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SampleSchedule and Workouts

3 N{onthOperator F'itness Program

v. l.t

,\nr tltrc'siions'.) ('()ntiict: .\tlrk lrvight at nark(_!t.tttjo,r(.t.r'(nn [.rr.(lin ]lrltxl 31/1r(.(,771(i,qrrrrjt)tt.,s t t)t,t

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( i l r i ; l t ( r l : ^ ! \ l .' { l I R l ( i l l l : R l \ i , R V I t.)

Note: Keep in mind that adequatetimefor rest and recoveryis built into the following program oNLy if the athlete adheres to the proper diet, remains hydrated, and gets enough sleep.In addition, non -training related stressors (alcohol, work, h ome,Iife, the craly stripper girffiend, etc.) must be kept to a minimum. If theserequirementscan not be met the schedulemust be altered accordingly to avoid overtraining,

\ f : r r t ' f s r t h t . \ { ' ) u n t t l n\ l r t r r L r v ( ; 1 ) 1 p l t x ) l _ . ( r 1 , rL l t i t ( ; l l .i fS RI:SLt\ I:tr

t \l.rtl Irr rrl:t \l,r.rrrr|r \ l , , h r l r r r( j r : : r f : . , r ) l l l ) | r \ l l R l ( ; l l l \ ^R l : S l ; R \ L t )

littttntllrtiott phltsr.' litttrs,.'tl cicrrt'|irl is on prcparatirln l'lrr'src:uI ((;l)lr) antl is tlcsigrrcrl to clcl'clopu blsc 0t'l'itncss. corrccl irnhrrlanccs,',,u..t thc arhletcfbr morer 1,r.p,i* spccialized training.Hrrrphasis is,n circurtr,,n.t but 1lruur"..ri,rn, in.rdcr to achievcrrncl rnarn(ui.a hr.acrlevcl ,l'fit'e s.s this phasclrr.st inclirdc: I x Strcngthtlr [)orverday everv l4 tlays Ix Intcrvalday cvcrl l.i days ?x Entlurancr: d:rysevery r -r t'il;-s( 2 .,f thcsc rviil he tsrcathing .addr:r.s m in) I >-10 lx Rccovcryclaycvcry l.l days 'I'his phaserequiresa training volumc of lpproxinratei-v hourspcr month. l9

Iiourrdationll\krnth #l ): 'l'ltc

[:xample: Day l: Warm-up, Circuit (I.ocus) Day 2. Warm-up,Srrcngrh Day 3: Warm-up, p<twcr_Endurancc Day 4: Warm-up,Ftogrcssion i, Day 5: Endurance <9o nrin (*utiiizc a Brcathingl-adder >30 min) Day 6: Re.st Day 7; Rcst Day 8: Wann-up, Intcrv.al 9: Warm-up,Circuit (Complcmentary) lay Day l0: Rccovcry Day I l: Warm-up.Accumulation I)ay 12: Endurance >90 min Day 13:Res( Day 14: Rest Day 1.5: Warm-up,Circuit (Iircus) Day l6; Warm-up.Strenqrh I)ay I7: Warm-up. I'owci_Endurance Day ltl: Wann-up. progression Day l9: Endurance <lD (+utilizea Brcathing Laddcr>3{)nrin) Day 20: Rcsr Day 2l: Rcst Day 22: Wann-up, Intcrval Dav 2_l:Wanrr-up.C.ircuit(Conrplenrcntar), ) Da.v2{: Rccover;, [)a.v" .S\ll',lF 2-5: [)a'y' ]6: I:ndur;rncc >90 Du'ul7: Rcrt Dll -lll: I{csr

\ i L R t ( ; l {i s R l i L R \ t : t )

, , \ l u r k l r r r : ' h t . \ l t t . r r l . r r r r \ l , r b r l i t r ' ( i r.i)l { lfi ' ll ( J r i . ' . \ l . l H l ( i } l l S R F S I : R \ ' : r l ) r

'lr Po\\'crphase tircuscd incrcusirrg trn pcuk torcc.tntlthe rlrteo1 lirrcc protiuctirrrr is a this phrrsc and maint:rin brortj lcvcl ol'l'itncss Irclricvc must inclrrdc: -1xl)orvcror Purvcr-Elrtlurancc days cvcry l-l duys dly cvcr-vl-l da,vs lx Hndurance 2r Rccovcryday crcry l-l days '['hc 'l'his phase rcquires trainingvolumcof apprcximately hourspermonth.'l'raining a l8 licquency must rcmain high so no ctTortsshouldbc done to completefailure.This rvtll allorv quick and efl'cctivcrecovery.Bccau.sc thc lack of gcneralsystemicstrcss of trvo trf the Recoveryrvorkoutsarc undertaken Restdays. imposedduring this pha.se on Exarnplc: Day l: Wann-up, Powcr (Explosivc) Day 2: Warm-up, Circuit (Complcmentary) >90 min Day 3: Endurance Day 4: Warm-up,Accumulation Day 5: Warm-up, Power-Endurancc Day 6: Rccovery Day 7: Rcst Day 8: Warm-up. Porvcr(Explosive) Day 9: Warm-up,I)rogrcssion Day l0: Recovery Day I l: Warm-up,Power (l.itvinov Conversion) Day l2: SMMF I)ay l3: Rcst I)ay l4: Rest Day l5: Warnr-up,Powcr (t')xplosive) Day l6: Warm-up, (lircuit (Focus) >(X)min l)ay I7: Endurance Day I tt: Warm-up, Accumulation Day l9: Warm-up,Porver-Endurance Day 20: Recovcry Day 2l : Rest Day 2?: Warm'up, Porvcr(Explosivc) Warm-up.Prtrsrcssion l)ay 2-1: I)l;- 24: Rccovcry : [)ay 2-5 Wanl -rrp.Prlrvr'r (('arditl..;rscLr ) lar [)l;- 26: Wanl-up. Intcrral 27. L)r,v- Rcst I)ul lli: I{cst

