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Dealing Effectively with Difficult People





Presented by: Team Fusion, Lawrenceville, GA

How to Communicate with Tact and Skill!

Special points of interest: Its all about your

Are any of these problem-behaviors someone you supervise? The WhinerComplains no matter what he or she is asked to do. The Know-It-AllArrogance running rampant. When theyre wrong, they get defensive. The Passive-AggressiveNever offers ideas, opinions, feedback yet talks behind your back. The InsubordinateChallenges you in front of other team members. The BullyConstantly demanding, intimidating, and brutally critical. The Early RetireePhysically shows up (often for years) yet practices on-the-job retirement. The Yes/No PeopleEither agree

to everything and never meet a deadline or always point out why something cannot be done.

organizations bottom line in retaining customers.

Maximize your train-

This workshop gives you practical techniques to deal with problem people. That helps you: 1. Identify the root causes of performance problems. 2. Implement positive intervention techniques to turn underachievers into productive team members.

ing budget.
NOT your average

7-hours of pure con-

tentno selling from the stage!

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Time: 8:30AM 4:30PM

An Approach for Dealing with Problem Employees

This fast-paced, information-packed training day is for anyone who supervises or interacts with difficult staff members. You will receive proven strategies for turning unacceptable behavior around. Heres just a sample of what you will learn: 10 warning signs that a problem is about to erupt The most common mistake wellintentioned people make that actually makes conflict worse How to maintain your composure in a negative situation 3 ways to get people to keep their word How to respond to the back-stabber What to do when someone starts yelling (even a boss or customer) -see P2

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An Approach for Dealing with Problem Employees (cont. P1)

Strategies for working with the negative person who throws a wet blanket over everything How to offer constructive feedback How to choose the appropriate intervention technique (counseling, coaching, discipline) for each difficult behavior What to do when someone criticizes you unfairly

How to keep people from pushing your hot buttons The magic phrase that diffuses a highly emotional situation Techniques for dealing with touchy people who take things personally Ways to cope with excusemakers and blamers 2 tactics that prevent you from being manipulated by others

How to deal with employees who dont keep commitments How to listen between the lines How to say No and mean it Being assertive without coming across as either a bully or a doormat When to get help with a problem person after youve tried everything

The Dealing With Difficult People Workshop Gets You To...

Understand the difficult people in your life. Learn how they think, what they fear, and why they behave badly.

diately. Practice makes perfect with one-to-one coaching and feedback.

you with respect. Bring out the best in people. Reinforce the positive behavior changes in team members. Create a smoother running office with co-workers willing to work hard toward achieving company goals. Foster a new mood of cooperation among team members.

Name your emotional response to negative situations.

Know exactly what to do and say. Over 20 proven How To techniques you can use imme-

Be less of a target for difficult employees. Look at techniques used by those who do get along with the difficult person. Learn how to derail problem people and teach them to treat

Who Should Attend:

Managers, Supervisors, Administrative Professionals, Office Managers, Executive Assistants:



Not Yet Convinced?

Four more good reasons why you will want to attend this workshop 1. In a single day, you will learn strategies that will last you a lifetime. Simple, specific ideas you can begin using right away. 2. Only the most important informationno fluffis given. There is a lot of information out there yet in seven short hours we give you the best of the best so you dont waste precious time researching. Some Fortune 500 companies have chosen to train with us for this very reason. 3. Practical step-by-step processes are delivered. You wont go home empty-handed. Handling difficult people with tact and skill will bring direct results and get you noticed. 4. The value you receive exceeds your tuition investment. Your investment offers you peace of mind of a completely Done-For-You program including the critical follow-up coaching that addresses any real on-the-job situations and assures the training was effective. Plus, you receive a copy of The 78 Biggest Mistakes New Managers Make.

Results to Expect
Do you have the luxury to wait years before seeing team members get along? Implementing the techniques and insights in the Dealing

Effectively With Difficult People Workshop will have you seeing results in a fraction of that time. Results such as:

People skills that get you noticed (most likely copied) by others. Listening for the intent in

emotional communication. Handling conflict, manipulation, and confrontation with skill (if not ease). Becoming a better communicator, stronger listener, and more assertive. Better team dynamics within your own staff and between departments.




Your $2,997 Investment Includes:

7-hour facilitated workshop for up to 20 people in your organization. ( 6 attendees minimum) A customized learning guide to simplify note taking, freeing you to listen and learn more. ($20 value pp) 20-minutes follow-up coaching per attendee. ($100 value pp) Each attendee receives a copy of The 78 Biggest Mistakes New Managers MakeWhat You Need to Know to Avoid Career Suicide ($19.99 value pp) All travel-related expenses. There are no hidden fees. ($900 value) A highly experienced facilitator who has successfully trained and coached hundreds of managers.

TO RESERVE YOUR DATE: Contact Marjorie Call (414) 477-6655 OR Email: Marjorie@TeamFusion.net

Presented by: Team Fusion, Lawrenceville, GA

965 Kirtley Way Lawrenceville, GA 30045 414.477.6655 Marjorie@TeamFusion.net

Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit Be an Inspired Leader!

Have you ever wondered why some managers create powerful teams and others dont? Why some people stand out as leaders and others just keep things running? Imagine yourself as that leader. You know how to easily connect with everyone on the team. You exude confidence, and are known as a fearless leader in every situation. Others look up to you and want you to coach them to success. You can become that leader. You can produce gigantic results; results that management will see and customers will feel.




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Meet the Workshop Leader

Marjorie Treu is a seasoned Leadership and Management Coach, Corporate Trainer, International Speaker, Author of The 78 Biggest Mistakes New Managers Make What You Need to Know to Avoid Career Suicide, founder of Team Fusion, creator of the Management Makeover Program, and Team Leadership Mentor for Marjorie Treu supervisors, team leads, and managers in Corporate America. After spending close to 20 years in various management and human resources positions in Travel, Manufacturing, and Banking, Marjorie left the corporate world in 2007 to open a private consulting practice in workplace performance and development. tract their ideal team members, stay motivated, and have a highfunctioning team in 90-days. She understands that most managers are usually very good at what they do. But, often, these wonderful managers do not know exactly what it takes to build a consistently successful team right from the beginning. Or, they start to flounder when business pressures take precedence. As a result, many of these talented managers find themselves struggling early on or outof-a-job within a few years (a statistic verified by The Wall Street Journal). This results-oriented Management Coach can help you achieve your career goals!

Marjories motto is, You can control your work life; just know the right things to dofor you!

She has coached literally hundreds of management professionals in private practice and in corporations to design the foundation of their business, at-