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Senior Will & Testament

The Senior class of 2012, being of sound mind and body, do hereby entitle the following to all those loved and left behind:

I, Lucas Tribble, leave the keys to the Aldersgate/LAMP dynasty to Victoria Wilke, my brain to Garrett Deloney, Mrs. Graben's last nerve to James Bethea, and all my 5 hour energy shots to Rachel Berube. I, Michael Halvorson, leave my big bag of balls to Cody Wright so that he has something to play with when I leave, my flawless and pristine religious faith to Gage Silva so that he may be as rad and honest as I was, and my collection of vintage silverware to Mrs. Kathryn Eiff, for fruit serving purposes only. I, Sam Vargas, leave my amazing quickness and soccer skills to Gage Silva. I, Woojin Lee, leave my calm to Audrey Ang, Anna Rasavong, and Sophie Jeong so they can stop panicking about anything, courage to my cousin Chana Kim so that she may successfully finish LAMP separated from all of her family members, and effort (whatever that is left after senioritis) to Tripp Gurlaskie so that he can get a full scholarship to Bama. I, Brandon Hooks, leave my Pokemon skills to Justin Fong, my stress ball to Junhi Chang, boundless wisdom and amazing dance moves to my brother Scott Carl, and my heart to Gerrie Lim. I, Nora Brown, leave a bra to Gabbie Hayes and Nicole Parente, rice to Toni Doss, a fisheye lens to complete my dreams and golden combs for her beautiful mermaid hair to Summer Starkie, shoes to Gerrie Lim in the hopes that she'll wear them, a blanket to Tim Scanterbury so he won't have to steal mine, three matching shirts to the White Boy Triangle (Carter Rief, Daniel Cox, and Brandon Mapp), a ranting session to Mary Beth Hudson, my booty poppin skillz to Elisha Rambin and the rest of the cheer team, brevity to Jackson Hall, my sassiness to Brittany Dallas, my quick wit to AnnaBeth Crittenden, and Mexican food, kettlecorn, cafeteria rolls, and sunshine to Hayley Lowell Bodiford I, Savannah McPherson, being of sound mind and body, would have left to my mentees, Amy Wang and Sheila Willis, all of my APUSH notes had they not been mysteriously lost and/or burned by me; I would have also left my English notes to the underclassmen, but they met a similar demise (How I love those misplaced modifiers). In short, I leave LAMP with little tangible evidence that I was ever there. I, Jalen Spraggins, leave my senior study skills to Chavis Cook, Rick Watkins, Justin Watson, and Aaron Williams. I leave my speed, athleticism, and strength to the members of the varsity baseball team. I, Shivani Patel, leave for all the Indian people some advice: always remember to love and respect the motherland and your culture! Continue to wow the school with all of our knowledge and skills, especially the famous SOOS dances. I, Melanie Beth Meadows, leave my obsession and dedication to LAMP sports to Sarrah

Weston, my goofing off in first period tech team to Gerrie Lim, my amazing twitter skills to Garrett Deloney and Justin Watson, and all the cookies in the world to the 2013 baseball team. I, Natalie Poppell, leave my peppiness and randomness to the cheer squad so that they may be able to cheer loud for me in my absence! I leave Sahm Deravi my swag so that he can turn up his swag whenever he needs it. I, Dominique Taylor, leave some advice. To Tim: you my black coco nut. Don't get too crazy senior year. Remember, keep dem fake ninjas up out yo circle!!! To Jackson: Jackson Hall, I love you. Keep the LAMP forensics interp legacy going. I wish you the best At nationals. Represent boiiiiiiiiii! I, Xuxa Baptiste, hereby leave my quick mouth to Timothy Scanterbury, in order to backchat anyone being the least bit cumbersome or keeping up a false face. I, Samantha Knott, hereby leave (almost) all of my hair bows Marlee Webb, as I promised to try to be a big girl in college. To Junhi Chang, I also leave the large bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken that he has always wanted to eat by himself without sharing. I, Mary Parrish Cobb , leave my javelin, not to mention my extraordinary javelin throwing abilities (haha?) to Summer Starkie. To Gabriela Hayes, I leave not only my LIMUN committee, but also my heart and my love of J. Crew, Gilmore Girls, and Avett. You rock. To Rachel Berube, I leave my extensive trivia knowledge and deep night religion conversations at Starbucks. And last, but certainly not least, to Lexie Ofe, I leave my love of books and intellect and world knowledge. You have the curiosity and the passion that the world lacks. I, Cameron Nichole DuBois, leave my crazy and prankish ways to Mary Beth Garcia, and my love for dancing to Elisha Rambin and Erica Archie. I, Sara Gabrielle Shearer, leave my A in senior English to Audrey Ang, fun-filled recycling and lab assistant duties to Maunica Malladi along with a permanent spot in the hammock, one million sunflower seeds and a hoe to Chad Smith, friendship bracelets to the white boy triangle (Carter Rief, Daniel Cox, and Daniel Mapp), Skittles to Anthony Ware, and a day in the recliner to Will Sellers. I, Mayank Patel, leave my awesome frisbee skills to Victoria French so that she may one day, finally, not be hit in the head with a frisbee. I hand over my jar of curry powder to Hyung Lee so that he may smell of the intoxicating flavors. I hand over my hair comb to Alexa Hernandez because, as she knows very well, she needs one bad. LOL. Finally, I Mayank Patel, bequeath my eternal heart to Allison Nguyen, for no one else could understand me better and keep me stuck in a daze. I, Miller Morrison, leave my ability to rock out at SOOS to Mark Dunn, and my ridiculous frisbee