#2): Powcr(Nftrnth


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'['lrc \l)cctnlt]l lle l'itnc.ss r(lsslt hrtrtttl r'c(luirinq lirr t:ntllriyld1.' l)hlr\cis rlcsignc,.i lrrrlrlhlctttl it In atlditi()n. lwo *'cck titltr is inc rrtle rrn rr 9f'plrrrnrctt.rs ith lrn cnt:rhlsis F.ltdtrratrcc. lntl itchicvc of to at to allow thc rrthlctc pc'1k thc culnrination the -l nttlltthpr()grilm.'lit lnustinclude: this phrrse rrrlintlin I hrturi lgvql ot'l'itncss ttr lx Strength Porvcrtlay cvcn l'1 days days cvcrv l4 days -5xHndurancc .1x"Trvg-a-Dlvs" cvcry l.l days lrvhcn trvtl norkouts arc cttmbinedirr onc day it is prcfcrredthlt an endurrncclirllrrrv intcnsiryif that scssionrvill crttphasiz.c tcchnicaland neu:ologicallydifficult nlovcm(:nts) 2x Rccoverydays cvery i'1 daYs of This phascrcquiresa training volumc of approximately26 hourspcr month.Because and multiplc Trvo-a-l)aysthe by the generalsystcmicstrcsscauscC cnduranccefforts importanccand must bc respccted Rest 6ays and Rccovery workoutsare of pilr:rmount Examplc: Day l: Warm-up, Porver(ExPlosive) l)ay 2: Warm up, Interval Day 3: Warm-up, BrcathingLadder & l:ndurance<90 min Day 4: Recovcry >9O min & Day 5: Warm-up, Circuit (Complcmcntary) Endurancc I)ay 6: Rcst Day 7: Rest Day fl: Endurance<1)0min Day 9: Warm-up, Intcrval Day l0: Warm-up, llreathing Ladder & flndurance<90 min Day I l: Recovery & Day l2: Warm-up, Prosression l]ndurance>fi) min Day l3: Rcst [)ay l4: Rest & Day l5: War,n-up,Circuit (Complcmentary) Endurancc>9Omin Day l6: Warm-up, Intcrvals Day 17: Recttvcry Day ltl: Warm-up, Strength& Enilurancc>90 tnin Day l9: Rcst & I)ay 20: Warm-up. tsrcathingl-adclcr Endttrrncc<90 rnin Day 2l: Rccorcrv <t){) .t 2l: Da_y Wann-trp.fttogrcssion f;.ntlurltnce lnin Recorcrv Day 2.1: Da-v2-1:Rcst Day'25:l:ndurlncc <90 nrin I)ay 26: Recorcrv' Dry 27: Rcst Day 28: Rest

( F l n d u r a n ceIkrn th # 3 ):


.till ..rli:.\l I RI(;H fS RFSI,HVF:) ( \ l r r : . r r : .\ l o r . n ! u r n 1 , r t ' r l : r r i r , r : r p

\ f . . l l f r r r : ' : r \ t r \ u D i . r ) nf u h r l r l i t i r L r . r | \ . ' l r ( i l , , r ) {i , , \ L l . R I ( ; l l T S R t . S F R V F f )

l)t'lrrrrtton: nreans nilsinrr _.\ of vourll(xlv.s coretcnti)cr.lllurc ttrcfilorxl t...get t'r*'i'g") irrrd prcp.rring f,lir[c \v()rk it thrl is ubruri, rir,orv.-r.hc wurnr-upr

shrtuld bc strc'u()us ntlt .llt),9h thlt it c'n:pr.'tiscs the ,,vrlrktrul.

Notcs: ;\ W:rnn_upcall bc a singlc tn()\.crncnt likc rorvinqrrr a scricsof un_ tvcightcdand/or rvcightc<J IIrc)\'crncnts dt:ne in succcssion. I)epcncling lht: on physic:rlor psycholttgical rtoal of a rvorkout,a warm-up rnay not be ncccss'ry. 2K Row, only brcathins and out through in thc nosc -8-9 rnin "SquatPlay" 6x 30/l-5secintcrvarsrancromizc<i with Squat.Jumping S<1uat, Tuck Jump, SraticHord and rest -4:30 rvarrn-up 30 sec rvork period, l5 sec to srvitchposirion.s. threerounds Altcrnatestaticand d,rrnamic stations, altcrnatctcchnical(balancc)and durnb stariorrs I Ring Support ?. Knees-to-Elbows 3. I;orwardLeaningRcst on rings .1.Squaton invertedBOSU 'l'uck 5. Sir on parallcttes 6. Pull-up (dcadhang w.hcnvou san no longcr pull) - l2 ntin warm-up -10.sccw.rk peri'd, l5 sec to srvitch positions, fbur rounds Alternatc'static and clynamicstations, altcrnate technical(balance) and tlumb smtions. altcrnatclegson single lcg movementsas sequence progresscs | . Invcrtcdhangon rings 2. Stcp-up(lighrload.shortbox) 3' Singlc-les balance unstablc on surlace (BOSU. wobbleboard.inllarablc 4isc.ctc) .1.i\ir Squar 5 Ring Support -lcs. C)nc-hanrtcd 6. Single Dcaclliti - [(l rnin \\ iln]t-up 6()lnRitck(';rrry{,. lr i,se613* (o -l0x Rack.Stcp-rrp 10" bor (lr _j-:# Kll r + fi0rnR:rck(-an-l rc lr ll# KB + l{)x Rack Stcp,upra l0" b3r 1lr l-l# Ktsi + (r0rn Rack ('arry-6", lx -5.t#Kg + l0r Farrner Strp-up<ril-1" tr911lx 5-t# KII)

