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SIN Students Irate Neanderthals high entrance fees to unite with the 10% wealthy against humanity Whats

your SIN Social Insurance Number? Others find their way through Uncle Sams genocide machine Its all about HE - Humanity Extermination War is a state of widespread conflict between states or other large groups of humans, which is characterized by the use of lethal violence between combatants and/or upon civilians. (Humans also engage in lesser conflicts, such as brawls, riots, revolts, and melees. A revolution may or may not involve warfare.) It is estimated that during the 20th century between 167 and 188 million humans died as a result of war.[135] A common perception of war is a series of military campaigns between at least two opposing sides involving a dispute over sovereignty, territory, resources, religion, or other issues. A war between internal elements of a state is a civil war. There have been a wide variety of rapidly advancing tactics throughout the history of war, ranging from conventional war to asymmetric warfare to total war and unconventional warfare. Techniques include hand to hand combat, the use of ranged weapons, Naval warfare, and, more recently, air support. Military intelligence has often played a key role in determining victory and defeat. Propaganda, which often includes information, slanted opinion and disinformation, plays a key role in maintaining unity within a warring group, and/or sowing discord among opponents. In modern warfare, soldiers and combat vehicles are used to control the land, warships the sea, and aircraft the sky. These fields have also overlapped in the forms of marines, paratroopers, naval aircraft carriers, and surface-to-air missiles, among others. Satellites in low Earth orbit have made outer space a factor in warfare as well as it is used for detailed intelligence gathering, however no known aggressive actions have been taken from space. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1107696/david_rockefeller_speaks_about_population_control/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6C24GpgQTQ Obama and Rockefeller Trilateral Commission thank media for discretion keeping secret for 40 years Apparently would have us believe against the USA that of course is a good thing as well as a one world government with one Humongous Exception HE Human Equality voluntary co-op rather than forced Capitalist Imperialist Life gougers with the manner the bastards gained their wherewithal PRICK inciting FIBIB precludes them from the New World Black Widow and Widower Makers If after smoking sex each smoked their mate ME Mother Earth Would once again experience the peace and tranquility of ancient times before the onset of humankind But Hell No Wont be satiated until ate the whole thing Its their God given right Dontcha know!!!

Chicken or the Egg? God or Satan? www.2012mars.com Aliens Soon Part With Our Gold leaving Earth as they long ago left Mars