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How have you developed as a writer and researcher during WRIT 1633? For this project, you will create a portfolio in which you explore this question. To do this well, youll need to select several examples of your writing, and youll need to write an essay in which you analyze and interpret the pieces youve chosen. what should I include in the portfolio? the assignment

Your final portfolio should consist of four pieces of writing. Please include three papers you have already written that illustrate the writing and research skills you developed in the course. One of which may come from a DU course other than WRIT 1133 (for example, from WRIT 1122 or from any other course); you may use in-class writing or homework assignments in addition to official papers. The fourth piece is a reflective essay that describes and analyses those papers. To be most effective, the reflection will probably need to be about three to four pages long. Choose three papers. Your reflective essay should: Explain the papers youve selected, describing the assignment for the work. Remember that most of your readers will be unfamiliar with your class. Reflect on what you have learned through writing these assignments. Please refer to or quote specific elements from your papers to illustrate your observations. You might also talk about your drafting. Try to connect your work to the concepts and strategies that your class emphasized. how should I write the reflective essay?

Your readers will value an ethos characterized by honesty, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness. In addition to discussing the strengths of your work this quarter, you might also discuss limitations of your papers. And you might also reflect on how your writing and researching abilities transfer to future writing situations. how should I submit my portfolio?

Although you will be presenting four different writings, please cut and paste them into one single document. If one of your assignments isnt paper (i.e., if its a video or a series of photos, etc.), then include a link to an online version of that project (e.g., to a YouTube video or a Flickr photo set) and make sure that the online version of the project is available to the public. Appearing first in this document should be your reflective essay. The order of the other documents is up to you. If, due to format or file type, a particular project cannot be pasted into the combined document, please upload the file separately and include a note in your portfolio indicating the title of the extra file you have uploaded. Upload your portfolio to DUs Assess-It system following these 1. 2. 3. Go to http://assess-it.du.edu Log in to the system using your DU ID and passcode You will see a list of all of your current assessment assignments. Click the 'Start' link next to each assignment to begin

Your portfolio is due on Asset-it when your final drafts are due on Google Docs: noon on Thursday, June 7.

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