came from. Born pastor he formed strong attachments to a wide into an emotionally close and cultured doctors variety of humanity. When he encountered family, he spent virtually his entire life in the opposition or criticism, he would seek it out for same London neighborhood. an exchange of views. He did not enjoy conflict, As a child, he attended All Souls Church, but he was committed to dialogue. sometimes sitting in the balcony and dropping Right from the beginning he was passionate wads of paper on the ladies hats below. At his about that hallmark of evangelicalism: ordination in the Church of England in 1945, evangelism. The man who led him to Christ, Stott became curate there and then, in 1950, E.J.H. Nash, or Bash, as he was known, rector of the badly war-damaged church. He worked for Scripture Union in the elite English would remain on staff for the rest of his days. public schools. Stott had been raised to attend Stott was church and to read the Bible daily, but as a t h o r o u g h l y young student he had no idea of personal English in salvation. Bash shared with him the scene stereotypical ways: from Revelation 3, of Jesus standing at the incisive, cool, door and asking to come in. It seized Stotts time-conscious, imagination, and in a short time he had become orderly, and an evangelical Christian. Bash soon put Stott to balanced. Though he had a great gift for work, talking to other boys about what he had friendship, he was not given to small talk or self- discovered. By the time Stott reached university, revelation. (He did have a wry sense of humor he was running Scripture Union holiday camps, and was a talented amateur musician.) A lifelong which were very explicitly evangelistic. bachelor, he showed a formidable capacity for work. When he was at When he encountered opposition or a writing project, he could happily criticism, he would seek it out for an keep his own company for weeks on end at his retreat in Wales, grinding exchange of views. out page after page of well-regulated Stott would ultimately become better known prose. At the same time, he relished the world as a Bible expositor and teacher, but during his around him in all its variety. Perhaps nothing first decades of ministry he made a reputation showed this so obviously as his lifelong love as an evangelist. At All Souls, he led many to for birdwatching, which biographer Timothy Christ himself, while organizing and teaching Dudley-Smith says bordered on an obsession. In the congregation how to bring their friends his later decades, Stott spent a great proportion and neighbors into a relationship with Jesus. All of his time traveling, much of it in Majority Souls was an inner-city church with a striking
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mix of the well-off and the indigent, and Stott was determined to neglect neither side. He firmly believed that the local church should be a locus for evangelism. One of his first books, published in 1952, was Parochial Evangelism by the Laity. His two earlier publications were Personal Evangelism (1949) and Becoming a Christian (1950). J.I. Packer remembers that Stott in his younger days was a brilliant and hardworked student evangelist. He was the chosen speaker for a considerable number of InterVarsity Christian Fellowships week-long evangelistic campaigns at British universities,

particularly Cambridge and Oxford. These later extended to North America and throughout the Commonwealth. From these evangelistic talks came one of his best-selling books, Basic Christianity (1958), which has been translated into 25 languages and sold well over a million copies. U

Tim Stafford, a senior writer for Christianity Today, is vice-chair of the board of John Stott Ministries

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Postal: PO Box 31, Alice Springs, NT 0871 Telephone: (08) 8955 5271 Contact: Rev. Phil & Cathy Stuart Church Service (winter): Meets: 20 Parke Cres, Alice Springs Time: 10.30am Email: stuartmob@stuarts.id.au Stuarts web: www.stuarts.id.au ENGLAND Revd David and Barbara Cross Email: d.cross1942@gmail.com PROVIDENCE REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Pastor Christopher Seah Mob: +65 9139 4654 Meets: 350 Alexandra Road, Level 3 (Next to Princess House) SINGAPORE 159946. Time: 9.30am Bible Study/Sunday School: 11.30am Postal: c/o Apt Block 1D, Pine Grove, #0815, Singapore 593001 Email: provrpc@gmail.com Website: http:www.providencerpc.org


Fe a t u re s

The Ezra Ministry


a NdreW y ouNg

A research-writing-teaching ministry aimed at spiritual life and ministry development

The idea of The Ezra Ministry came to mind in January 2011 during a visit to Auckland. In conversation with friends there it was apparent that there was a need to help Englishas-a-second-language speakers gain sound biblical and theological foundations for their faith that would prepare them for ministry. It seemed at the time that the best way of doing that was to create a pre-Theological College Bible School which I thought could be aptly named The Ezra Institute.