skills to Zeshan Umar, use them well. I, Tae Kim, do hereby leave my calculator to my sister, Jimin Kim, so she can solve math problems without me. I love you, sister!! I, Maleah Gilchrist, leave to Joy Dees my impeccable manager skills that will no doubt lead the Lady Tigers to victory as well as property rights to money good. To Victoria French I leave my amazing rap skills and my jaw-dropping dance moves because I know she wants them. To April Lee, I leave my amazing high kicks, usable in any situation. To Juliette Harp and Simone Smith, I leave my cool-headedness, so hopefully floors no longer feel the pain of their punches. To Angel Parrish, I leave my amazing stopwatch skills, always remember to stop the too, please. To Desiree Leverette, I leave my hardcore bracelet making skills, since I taught her everything I know. To Shelby Smith, I leave the wonderful memory of my baby Rocko Rue Lee Dee Gilfish, may he rest in peace. To Elidia Dominguez, I leave the ability to insult anyone at a moment's notice. To the track team, I leave my stellar biscuit making skills. To Aaron Williams, I leave the multiple bruises that come from all the love taps I gave him. To the basketball team, I leave my black eye from the ACA game, please avenge me, and I guess I leave my spirit and love and passion blah blah...but mostly my black eye. And to Pavanee, I leave my left back spot in volleyball, do the smurfs proud cool breeze. I, Martin Bryant, leave my right hand to JP, so he can get dap whenever he wants and doesn't have to annoy people about it, and I leave Carlie Spencer my pantry so she will always be happy. We, the senior baseball players, leave some athletic ability to Garrett so he can run two miles without stopping. I, Jasmine Malone, leave my boobs to April Lee. I, Kristina Khamken, leave behind my awesome wobble skills and delicious Chick-Fil-A breakfasts to my wonderful mentee, Rena Lim. I leave my amazing stink faces to Taharia Morgan because I know she will miss the reactions I give her. I also leave all of my hi-chews & the rest of my Asian goodies to Gerrie Lim. Finally, I leave all of my "ghetto" songs to Juan Parada because I know he likes to "make it nasty." I, Hannah Schaffner, leave my dress code length skirts and pink sweaters to Sylvia Goshton. I, Allison Smith, leave my awesome building and cheer skills to the cheer girls and my grunts and dress to the tennis team. I, Kevin Zhai, leave my impeccable ping pong defense the Akhila the Hun, and I leave my swinging volleys to David Mesina and Ricky Kim. I, Kathryn Elam, leave my love of wombats and other animals to Katie Gregory since she has a tendency to make cat noises. I leave my tendency to make weird faces to Rachel Berube

because she can do anything and look cute. I leave my straight hair to Anisa Nuanes so that when she wants to wear her hair straight, she doesn't have to tackle their curls. I leave my love of books, particularly mythology books, to Rebecca White. Finally, I leave my apparent tendency to smile a lot, even during painful exercises, to the soccer team, so that they will brighten the days of others just as they always brightened mine and in the hopes that they will remember that one smile can completely turn a person's day around. I, Aaron Driskell, I leave the keys to success of the weight room to Heath Young so that maybe one day he'll be as strong as I am. I'd also like to leave my shot put and crazy track day hats to JOY DEES and DANIEL LEE, so that they can continue the legacy I have created and use them with pride and skill. Next I would like to leave my collection of songs on my iPod to TRIP GURLASKIE so you can pump your subs to them in the coolest car ever to remember our adventures that have happened, and those to come. Then, I leave a no loitering sign to MAGGIE POWELL and OLIVIA KRANTZ to commemorate all the nights we talked and ruined other people's nights together. Finally, I leave a bus pass to Selma under the name of Susan Earl to SUMMER STARKIE, so that you can relive and never forget all the great times and amazing memories that we made together that made my senior year truly special and memorable with hope to add to and continue our legacy and make it as long and memorable as the run on sentence I just wrote.