\ l . r r l f * r . ' h t \ 1 , ' r r n r . r r nr r h i l i r i ( ' i r r , u p J r X l l . . t p , r . . \ l \t t l{l(;llISR}.SLit\1)

, . \ J r t r k r r r l r t . \ ' l L r t . r t r l t\t1 , ' f r r l i i r( i : ' r L ; ;lr( x i ! , ' i ) ( ) . . r . \ . R l ( i l 1 ' 1 R l ' S L R \ 1 r t ) 5 ll T

tot;.t' trlck-to-b.te trsiltg k ,\ re[)cittJd st'r1ucncc. irt l)clrrrrtion: scrics()l rr)()vcrnr:l'lts i.tn"'tcst rr('not includctlin lttc circuitS() thc RL-st tirrrcLrs lltLritsurerncui. pcri()ds into takcnis l:rc:tored thc totll tinrc (i.c. the clmk kccpslicking whe(hcrthc athlctcis *orking or no().With the goai trcingthc hcsttirrtcan individualtan trvo achicveit is cxpectcdthat thcsccircuitsbc cxc:utcdat high intcnsity.'l'he lnd Focus(akaIrulllllncnt).('ornplcrnentary t)'pcsof circuitsarc Complcmentary ditlercnt musclc groups(Squat+ Pull (lp). Focus circuitsalternatclystrc-ss ('ircuits stress bctrvccn tire sarnemusclc groups in different manncr,alternating or and explosivcslimulus(c.g.Deadl-ift + Box Jumrr). by changing urinding stimulusand/or load (c.g- lJcarCrawl + Push-up). shc'uld Notcs: Circuits utiiizing e heavy load or technicallydifficult rnoverncnt reductionof rcps. accommod:rte fatigue with progrcssive Complementary Circuit: of + Push-up Dcadlift @:125%' brrCyweight Handstand J0-20-| 0 rcps of each "Joncstorvn Sprint" ltess (4 75# Burpee/ Pull-up combo + Pu.sh repsof cach ?0-2(l-10-10 "Jonesrvorthy" .Squat KB Sling Pull-up - l - 5 - 3 0m i n

80 40 20

64 32 16

,48 24 12

32 16 8

24 12 6

12 6 3

KB Step-up@ 2x 35# KB & I ti" box + Knees-to-F.lbow's 50-10-30-20-10reps of cach -25-40 minutes "l,ouder than 10" + - 5 xB a l l S l a m+ l 0 x P u s h - u p l 5 x K B S r v i n g Illcvcn rounds l5x Dcatllili t.r btilyrveiglrt+ l5x Ring I'ush-up Fir c rouncls + f 00x Pull-up+ .i0r (ict-up kr.)5# + l00x ['ush-up -]0x(ict-up <a l-5# + l(X)x,,\tonrrc .Sii-up+ 30x Gct-up tw 25i + l00x .\ir Squat+ .l{)x(}et-up (4 :-s+ *J-5-fi) rnrn Ovcrhcad[,unge @ 26# KB + 2x Ropc (iiimb + 20x GHD Sit-up J0rn C)ne-arnr Fir c' rounds
t \tuk-fr;::hr Iluntrin\lrrh:lirv(irrupllrll 'ixl.:.\tl RIL;llTSRISFrR\,1]I)

' ! \ l . r r k J ! \ : r ' l : r\ 1 , , r : r r r . r lI L ' ' : l r t ,(ri r I r ) l )' l N i l j t X ) t . \ i I R l ( ; l l l S K l : \ ' i : R \ l I ) \ t

'.j: + Kp _ 5 r . 1 ' r v r r - ; r rB r( - l t : r r n l 1 s i t i + l ( ) r R i r t r P r r - s h - u pl 5 x S q r r r r l I;ir r: rotulds (?i. Rou' + FlcnchPrc:ss l-15# -5(X)rn Fir c rt;untls tocus (lircuit: ",\n F-asy [)av" Ah position) GHD Sit-up+ V-Sit + StaticIlold on rings(top of push-up +'I'uck Hang-r + Leli Plank + Vcrricrl Sit-up Right Plank + Irront Plank 3l) seconds cach tbllowed by -j0 seconds rcst during rvhich five pcrfect push-ups of of n',ustbc tlonc = Oncrorrnd Three rounds(24 rnin total) Ball Slam @ 25# + KB Stcp-up @ 2x -]-5# onto 20" box Kts repsofeach 30-20-10 Bench Prcss@ bodyrvcight + Burpee l0ll-912-813-714-615-516-411-ll8-Zl9-IlIO of cach (digrcssion-progression) reps OI{S @ 35Vcof bodyrveight+ Ring Pushup(fcct higher than hands) 30-20-l0 repsof each Run l(X)rn+ Run l[X)m+ Run l00m + Run l(X)m + 20x Ball Slam (rtrl0# ball + l5x Ball Slam (o)l0# ball + l0x llall Slam (e l0# ball + -5xBall Slam (erl0# ball

