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Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) Placement Paper October 2010 (HR, Written & Technical) Company Name : Cognizant

Technology Solutions Type : Fresher, Job Interview No of rounds Took place: 3 Rounds There are : 1) Written Test 2) Technical Interview 3) HR Interview In the written test there are 55 Questions total They are only Verbal And NON Verbal Section in that paper. No aptitude is required. Out of 55 if u score more than 25 thare are chances to go to further rounds. Next Comes the Technical Interview This is my first Experience to an Technical interview. At first -Int: Hai .... me: Hello Int : Checked my score and Resume.and asked "Tell me about Your self"? me: Told........... blablabla......... int : are u from telecom branch then why do u want to join IT sector? me: For oppurtunities and good career growth. int: are u flexible at locations? me: yes int: then where is ur college located? me: said int : lets come to technical part ... He asked do you Know Java? me: I dont know But i know it is based on OOPS concept. int: so u might know C++? me: NO i dont know int : then how come u know all these are based on OOPS CONCEPT? me: i over heard from my CS friends. int : then wat u know abt C? me: C basics and Pointer Basics int : What is Function Call BY reference and Call by value? me: Explained on Paper Clearly and perfectly. int: Do you know how to use dynamic Memory allocation in C? me: Yes, We have to use malloc and calloc int : Difference between those? me: Explained confidently.. int : What is the syntax in c to free the memory? me: Free(); int : ok then. we are done.. me: thank you . Nice meeting you. Shake hand. Waited for the results of technical round for 10 minutes. My name was called i am very glad that i cleared Technical round. -- Remember everyone who attend CTS interview "ALWAYS KEEP SMILING FACE WHEN U FACE INTERVIEW AND BE CONFIDENT AND HONEST" After 2 hrs they called me for HR interview HR: Hi .. me: HELLO (shake hands) HR: Tell me something about yourself me: told. non stoppable. HR: are u flexible? me: yes. i am HR: What do you know abt CTS? me: told to some extent got panic in between and stuck for 10 seconds and recalled and gave answers.confidently. HR: if u join the company do u ask for relocations are such? me: no HR: ok we are done: me: nice meeting you sir.(shake hands) After long gap of 15 days they mailed to me that i am selected to Cognizant. I am so happy to be apart of Cognizant hope

u will do the good.. BE confident.. u get panic also no problem take ur own time and get settled to environment at the interview. The whole process took around 4 hrs. See you at cognizant.. Exam/Interview Date : 03-Oct-2010 No of Rounds : Techincal Round-1 Location : Bangalore Contributor Name: Siddhu