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Criminal Action Number


Walk-Through Authorized DA



The People of the State of Colorado, To: Any person authorized by law to execute arrest warrants.

You are hereby commanded to arrest the person of:

Zoey LeeAnne Ripple.

DOB: 07/21/1990










White female







OFFENSE DATE: 05/23/2012




2 9 201’



And take the person above-named without unnecessary delay before the nearest judge of the Court of Record; to be advised that the person is being held for the alleged commission of the following crime(s), to-wit: In violation of C.R.S., 1973 revised:

Charge# CRS #



18-4-502 First Degree Criminal Trespass



That this warrant for arrest is issued upon affidavit sworn to and affirmed before this court and relating facts sufficient to establish probable cause that the above-named offense has been committed and probable cause that the person named in this warrant committed

that offense.














Boulder Police Case # P 12-6938 Detective R. Christopher, 303-441-1850

Judge’s Signature


I hereby certify that I have duly executed this warrant on this

day of

, 20,

3.I J




T;-- .


- j


as I am herein commanded.


Service $

Mileage $


Return $


Total $


The Affiant (hereafter referred to as "I"), Detective R. Christopher, is a duly commissioned Police Officer for the City of Boulder, located in the County of Boulder, State of Colorado, being duly sworn, deposes and states:

I am currently assigned to the Detective Section of the Boulder Police Department and investigate crimes occurring within the City of Boulder, County of Boulder, and State of Colorado. The associated Boulder Police Department case number is P12-6938.

Boulder Police Communications received a 911 call on 05/23/2012 at 0326 hours from 425 College Avenue in the City of Boulder, County of Boulder and State of Colorado. The caller/homeowner Doreen Orion advised the dispatcher that a female intruder entered the residence and the female intruder was shot by Doreen’s husband/homeowner Timothy Justice. Doreen told the dispatcher the female intruder was still inside their bedroom and that she was shot once in the side.

I reviewed the reports completed by the patrol officers, sergeants and detectives and I learned the following information:

The home at 425 College Avenue sits at the end of a cul-de-sac where College Avenue ends to the north. The 400 block of College Ave is in a remote area and the road is on a steep incline. There is a long paved driveway that ends at a detached two-car garage and the house is set east of the driveway and garage. There are steep stairways that lead down south and north from the front of the house. The south stairway leads to a gate and that gate leads to the back yard area. There are paths that lead to the east around the back of the house. The west and south sides of the property are enclosed by a wrought-iron fence approximately 3’-4’ high. The east and north sides of the property are enclosed by a 6’-8’ chain linked fence. The property slopes down on all sides and the terrain surrounding the house is covered with rocks, trees and bushes. There is no access to the house except down the driveway.

The homeowners, Timothy Justice and Doreen Orion, were asleep in the bedroom. The exterior/interior lights were off and all of the blinds in the master bedroom were closed. One side of the bedroom French door was open for ventilation but the screen was closed. Doreen woke up because she heard noises outside the French doors. She thought the noises were being made by an animal. Doreen woke up Timothy. They saw a glowing light through the sliding screen door and thought the light was coming from a flashlight. An unidentifiable person entered the bedroom through the sliding screen door. Timothy and Doreen told the person to leave numerous times, but the person never retreated. Doreen told Timothy to "get the gun." Timothy retrieved a handgun from a drawer in a nightstand. There was a magazine seated in the handgun, but the chamber was empty. Timothy cycled the action of the gun to chamber a round. Timothy could see the person holding the light and he fired one shot towards the light. The bullet hit the person in the right side. The person was standing at the foot of the bed when the shot was fired, approximately 6 feet away from Timothy.

Timothy and Doreen did not know if there were multiple intruders and they were scared when the person entered their residence. They were afraid they were being robbed

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and felt threatened. They reported that they each yelled at the intruder several times to leave the house and they even advised they had a gun. Once Timothy retrieved the gun from the nightstand he continued to tell the person he had a gun, but they continued to advance towards the side of the bed where he was standing, approximately 11 feet inside of the doorway. Timothy and Doreen were interviewed at the police department.