I, Leanna Smith, leave my Love of running to Dajah Staley so she can be as fit as me. I leave my sarcastic attitude to Haley Davis so she can be like me. I leave my totally amazing basketball skills to April Lee . I leave a whole pack of tape to Coach Norris to replace all the tape I used to tape my broken fingers. I leave my jokes and crazy personality to Elisha Rambin and Erica Archie so they can bring joy to other people like I did for them. Lastly, I leave my love of the game to the future softball teams. Me, bri weezy, leave all of my flip-flops and open toed shoes to Officer Shaw... And some pink nail polish to match. Have a cute summer ! I, Breanna Young, leave my secret stash of mountain dew to Coach Norris so he can keep the softball team awake for 1am games. I leave my sarcastic attitude and unique sense of humor to Haley Davis so that she can make three hour practices a little more enjoyable for everyone. I leave my ability to set my alarm clock to Heath Young so that he can actually make it to school on time. I leave my ability to survive a fence encounter to the LAMP softball team so that they can endure all the elements. I, Georgia Floyd, leave Thursday bible studies during lunch. I leave my sassy dance skills to Elisha Rambin and Stephanie Fox, so they can rock it at SOOS next year. I leave my crazy looks to Armond(jay) so that he can stay laughing through his senior year. I, Gennesaret Sealy, leave my abundance of news articles and mysterious sources to Joshua Tippett, Sarah Kim and all future members of Contemporary Issues. Furthermore, I leave the

power and spirit of the BLACK woman to Miss Audriana Osborne. use the power for good. To Jasmine Lucas, I transfer the Friday Morning prayer meetings...keep the fire burning. Farewell dear friends. I, Edgardo Isaias Castro Velasquez Junior, leave my soccer skills and boxing skills to Bonner Delcarmen so that she can make it to senior year and conquer all evils. I, Carly Jackson, leave April Lee the gift of confidence: so she will know how beautiful and smart she is for the rest of her life. Love you! (NAS]* I, Janae Couch, leave my dance skill to Shamana Woodley so that she can remember the magic of MJ and my awesomeness. I leave my basketball skills to the Girl's Varsity Basketball team so that they remember to never give up and always give 100% in everything to win. I, Dexter Harrell, leave my drumming skills to Nate Conti so that he may continue the tradition of the SOOS band. I leave my running skills to James Bethea so that he can win his own city championship medal next year. I leave my falling skills to Aaron Williams so that no matter how many times he falls down in basketball games, he can always get back up. I, William Vance, leave my funny and quiet personality to the senior class of 2013. I, Brianna Milner, do hereby leave Mr. Hann some bigger shirts so he doesn't have to suffocate anymore. I, Sydney Sheppard, leave all my UAB mail to Brittany Burns because I know she definitely has no choice but to come next year. I leave my procrastination skills to Breana Davis. Finally, I leave my confidence, spunk, and determination to future junior Jasmine Pou. I love you girls. Always keep it real. I, Remington Holt, leave all my happiness and hope to whoever needs courage to persevere the struggles of LAMP combined with my faith in the future classes of LAMP. I, C Boogie, leave my inner coon to my son JP, my catching abilities to CStephan, my special extra sturdy hair brush to James, and my spazmatic abilities to the lil homie Jordan Flowers. I, David Earnhardt, leave my entire dumbbell collection to JP and my government connections/get-out-of-jail-free cards to Aaron Cheng I, Chase Elrod, leave my discuses to Daniel Lee so that he and Joy Dees may lead the LAMP Throwers Corp after I leave. I also leave Rena Lim a year's worth of hugs to get her through track. I, Chris Dunn, leave my blazing speed and athleticism to CJ Sauce so that he can continue to break records on the 60. Furthermore, I leave the Dunn family legacy to the swoll, Mark Dunn.

