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Education and Workforce Council Meeting Minutes April 4, 2012 Presiding Chair Dave Crouch, Toyota Panel of Industry

y Experts John E. Dewey, VP of Operations for ITM Helene B. Williams, Healthcare and Bioscience Industry Cluster Initiative Coordinator for Workforce Solutions Alamo Dr. Mary L. Wise, Senior Manager for Boeing Aerospace Support Center Steve Mills, PHd, Chief Information Officer at Rackspace Hosting Blas Castaneda, Consultant, CTA Global Energy Blas Castaneda, CTA Consultants Workers dont have skills Challengeso individuals do not have the skills o provide the training needed to hire o getting people trained Educational system o Students are not ready for workforce o Critical thinking skills are not developed o Develop training programs at the beginning o Develop a strategic process for educational purposes o Schools in Texas Integrate industry in the beginning o Magnet programs, start earlier in k-12 system International trade is key for our development Q: Donna Miller Where can we look to get the details of what is needed? A: Eaglefordshale.org , Eagleford.org, IT Steve Mills, Rackspace Degrees are not necessary but must be fanatical o Technical skills such as Lynx & Microsoft SA it is tough, fit for seasonal & experiences people W/ USSA etc. Grow our own- slower, investment. Think of education system as a pipeline, started internships. Is slow going. Brought in 2 HS students

*Partnered with Roosevelt HS as a model. Form alliances w HS and Universities in SA. Bringing talent in from outside @ 500/yr is too expensive. Offices in Austin and Bay Area Put more structure around IT, HS partners Each year document how many people you hired? o IT 85 resumes per hire o List skills and culture needed. o Key words on resume and scanning

Aerospace Dr. Mary Wise, Boeing 18600 applicants per job Two groups: new entrance people, returning people. Key words are not in resume (Keys listed in next section) Interview process o Most people cant do interview o More about behavior How do you respond to situations? Last year hired 1200 people and went outside of SA. Cant find individuals with AMP license Cant find manufacturing and Industrial engineers School curriculum focuses on lean manufacturing. Train new college grads, but do so slowly. 4 generations working currently o Millennials dont want to work but want to be paid. o Soft skills- challenges are the types of communications Gaps- 300-500 more jobs Cost of living is great in SA! Closing Wichita plant and splitting it up between SA and OK city. Top security clearance needs: o Credit clearance o Questionable behavior o Family members and political ties o HS IS TOO LATE to start prepping for these clearances Educational side struggle o Getting support from schools in South San and Harlandale ISD o Put a plan together for the year. o Get minorities and females in to STEM

Health Helene Williams, Worksource Solutions Alamo Many low paid techs, food services, custodial, etc., do not live in the medical center. Cannot afford gas to travel in. Too busy working/hiring to be able to utilize the proper assessment tools Financial habits- $$ never too early to start talking about savings accounts with kids. Demand occupations- avg annual salaries are NOT starting salaries; fully qualified and experienced pay. Background checks required for all occupational w/ certifications- NO felonies Pharm techs- North west vista has a great pharm tech program- good Specialty units, intensive care units, techs, labs- highly specialized high demand- hard to find these qualified people locally. Leadership positions o 2 yr degrees do not oversee beyond their department o Need 4 yr degree Nursing o New graduates have 0 experience with patients which hinders hiring. o Residency programs are needed. o No communication or time management skills o **Magnet Status- prestigious- requires bachelor degree- goal to meet by 2020 o 66% current RNs have 2 yr degrees Helpful Links o Myskillsmyfuture.com o Texascaresonline.com o Mynextmove.com o Texasindustryprofiles.com o ONETOnline.org Manufacturing John Dewey, ITM Generating community impact Hiring o 600,00 vacancies that cant be filed o 15-20,000 vacancies excluding EFS & Aero o 50% of applicants interviewed do not get hired due to lack of basic reading, math, and comprehensive skills Skill programs? o Alamo college academies are good.

o These programs are good for HS students & entry level, but not for senior people How do we keep entry level people in the company? Possibly inside the community, too?

General Barriers Soft Skills Missing o Work ethic, critical thinking, communications, time management Resumes o Key Word Scanning will kick out applicants as resumes are scanned for key words. o Fashion the resume towards the position o NO cover letter! Interview Process o Is geared more towards behavior questions Generational differences o Young- social media, texting o Older- traditional, face to face Poor Financial Records o Jeopardize hiring, poor credit can keep you from getting security clearance Cultural Barriers o Traditional roles and jobs for women tough to get then to consider the new