Wall tsall @ 20# ball + llall Slam (rir20# ball 30-20-l0 reps of cach -50-.10 l0x Dcadlift (al I l0-l l-57chodvrvcight+ 400rn Run 'lhrce rclunds " l'77 " 5 Pull-up+ 75x Squat l7x [Jurpcc Four rulunds + l 5 ( ) r nR t r r v l ( ) r l ) c l d l i f t r a l J - 5 , ; ; 1 ; l b o d l r v c i s+ t l l x ' l ' h n r s t c r( ( t ,r x : . 5 # D t s h 'l'hrt-c rountls . 5 O r n O n c - h a n d o r e r h c a d I - u n g c ( f b r ru tl r d l #K R ( r r , c a k s i d e ) + . 5 0 r n o n c - h a n d v 26 Orcrhead Lunge lbackrv'ard) 26# KR l.stront.ritic)+ Ji)0m rorv G.t Iii"c rounds

\ l r r L J ' r r l h t \ l \ i : r r r ; r i n l { \ i r : l r l \ ( i l , , r ; 1-' ' r I - 1 ( r ; 1 l I R I ( l l 1 . l SR I S l R \ i l l ) \

()n Workoutstircuscrl Ihe (lcv(:l()prncnt [)ctirrititlrr: ol'rttaxinurnli)rct prrxhrctrorr (lRNl) ef'tirrts sirnilarlv rnd rnu.\cular rccruitment.'l'hesc incluclc Rcp IVIax One or lorv-rcp.hich-lo::td cfllrrts using a slorv ntovcrncntrvjth thc rvcighttravcling a 'Ihcsc linritcd distlncc (e.g. Deadlifi). arc typically heav,'". slorv.qrindinq rvith no explosivccomponcnts theln. rllovcr)lcnts to Notc.s: progrcssion a I RM should begin with a lowcr rveight:rndslorvly r\ to rvorkup to thc flnal lift. Repsshrruld limitedto2-3 at thc lightcrwcightsrvhilc be only pLrliingsinglesas you approachthc lRM. Allorv rnaximumrest betwccn lifts. 3--5 nrin is idcal. to Progrcssion I RM in one of the following movemcnts: Bcnch Press Dcatilili Front S<1uat OvcrheadSquat StandingMilitary Press Squat WeightedPull-up 3x-5x Laddersfrom | -3 rvith Progressive Loading (18-30 reps total) Rathcr than a fixcd sc( (c.9. 6 reps), a Ladder increases I rep within the rep range (c.g. by a l-adder l-3 means I rep, then 2 rcps, then 3 reps).Do the reps within the ladderwithout rest but allorv a mcaningful rest pcriod (no lessthan 3 mrn) bctweenthe ladders.Use progrcssive loading by settingup thrce bars:#l =957c lRM, #2 =(il)'VolRM, #3 - 85c/a I RM. So the wcight dccreascsas the reps incrcasc,All rcps must be technically perfect. Utilize this method with rhe followine movemcnts: lJenchPrcss Dcadlift Front Squat OverhcadSquat StandingMilitary Press .Squat WeightcdPull-up

, \ l . u l T s . r r h t . \ ' t i " . , r r r r n l r b l l j 1 1 G y 1g t j { } } l l r x ) l , \ L i \


\ l . r r l l r r : t i r r \ 1 ( , , r r . r . n \ l r r h : l : : \ ( l r r ' [ t t l t l l] i i ( i : , 1 . I l R l { j } i l \ R [ . \ l .'r


()n Workouls lircusr'tl incrc:lsing nrtr o, l()rccpr()duction. L)cflnitiorr: thc Ihcsc workouts.trescpurilhtd ittto thrcccltcgt)rics: Ilxpl()sivc Prlrv':r, Carclirlvlscrrlar Pttrvcr. enclLitvino\ ('()n\crsions.Ilxplosivc Prrrver rvorkouts refcr to sirrglc (c.g.(Jlcan)that rcquireextrenrcly rnovenlents high rnuscular rccrui{nrcnt lirr duratiotts lcss th:tn onc scctrnd.Thesc movr:lncnts of can bc done as singlc lifts or within vcry lorv rep scts.ExplosivcPower rvorkoutsalso usc c<luplcd mo\erncnts that combinc a forcc componcnt'ivitha spcc-d componentrvhiclrboth use thr:samc musclcsant-l ncurul pathways(c'.g.Dcad l,ifts + DepthJumps).Cardiovascular Powcr rvorkoutsrefer to sub 90 secondcfforls of maximum cardiovascular output (e.g.,500mRorv). Litvinov Conversions, althoughsimilar to couplcd movcnrenrs. concentratc thc splrt sccondphaseof changinggearsbetwecnthc frrrcc on componcntand specdcomponent(e.g.Front Squat+ Sprint). 'Ihc emphasi.s in Litvinov C'onversion workouts is on the transiti<'ln, quickerthe better. the Notes: All Porvcr workouts arc concernedrvith maximum recruitment and forcc productionas quickly a possible. Because intcnsity is paramount forcach lift, sct. or conversion,allow a rninimum of 3 min of restbetweeneach. l)xplosive Power: to Progrcssiun I RM in onc of the following rnoventents: Clcan Push Press Jerk Clcan & Jerk Snatch 3x Dcadlift cQx)-95va IRM + 3-6x Dcpth Jump & Broad Jump combo chaser Fivc scts,five min rest betrvcensets -3xWeightcd Pull-up Gt 90-95ch IRM + 3-6x Clapping l\ll-up chaser ljive sets,five min rc.st bctweensets Cardioyascular Power: -500ntRorv - I-css han|:-10 t .l(X)mRun I-itvinov Conversion: lJx Front Sqult (rr 70'" lRIl + 20rn Sprint [)rag (o -100# Three sct.s, as nccdccl rest hctrvccnscts l0x GobletSquat(rrl 7ll KB + l00m Sprint 'fhrce -sets, as necdedbcnvccnscts rcst

