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Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Design development Semester 4

Questionnaire Analysis
Category: Smart Blouse and Dresses

Momina Shafiq Maria Shehzad

Questionnaire Survey
50 questionnaire surveys were conducted by us, which helped us deeply analyze the market and the requirements of our target group which is plus size women, and what type of smart blouses and smart dresses they were looking for in the market. This would further help us in designing a range plan as well as the type of dresses for the customers which they would be willing to buy. About 70 percent of the women who filled this questionnaire were Stoneage customers, and 50 percent of them went for blouse shopping. In the questionnaire I asked the plus size women if they could easily find their size generally and we found out many 60 percent of them had problems looking for their size while the 40 percent of them found Another question was regarding the fit of Stoneage clothes

Fit of stoneage clothes

100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00% 20.00% 0.00%

Fit of stoneage clothes

It was surprising to find out that 40% of the women found the fitting to be perfect, while 40 of them found it to be good, and only 20% of the women were unsatisfied by the fit of Stoneage clothes.

Prefered Price Range

100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00% 20.00% 0.00% 1500-2000 2000-3000 3000-4000 Prefered Price Range

Price Range: Price range of that these women around 40 % of the women were willing to pay 3000 to 4000 for a smart dress, where as 36% of the women are willing to spend 2,500 to 3000 for a smart dress, and 24 % of the women are willing to spend around 1,500 to 2000 for a smart dress, this shows more women are willing to buy a dress in 3000to 4000 which is good as we would have a better budget when designing a dress. Length of the dress: Regarding length, around 55 % of the women asked for the length of a dress to be till the knees where as 20 % preferred the length of a dress to be above the knees and 15 %of them preferred the dress to be of hip length. And very limited around 10% of the women wanted the dressed to be till the calf. Length of blouse: When it comes to a smart blouse, 50% of the women wanted them to be falling of the hips, whereas 40% o them wanted the blouse to cover the hip and very few , about 10 % the blouse to be above the hip, this shows that the blouse which cover the hips patially or fully are more popular and more in demand then the ones which fall above the hips. Length of sleeves: 45% of the women perfer three quater sleeves, 40% of them perfer full sleeves, 10% like their sleeves to be bell shaped and a hand full want half sleevs on their dresse/blouse. This shows thats majority of the plus size women want to keep their arms coveredhence this should be kept in mind during designing the product.

Silhouette of a Dress
80.00% 60.00% 40.00% Silhouette of a Dress 20.00% 0.00% empire Slim fit A-line line x-line

Silhouette for the dress: The most popular silhouette out of all for the dresses was the A-line dresses, on which 60% of the women chose that option which shows that they would prefer an A-line dress the least popular was the slim fit and sheath silhouette dress. This shows that women prefer the dresses to be a bit lose rather then being fitted.

Colour Prefernce
100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00% 20.00% 0.00% Pastel Neutral Dark soft/light colours colours colours colours Colour Prefernce

Colour prefernce: When asked about the colour prefernce around 70 % of the plus size women prefer the dress/blouse to be in dark colours, eg black, dark blues, plumb etc. This shows more prefernce has been given to the dark colours, and more dresses/blouses should be of these colours.

Design Element
100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00% 20.00% 0.00% Pleating Prints Embroidery Design Element

Design details of the dress/ blouse: The stats for the detail of the dress show that most women like to buy dress/blouse with pleating details, and as a whole women like wearing dresses/ blouses with many details such as embroidery and prints, and these women prefer pleating most out of the three design elements.