and Steve Williams from Redeemer Grace Presbyterian Church visited Vanuatu on a short mission trip. They returned with reports of opportunities to help church leaders and especially Bible School teachers by providing materials in Biblical and Systematic Theology for students. A week or two later Tony visited Pakistan and saw even greater need there. Pastor Amjad Khan, a teaching elder in our Grace Presbyterian Church in New Zealand, had sensed God calling his family back to Pakistan to help village churches. In the early Rather than establishing the Ezra months of this year Amjad had Institute as originally conceived, visited his homeland and quickly the Session of this church is discovered fifteen churches in Lahore and surrounding villages proposing to establish a charitable trust called The Ezra Ministry and eager to be organized into the Grace Presbyterian Church in to call me to serve as the Director of Pakistan. With 3,000 current members and the possibility this Ministry. of thousands more joining Ezra happens to be one of my favourite this church movement, it too is in need of biblical characters. He was a priest/scribe materials for theological training of village during the time of Israels exile in Persia who pastors and the wider membership. travelled to Jerusalem to help the remnant Assisting pastors and church leaders in such that had returned to their homeland. He is situations is something that is close to my described as a man who had given himself heart. Ive long cherished the dream of being to the study, observance and teaching of able to adapt materials developed for teaching the Law of the Lord (Ezra 7:10). For over at Grace Theological College between 1995 forty years thats what Ive tried to do study, and 2007 for such purposes. Now it appears observe, and teach the Word of God. Just as there is genuine need and opportunity for this Ezra used his knowledge and gifts to bring to happen. about spiritual renewal in the remnant of These developments have coincided with Israel, so I long to use whatever abilities God a growing desire to write in another area has given to me to encourage spiritual vitality of interest, namely, Christian spiritual life. and ministry competence in the church today. Throughout my Christian life I have been Thats what makes Ezra so attractive to me. gripped by a passion to know Christ and After the seed thought of an Institute experience the reality of his indwelling life had taken root, other things happened in mine. In the last five years that desire has that nourished the idea. Tony Bracefield intensified to the point where it absorbs
T h e M es s eng er Spring 2 011

my mind and heart constantly. I believe experiencing more of the life of God is something that not only individual Christians hunger for but churches need as well. There is nothing I would sooner do than devote what remains of my life to discovering and sharing principles and practices of faith that lead to a deeper experience of Christ. In reality, the two things mentioned above the need for materials for training church leaders and congregations and the deepening of Christian spiritual life are closely connected. It is my conviction that the best way to achieve the latter is through the former. Spiritual vitality and stability results from a clear grasp of the story and the message of the Bible, something that flows out of courses in Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology taught in Bible colleges such as Grace Theological College. The more we can help people know the God of the Bible as he reveals himself in history, and the way in which he redeems fallen humanity and his groaning creation through Christ, the more we can help them to walk with him in a way that leads to life, peace, joy and power. As I have shared with others the vision of providing insights and resources from our Reformed and evangelical heritage for developing spiritual life and effective ministry in churches worldwide I have received nothing but positive encouragement and affirmation. I have also discovered an eager and willing spirit within the Redeemer Grace Presbyterian Church in Auckland to embrace this vision. Rather than establishing the Ezra Institute as originally conceived, the Session of this church is proposing to establish a charitable trust called The Ezra Ministry and to call me to serve as the Director of this Ministry. If that eventuates, this will provide the vehicle for a research-writing-teaching ministry that makes accessible wisdom and insight from our Reformed and evangelical heritage with a view to promoting the spiritual vitality, stability and ministry effectiveness of churches worldwide. At this point the research and writing projects