, \ l r r r k l i v ; t l : t . 1 l , . , r n i f , i \ l u b r l , r r ( i t r i r p : r ' ( | l . ' t X t t. \ l I n Rl(,lll'S RI-.SlRVlI)

, \ l , , r k I t r r f : \ 1 , , r r r : . r\r1 L , l . r i r(tl r , , . r n' 0 0 1 . . ' ( n.\\;l I R l ( ; l l f S R I : S F R \ : l ) r l . I

I)clittttttttt. ll:(crv:tl tritinrng tlc:scritrcs rr'pL'iltcd hruts ol-highrntr:nsitv rrxcr(:istl tollrllvcdh,virlterrttrttcnt rcst;tnods. rel)cltcdnrirnvtirnt:s.'l}is tvpc r:f rvorkrrcst structurine allorrslirr a highcr totttlvolurtre higir intcnsityw,ork.Intcrvai of structurc nttv bc lltplicd to tnv t)pe ol'c()rnrrx)rr movcrncnt: g,vn.lnastjc, c.\tcnial oh.icctcotltrol. cardiovasculitr. and Work to Restintcrval,s nutcdas a riltio (c.g. are cqual rvork to rcst pcriods, l:3 irrdicatcs rcst pcritxl thrce timcs as I :l indicirtcs J Ionq as the rvork pcriod.ctc.). Activc rcst refersto a rrst period in which thc tnovcrncntis continttedat an easypacc until the ncxt irrtervalbcgins. Notes: Thc fabata Interval rcfers to a 20 sec rvork periul follou'cd by l0 sec rcst (2:l). This is typic:tllvdone tbrt:i*ehtintervals,a total of 4 min. A variant pe-riod of this prot(xol is the 30/30Intcrval which is a 30 scc work period followed by -10 sec rcst pcritd (l:l). This is typically done for four intervals.a total of 4 rnin. Ruu'4x I min rvork pcriod/l}0secactivercst (2:l) Rcst for 3 min (get olf thc rorver),4 interval sessions -25 min /-1 Row 6x -500m(@^- I -5scc sl,rwer than your I'R 5fi)m pace min active rest (- l:2) Attempt to keep all intcrv:rlscqual to or fasterthan thc first one -30 min last as possible/active while walking back to startingpoint (-l:3) rest Sprint l0x lff)m a.s Paccoff 100m,sprint thc distanccat an all out effort, slowly walk back the startrngline: and immcdiatcly rcpeal fcrr a total of ten .sprints. -10 min arnountof rest ( l: l) your PR 5K (or PR 3 mile timed run) pace/cqual 7x 80OmRun (cD -35 rnin 3x'l'abata Row shtmtforover l00m pcr cach4 min interval session. l0 min activerest pcriod bctrveen 20 scc rvork periotl --12rnin total Sprintl.rcst -J-5 bctrveen sprints. rcst-l-J Grrn Sprints.i(l0x l(JrnRcsistcd scetxrcls sclsof ten sprints.I-hctircusis rrn lccclcratitln and ntinutcs hclrrccnscts.'l'hrcc rrurinlenancc ot'in(cr,''ltl intcrtsitt-. scllc load lrcc<lrdinqlv. ,\tilrch[oitdt<lrvuisttrcltinstcrd <ll'shouldcr ltlrncss -10 rnin

, \l.rri

.l'.ri,"l::. .r:r ( \ { r \ r . 0 .r r ! r\ 1 , r . r i L . r ; r . , 1 .

