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Animal Farm

Irresponsible towards animals Cruel (beat animals)

Russian Revolution
Czar Nicholas II
Poor leader Cruel (brutal with opponents)

Old Major
Taught animalism Inspired rebellion Dies before rebellion

Karl Marx
Taught communism Inspired revolution Dies before revolution

Good speaker, idealistic Wants life to be better for all animals Chased away by Napoleons dogs

Leon Trotsky
Pure communist, educated Wanted to improve life for all Russians Chased away by secret police

Not good speaker Not as clever as Snowball Cruel, selfish, corrupt, devious Wanted power, killed animals that went against him Used dogs, Moses and Squealer

Joseph Stalin
Not good speaker Uneducated Didnt follow ideals of Communism Killed anyone that went against him in his quest for power Used KGB and propaganda

Worked for Napoleon Convinced animals to believe Napoleon Changed commandments

Propaganda Department of Government

Worked for Stalin Lied to get others to follow Stalin Benefitted from education being controlled

Private army used to force animals to work Intimidated and killed anyone that went against Napoleon Strategy to control animals

KGB- Secret Police

Not real police Used force to get people to obey Stalin Loyal, more powerful than army

Talks about sugarcandy mountain Animals go there if they work hard Old Major and Snowball against him- believed it was a lie Allowed to stay because it taught animals to work and not complain

Taught people about heaven Stalin knew it would stop any violent revolutions Tolerated because it taught people to work without complaining

Loved beauty and self Didnt care about rebellion Went to anyone who gave her what she wanted

Nobles/ Vain People

Only thought about their needs Didnt care about revolution Went to other countries that offered them more

Strong, hard worker Always follows ideals of animal farm Gives everything and is betrayed

Dedicated Supporters
Always loyal Believed Stalin because he was a communist Betrayed by Stalin

Old, wise, suspicious of rebellion Says nothing ever changes, is right

Skeptical People
Werent sure revolution would change anything Knew communism wouldnt work with power

Flogged old horse to death Starved cows Threw dog in furnace Chicken fights

Leaders of Germany/ Hitler

Euthanasia program Jews? Night of Knives French/ children?

Acted as a broker between Animal Farm and mankind

Did business with Soviet State

Did whatever they were told

Followed without thinking