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STA 2023 Section 12062

Statistics for Business Spring 2012 Class: TR 12:15 1:05 PM, Location: Bldg 15, Room 1303 Breakout: 2:00 2:50 PM, Location: Bldg 10, Room 1343 Instructor: Office: Office Phone: E-mail: Office hours: Jaimee Stewart Bldg 51/ Room 3133 (904) 620-2581 j.stewart@unf.edu Tuesday and Thursday 1:30 2:30 and 4:30 5:30, or by appointment

Textbook: Business Statistics for Contemporary Decision Making, Ken Black; 6th Edition. REQUIRED ISBN 9780470910191: Traditional Custom softcover book bundled with WileyPLUS access code (includes KADDstat) Homework will be assigned in the WileyPlus software. or ISBN 9780470373514: WileyPLUS Access code - can be purchased in bookstore or purchase online at http://www.wileyplus.com/BUY. Follow the instructions on the screen. Once the purchase is made you will receive an email with your WileyPLUS access code. This includes the FULL ebook. Calculator: A scientific calculator is required for this course. Cell phones are not permitted to be used as calculators. Credit Hours: 3 Grading Homework Quizzes Exams Comprehensive Final Grade Distribution A: 90-100% D: 60-69% B: 80-89% F: 0-59% C: 70-79% A + or will be added only to improve grades

10% 25% 40% 25%

Attendance: Roll is not taken in class, but attendance is mandatory. Classroom Policies and Procedures: The following is expected for all students: Show respect for other class members at all times. Uphold the University Code of Conduct both within and outside of official class meetings. Arrive to class on time and leave class when dismissed. Participate in class activities in such a way as to maximize learning opportunities for yourself and others. Cell phones should be turned off when class is in session. Please retain copies of all graded material for the duration of the semester. If there is a discrepancy between the instructors records and those of the student, the student will be able to provide the appropriate documentation. Homework: Homework will be assigned and must be completed on WileyPLUS. It is very important to do the homework in order to understand the concepts taught in class. The due date for the homework is given in order to know what material will be covered on the quiz during breakout. Homework may be completed after the due date for full credit up until the day of the final exam.
Quizzes: Quizzes will be given on a weekly basis during the breakout sessions. There will also be some in-class assignments throughout the semester that will count as quiz grades. The three lowest quiz scores will be dropped. There are no make-ups for missed quizzes.

Exams: There will be two non-comprehensive exams throughout the semester.

Suggestions for Academic Success: Read the book, complete the homework assignments, attend class, take notes, and participate in class activities. Ask questions in class and during office hours. Form a study group with other students in the class. Explaining homework problems to each other is a good way to learn. If you find yourself struggling in the class, please see me during my office hours or make an appointment to meet with me. Important Dates Last Day to Withdraw: Holidays (no classes): March 23 January 16 Martin Luther King Day March 12 16 Spring Break

Tentative Exam Schedule: Exam I: Exam II: Final Exam:

Friday, February 3 (during breakout) Friday, March 9 (during breakout) Thursday, April 26, 11:00 12:50 (Bldg 15, Room 1303) http://www.unf.edu/es/onestop/recandreg/finalexamsch.html

General Education Outcomes: STA 2023 is designed to satisfy the following criteria from the Student Outcomes of General Education: Know the world. Demonstrate knowledge of the natural sciences, mathematics, arts, and human societies. This course focuses on the "mathematics" portion of this outcome. The whole course contributes to satisfying this outcome. Think Critically. Read, analyze, and understand complex texts or quantitative information. This course focuses on the "quantitative information" portion of this outcome. The whole course contributes to satisfying this outcome. Solve Problems. Formulate and/or apply models to evaluate problems and draw conclusions. We will reach this goal by finding relationships between variables, constructing estimators, calculating probabilities, and performing tests of hypotheses. Respect Others. Demonstrate civic knowledge and engagement. Recognize your place in the world in relation to others.

Disability Resources Center: Students with disabilities who seek reasonable accommodations in the classroom or other aspects of performing their coursework must first register with the UNF Disability Resource Center (DRC) located in Building 57, Room 1500. DRC staff members work with students to obtain required documentation of disability and to identify appropriate accommodations as required by applicable disability laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). After receiving all necessary documentation, the DRC staff determines whether a student qualifies for services with the DRC and if so, the accommodations the student requires will be provided. DRC staff then prepares a letter for the student to provide faculty advising them of approved accommodations. For further information, contact the DRC by phone (904) 620-2769, e-mail drcexams@unf.edu, or visit the DRC website www.unf.edu/drc Military and veteran students may need both physical and academic accommodations and may contact the DRC to find further information. Military and veteran students who return from combat exposure may be utilizing the post 9/11 GI bill to continue postsecondary education goals. Contact Military and Veterans Resource Center by phone (904) 620-2655 or e-mail mvrc@unf.edu Statistics is the most important science in the whole world: for upon it depends the practical application of every other science and of every art: the one science essential to all political and social administration, all education, all organization based on experience, for it only gives results of our experience. ~Florence Nightingale