:{}{t- \l l Rl(.;}iT\ RL-\[RVI:1)


''{rpcti-c.rcrrit." ()f I)ct'inition: .\lr l)rc,rninlt lr })rtlgrc\sion crlrnprrscd r ()ntltlrt is rc[)ctting rlto\c renls exccutr'd with low t') nlodL'rltc lolds:rt high rcpctititln witlr placedrrncarcliovitscullr cml)ha.sis str(:ss nlusculilr strcss. Progrcssions rrily evcr lastfronr l0-90 nrin, with thc corltr))on clrrratiol bcing I-5-l-lrnin.

he Notes: Progrcssi<'ns should organizcd thli mrlretechnical srl arc movcmcnts (CNS)is ticsh. undenaken carly in theworkoutrvhcnthe('cntralNcrvrrus Systcm ivft-rvcments d becomc sho,r pnrgressilely simplcrasworkout cvoll'es. "Mcritorious" + + .lOxH.SI'II 40x Pull-up+ 50x KB Swing(tr) -53# 60x Sit-up+ 70x Burpce Row 500m+ -50x Box Jump(@ box + -50x 24" Push-up -50x + + .Sit-up 50x Jumping Pull+ up + -50x BackExtcnsion 50x Ring Dip + 20x Get-up@ 26#KB "Those Burpccs Suck' lOx Pull-up 20x KB Su,ing@ 53#+ 30x Box Jump(Q24" Box + 40x Push-up 50x + + + Sit-up+ 60x Burpc'c l0x Pull-ups - l O - 1 0m i n l00x Thruster 15#bar + Ifi)x Wall Ball @ 20# ball + l([x Ball Slam(@ @ 20#ba]l "30t3" 25x l)ull-up+ -50x Dcadlitt(cD l3-s#+ -50x + Push-up -50x Box Jump@ 24" box + 5(lx (@l3-5# (one-count) 50x KB Cllean Press 35#(KB musttouchfloor FloorWipcr + @) and + reps) r-5xPull-rrp bctween -l-5-30 in m

t \ 1 1 1 1[6r , r r ' h \ f t r u n r : r rl l r h r l r r y ( j n , r : n] t X ) l -j t x ) ] . \ i L R 1 ( ; l l ' f sR t : . S F R V i : I ) '

, \ ' l . r r kI \ ' r , ' h i \ 1 , , . r r 1 . i : n \ 1 ' r l ' r l r t r ( i r r , r r t r-. 1 r : !O )l ; . \ l IR l ( ; H ' i\ R I S I : i < \ l r I ) r1 r

thc ..\ tkrnconc irt'tcr olirt'rrvith;t -i rrrinrcst L)ctinition. lcrics ol"'rtrrtri"\v(-)rkout\ of rcsl pc:i()d. crch. BcL'lusc thc significirrrt creh "nrini" shoulrlbc bctrvcen onc shttttld drtneat ltrarirnurt Frc so trratcdils iln indivldualrvorkout. eirr:h inlcnsitl' tltreerounds l: 5x Sprint Start(Forwarcl){rli(iicen Band + l-5xPlrlllctte Push-up, ( lo .e e n B a n d + l 0 x D c a d l i f t ( al)- 3 5 # . t h r c e r o u n d s r 2:5xSprintStart(Backwardl( -l: 20x Box Jump @ 2.1"lrox + 7x ClappingI'ull-up.threcrounds 4: l0x Gct-up(tslindfrrlded) 35# KB @r bodyrve ight, .30reps total I : Tcarn Jerk l.addcr 5x 1-3 kl 75-t]0c/c 'feam Gct-up Ladder 2:< l-1(each arm) (@53# KB, 40 rcps totai, 20 with each arm 2: -J:Team Declinc Push-upLadder l-10-l (fcet hrghcrthan hands).100repstotal -30 min, and say goodbyc to the shoulders a few da1's fbr l: KB Round The World (passKB around waist) KB Figure 8 (passKB through legs in figurc 8 pancrn) Kts Snatch(one-arm,alternatcarms) KB Step-up(@10" box ()nc minute of cach. th;ec rounds(12 min total). use a 5-l# Kll, KB may not be sct dow'n duringsession 2: lOx fjat Bar Dead Lifi (D 105# (or more) -10 Dcad Hang lrcm Pull-upbar or Rings scc Irour rounds l: 20x Goblct Squat @ 53;l KB + l00rn Sprint 2:2Ox KB Swing @ 53# + l(X)m Sprint + 100m l;anncr Carrv (d 2x 5.1#KB (., Carry (+rlx 53# KB + tx 3:20x Coblet .Squat 5.l'l KB + l00m Sprint+ l00m Suitcasc "Dccide and Throw" (lnstructorcalls one of threetarscts,athletethrows mcdicineball at appropriatctarget.ahitsttrpstheclock)fcl'J.v'.^,,:-,1/,,',^nS.',-!lr*2< Scoreis total lime firr a.llthrcc eventsminus thc rcst pcriods -3:30 is a good scorc l: 60m I;armcr('arry' (rtiBlasterBars,f<rurrounds.rcst as ncedcdbctrvccncarrir-'s @, 2 : l 0 x F a t t l a r l ) e a d I . i l t ( r ,1 0 5 # + 6 0 r n C ' r o s s w a l k ? 6 # R ( h i g h ) & 5 l # K I J ( l o w ) . K rest thrc'c'rountis. as ttecdc.lhetwcencilrric-s + -l: -5xSquat@..|,15# li)x Pull-up,lcn rourrtl.s

- ,,-^ .',,^)

\ t : r r k - J r i : l l r r .I f t r i r n r . r i \ lrr ) h i l r t \ ( ; r ( ) [ p ] r / . t l - ' ( . 1 f .. \ l I R l ( ; ] { f $ R I ' 5 L R ! l : I t r

