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Plane table survey & observing X-sections of River Indus, Estimate Sanctioned No.

Hyd/2012/ 107 /1-W From Basti Mazari to 28 Miles D/S Mithon Kot for The Year 2011-12. W/C Sanctioned.No.RSD/ 201 / 2-E

Dt: 27-01-2012 Dt: 08-03-2012

Chargeable to:-

A- 02201

( Research & Survey)

(See: D.F.R.7.33)

No.of Voucher____________ Division: River Survey Division Lahore.

Dated:_______________ Bill for month

P.T Survay

Name of Sub-Division: River Survey Sub Division Multan. S. No

Name of Incumbent with CNIC No.
Kaleem Ullah S/o Nazir Ahmad Lal Khan S/O Allah Divaya Ata Muhammad S/O Nazar Hussain Ali Khan S/O Mahiwal Ghulam Akbar S/O Sohara Khan Esa Khan S/O Allah Ditta Gaaman Khan S/O Yaar

Desig nation
Mate camal man boat man S/Cooly S/Cooly S/Cooly S/Cooly S/Cooly S/Cooly S/Cooly

14.03.2012 to 22-032012 & 24.03.2012 to 0604-2012


Amount Paid

Dated acknowledgme nt of payee

Dated initials of officer making payment

1 32403-7506287-7 2 32403-2321437-3 3 32403-9196354-7 4 3403-3623806-1

11375 7250 6750 6750 6750 6750 6750 6750 6750

10465 6670 6210 6210 6210 6210 6210 6210 6210 66861

do do do do do do do do do
G. Total:-

5 32403-9758727-1 6 32403-7636245-5

7 Muhammad 32403-7560070-3 8 32403-4156500-5 9 Khan
32403-8223359-9 Abdul Sattar S/O Allah Bachaya 10 32403-0837500-3 Nasrullah S/O Faqeer Bukhah Bagoo Khan S/O Yaar Muhammad

Name should be grouped by works the name of the work and reference to orders sanctioning the establishment therefore being written in red ink across the page, above the entries relating to each group. The total for each work should be entered in red ink. Note:-Deductions on account of fines, income tax, rent etc., should be shown by special entries against the Memos concerned. 1 Certified that all persons for whom wages have been drawn in this bill, were on duty during the periods shown against their names, each man being employed on the work and on duty for which his appointment was sanctioned. 2 Certified also that the wages of every person actually employed during the month have been claimed in this bill.

Sub Engineer Multan Sub Division

Sub Divisional Officer River Survey Sub Division Multan

(This space is reserve for remarks, if any, by the Divisional officer) Govt. Press, Lahore.153/F.P

Paid by me Rs. ______________ to the actual persons through temporary advance

Pre-audited & passed for Rs. ___________ Rupees _____________________________ ____________________________________

Sub Engineer Multan Sub Division

Sub Divisional Officer River Survey Sub Division Multan