I, Jerrel Floyd, leave my collection of John Legend albums to Brittany Dallas...jk no one will ever have them, no one. I, Rj Alcantara, leave to my Filipino family (Gerrie Lim, Luke Casals, and Alex Goerke), I want to leave all my lumpia and chicken adobo cooking skills and of course, my pokemon cards and redneck guns. I'll especially miss your run-down-the-hallways-and-tackle hugs, Gerbear. You guys can always visit your Ate, Mahal kita. To my soccer teammates, I leave behind my laziness and need to complain every time we have to run.. Or move. To Aaron Cheng, my Aarbear, I leave my beloved engraved AUM billboard along with my hustling skills to make up for all the money you've spent on me. And food for me. For both you and James Bethea, I leave my love and luck. I hope you don't get expelled, or arrested. For my little sister, Pavanee Hettiaratchi, i leave my exotic personality, along with my perfect golden tan. Keep breaking hearts and thank you for supporting me through everything! For Akhil Kaushik, there isn't much to leave behind, because i know you'll be stalking my college life one Facebook picture at a time. For Sahm Wall Dragon Polo Cortez La'Flare, i leave you a brand new rap book to hone your rap $kills so you can finally get on my level. I also leave some of my outrageous good looks to help you out a bit. To the one-half of the Parada Brothers that's still at LAMP- stay classy, Juan Parada, and stay overconfident. But remember, I'll always be better. For Maunica Malladi, you're gonna be the little baby of your class, just like me. So I give to you my maturity and privileges of being 18 years old since you can't be your senior year. And for Mary Beth Garcia, I leave my ability to always compliment myself and think I'm better than everyone else. And maybe some humility, too. For Timothy Scanterbury, I leave my mod bod. And overly expressional facials to animate your face when you continue to tell your ridiculous stories. For Aaron Williams, my bestest friend ever, I give you my fork-ork and that dollar you never wanted to give me in coach Norris' class. For all of the LAMP underclassmen, faculty members, and lunchroom staff, I behold onto you my loud voice to fill the hallways when I am gone, my obnoxiousness to ring through the students, and my pride in being a Loveless Alumni. Kinda. I, Sandra Azubuike, leave to Judy my uncanny punctuality, to Wami I leave my 6 SAT books, and to Amber I leave all my college application knowledge. I, Jaewon Back, leave my legacy of sarcasm to Maunica Malladi, my other Canadian half puffpuff. To Hyung Lee, I leave a hug - just one. To Luke Casals I leave 12 spiked cupcakes for being the worst soccer sweetie. To Hemali Patel I leave my TNS attitude because you're worth it and more. To Allison Nguyen, I leave my excessive overuse of gardening tool profanity. To Jenna Gietl, Chase McClain, and David Mesina I leave all my killer ninja powers to keep Mr. HawaiianShirts in check. To Ravi Rajendra I leave all my sketchy novels so you can fall in love with them, too. And to Geraldine Lim, I leave all my good hs karma, unlimited skype sessions, and 3 quarts of Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry's for obvious reasons as well as guardianship over my shoe closet while I'm away. Thanks for laughs, the smiles, the taunts, the good times - I cherish every moment.

