One sequence 2 The equipment should be able to collect minute particles of needed chemicals and place them accurately

into cells DNA and have the capability of taking away nutrients from a cell as well as replacement repair and sequencing. The laser interface should be capable of bathing areas in its focus and have the transfer of particles in the beam; many microscopic lasers would be utilized to formulate the patterns that would be needed for the above stated action.

DNA- the format for the software/hardware using the structure and systems analysis CHEMISTRY-usage of chemical equations as well as results of chemical mixtures CALCULATIONS-usage of mapping, magnification and microscopy MEDICINE-utilizing the whole spectrum of different practices; relevant applications MACHINERY-combining different current lab equipment for processes COMPUTER-creating and maintaining consistency and accuracy in procedures SYNTHESIS-speech, syntax and synthesizer, touch screen, transaction, validation INTERFACE- circuit allowing connectivity to other equipment ALIGN-to correct to a degree of accuracy the mapping and placement ASSIGN- internal optional computer language; can be used with keyboard MEMORY-a method of storing data in an organized way CHECK- used as a method of error detection ENTRY- usage of the return key; a complete synopsis COUNT- itemization of computed actions taken RECALL- computerized revision of steps taken to produce a given effect PURPOSE-predictor of/ and creative cybernetics; polar coordinates and picture animated SOUND-various tones alarms reminders programmable to inter-linkage of vocals START- off, on and standby mode, reboot ADD-numerical and also addition of sentences; diagrams; overlays; pictures; x-rays etc NUMBERS- complete analysis of variables possible; computational mathematics SUBTRACT- removal of overlays (anatomy for example) ;also numerical CORRECTION-optional memory resource, word and number matching SOLUBLE-list of compatible solutions; also compatible digestions MIXTURE-combination of elements; definitions; results IF NO THEN- conditional keywords BLEND-taking the diagram into a stage where all criteria of other diagrams are included RETYPE-revision in whole or in part of words or a diagram ART-addition/subtraction of colors; also precise drawings from sketches CONNECTIVITY-runs by battery or can be plugged into adapter CREATION-step by step building of flora and fauna illustrations; foods; drugs DIAGRAM- sketches conversions methods applications charts graphs LINKS-relatives relations associations’ family SUPPORT- help and technical support number

SOLID –states of matter included in overall concept/analysis LIQUID- states of matter included in overall concept / analysis GAS- states of matter included in overall concept /analysis FORMULA-set of symbols and numbers that expresses a rule; chemical composition SEQUENCE- arrangement of items dealt with in order CHROMOSOME- genetic mapping; disorders; damage INTERACTIVE -acting one upon or with the other PROTIEN-in vitro; in vivo function and classification molecular weight PROCEDURES- see ms word document for instructions PROGRAMMING- scientific names terminology picture recognition and description CONVERT- basis for computation of equations physics; chemistry ENZYMES- results of testing/diseases organic substances amino acids EXAMPLES- mega memory of diagrams; drawings; illustrations; terminology EQUATIONS -built in solvability, can add new concepts MICROSCOPE-magnification of the microscopic display and calculations MULTIPLY- to connect to computer and give multiple screens of medical/legal matters DIVISION-(multiply- also numerical) numerical split screen and internal options (delete) [This device should be hand held and used also as a camera/ locator/ GPS and communicator] For numbers see- system of equations; nomenclature The computer should be able to read and distribute the needed documentation of all types of DNA RNA and chromosomes, the distinct and repeated linkage is to be shown in its entirety with the differences highlighted and the similarities shown. DNA linked to solid liquid gas how does interaction with the planet affect protein linkage directly or` indirectly having guidelines for skin ailments hair loss affecting major organs hearing loss of balance affecting eyesight and a host of other inner mechanisms How do major organs function; cell structure affected by changes may affect mitochondria Cell structure chemistry Enzymes how they react Amino acids –functioning Proteins fats lipids Carbohydrates minerals salts How does ingestion affect the body systems overall concepts combination of scan with linkage to DNA pen showing manifestations of tumor producing properties dysfunctions in body chemistry and any other possible malfunctioning possibility Computer usage Pen should be able to transfer DNA particles examples to host cells have the capability of turning animation to adjust chemical equations- show details of interface with cells DNA bonding reactions stipulations repair simulations joining subtracting splicing replacement sequencing

Multi windows DNA strands linkage to cells what is inside what is being used linkage to organs Connect to computer large screen display to manipulate strands chromosomes etc. connect to a microscopic laser to enhance DNA in Petri dish or in vivo in vitro Connection with magnification actual strands of DNA computer animates for usage programs etc ability to sort and correlate strands

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