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Introduction The project is aimed at understanding the customer perception towards the vehicles of He r o Ho n d a l td .

Th e t wo - wh e e l e r i n d u s t r y i n I n d i a h a s g r o wn t o a g r e a t extent in the last two and a half decades and it still has a vast growth potentialand a huge untapped market. Apart from this there is also a huge market for t h e s e r v i c i n g o f t h e v e h i c l e s . Th i s i s wh e r e t h e p r o j e c t a i ms t o s t u d y t h e c u s t o me r s mi n d a n d t r y t o g i v e o u t s u g g e s t i o n s t o i mp r o v e t h e c u r r e n t scenario pertaining to the various models, segments and classes of vehiclesfrom the house of Hero Honda.Hero Honda is the market leader in the India two-wheeler industry and has as u b s t a n t i v e p r o d u c t l i n e a n d a g o o d s e r v i c e a b i l i t y. T h e s t u d y i s a i me d a t knowing the brand positioning, the strengths and weaknesses and the qualityo f s e r v i c e f r o m t h e He r o H o n d a s e r v i c e c e n t r e s i n H yd e r a b a d . F o r t h i s a s u r v e y w a s c o n d uc t e d a n d t h e o p i n i o n o f c u s t ome r s v i s i t i n g t h e s e servicec e n t e r s w a s t a k e n i n t o c o n s i d e r a t i o n f o r t h e s a k e o f t h i s s t u d y . T h e questionnaire consists of questions related to the qualitative and technicala s p e c t s . T h e i n f e r e n c e s a r e d r a w n o u t o f t h e i n f o r m a t i o n r e c e i v e d a n d suggestion are made. Important and relevant data has also been analysed fromthe internal sources like the company reports and other secondary sources likeNewspapers, magazines and the Interne

OBJECTIVIES OF STUDY The study has been under taken to analyze the product performance of only hero Hondamotor cycles in twin cities with a special reference to the Hero Honda motors, the other objectives are: To know the strengths and weakness of the Hero Honda motor cycles. To know the Perception towards Brand about the sales service offer to buy HeroHonda motors. Brand names play an important role for launching of new product. To offer suggestions, in improving the product performance and the companysales and profitability and image to increase the brand level.

SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study concentrates on the all aspects of customer perception towards HeroHonda vehicle .No destination was made with regards to the segments for which a vehiclebelongs. The research study is made in10 Hero Honda service center

NEED OF THE STUDY . Companies need to monitor and improve the level of performance. Thehigher the performance, the better the retention rate is. Thus the concept of performance analysis has gained a lot of importance tothe organization to gain the competitive advantage. If the organization provides a degree of performance that is above thedesired level, it results in customer delightedness and it ensures that theperson will return again and again. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Two broad research methodologies can be used to answer any researchq u e s t i o n . T h e y a r e Ex p e r i me n t a l r e s e a r c h a n d No n e x p e r i me n t a l r e s e a r c h . I n experime ntal research, there is control over the extraneous variables andma n i p u l a t i o n o f a t l e a s t o n e v a r i a b l e b y t h e i n v e s t i g a t o r . I n No n e x p e r i me n t a l research, there is no intervention beyond that needed for the purposes of measurement.The study uses Non experimental research method.

RESEARCH DESIGN: A research design is a statement or specification of the methods and proceduresused for acquiring the information needed for the solution of some specific problems.It provides a scientific frame work for conducting a research.Although research designs may be classified by many criteria, the most usefulone concerns the major purpose of the investigation. On

this basis, research designcan be classified into three classes- Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal. If no formaldesign or structural questionnaires are used, exploratory design is used. If a person isconversant with the problem environment, or is conducting the research for somespecific purpose using structural questionnaire to gather information, the researchdesign is descriptive. Causal research design is used to establish cause and affectrelationships. DATA COLLECTION METHODS The following steps are involved in the data collection process:1. Finding out the type of information required in the investigation process.2. Establishing the facts that are available at present and the additional factsrequired.3. Identification of the sources from where the information can be available.4. Selection of appropriate information collection method.The data required from this study is collected from primary and secondary sources.The data collected are both quantitative and qualitative

PRIMARY SOURCES The primary source used for gathering data required for this survey is Surveymethod.In the survey method a Survey of the consumers behavior towards twowheeler is done. A planned effort is made using structured q u e s t i o n n a i r e s t o interview the respondents. The respondents are the owners of two-wheelers, who areinterviewed, are chosen using non probability sampling method. The surveys can bed o n e t h r o u g h p e r s o n a l i n t e r v i e ws . I n t h i s s t u d y t h e r e s p o n d e n t s a r e i n t e r v i e we d personally so that the errors involved in gathering the primary data are minimized. SECONDARY SOURCES The secondary sources used for collecting the data are: 1. Internal Sources Company reports. Company publications. 2. External Sources

Business dailies like- The Economic Times, The Business Line etc. News papers like The Times of India, The Indian Express and TheHindu etc. Information was also gathered from magazines like- Business Today,Business World, A&M etc. Other than these sources information was also gathered from internet

SAMPLE SIZE The sample consists of 100 customers selected from the twin cities of H yd e r a b a d a n d S e c u n d e r a b a d u s i n g c o n v e n i e n c e s a mp l i n g me t h o d . Ou t o f t h e customers selected fro the study, some did not own two-wheelers and some had notresponded well. Hence they had to be replaced by other customers. LIMITATIONS Taking the market conditions into consideration the survey, which includesa sample of 100, was a respective one. D u e t o t h e l i mi t a t i o n o f s p a n o f t i me a n d l i mi t e d r e s o u r c e s u r v e y w a s conducted for a period of 4 weeks. The geographic region covered for the survey was limited to only 10 HeroHonda service centers. Since the survey was conducted at the residential loc alities and the personwho owns a Hero Honda Vehicle. Improper response from customers and buyers, but it was minimal. Scientific methods of post testing could not be conducted. Minimal possible bias in administrating the questions at the surveyconducted areas.The reaction and attitudes are subjected to changes according to needs and time

A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE WELFARE WITH REFERENCE TO SIVA SWATI TEXTLES Pvt.Ltd., A Project Report submitted toJNTU, KAKINADAIn partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Submitted By: NEREDLA USHA SRI REGD.NO: 09U91E0034Under the guidance of CH. NAGESWARA RAO. MBA, (M.Phil) SRI MITTAPALLI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Tummalapalem, Guntur-522 233, AP, INDIA(Affiliated to JNTU KAKINADA)