I, Paige Thaxton, leave to Emma Talbot, my passion for LAMP Cross Country and Soccer. Keep up the great work my little freshman buddy! :) To Bryful Sun, I leave my lunch, cause Im sure you could use a snack right now. Wo xihuan chi gou rou! To Richard McCant, I leave my massive arm muscles to help you in the forge! To Mr. Hudson, I leave you my flag--you know what kind! :D Good Luck next year! Ill miss you tons! :) To Becca White, I leave a pack of peanut butter crackers, cause youre probably dying for some right now! ;) To Mr. Baker, I leave a sponge, bucket, water, and some soap. Now you can wash your own truck! ;D Well, Im off to Buffalo! Okay, not really, but Ill miss you! Youve been very influential to me. :) I, Celia Carnes, leave to Gabriela Hayes: my passion for nail art as a method of spicing up the monotony of a school uniform, my various and sundry cat-related doodles on any and all Physics or Calculus papers, my ability to make pop culture references that no one else recognizes, my talent for never quite being able to tell when a handshake or a hug is appropriate, and most of all, my apathy. To Lexie Ofe: my complete Spotify/iTunes/Windows Media Player library located in the Art Room, PUMP UP THE JAMZ! I also leave you my bleeding heartSave the World, and keep talking about Syria to anyone wholl listen (also those who wont listen, they need to know about Syria too, duh!). To Hemali Patel: my vegetarian lunches and love for all things British. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AND PRINCE HARRY! To Rachel Berube: my ability to turn any conversation into a super deep and philosophical one. Werk it gurl. To Maunica Malladi: the fate of the Flaming Youth lies in your handsgo forth and conquer! To Tim Scanterbury: my mad dancing skills and talent for staying CAREFREE. I, Chanwoo Ryoo, leave my remaining money in my lunch account to Junhi Chang so that he may always eat his french fries when he needs to, my patience and kindness to Billy Ryoo as he is one angry kid who would punch a baby seal if it messed around with him while hes on his laptop, my intelligence and common sense to Hyungro Lee because he desperately needs it, my mad Tetris skills to Audrey Ang for one day she will realize that she doesnt like to study and would like a break, and the rest to Somin Im as she is like a sister to me. I, MinJi Suh, leave behind my cute extra wardrobe, starbucks drinks/panera salads, and my LAMP intelligence to the most beautifantastical little sister in the world, Allison Nyugen. You're the siracha to my rice! To my other shmexiawesome little sister, Gerrie Lim, I leave behind an "oh my gah" with my videography skills (to commemorate OMG Productions, duhh), my heels and dresses (wittle Gerrie's growing up!!!!! teehee), and some flats (wear some shoes at school, dude. it's lamp's floor). I leave behind my loudness and laughter to Hemali Patel, the only person louder than me. May the senior hallway be filled with her voice! To Summer Starkie, I leave behind our faithful and loving companion--the Canon Rebel. May you continue the creeper and shameless ways of the yearbook photographer. I leave behind my social calendar for Akhil, with the hope that he will schedule something to do other than playing ping pong. To James and Aaron, my pantry will ever always be open for you two to raid.. If you can get past my scary Asian parents. To Jenna, I leave my tennis equipment and dance moves (or lack thereof) so she can continue being the best mentee ever! I leave my glasses for Hyung, whose eyes lack the sufficient size necessary for sight.

I, Mitzy Perez, leave my car keys to Shamana Woodley, to remind her that exaggerated greetings are only a drive away. I would also like to leave my fun memories in Sociology/ Contemporary Issues to Tiffany German, Sarah Kim, Madison Brand, and Joshua Tippett, in hope that when times seem tough, laughter and humor always prevail and sheds light on the darkest hour. I, Robin Tinglin, leave my starbucks gift cards to Chekayla Bradley. What is LAMP essay writing if you're not hyped up on overpriced lattes? And for an easy start, I leave my basic knowledge of conic sections to Kaitlyn Hill. The only thing that will truly expand the horizons of your mathematic ability is learning about hyper-bowlahs from Coach Norris next year. I, Rachel Silva, leave Maunica Malladi my tech team duties of roaming around the halls and creeping on random classes , leave Erica Archie my awesome guessing skills in calculus, leave justin watson my amazing parking spot in my driveway, leave gabby hayes ALL THE MOTIVATION I had my senior year to do ALL my work, leave Hemali Patel my sarcastic attitude when it comes crybabies, and leave Sahm Deravi my workout spot at the Wilson YMCA so he won't DIE of missing me too much. I, Kim Ngo, leave my Kpop obsession to Sophie Jeong and Anna Rosavong so that they will always have a reason to procrastinate. I also leave behind Nutella for Gerrie Lim so that she will always have something to accompany all the candy she eats every day. For Audrey Ang, I leave behind great expectations for her success so I can mooch off of her one day when she makes it rain. (literally, she's gonna figure out a way to control weather and will use this advantage to become dictator) I also want to leave Audrey with my cosmetic skills along with make-up, nail polish, and hair styling tool so that she can look great while ruling the world. For Harris, I leave behind a coupon for a free tattoo and red hair dye so that he can tattoo his name on his arm and rock red hair to distinguish himself from other Indians (mainly the one name Akhil). I, Hunter Tyus, leave to Coleman Bradwell my knowledge of ghetto YouTube videos so you will know when there's a fire. To Keenan Allen, I leave my ability to stay calm on the golf course so you don't get disqualified. To Jared Steele, I leave my array of CDs so you can roll like a thug. To Rick Watkins, I leave only a salute... I, Jacquelynn Marie Myrick, being of sound mind and body, do leave my ability to avoid 7th period work outs to Katie Gregory so she can monitor the weather forecast to remain mostly sunny without a hint of rain; I leave my cheesy jokes and collection of tie dye shirts to Anisa Nuanes so that she will never be without a smile; I leave my running shoes and my favorite pair of heels to Rachel Berube so that can she continue to travel through high school with ease, speed, and a ton of fun. I, Jane Chang, leave Annah Banana with mah randomness because everyone needs a lil bit of entropy to survive senior year. To Katie Gregory and Rachel Burube, you will inherit my habit to bulldozer other soccer players (cause you need the meat!). Gerrie Lim, I give you my UGG boots