envisaged fall into five categories: 1. Devotional/Spiritual - insights from Scripture and other writings stimulating spiritual life 2. Theological/biblical - essays, papers, articles deepening understanding of the Bible and its teaching 3. Practical/ministry - papers, articles, manuals, etc facilitating the practice of Christian ministry 4. Educational - resources in biblical, systematic, pastoral and historical theology to equip pastors and theological students for ministry 5. Biographical/auto biographical - lessons from life stories that embody Christian spiritual life From a tiny beginning a flicker of desire to help people who cannot grasp theological concepts in English easily The Ezra Ministry has grown into the world-embracing dream of strengthening the spiritual life and ministry effectiveness of churches by providing resources from our rich theological heritage in a form that they can readily understand and use. It will involve an immense amount of work requiring the creativity and cooperation of many. But through the grace of Christ that work will be a joy because it has the potential to do enormous good and bring much glory to God. June 2011.
Editors note: Andrew writes, It will be of interest to you, no doubt to learn that the original inspiration for this ministry came to me during my visit to Perth in November 2006 to speak at the Presbytery Study day. In the course of that time I became more than ever aware of the great need for the renewal of conservative evangelical and Reformed spirituality in Australasia. U
Andrew Young is a Grace Theological College Associate Principal (South Island, New Zealand
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Fe a t u re s


a llaN C happle s address to t riNity t heologiCal C ollege s NeW graduates iN m arCh 2011

o youve got your certificate in your handsbut what does it mean? What are you, now? One good way of answering this question is thisyou have now been equipped for Christian leadership. But what does that mean? To find the answer we go to Acts 20, where Paul is speaking about Christian leadership. He gets down to business straight away: You know how I lived the whole time I was with you, from the first day I came into the province of Asia. I served the Lord with all humility (verses18-19). Two things are striking here. First, out of all the words

It is Gods Word that builds up and brings us to glory.

for serving, Paul chose a very low-down worda word that says that he served the Lord as his slave. In a world where the lowest possible place a person could be was to be a slave, why would you put yourself down like this? Paul is taking us back to the point where, for us Christians, everything begins. He is reminding us that we belonglock, stock, and barrelto the Lord Jesus. As Paul tells the Corinthians, You are not your own; you were bought at a price. [1 Corinthians 6:19-20] Do you see the point? If you want to understand what a Christian leader is, you must begin with the Lord Jesus, and his death and resurrection. Christian leadership
T h e M es s eng er Spring 2 011

is not defined by the management textbooks; its defined by the gospel of Christ. And this brings us to the second thing: when he says that he served as the Lords slave with all humility, he doesnt sound very like a CEO, does he? There is someone in chargebut it isnt Paul; its the Lord! The chief mark of his leadership is not his authority but his humility. There is a place for authoritybut it isnt what comes first. Christian leadership is the humble service of people who have been bought with a price, people who live for the Lord who loved us and gave himself for us. So Christian leaders SERVE. But how do we serve? We us find the answer in verse 28: Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with the blood of his own One. So leaders shepherd Gods churchthat is, they pastor Gods people. Christian leaders SERVEand Christian leaders SHEPHERD. And how do we shepherd? How does a Christian leader pastor Gods people? We do so as a WITNESS and as a WATCHMAN. In verse 21 we see that we are a witness to the world. The world Paul lived in was made up of Jews and Gentilesand he testifies to them both. He calls everyone in his world to turn to God in repentance and to have faith in the Lord Jesus. We know that Jesus Christ has laid claim to the whole world by his death and

resurrection. We also know that everyone in the world ought to yield to him in penitent trust. And so we give our witness to the world, wanting every person to turn to Godin-Christ. We also know that this is how God gathers his church. As the gospel is spread throughout the world, God calls his own sheep by name. This means that we do not do our shepherding by turning inwards and focusing only on those who are already in the flockthe pastor also does the work of an evangelist (2 Timothy 4:5). In verse 24 Paul teaches us that the Christian leader is a witness to the Word. What Paul did for 3 years in Ephesusand what he has been doing since thenand what he intends to keep doingis to witness to the gospel of Gods grace. His whole ministry is focused on Gods Wordhe is a servant of the Lord by being a servant of the Word. Now we turn to verse 28, where Paul says: Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock Christian leaders shepherd by being a WATCHMAN. This is necessary because of the double threat of fierce wolves from outside and false shepherds from inside (verses 29-30). How can they meet this terrible threat? Paul gives us the answer in verse 31. How do they function as a WATCHMAN? By continuing as a WITNESS! How did Paul guard the church for the 3 years he was their leader?by keeping on with his ministry of the Word, bringing Gods Word to each person with a tough mind (so, warning) and a soft heart (so, with tears). It is very obvious in all of this that Pauls confidence is not in structures and programs, but in Gods Word. We see this especially clearly in verse 32. He commits them to Godbecause God is the true Shepherd, the true owner and protector of the church. And he also commits them to Gods Word

