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Authentication of documents for admission to study In order to be admitted to study at a university, you are required to submit "officially" or "publicly"

authenticated documents of your certificates. These have to be translated by a sworn translator (registered at court) into German (not necessary for documents in English or French). Only copies bearing an official stamp can be authenticated by German authorities. Official authentications can be provided by German authorities (municipal authorities, local town halls) and Church institutions (rectories, Catholic/Protestant student bodies). Public authentications must be provided by the German embassy, a German consulate or a notary in Germany. Authentications from abroad can similarly be issued by universities, notaries or embassies. Please take care to ensure that the documents bear an official stamp. Under no circumstances will we accept translations or authentications provided by private individuals, health insurance companies, lawyers or the AStA (student union executive committee).

What does an authentication have to contain?

Example of an authentication

Official/public authentications must contain the following (see example): A note of certification indicating that the copy corresponds to the original (see 1). The original will often include an embossed official stamp which is not visible on the copy: in this case, the note of certification must also indicate that the original includes an embossed stamp. The signature of the authenticating party (see 2), The official stamp, which usually includes an emblem (see 3). A simple text stamp is insufficient. Under no circumstances may you add any missing details yourself (such as names or explanations of grades).

If the copy runs to more than one sheet you must provide evidence that each sheet forms part of to the same certificate: Multi-sheet authentication: It is sufficient to place the note of certification (see 1) and signature (see 2) on one sheet as long as all sheets are stapled together and a part of the official stamp appears on each of them (see example, top left). Single-sheet authentication: You can have each page authenticated separately. In this case, your name must appear on each page of the original. If this does not apply: Your name and a reference to the type of certification (e.g. university entrance qualification) must each appear in the note of certification (see 1) on each sheet. There is writing on both the front and back of the sheet: The note of certification must refer to the front and back ("This is to certify that this page and its reverse side correspond to the original"). If not, both the front and reserve sides of the sheet must be separately authenticated.

This information is taken from http://www.daad.de/deutschland/wege-durchsstudium/zulassung/06164.de.html Last revised 01.03.2011