and a banana because you like to be barefooted around LAMP. To Scott Carl, I give you what little swag I have so yours will be over 9000! To Jane Chu (who has my initials!), my beloved mentee, you will obtain my TI-89, SAT study books, AP study books, and love for Starbucks because you will go to an amazing college! I pass down my piano skills to Justin Fong so he can play and sing for everyone to hear his great voice. Su Yeon Heo, you must receive my love for history so you can enjoy it to the end. Rena Lim, I hand down my new Pink Newtons so you can run fast like Forrest Gump. I leave my precious Salamence named Pooh! to Chloe Rickards as she constitutes a Pokemon and poking buddy. To Meg Hinote, I pass down a bubble wand because you remind me of a bubbly, Caucasian version of myself! I leave Mikaela Matela with my SOOS duties and AP U.S. History notes because youre such an awesome musicianplus youll need the notes for sophomore year. I give Mr. Hudson-o some frozen yogurt because hes as smooth as it! To Mr. Baker, I pass down my optimism to you for relieving any stress in the future. For all my loved teachers, I give you whatever good luck I have to maintain LAMP and its students! And last but not leastSeniors of 2012, you guys will inherit my wish to not party a lot

I, Andrew Huang, leave the third stall of the bathroom in front of the Physics to Aaron Cheng and Akhil Kaushik for their daily special time. Dont forget to flush. I, Daniel Johnson, leave Jordan Peterson some chapstick, and to CJ Sauce I leave the guidance to be as good of a mentor to a new freshman.

I, Shealey Rainer Wallace, being of sound mind and body, leave my following possessions to the best family I could ever wish to have. Sarah Banning, my green and silver riddled friend, no words will ever do and no time will ever be enough for me to be the best friend you deserve. So instead I will leave the few meager things that I have; that will have to do. To you I leave my complete first edition set of the entire Harry Potter series as well as my Pottermore beta accounts, all of my film posters that feature Ewan McGregor and the ones we have seen together at the Capri. I also leave to you my (conventionally) useless film facts that I have accumulated over the years, because one day you will need to know the difference between 35mm and 16 mm film). I also leave you my spot at our lunch table to be used with your own discretion. To my friend Jackson Meyers Hall, I leave to you all of my DVDs that start David Thewlis, my favorite male actor. I leave to you the secret on making opening films for SOOS and how to mix French music into the aforementioned films. I leave to you my skills in directing and staging (you'll need it for SOOS next year). I leave you my music collection (hard copy and digital) because I have the faith that you'll be able to do something with it to be as amazing as your music collection. I leave you all of the contents of my refrigerator (if you know what I mean). I also wish that you have the best summer of your life. To my youngest friends Cameron Hilley and Alexis Tang, I give you the strength to finish German. Yeah, you'll need a lot of strength and patience for that. To Cameron I leave my

sketchbooks and to Alexis I leave all of my expensive writing utensils and erasers (all of which Cameron is not allowed to touch). I, Brittany Gunnells, leave my passion for Art to Lexi Ofe so that she may continue her creativity throughout a most stressful Senior year. To Chana Kim, I leave my chill personality so that she may realize that a 99.99% is not the end of the world. To Karissa Smith, I leave my mad ninja skills that come in handy when someone must be avoided. To Maunica Malladi, I leave my thoughts of cats. And finally, to Sarvani Ginjupalli, I leave my mentor skills so that she may have as awesome of a mentee as she has been to me. I, Amanda Carter , leave my spot as the number one lamp soccer fan to Mandy Tinnin. I have faith that you can cheer them on to a state championship before you graduate. To Lexi Ofe, I leave my extensive knowledge of different cat breeds so that you may always have something cute to Google when things get stressful senior year. To the Soccer Team, I leave you the responsibility of winning state next year. I, Alexander Gillie, being of sound body and mind, do hereby leave Sara Gillie my size 12 Chick-Fil-A Shoes For Crews, knowing fine well that she has what it takes to fill them.

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