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My Little Pony-FiM A Presentation

by Eric Ldke

Act One The History

My Little Pony is a Creation of Hasbro and all Copyrights belong to them and I did not make one of the following pictures, PMV or music by myself

The Acts

Act One: The Creation and History

Act Three Is all about the Brony stuff like the fanfics, fanpics, PMV, animations or the music department

Act Two Lauren Faust and the Friendship is Magic

Act One

Act One The History

It started with the Toy series My pretty Pony in 1981

In 1983 it has been unnamed to My little Pony and the first animated movie has seen the light of the day

Act One The History

That was the start of generation one

The first Movie was called Rescue at Midnight castle

The Movie was really good at the end because there where dragons, goblins and a lot of the 80`s gore style and also a really cool villains

Act One The History

After G1 there was a really long break and after 14 years G2 has arrived

G2 was just the beginning of the deep hole Hasbro has made

I make this short it was horribel The plot is terrible (Boy Problems???:P) There where only 26 episodes AND THE WORST OF ALL NO PEGASI OR UNICORNS!!!!!

Act One The History

G3 started in 2003 I Like some of the Chars like Pinkie Pie Thats it i dont want to say something about this shit because it is really dumb and screams JUST FOR LITTLE GIRLS!!!

Act Two

Act Two A New Hope

After the bunch of crap Hasbro has made has the time come for a completely new way and for that way their had called the greatest woman of all time, Lauren Faust

Act Two Lauren Faust

Lauren was born in 1974 in Severna Park She is german-polish descent and lives in the USA She is Storyboard designer, script author, voice actor, producer and character designer Is well known for: The Iron Giant, Powerpuff girls, Fosters Home for imaginary Friends and My little Pony:Friendship is Magic

Act Two FiM

After Lauren Faust joined the team of Hasbro they had started the biggest project in their History

It was October the 10th 2010 when the first Episode was premiered on the Hub

Act Two The Characters

When there is one thing that make MlP:FiM magic then is it of the characters

The great thing about the characters is that they are not just cute and so on NO!!! each character has his own abilities and his own story

Act Two Twilight Sparkle

Twilight is a Unicorn Twilight Sparkle is the personal student of princess Celestia Twilight was born in Canterlot and lives now in Ponyville She loves to study and is the best magician in Equestria Her Cutie Mark shows a star and 5 sparks

Her Element(of Harmony) is Magic Her dragon assistent called Spike Her Owl called Owloysius

Tara Strong

VA of Twilight
Known for: Batman:Arkham City, Rage, Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker, Ninja Gaiden, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy X, Omnimusha:Dawn of the Dreams, Afro Samurai, Family Guy, Drawn Together, American Dragon, Avatar:The Last Airbender, Kim Possible, Fillmore!, Sonic Underground, X-Men, Plays in: Big Time Rush, Fringe, According to Jim, Sabrina goes to Rome

Act Two - Fluttershy

Fluttershy is a Pegasus pony who lives in Ponyville She is really shy Her talent is that she can talk with animals Her Cutie Mark shows 3 butterflies

Her SHEDbunny called Angel Her Element(of Harmony) is kindness

Act Two Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pies real name is Pinkamena Diane Pie She is an Earthpony Pinkie is the most random character ever Her Cutie Mark shows 3 balloons

She has a toothless baby alligator called Gummy Her Element(of Harmony) is Laughter

Andrea Libman

VA of Pinkie and Fluttershy

Known for: Ranma , Megaman:Upon a Star, Gundam 00, Dragonball, Darkstalkers, Yakkity Yak, X-Men:Evolution, Sonic Underground, Mr. Bean:The Animated Series, Jonny Test, George of the Jungle, Krypto the Superdog

Act Two - Rarity

Rarity is a Unicorn like Twilight She works as a fashion designer in her own shop Her Cutie Mark shows 3 diamonds She loves the Spa

Her Cat is called Opalescence or Opal Her Element(of Harmony) is Generosity

Tabitha St. Germain

VA of Rarity
Known for: Supernatural, The New Addams Family, Dragonball Z, Yakkity Yak, Ed Edd and Eddy, George of the Jungle, The Legend of Zelda, XMen:Evolution, Death Note, Inu Yasha, Star Ocean EX, Tokyo Underground

Act Two Rainbow Dash

Rainbow is a Pegasus like Fluttershy She can control the weather She is so fast she can break the Sound barrier to a max of mach 10 And when she does she kann make a Sonic Rainboom Her Turtle called Tank

Her Cutie Mark shows a cloud with a rainbow bolt Her Element(of Harmony) is Loyalty