, \ 1 - r r l i. ' . j : ' i : t \ | r ' L l r t . r . n \ l r h t l r t( ri r , ' r r n : l n ' l l a t l ) i A I l . R I ( ; l l f S R F S l : R V i r J . )

t)() lv tiR-ENI)UR,tNCE
(''ltrclirlr:rscul;.rr rvorkouts l)cf initiorr: clonrlnatcd llorvt:r prrxluction frrr frv 1('\,') c\tcn(lcdpcriods.lnrrn:lrrccnrin rrpto ryproxirnatcly min (e.9.lK Rtiw).'l'his .10 lr;ry irls()dcscribcu rv0rkrlrrlu hcrc l)()wcrrnust bc gr:neratc(l intcrmittcntlyOvcrlr Ionl prcriril(e.g.5r I-unsc+ .5xI)ushPrcss iirr l00nr). <.i0 min as u'cll as ncn-('lrditlvascularIntcrval Notcs: Ilrcathing L-addcrs 'fabata rvorkouts(particularlythe and 30i'30vanctics)can be usedfbr Porverrvorkouts. Endurance "SccrctScrviceSnatchTcst" Perfbrm as rnany KB snatchcs possiblcin l0 min, alternating as left and right hand as be set down to rest il'neccssary, "Official" (aka Gentlemcn's dcsircd,KB may thoseare rules). "Tier One" rules dictate that tlfe KB nray nct bc set dorvn during the l0 min cftbrt, only onc transfcrswing is allowcd to changehands,and any rest must be takenwith the KB hcld ovcrheadin the locked-outposition.Mcn u.se 53# KB, women usc thc 35# the

-"rl sc'oreof 100 is lt'thurpic. That is only I snatch every 6 .seconds. that is all you r-an If mu.\t(r, thankyoufor tmi'tg, do somemore training... 150 gctsa good sweatrolling, and e score ()f 200 is vt'herewe startfecling -romertal pain.250 repetitionsplaces you in the bleeding-from-the-et'ebulls class.275 is the recordund is heldby arec:lusein elite Montana that is rurelv-setn." "Tabata Hell" One nrin rcst bctwccn moi,emcnts. sc()re sum of all reps is (rcst in b'rttom hold, thighs parallclto lloor) l. TabataSquats (rcst k:cked out at top, aka Fonvard Iraning Rest) 2. TabataPush-ups 3. TabataBall Slam @ 20l ball (rest rvith ball ovcrhcad,both arms locked out) 4. TabataSit-up (rcst with legs held straight6-12" abovefloor, headol1-floor) 'Iabata KB Srving (s)5-l{ (rest without scttingKB dorvn or supportingit on your body) 5. -1milc Run, all <lutcl'fort -Less than 20 min 5x I-unge+ -5xPush Press,irr 400m Whilc holclinga-l-5#bar. lt 2-5# DB, or simrlar load,do -5xl-ungesfollorvedby -5xPush (this is typicallydorvnas I lap continuc cloutothi.s ntil vou hrr,c trinclcd.l(X)m r Prcs.s. a trilck) ;lround - 10-10 rrr rn" -iK Ro*. all out el'tilrt .- l-essthanl0 lnrn

\ 1 . t r k l \ : r : l : t \ l r , : : n t : [ Q t ( \ h r l r l \ ( ; r , ] . r l i . ' ( r ( l .l ' t ( r . . \ l t R J ( ; l l ' i - \ R J \ l : R V l I ) \

[ ) c l l n i t i o r tW t l r k u u t s i r l t t r t i l i z c r s J ) c c r l irc t c . h c )o fl h r c i r t l r i nig h r l e r t ' t r r r g . t i ] ( v l \vcights clicit an rtcrohic to cnduranr:r trlirring cfl'cct. Wc havttletlnetl t\ro golls litr the Brcathin:i Ladders:tJsine:r rcp/'lo;ldrrnovcntr-nt (hatputs tlrc struc(urc athlctcinttl it "lllttticbrelthing"sitrrrliontrl learnbrcathc()ntrol andcfficiclrr rccovcry in a fixcdllimited tintc lialnc or usine rcp/load/movcmcnt structure((' trick the athlete rrtoa high volumc/long durationworktrut. Sincethegoals in cach citseis oxygcn c:nsumptirtnand efficicncy we prcfer to uscbigger,compound movcmcntsthat ::tusea grcatcroxygen dcnrandand then .structurc kradsand rcps dcpendingon rvhich of thc two ()utcomes dcsirccl. is Note.s: cxecur: a BreathinsLaddcr pick a wcrght,a movement,a load, and rlo To one rep follorvcd by one oreath,then do two rcps follorvedby two breaths, thrce rcps followed by thrce breaths, ctc. Brcatheas much as you want while wgrkinq. Breatheonly thc .'ipeciflcd numbcr of "rcps" w'hileresting.The longeryou stretch out thc proccss of brcathing during rest the morc rest you get anclthe longer thc, laddcrwill last,v.'hich rhegoal. is A Breathingladd;r <30 min can bc considcred Porvcr-Endurancc a workout while a Breathingl.adder >-10 rnin can be considered Endurance an <90 workout. Notcs: Repetition:.; may be structured a variety of ways: in l-20 (or ntorc). add onc rcp at eachsucccssive rung ofthc laddcr l-20-1. add one rep at ciich successive rung of thc ladcler to 20 and rhen up dcsccnd.tlris getsvery scaryaroundrung numbcr ten on the way dgg,n l-10 repcaLs, one rcp at cachsuccessive ldd mng of the laddcrup to i0 and thcn r(.pcxtrhe ladderbeginningwith I 'fhc stoppingpoint for a propcrly cxecutecl Rrcathingladderoccurswhcn the athlctecan no lonlcr pcrlbrm the movernentwith the alltlttednumber9f brcarhs. llall Slams KII Srvins Kts Snatch Kts J'uo-hlnd ('lean-St1ur:-Prcss combo(KB nrustrouchgrountJ circhrep) on Thrustcrs

