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Report Of Final Acceptance Test On Base Transceiver Station Equipments Installed by M/s NSN


Contract # TBL/SE/Project-2/2005-2006

Date: July 27, 2006

20 February 2012

Report on Final Acceptance Test of BTS. Installed by M/s Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Contract # TBL/SE/Project-2/2005-2006, Dated 27 July 2006 A FAT committee-4 has been formed vide letter No. 14.35.1212.500.08.001.12-2011with the following members to conduct Final Acceptance Test of BTS Sites installed at different zones by NSN.


Photocopy of the FAT order The photocopy of the FAT order (Three pages) is kept in Annex-01. The FAT Committee has performed the following test:

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.

Installation Status check. BoQ Check.

Compliance with Tender Document, Contract and Specifications.

Hardware status test. Commissioning & Integration test. Check pending items of PAT report. Check solution of Recommendation in PAC. Check service status. Service support after PAT. Performance of equipments.

The FAT report is as follows: A. Installation Status check. Description of the Installation :M/s Nokia Siemens has installed BTS and FDUAMCO. The location of BTS+ FDUAMCO are shown in the below diagam:

MSC = Mobile Switching Center TRAU = Transcoding and Rate Adaptation Unit BSC = Base Station Controller.

BTS = Base Transceiver Station MS = Mobile Station

Comments: The Installation status has been checked and found OK / NOK.

B. BoQ Check. Comments: Supply and installed equipments have been/not been found as per BOQ.
C. Compliance with Tender Document, Contract and Specification M/s Nokia Siemens Networks has supplied and installed the materials/features as per Tender Documents, Contracts and Specification Contracts.

D. Hardware status test. Comments: All hardware are not working normal. E. Commissioning & Integration test.
Comments: All equipments have been commissioned and integrated in the networks.

F. Check pending items of PAT report. Comments: Pending item(s) of PAT report have not been solved. G. Check solution of Recommendation in PAC. Comments: Recommendation(s) in PAC have not been solved. H. Check service status.
Comments: Service status is not satisfactory.


I. Service support after PAT.zzzzComments: Service supports have not been found as required. J. Performance of equipments.
Comments: Performance of the equipments is not good. Recommendation for FAC: As per test results and observation, these BTSs are installed and in operational, FAC may be issued as there is no pending item. Detailed FAT Documents signed by FAT Committee: The detailed FAT documents signed by FAT Committee have been given as Annex-03. This FAT report is performed on ...

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