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Marketing Management Department Course Syllabus

COURSE CODE/TITLE: MARKRES (Marketing Research) PRE-REQUISITE: PRE-REQUISITE TO: TYPE OF COURSE: FACULTY: TERM/TIME/ROOM: COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to help students learn the underlying principles of MARKETING RESEARCH. It will enable future users of research to learn to judge how useful research information would be in order to help solve specific marketing problems and give insights on the potential of research as a career in business. This course attempts to assist students in designing and conducting research projects at the least possible cost. Emphasis is on the discussion of the different steps in the integrated marketing research process. A research proposal is required and a final research study is defended at the end of the course. OBJECTIVES/VALUES: At the end of the course, the students are expected to: 1. Appreciate the value of marketing research as a tool of marketing management; 2. Understand and be familiar with the various concepts and theories underlying the scientific method of conducting marketing research; and 3. Present and defend a research proposal. Develop honesty and integrity in conducting research particularly in data gathering and evaluation. TOPICS: SESSION NO. 1 TOPIC THE NATURE OF MARKETING RESEARCH/MARKETING RESEARCH PRACTICE The Function and Role of Research in Marketing Management The Marketing Research Department in the Corporate Setting An Overview: The Research Industry Marketing Information Systems Organizing the Marketing Research Functions UNDERSTANDING TYPES OF MARKETING RESEARCH EFFORTS Basic Research Design Data Collection Methods Secondary Sources of Data Decision Analysis KEY ASPECTS OF THE MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS Defining the Marketing Research Problem Data Collection Sampling Field Work Analysis of Data Regression and Correlation Analysis Cluster Analysis Factor Analysis Conjoint Analysis MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES IN MARKETING RESEARCH The Questionnaire: The Nature of Questionnaire Design Qualitative Research: Depth Interviews, Projective Techniques, Focus Group Discussions (FGD) Observation and Physiological Measures Attitude Scales and Measures of Emotions MANAGEMENT USES OF MARKETING RESEARCH The Usage, Attitude, Image Study (UAI) Research Techniques Useful in Product Management Research Projects that Support Advertising, Sales, Distribution and Pricing Assessing the Research Techniques of the Total Marketing Mix PREPARING THE WRITTEN RESEARCH REPORT NO. OF HOURS 6 MARKET1, COMSTA1 MARKAD1, MARKAD2, MARKPUB, MARKNAL, MARKOST major course

(Note: Internet exercises will be taken in between session as may be assigned by the faculty member)


Lectures Group presentation Exercises

ASSESSMENT/EVALUATION: Midterm Class Standing Quizzes/Exercises Midterm Exams Cases and Reports 30% 20% 30% 20% 100% TEACHING METHODS Mini marketing research plan Readings Surveys Tull, Donald S. and De I. Hawkins. 2000. Marketing Research: Measurement and Method (A Text with Cases) (latest edition), MacMillian Publishing Co, USA Roberto, Ned. 1996. User-Friendly Marketing Research, Manila: Life Cycle Press (Asia) REFERENCES: Boyd, Jr., Westfall, and Stasch, 2000. Marketing Research: Text and Cases latest edition, Homewood, Illinois: Irwin Tull and Hawkins, 2000. Marketing Research Measurement and Method latest edition MacMillian Publishing Co, USA Roberto, Eduardo L. 1987, Applied Marketing Research. Ateneo de Manila University Press Finals Class Standing Quizzes Research Proposal (Content and Defense) Reports and Cases 30% 20% 30% 20% 100%


Prepared by: A.C. Panizales April 2000

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