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Career Development for Health Professional 2012

Depkes and Depdiknas Collaboration In Case Of Career Development for Health Professional
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As we know, Indonesian public health degree shows improvement over time. It can be seen from many public health indicators, such as increasing of life expectancy, decreasing of infant and children mortality, decreasing of delivering-mother mortality, and decreasing of malnutrition in children prevalence. (Bappenas, 2012) Some determinants which influence health degree, such as environment (physic, biologic, and social), behavior and life-style, genetic factor, and health care. In health system itself, at least it must be six health effort subsystems, health funding, health human resources, drugs and health logistic, and health management. (Depkes, 2004) In health human resources subsystem, health professional is the main part support other health subsystems. Health professional here is all who work actively and professionally in health plane, which for specific type needs authority in doing health effort. Health human resources subsystem aims at availability of qualified health professional sufficiently, fairly distributed, and utilized effectively and efficiently to maintain implementation of health development to increase public health degree optimally. (Depkes, 2004) Health Ministry establishes national health professional demand planning in four methods: 1. Health Need Method is health professional demand planning which based on epidemiology of the most diseases in community. 2. Health Service Demand is planning of health professional need which based on health care burden demand. 3. Health Service Target Method based on health care centre be appointed, such as Puskesmas and Hospital. 4. Ratios Method based on ratios toward specific value.
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Career Development for Health Professional 2012

From health care demand analysis, generally it can be said that health professional in Indonesia, whether from quantity, type, qualification, quality and distribution, is still not adequate yet. Some health professional types which are new still need regulation. Other types are still rare, which mean, high demand, but low professional quantity due to limitation of institution and poor interesting. (Bappenas, 2012) Retrieve of importance of health human resources, Depkes is impossible separate runs with Depdiknas because however Depdiknas has absolute authority in legislation of wisdom related to education system in Indonesia, especially health education. Depdiknas have to try in order that health education harmonious run with what Depkes need to satisfy public need. According to Bappenas, some issue need got attention in health professional education are the planning of health professional demand with graduate production is remain no match, production ability is still no balance yet with graduate reserve, graduate production is no match yet with quality wanted by consumer, subtlety and management between Poltekes and non-Poltekes isnt still synchronized yet, accomplishment of health professional education by government cant counterbalance with the private, legislation produced by Depkes and Depdiknas isnt harmonious yet. Every health professional academic institution covered by Depdiknas surely want to release health professional which has skill and ability in relation building with others, work in right and can be responsible in academic as well, use the wisdom authority, and able to role actively as planner, organizer, and motor of development. In order to reach that goal, each institution has to increase graduate quality, institution quality itself, and increase relation and its autonomy. As conclusion, health professional demand planning must be matched with the need of health development, whether local or national. Beside that, health human resources efficiency must be held equally and match by the government and community. That things will may develop great health professional if collaboration of Depkes and Depdiknas run well.

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Reqgi First Trasia : Depkes and Depdiknas Collaboration In Career Development for Health Professional