Act Two Apple Jack

Apple Jack is an Earthpony like Pinkie Pie She lives on an apple farm(Sweet Apple Acress) Her Cutie Mark shows 3 apples She know how a pony has to work The best baker in Equestria

Her dog called Winona Her Element(of Harmony) is Honesty

Ashleigh Ball

VA of AppleJack and Rainbow

Her Band called Hey Ocean Knwon for: Johnny Test, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Thor:Thales of Asgard, Death Note, Black Lagoon

Act Two Background Pony

In the beautiful land of Equestria there are more than just 6 ponies In the following part Ill show some of the most loved background ponies in MlP

Background Ponies
Bon Bon Colgate Lyra Heartstring

Background Ponies
Octavia VinylScratch (DJ Pon3) Derpy Hooves

Background Pony
Dr. Whooves Miss Cheerilee (Teacher) CMC (Cutie Mark Crusaders)

Act Two Villains

So the next short part is about the villains of the series. Then really what is a serie without any villains

Villains (Not all but the Best)

Discord The God of Nightmare Moon Queen Chryalis The Moon Mare Madness and (Changling) Disharmony

Ever heard of Diamond Dogs?

Act Two - Music

That Part is about the great BGM and the musicals in MlP:FiM


Act Two References

Its interesting that when you look very closely you can see some references to games or movies

Like some background ponies designed like some celebrities or athletics

Act Three

Act Three - Brony

So finally we come to the end its the last one of the three acts and it is the important act of all cuz this shows how a fan can love a series like that

What is a Brony?

A Brony called a male viewer of MlP A typical Brony has the Age from 13-30

Brother(Bro)+Pony =Brony :P Female viewers are called Pegasister Pegasus+Sister

Who is a Brony?

So now i show some popular or famous Bronies where i had never thought their watch a show for eight year old girls
Or could you ever imagine that Seth Green is a Brony He has worked by Austin Powers, Buffy, Angel, Enemy of the state, Without a Paddle, The X files Is working on Family Guy, Robot Chicken, My Name is Earl,

Gabe Newell

He is the Founder of the super awesome gaming platform Steam And is very known for Half Life(1,2, 2ep 1, 2ep 2), Left for Dead (1,2), Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike:Source , Portal (1,2)

The Pirate party

Yeah that is right MoFu the pirates are Bronies they have a Go-protocol on Ponytime in each Meeting!!!

ME Voice Actors

Mark Meer(Commander Shepard) was also VA in Baldurs Gate, Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights

Brandon Keener(Garrus) played in King of Queens, The Pacific, Castle, Body of Proof

Keythe Farley(Thane Krios) played in Star Trek: Voyager, Beverly Hills: 90210

So why we like it?

I found out as I watched the season that MLP:FiM isnt just good in a moral sense. Its a quality show in every aspect, from the impressive animation to the snappy writing, the talented voice acting to the excellent characterization. The jokes are actually clever, the characters are actually engaging, and the music is excellent. I can say with confidence that I like it for the same reasons that I like shows like Stargate Atlantis, One Piece or Game of Thrones: not because of some psychological predilection to innocence, but because its just plain good.

The Art of Ponies

This part will show you some arts there were are made by fans of the MlP and i can say it is not easy to make some paints it is hard work and you need a lot of talent here are some of mah favorites

Internet Meme

The term Internet Meme[mi:im] is used to describe a concept that spreads via internet Favorite memes: Me Gusta, Y U NO, Philosaraptor, Nyan Cat, Trollface

R U mad Student???

A crossover is a mix-up with MlP(or other series, games whatever) and some parts(phrases or music) from another series or game or movie

I know there was already a part about the music in act two but this music is not made by Hasbro itself no it is made by the fans


A Fanfic is a tale from a fan and shows stories behind the TV show or mix the story up with other contents like one of my favorites My little Dashie


I make this short

Haters and the Society

So yeah this point is the last point in that presentation because i did not had enough time to finish it in just 2 days

Haters are people who flames other people because they are different, or they think different For a Hater it doesnt madder which gender or which race youre counted on

Beeing gay is a Sinn?!?

The most overused phrase from a Haters is You watch ponies you are gay


The Human loves to fight and he fights for stupid things like land or money It is right when someone fights for his opinion but not if other people get hurts or discriminated

Its in the peoples head that pink is for girls and blue for boys but we life in a century where everypony can do and think whatever he want.

Thank you Lauren

We life in a world where women go to work and mans watch for the kids. The time has changed, The Humanity has changed and it is now in our hooves to do the right thing and start to tolerate each other. /)

Lauren said: Together I think we helped prove that for girls does not have to automatically equal lame.

Proud to be a Brony

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