because the Word is the instrument by which God does his work in our lives. Its by his Word that God grows and shapes and preserves pastors in his church. Its by his Word that God feeds and keeps his sheep. It is Gods Word that builds us up and brings us to glory. And its by his Word that pastors guard themselves and all of the flock against the dangers that threaten both from outside and from inside the church. This brings us to one last lesson Paul has to teach us. Both dimensions of our shepherding task revolve around the same focus and core (verses 24, 32). The message which grows the churchand guides the churchand guards the church is the gospel of grace. The church lives by the message of Gods amazing love in the death and resurrection of his Son. And this brings us right back to where we startedfor the grace of God is why we serve the Lord as his slaves, humbly, loyally, sacrificially. So Gods grace is not only our message, it is also our motivewe serve because the Son of God died for us. So, to our new graduatesnow you know what you are! And now that you do, will you set yourself to be what you are? Will you serve the Lord with all humility? Will you shepherd his people that are in your care? Will you be a servant of the Word and a witness to the world? Will you be devoted to the gospel of grace? U

Dr Allan Chapple, Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Founding Principal of Trinity Theological College 1998-2002.
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Youth & Family Pages

YOUNG PEOPLE AND MUSIC Music of all genres is easily available to young people today. It plays an important role in the culture and lives of our youth. How can you engage with young people and encourage them to listen to music that is wholesome and in line with a Christian world view? Try borrowing a CD or MP3 and listening to their music. Talk about what it is that they enjoy about a particular song or performer Read reviews regarding artists and albums. Theres plenty available online. Check out www.pluggedin.com or the reviews at www.christianitytoday.com Introduce younger teens to new or different genres (or Christian alternatives if they are listening to a lot of secular music that you are concerned about) via compilation albums (eg WOW Hits 2011) Listen to local Christian radio stations to find out whats new or on top of the charts Remember that young Christians arent usually listening to music in order to praise God; but rather enjoy music and lyrics that communicate hope and encouragement or speak to contemporary issues, or encourages them in some other way.
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HELP! Im part of a small church group with few other young people. How can I get to know and fellowship with other Christian young people? Instead of the leavers activities planned for/by those at your school, try searching out a short term mission that would welcome your involvement during schoolies week. Check out what is offered by Christian based organisations such as Scripture Union or Campus Crusade for Christ during schoolies week Visit other local youth groups and Bible study groups Plan to go to Christian Fellowship groups at uni (check out www.afes.org.au) ENCOURAGING MOMENTS!!!!! Seeing a fellow student wearing a t-shirt with a Christian slogan during class time, then enjoying a great conversation with her after class. Noticing an acquaintance at a concert where the members of the band are Christians and being able to use this situation to initiate a good conversation. Bek

WHY JOINING YOUR UNIS CHRISTIAN UNION IS A GOOD IDEA! Ive found that the CU (Christian Union) at my uni has been a great source of encouragement and help as Ive started out in my first year at uni. Public meetings, Bible studies and regular social events are held, and this is a great way for meeting other Christians on campus and strengthening your faith. If youre in your last year of high-school and plan to be studying in Perth next year and think this sounds like it could be good, why not go to next years Kickstart Camp, run by all the CUs from Perth unis for Christians starting out at uni. When I went it was lots of fun and really encouraging. If you want to find out more about each CU and CU camps such as Kickstart go to http://afeswa.info/.
Youth Content by Beck and James Wilson



Q. 32. What benefits in this life are shared by those who are effectively called? A. In this life, those who are effectively called share in justification, adoption, and sanctification, and the further benefits in this life which accompany or flow from them [a]. [a]. Rom. 8:30; ICor. 1:30; 6:11; Eph. 1:5 Q. 33. What is justification? A. Justification is an act of Gods free grace [a], in which he pardons all our sins [b], and accepts us as righteous in his sight [c], for the sake of the righteousness of Christ alone which is credited to us [d], and received by faith alone [e]. [a]. Rom. 3:24 [b]. Rom. 4:6-8; IICor. 5:19 [c]. IICor. 5:21 [d]. Rom. 4:6, 11; 5:19 [e]. Gal. 2:16; Phil. 3:9
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Church News

