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Case Study

Rarul / Bucovinas edelweiss

Visual identity
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Package design

Package design

Activating on dairy market for more than forty years, Rarul started as one of the most important Romanian powder milk producer, and later became known and appreciated in Moldavia area as a milk and cheese producer having a regional distribution network. With the view to develop new business streams, at the end of 2008 Albalact aquired the majority stake of Rarul SA. Susequent to major technology improvement so to maximize production lines capacity, Albalact decided to turn Rarul into a nationally distributed dairy brand. Consequently, Albalact management team assigned BrandTailors consultants and designers a brand repositioning brief, explicitly requiring building Rarul brand foundation on such coordinates relevant to modern urban consumer.

Dairy market audit revealed a consolidated category featuring a significant number of players, most of them being strong deeply anchored in the fundamental definition of the category. Still, most of the brands desplayed an inconsistent shelf image due to package design variation across subcategories in their portfolio (e.g. milk, whipped cream, cheese butter). Given the above context, the challenge of Rarul re-branding project revolved around identifying credible and differentiating product attributes and building a brand with a consistent image at the shelf level.

Focusing on the fundamental definition of the categeory and taking into account the fact that Romanians

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connect with dairy products based on their direct association with their natural provenience, BrandTailorss consultants concentrated on the Rarul products origins. Thus, Rarul turned to category fundamentals to speak about the fact that genuine dairy products are being made with the best quality milk that coming from Rarul mountain grazing fields, the land of the edelweiss from the heart of Bucovina. It is a well-known truth that milks flavour is given by the cows fodder, so that the mountains flora is being the foundation for the velvety Rarul mik taste. Natural beauty being the concept behind the brand reuvenation has a double meaning, referring both to the natural beauty of Bucovina region and especially to the natural beauty of the people on whose faces one can see the healthyness. Beatrice Dani Brand Strategist

Being associated from the beginning with values such as natural, pure and unique taste, Rarul took upon itself the role of being the dairy products categorys ambassador of natural beauty. The joy of life one has when eating the dairy products from Rarul came into the shape of the magic stardust trace the edelweiss was leaving back, and was used as a mnemonic for the milk freshness the dairy products are made from. Melania Moisi Group Creative Director

Being constistent with the brands slogan - Rarul. The milk flower - , the package design concept shows the origins of Rarul milk coming from Bucovinas mountain flora, while the rest of the dairy products (e.g. cheese or cream) are being produced from the best quality milk. An archaic typeface, with a typically Romanian traditional touch, but converted in a modern up-to-date manner was used for the logotype design, as a symbol for Rarul long tradition. Rarul opens new doors for Romanian dairy category further development benefiting of a strong colour and a coherent graphic systems provide major brand benefits in terms of clear differenctiation from competition, visual impact on the shelf and an instant recognition. While the competition only seldom goes away from the beaten track, Rarul is the brand that has the courage to wear red, becoming a benchmark in the dairy category. Beatrice Dani Brand Strategist

The bow-shaped logotype design contributes to the development of a brand instrument a red circle that concentrically concentrates ones look on the products image placed in the centre of the edelweiss.

Follow up
Once the re-branding program was being finalized, BrandTailors team took up the challange to continue Rarul development with a brand activation program. BrandTailors team had the opportunity to develop the brand foundation and to put into action the new brand positioning, thus creating the first communication campaign to set the proper premises for brands consolidation.

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The TV executions shot from a ladybirds playful perspective, shown a young couple enjoying Rarul products out on a picnic in the heart of Bucovina, on the meadows of Rarul Mountains. Both the setting and the characters faces reveal the natural beauty, while the plot was built around brand manifesto for spending time out in the nature. Both commercials speak about the brands values and their role is to etablish the visual territory and the verbal language of the brand, concentrating in only few seconds a re-branding project developed by BrandTailors consultants and designers in more than half of year. Janos Kurko Creative Partner

ReBrand 100 competiton held in 201 awarded BrandTailors team with Merit for Rarul effective 1 transformation; the same year, BrandTailors received a Silver award during the Romanian Effie Awards competition for the Rarul brand activation program.

Further development
In 2012, Albalact approached Brantailors team with a new challenge to develop the package design solution for a new line extension in the fresh cheese category, with both basic and flavored products. The product range consists of 3 sub-ranges: salted fresh cheese (Rarul Morning Dew), sweet fresh cheese (Rarul Natures Delight) and fresh cheese as an ingredient for pies and cakes (Rarul Magic Oven). The development of the new range marks the next stage in the brands portfolio development from basic and traditional dairy products to a more complex and sophisticated range, while remaining true to the brands core beliefs of authenticity and celebration of natural purity. Andreea Florea Strategy Partner

Unlike Raruls initial product range, the new fresh cheese portfolio triggers an important impulse buying behavior. As a result, the package design solution gives way to a product-centered approach designed to generate food appeal and focus on the products taste attributes, while generously displaying the natural origin of both the products and the flavors. In a range of 14 SKUs with similar structural package design, the color coding based graphic system has a vital differentiating role and was intended to insure a clear and easy reading order of the elements.

Brand audit - Andreea Florea, Janos Kurko Brand strategy - Andreea Florea, Beatrice Dani Design strategy - Andreea Florea, Silviu Filipovici Creative concept - Janos Kurko, Melania Moisi Package design - Janos Kurko, Melania Moisi, Silviu Filipovici Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Prplea, Silviu Filipovici Project management - Anca Andronescu, Cristina Ionescu, Ilinca Apetrei

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Project implementation started in July 2010. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

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