After firing one shot, Timothy turned on a bedroom light and they realized the intruder was a female. Doreen used her cell phone and placed the 911 call. The female remained on the floor at the foot of the bed. The female appeared to be talking on a cell phone after she was shot. All three of them remained in the room until the officers and paramedics arrived. Timothy and Doreen reported that they did not know the female and had never seen her before. The female was identified as Zoey Ripple, DOB 07/11/1990. The female was transported to Boulder Community Hospital with a single gunshot wound to the rear portion of her right hip. The injury is not life-threatening and she was admitted to the hospital.

A search warrant was obtained for the home and executed on 05/23/2012. Several items were collected as evidence. Other than the unsecured bedroom screen door the other doors and windows of the home were secure. Timothy advised that he had been working near the driveway and front porch area of the home on 05/22/2012 and the gate at the end of the south stairway was closed during that time. That gate that leads to the backyard always remains closed. The gate was later found to have been opened.

I responded to Boulder Community Hospital at approximately 0500 hours on 05/23/2012 and I met with Zoey Ripple who was being treated in the emergency room. Zoey was awake and coherent, but emotional. I waited with her as she was transferred to a room. I began interviewing Zoey at 0540 hours and she was advised of her rights. She confirmed that she had been drinking earlier in the evening but said no drugs were involved. She was not administered any pain medication for her injury until

approximately 0610 hours. Zoey appeared to understand the questions and she would start to answer a question and then stop. Zoey told me she attended a house party earlier in the evening and told me she was with people that she knew. Zoey indicated she remembered the general location where she was at. Prior to entering the home she was at a house that was a ’step up’ from their property. She remembered stepping down towards

the bedroom and a bedroom door that was open.

I asked her what if anything she said.

Zoey told me "the same thing I always say when I open a door - hello". She walked in and was very confused because there was shouting and yelling and then she was shot. Zoey felt she was with people she knew and she thought she was at a friend’s house. She told me she needed more time to process the situation.

Detectives responded to her address at 829 Grandview Ave and notified her roommates of the incident. They spoke with several people throughout the day in an attempt to determine Zoey’s whereabouts prior to entering the home. Her acquaintances confirmed she had been drinking throughout the night. Adam Cribari attended a house party at 955 Grandview Ave and Zoey was there until he left at 2230 hours on

05/22/2012. Alicia Didio lives at

from work at 2300 hours Zoey was still at the party. A group of them walked to The Goose, 1301 Broadway at 2345 hours and stayed until bar close at 0145 hours on 05/23/2012. Alicia last saw Zoey at 0200 hours when they stopped at a house party at 1104 University Ave. Resident Kevin Whitiak and his friend Steve Fortunato confirmed that Zoey was at the house sometime after 0200 hours and that she, stayed- for

955 Grandview Ave #C and when she arrived home

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approximately 30 minutes. Steve said Zoey told him she was leaving and she left alone sometime between 0230 and 0245 hours. He assumed she was walking home. It is not known where Zoey was between approximately 0245 hours and 0326 hours when the 911 call was made. It is approximately three-fourths of a mile from 1104 University Ave to 425 College Ave.

I believe that sufficient probable cause exists to believe that Zoey LeeAnne Ripple, with a

date of birth of 07/11/1990, and is further described as a white female who is 57" tall, 130

pounds with blond hair and blue eyes with a social security number of

the crime of First Degree Criminal Trespass as outlined in C.R.S. 18-4-502, as amended.


I respectfully request that a warrant be issued for Zoey LeeAnne Ripple, with a date of birth of 07/11/1990, and is further described as a white female who is 57" tall, 130 pounds with

blond hair and blue eyes with a social security number of

First Degree Criminal Trespass,

committed the crimes of

a class 5 felony



Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence this

day of

in the City of Boulder, County of Boulder, and the State of Colorado.


, 20J


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