We praise God for sustaining and blessing our small gathering of His people. Things we have enjoyed recently include: Some of our women attending a conference where we profited from good teaching and marvelled at the wonder of many voices singing praises to God together. Informal womens meetings themed on issues relating to our Christian world view. Opportunities to fellowship together for a meal twice each month. Seeing both regular and new faces each fortnight at our food distribution outlet. Please pray with us for: Wisdom for our elders in their leadership role within our congregation Continued spiritual growth for our young people Wisdom and guidance for the use of the spare land surrounding our church building Opportunities to reach out to those using the fortnightly food outlet Sandra Wilson


Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that is at work in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end Amen (Ephesians 3:20 - 21)
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We praise God for who He is and what He has done. He has shown us great things in the past and present, and we know that He will also take care of all our tomorrows. The God who has led us to this place (Pacific Paradise State School) has never wavered from His promises because He is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). It is a little over five years since our Church began its first services in the comfortable but small Staff Room at Pacific Paradise State School. After a period of 18 months we outgrew the Staff Room. The only place available to us was the schools Undercover Area in the Great Outdoors. While this was quaint we were besieged be the crows and magpies who frequently chimed in to sing along with us. Not to mention the exposure to the elements with the wind driving the rain in on some days and stifling heat on others. We had to acquire our own chairs and tables that were originally stored in an adjacent storeroom plus each week clean the area (with a leaf blower). Unfortunately the storage area was withdrawn and a shipping container had to be acquired and placed nearly 100 meters from the Undercover Area. Our people were faithful and rain wind or shine they fetched and carried our church furniture on a small hand dragged garden trailer. We began to feel a little like Job; the leadership began to worry for the health of some of our older warriors particularly with the huge amount of wet weather we were experiencing and the host of other issues we were constantly faced with. Our hopes were high for the completion of the new school hall, but due to its immense size, costing and other factors, it was apparent that we needed to look for another venue. After some protracted liaising with the principal of the school and the registrar about the possibility of using the library, approval was finally (reluctantly) given. The move into the library at the start of winter has its advantages because we are out of the cold and within a cosy room. But the downside is the hassle of having to arrive early and rearrange the furniture for the service only to have to try to put things back together exactly as they

were (which seems to change ever week), plus activating the alarm system (that has a mind of its own) and a number of other obstacles that we face on a weekly basis. But God is great. Just down the road from the school, a new Community Hall was under construction. After a slow start, negotiations with the committee of management have accelerated and we have developed a strong rapport. We have signed the contract and intend (God willing) to hold our first service in this new venue on the 18 September 2011, Praise the Lord for He IS Great. We know that God has rewarded the patience, perseverance, and dedication of His Church and Its people; and that He has gone ahead of us and prepared the way. The new venue is spacious (but not too big) with car parking adjacent; no more walking nearly a hundred metres through the elements each week; we have the use of a full kitchen etc and the committee has been generous with hire rates as they sense our committment to the community. The Church is excited to be moving into a high profile location with ties to the broader community. We shared in the official opening of the facility on September 10th; a wonderful opportunity to network with other local groups. This has been a real answer to prayer and as elders we wish to thank you for all your prayers and faithful support. God is growing His Church. We praise God for the outreach in the church as we grow steadily in numbers. Each Sunday someone has something to share about how God has given them the strength to share the Good News with someone in the community or in their work, etc. Pastor Dan teaches Religious Education at the school every week and has shared with the church how, subsequent to a lesson one week when several of the kids were extremely disruptive, half of the class came forward the following week with letters of repentance, some even had tears in their eyes. They said they were so sorry that they had acted in this selfish way and they thanked Pastor Dan for

