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TBG Chairs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Cabinet Member Responsibilities

Internal Development Chair Marketing Chair Recruitment Chair Tech Chair Finance Chair Alumni Chair Partnerships Chair

All Cabinet Member Responsibilities Serve as ambassador of TBG, in terms of mission, values, goals, work, and our people Attend all trainings and events Attend mandatory Executive-Cabinet meetings [typically once per month, after training] Attend mandatory Cabinet Retreat: Friday, August 31 (subject to change) Attend mandatory Member Retreat: September 14-16 (subject to change)

1. Internal Development Chair Objective: To work with the IVP to cultivate a supportive and connected community within TBG through social events Responsibilities: o Socials: Plan/Coordinate one social with minimum of 75% attendance. Must be present at all socials o Retreat: Work with IVP to plan all-member retreat activities and events o Committee Leader: Manage committee of 4 members on the social committee for the semester o Banquet: Support IVP in determining a location for banquet

In Scope Socials Plan rides/organize rides Coordinate potluck responsibilities Give input and ideas for activities at retreat
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Out of Scope Collect and coordinate fees for social events Direct all events at retreat

2. Marketing Chair

Cabinet Member Responsibilities

Objective: To work with the EVP to strengthen and distinguish TBGs brand on the Cal campus Responsibilities: Marketing Materials: Assist in designing marketing materials (i.e. flyers, scrapbook, handouts) and collection Framework: Work with tech chair and corresponding ExComm members to maintain/improve TBG templates (e.g., logo, PowerPoint template, deliverable template, etc.) Historian Duties: Take photos at events and document for scrapbook and website Committee Leader: Manage team of TBG members on Marketing Committee for the semester

In Scope Give suggestions for design on flyers and handouts Update TBG facebook status and twitter every 2 weeks Create facebook events for recruitment Pick up flyers from print shop

Out of Scope Deliver handouts and flyers to classrooms Create templates for teams

3. Recruitment Chair Objective: To provide support for the EVP during consultant recruitment and lay out foundation for the next cycle of recruitment so that TBG can recruit the best and the brightest with a heart. Responsibilities: Recruitment Initiatives: Help with scheduling recruitment (interviews, cases, group work) Interviews: Assist in creating and editing group interview case Strategy: Strategize for following semester of recruitment

In Scope Introduce and distribute group case Help direct prospective TBGers into rooms during

Out of Scope Direct interviewing efforts

interviews Assist EVP in organizing recruiting events (info sessions/workshop/meet & greet) Send email reminders for tabling shifts Organize and email interview results

Cabinet Member Responsibilities

Write interview case

4. Tech Chair Objective: To use technology to strengthen TBGs knowledge management, external publicity, and internal culture Responsibilities:
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Wiki: Maintain and improve current consultant wiki (e.g., create alumni pages, profiles, network pages, add documents) Slideshow: Take photos and prepare end-of-semester slideshow along with Marketing Chair Frameworks: Work with corresponding marketing chair and ExComm members to maintain/improve TBG templates (e.g., logo, PowerPoint template, deliverable template, etc.) Website: Maintain and update TBG external website Committee Leader: Manage team of TBG members on Tech Committee for the semester

In Scope Maintain and update TBG wiki Create end of semester slideshow Encourage members to upload documents to wiki

Out of Scope Update LinkedIn, Googlegroups and Facebook Group weekly

5. Finance Chair Objective: To provide support for the VPD in creating financial stability for TBG Responsibilities: Fundraising: create and manage 2 or more fundraising events to raise $500 throughout the semester

Cabinet Member Responsibilities

Grants: Plan timeline to apply for grants for the entire semester Corporate Sponsorships: Work with VPD to manage efforts to attain corporate sponsors Budgeting: Strategize the semester and future budgets Committee Leader: Manage team of TBG members on Finance Committee for the semester In Scope Listen to clubs ideas on fundraisers Encourage all members to participate in club-wide fundraiser Plan 2 fundraising events per semester Work with AVP to organize TBG apparel Out of Scope Administrative Duties Communicating and getting room reservations

6. Alumni Chair Objective: To provide support for the EVP in maintaining relations with TBG Alumni Responsibilities: Newsletter: Assist EVP in creating alumni newsletter Alumni Dinner: Research possible venue locations for alumni dinner. Assist EVP in reaching out to alumnae to attend event. Committee Leader: Manage team of TBG members on Alumni Committee for the semester Database: Maintain alumni database Alumni Outreach: Generate 1 initiative to reach out to Alumni

In Scope Send out emails to alumni to remind them of events Give suggestions on possible venues

Out of Scope N/A

8. Partnerships Chair

Cabinet Member Responsibilities

Work closely with the Executive Committee to oversee relations with sister consulting organizations and other partners Liaise with Ambassadors of partner organizations to share resources and collaborate on maximizing social impact Seek new partners and new means of collaborating with existing partners Requirement: 2 semesters previous TBG experience