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A Refutation Of Nasibi Objection About Saying Of Alaihis Salaam On Imamas Of Ahlul Bait

By Sibte Noor
Before giving any answer to Nasibis I would like to ask them two Questions:
1) If Anyone says after the name of Imamas of ahlul bait what is the sharia position?
Is it nazaij or zaij?
2) Why a person sould not say after the name of Imamas of Ahlul Bait? What is the proof (

Now I would like to answer the objection by showing that Imams of Ahlul sunna wal jama wrote
alahis salam after the names of the members of Ahlul bait .
Reference 1) Sahih Al Bukhari under Kitab al magazi as shown in scan copy. Bukhari wrote alaihe
salam after the name of Ali.

2) Reference Sahih al Bukhari Kitab al Magazi chapter( Bab) as shown in picture where Imam Bukhari
wrote alaihas salam after the name of Fatima.

3) Reference Sahih al bukhari Ismail Bukhari again wrote in Kitab al magazi a hadeeth from ummul
momonin aisha.

4) Reference Sahih al Bukhari part Kitab al magazi where Bukhari wrote alaihumu salaam( Peace be
upon them) after the names of Ali zainal abedin bin Hussain and Hussain. And also asfter Fatima.

5) In sahih al Bukhari Imam Bukhari wrote in Part kitab at-tahajjud Fatima and Ali alaihuma salaam(
Peace be on both of them). As shown in picture.

6) In Sahih al Bukhari in Part Manakib e ashabe Nabi s.a.w.a ( excellence of shabas of Nabi s.a.w.a)
Bukhari wrote as evident from the picture.

7) In Sahih al Bukhari Part Manakib e ashabe Nabi s.a.w.a In chapter Chapter manakib e hasan wa
hussain Imam Bukhari narrated a hadeeth from anas bin malik where he wrote alaihis salam after
the name of Hussain.

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8) It would be very interesting to note Bukhari wrote a chapter with heading Manakibe Fatima alaihas
salaam binte Nabi. The hadeeth says Prophet s.a.w.a said Fatima is part of me he who angers her
angers me

I have given a few references if anyone needs many more from the books of the Imams of Ahlul sunna May
contact me. Though the above references are sufficient for those any person.