coming to their school to teach them about Jesus. That classroom has been turned around by the power of Gospel. Every Friday night six Leaders (three from CCC and three from other churches) lead a Youth Group. We have on average about 20 - 30 young people turning up and practically every one of these young people are from single parent families and homes where Christ is not known. But Friday 19 August 2011 we had six of these young people commit their lives to Jesus Christ. And since then another teen has turned to Christ! Praise the Lord! We visit a Retirement Village once a month and have a blessed time listening to their stories and sharing the hope we have in Christ. The feedback is very positive and the management is behind us every step of the way. Our over 50s group (Diamonds) is well attended and it is always a joy to drive to some beautiful location on the Sunshine Coast, relax and enjoy the fellowship of the believers. We have encouraged any unbelieving spouses to join us for these outings and they apparently enjoy being with a bunch of Christians who know how to have a good time because they always come back. There is so much more to tell, but we will have to keep it for another time. Thank you for your faithful support. We covet your prayers as we share the Good News of Jesus Christ with boys and girls and men and women. May many more come to know Jesus, who to know is life eternal. Pastor Dan Bosshard and the elders of the Christian Community Church

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Westminster Presbyterian Church

AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY BELCONNEN WPC Meets: 61 Templeton Street, (cnr Rowan St.) COOK, ACT 2614 Time: 9.30am and 6.30pm (every Sunday) Address: 61 Templeton Street, COOK, ACT 2614 Office Ph: (02) 6251 7727 Fax: (02) 6251 7737 Email: pastor@wpc-belconnen.org.au Contact: Revd Geoff Findlay Telephone: (02) 6259 7707 (a/h) NEW SOUTH WALES S.E. AUSTRALIA PRESBYTERY Moderator: Revd Geoff Findlay Email: geoff@wpc-belconnen.org.au Clerk: Elder Perry Blackmore Email: Perry.Blackmore@optusnet.com.au QUEENSLAND CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH PACIFIC PARADISE Meets: North Shore Community Hall, David Low Way, PACIFIC PARADISE Time: 9.30am Postal: 119 Glenview Rd, GLENVIEW QLD 4553 Contact: Revd Dan Bosshard Mob: 0439 708 092 Email: danbosshard@bigpond.com GRACE CHRISTIAN CHURCH (BUDERIM WPC) Meets: Corner of Stringybark Rd and Toral Dr, Sippy Downs, SUNSHINE COAST Times: 7.45am, 9.30am and 6.00pm Chinese Church (Mandarin language) meets at 1pm. English Hour (free English classes) at 4pm. Postal: PO Box 346, BUDERIM, QLD 4556 Telephone: (07) 5445 8933 Contact: Revd Bob Burnett (07) 5442 1783 Email: gracechurch@westnet.com.au Web Site: www.gracechurchbuderim.com.au METROWEST COMMUNITY CHURCH (MT OMMANEY WPC) Meets: Mt Ommaney Special School, 94 Capitol Drive, MT OMMANEY Times: 9:30am & 5pm Website: Postal: Contact: Email: http://www.metrowest.cc 2/101 Harts Rd, INDOOROOPILLY, QLD 4068 Revd Ian Spence spence01@optusnet.com.au

GRACE CHRISTIAN CHURCH (REDBANK WPC) Meets: School Road, REDBANK PLAINS Time: 9.30am Nathan Campus Postal: P.O. Box 347, GOODNA, QLD 4300 Contact: Revd David Smith Telephone: (07) 3495 7051 Email: david@gracecc.com.au PRESBYTERY OF QUEENSLAND Moderator: John Hamilton Clerk: Ian Spence Postal: 2/101 Harts Road, INDOOROOPILLY, QLD 4068 Telephone: (07) 3371 2512 Email: john.h@bigpond.net.au WESTMINSTER THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE QUEENSLAND Principal: Revd Terry Clarke 10 Hollings Close, KURABY, QUEENSLAND 4112 Postal: PO Box 346, BUDERIM, QLD 4556 Telephone: (07) 5445 8501 Email: information@wtc.qld.edu.au Web: www.wtc.qld.edu.au WESTERN AUSTRALIA ALL NATIONS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Meets: The Beaufort Centre, 74-82 Beaufort Street (2nd Floor), PERTH. Time: 10.00am Email: churchoffice@allnations.org.au Web site: www.allnations.org.au Telephone: (08) 9228 4951 Fax (08) 9228 4956 Postal: PO Box 8693, Perth BC WA 6849 Contact: Revd Simon van Bruchem Email: simon_vb@optusnet.com.au BROOKTON (CALVARY PRESBYTERIAN) Meets: Richardson St., BROOKTON Time: 10.30am. Postal: PO Box 99, BROOKTON, WA 6306 Contact: Revd Clem White (08) 9535 3301 Email: candpwhite@bigpond.com OR elder Arthur Slater (08) 9642 1231


