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Please provide a color photograph 45mm x 35mm


Particulars Sr.No . Full Name with aliases, if any (please indicate 1. if you have added or dropped at any stage
any part of the name/surname)


Present address in full, with Police Station & District

(To Be Pasted)


Home/Permanent Address in Full with police Station & District

Particulars of places with periods of residence where you have resided during the preceding 2 years (Verify only Delhi residing period.) Period From To Address In Full with Police Station & District

Father’s name in Full With aliases, if any



Place of Birth

Occupation (If employed give designation & Office)

Present Address

Permanent Address

6. 7. 8. 9.

Applicant’s Nationality Date Of Birth Two marks of Identification Educational Qualification showing place of education with years in schools and colleges since 15 years of age Name of college / school with full address From To Examination Passed High School/SSC Intermediate Graduate Post Graduate

State briefly whether you had been terminated Removed or dismissed from service on any disciplinary proceedings Charged or had you been called to explain your conduct in any matter before or at a subsequent date of your actual termination Dismissal/Removal/Retirement. of Undertaking owned or controlled by govt. which might impair my services for Commonwealth Games Test Events. I am not aware Of any circumstances. Name & Address of 2 responsible persons other than relatives to whom you are known: I certify that the above information is correct and compete to the best to my knowledge and belief. of India/State Govt.10./Autonomous Body University/Local body. Employment Related Aspects Period Designation Full Name & Address of Employer / Organization Nature Of Employment Reason for Leaving previous services 11. or otherwise? Have you ever been involved in any Police or Criminal Case? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No 13. etc. If the previous employment was under the Govt. Signatory with Stamp Signature of Applicant Date: / / . Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever been prosecuted? Have you ever been kept under detention? Have you ever been bound down? Have you ever been fined by a court of law? Have you ever been convicted by a court of law? Is any case pending against you in any court of law? Whether discharged/expelled withdraw from any training institution under the Govt.. 12. Counter Signature of Employer / Authorized. Delhi 2010..