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Software Project Management Question Bank

1. What is a project? Explain the characteristics of Project. 2. What is Project Management? Explain the characteristics of Project Management. 3. Explain Project Life Cycle with neat diagram. 4. Explain the characteristics of Extreme Project Management. 5. Explain PMBOK in detail. 6. What is feasibility study? Explain its types, contents and purpose. 7. What is the role of RFP? Describe its content and purpose. 8. What is business case? Explain in detail steps for developing business case. 9. Explain different types of contracts with suitable example. 10. Explain Matrix Organization with its advantages and disadvantages. 11. 12. 13. 14. Explain the roles of Project manager. Explain the contents of Project Charter. Explain Project Planning framework in detail. Explain Work Breakdown Structure in detail.

15. Consider that a XYZ company undertakes a project to computerize working of ABC City Bank. a. Develop W.B.S. b. Develop Responsibility Matrix. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Explain Project Scope Management Process in detail. Explain Scope planning with example. Explain scope change control process in detail. Explain in detail tools and techniques of developing schedule. Compare AON Vs AOA network. For each of the following AOA networks: Draw a corresponding AON network. Compute ES and EF for each activity.

Software Project Management Question Bank

Compute LS and LF for each activity. Find the critical path. Determine the total slack and free slack.


Explain various relationships in PDM with suitable example.

23. What limitations of AON networks does PDM overcome? What limitations does it not overcome? For the PDM network in Figure below, calculate ES, EF, LS, and LF for all activities.


How do CPM and PERT differ? How are they the same?

25. Given the immediate predecessors and a, m, b for each activity in the tables below, draw the networks and compute: (a) te and V for each activity. (b) ES, EF, LS, and LF for each activity. (c) Te and Vp for the project.

Software Project Management Question Bank

26. The following project network and associated costs are given (T in days, C in $1,000s). (a) Verify that the normal completion time is 22 days and that the direct cost is $3,050. (b) What is the least costly way to reduce the project completion time to 21 days? What is the project cost? (c) What is the least costly way to reduce the completion time to 20 days? What is the project cost? (d) Now, what is the earliest the project can be completed and what is the least costly way of doing this? What is the project cost?

27. 28. 29. 30. 31.

Explain various methods of budgeting. Explain the framework of IT project risk management. Explain risk analysis, assessment and strategies. Explain resource loading and leveling in detail. Write a note on: Goldratts Chain.

32. The network and associated requirements for systems analysts and programmers for the GUMBY project are as follows: a Draw the network. Compute ESs, LSs, and total slack times. b Then show the separate resource loadings for systems analysts and programmers, assuming ESs. c Suppose the maximum weekly availability is eight systems analysts and five programmers. Can activities be scheduled to satisfy these constraints without delaying the project?


Explain contents of project communication plan in detail.

Software Project Management Question Bank

34. Write a note on: Plan-Monitor-Control cycle. 35. Explain different ways of Information Distribution. 36. In the LOGON project suppose the status of the project as of week 22 is as follows BCWS =$628,000 ACWP =$640,000 BCWP =$590,000 Answer the following questions: (a) What is the earned value of the project as of week 22? (b) Compute SV and CV. (c) Compute SPI and CPI. (d) Using BAC=$990,000, compute ETC and EAC. 37. For a particular work package, as of April 30 the budgeted cost is $18,000. The supervisor determines that only 80 percent of the scheduled work has been completed and the actual expense is $19,000. What is the BCWP? Compute SV, CV, SPI, and CPI for the work package. 38. Given the following scenario: Project: Write 20 programs per week for 50 weeks. Budget: Budgeted cost per program is Rs. 3k At the end of 10 weeks: 150 programs are written in 510k. Calculate in Rs.; the following parameters: BCWS, ACWP, BCWP, CV,SV, CPI, SPI, BAC, EAC, VAC, SAC. 39. Explain Lewins Change Model in detail. 40. Explain the Change Management Plan in detail. 41. Write a note on: Conflicts and Resistance. 42. Explain Polarity Management Process in detail with suitable example. 43. Explain Project Procurement Process in detail. 44. Write a note on: Outsourcing. 45. Explain in brief the five practices of Exemplary Leadership. 46. Explain briefly the Leadership Styles. 47. Explain with neat diagram the 4-V model. 48. Write a note on: Multicultural Projects. 49. Explain Project Implementation in detail. 50. Explain Administrative closure in detail. 51. Write a note on: Project Evaluation. 52. Write a note on: Project Audit. ------------------------------