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BULL CREEK WPC Meets: 32 Bull Creek Drive, BULL CREEK Times: 9.30am, 6.30pm. Postal: 32 Bull Creek Drive, BULL CREEK, WA 6149 Email: wpcbc@iinet.net.au Telephone: (08) 9332 6300 Fax: (08) 9332 1991 Contact: Revd Steve Schoof (08) 9310 3357 Email: standbe@bigpond.com Contact: Revd Mark Vivian (08) 9455 3919 Email: pastormark@iinet.net.au Contact: Revd Craig Newill (08) 6161 0525 Email: craignewill@gmail.com Website: www.wpc.net Bull Creek WPC Indonesian Services Time: 9.30am Meets: 190 Bateman Road, BRENTWOOD Time: 4.00pm Meets: 32 Bull Creek Drive, BULL CREEK, WA 6149 Revd Paulus Surya (08) 9414 5872 CANNING VALE COMMUNITY CHURCH (CANNING VALE WPC) Meets: Canning Vale Community Centre, Cnr Waratah Blvd. and Eucalyptus Blvd., CANNING VALE Time: 10.30am Postal: PO Box 5153, CANNING VALE SOUTH, WA 6155 Telephone: (08) 9256 4776 Contact: Revd Alex Nathan Email: alexandernathan@iinet.net.au KELMSCOTT WPC Meets: Lot 60 Centre Rd, (Cnr Railway Ave) KELMSCOTT, WA 6111 Times: Prayer 9.15am. Service 10.00am Postal: PO Box 305 THORNLIE WA 6988 Telephone: (08) 9398 7200 Contact: Revd Anton Noppers (08) 9498 3306 Email: wpck@iinet.net.au KINGSLEY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Meets: 15 Moolanda Bvde, KINGSLEY Time: 9.30am Postal: 15 Moolanda Bvde, KINGSLEY, WA 6026 Telephone: (08) 9309 4043 Session Clerk: Elder Tony Veale (08) 9448 6542 Email: contact@kingsleychurch.org.au

MAIDA VALE WPC Meets: 4 Old Maida Vale Rd, MAIDA VALE Times: 10.00am and 6.00pm Postal: 4 Old Maida Vale Rd, MAIDA VALE, WA 6057 Telephone: (08) 9454 7401 Fax: (08) 9454 4307 Contact: Revd Roger Palmer Email: wpcmv@myoffice.net.au MANDURAH WPC Meets: The Nellie Reagan Hall, Peel St, MANDURAH Time: 10.00am Postal: PO Box 5875 Mandurah, WA 6210 Interim Moderator: Revd Steve Schoof Contact: Elder Nathan Woonings Telephone: (08) 9586 1910 Email: nw_wpcm@iprimus.com.au MURDOCH THREE CROSSES CHURCH Morning: 10am Mandala Hall, Mandala Crescent, Bateman at 10am Evening: 6pm Murdoch University, Murdoch Postal: 9 Johansen Promenade MURDOCH WA 6150 Contact: Revd Matthew Waldron Mob: 0438 021 286 Email: mattwaldron@bigpond.com Website: www.threecrosseschurch.com PRESBYTERY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Moderator: Revd Simon van Bruchem Email: simon_bc@optusnet.com.au Telephone: (08) 9228 4951 Work: (08) 9457 0107 Home Clerk: Elder Steve Heathcote Postal: 21 Carcoo Court BECKENHAM 6107 Email: sheathcote@downings.com.au Telephone: (08) 9479 1508 SYNOD OF WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Moderator: Simon van Bruchem Clerk: Mark Vivian Email: pastormark@iinet.au Treasurer: Elder Dirk Soet Telephone: (08) 9444 7506 Continued on page 21

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T h e M es s eng er Spring 2 011