\ f r r k ' f * j : : tl . \ t ( ) x n r r j n \ t , ' h : l : r 1 . ( ] r o u p il } ) il . . \ l t . R l ( ; l l l S R f. S F R V L D l (I l

p ''lltJ: '\l I lil(;lll'S Rl:Sl:RY] l) . \ ' ' | . ' r l ' i n : . . 1!J \ l ( t t r l r l r r n \ ' ! t ' h r i r l r ' ( - ; f " r l t l l l l


" a i. soulltis, sirtglcll'l()vctllcnl rtt I)clllrition:"sirrglc lvlovcttte iUinrlFrrck l-rke rtress the thtrugh ph-v..sicel It lttr rcpcitted ltrrtgdt ratiottltnd csscrttliltllvhcld trip
ntav bc \lgllll'icJllt.

explusir.'e if rvill deeratlc rs bcttcr ttt lroitl thc ntcrre tht-Notcs:Bccuuse intcnsity (e.g' Ilt::tJumPs)nlovclnents One-milc tirc drag

se' min eve Push-up :r' -10 Ly1-50 lx ilandstand -,50 min workout @ l00x Get-uP 36#KB - 1 5 - 2 5m i n
with any big lift (a)-50%IRM Challenge 100-rep Properlydtrnc.this is l[$x singlc I .fts 500m l.unge .''etshtprogressivcly and rary the methrxlsof carry (c'g' l0x 50m. add thcn subtract evcry 50m Farmer.Ovcrhcad.and (-rossrvalk) Suitcase. (l(X) rcpstotal)

\irrl .rr(1. \l I Rl(ill'IS RI;\LR!l \l t \ l . r r l l t r r : \ t . \ 1 r r r n t . r r nt r l ' r l r r r( l r ' r u l r


\ i r k l \ ) r ' j r l \ l i u r r i : r : r r t , i . 1 l 1 r r( i 1 r ' ; p - . . { i l )lli i ) l

\l l. RI(;l,l\


dcscritts Jnv ctti)rt undcrt;rkcn u tcurn.n]ildcrrp()ft\vo [)clinition:(-ienr'rlrll,v JS ()r'thrr:c.llhlctcs.'l'ltc rvorkttu(s lravetlne nrovcnlcnt ciin chrtsr'n thc "con(rol" as rvltichhls a flxelJnumbcr()f reps.distirnce, rvhilclhc othcr fnovcrr)cnts ctc arc (c.g,. (Pl) Rorvs500m. Pla;;cr (Pl) dccs ll;rll Slarns sculctl it to Piay'er I 2 until thc Rorr is finishcd,thensrvrtch). ,5(X)rn Notcs:Tcunr I-aciders indicatcthat Playcrsarc nltenrating they progress the as up laddcr (c.g. Pl pcrforms I rep, l'2 pcrfomrs I rep. Pl pcrf<tnns rcps.l,2 2 'I'ag'l'eam pcrtbrms2 rcps. etc.).Irrrrprogrammingpurposcs, w<trkouts are as catcqorized cither a Complementary Circuit or a FocusClircuitand can bc utilizccirvithin thc schcduleas such. Complementary Circui t: "Tail Pipe" Pl:2.50m ow R P2: KB Rack Hold @ 2x 53# KB until Row is finishcd Switch positions,repeatrJ completeonc round Three rounds 'l'ire Pl: 60m Flip with Jump in/out P2: Parallcttc[\sh-up unril Tire Flip is finishcd (nrusttxrld plank if nrtt pushing) P3: Squaton tsOSU until Tirc Flio is finishcd (must hold staticat tx)(tomof Squatil- not squatting) Switch posttions, repeatuntil all playershavc cnjovcd cach stationto completc<tncround Four rounds Pl: 60m Drag (.11i-50# P2: KB Swing QD53# until 30m Drag is donc (for roundsI & -lrthc'n GHD \['all Ball (cr 20# ball until Drag completc (for rounds2 & 1) ['3: Parallettc Push-up unril30m Drag is donc (for roundsI &3) thenTuck Sit on parallettes until Drag com;tlcte(for rounds 2 &4) Switch prtsitions, rcprat until all playcrshare enjovcdcachstati()n completc t<l one round Four rounds F'ocusCircuit: "('arolvn's Sldistic" 'l-cant SquatLatldcr(w'ithI}rttorn Hold) l- l0 []oth [)layr:l's hold I KI] or Dts. lrljust rr.cieht accrrrclinslv.toralof -5-5 a 5qs115 Pl Rorv -500nr P2 Rack Hold (rt 2x.t-l# KB until Rurv is flnishcd l'3 FrontSquat(e 6-5# untii Rorv is finished(rnustrilck the baron shoultlcrs not if squ:rtting) Srvitchpositions. rcpeatunlil all play'ers haveenjoyedcachstation complete [o one round 'I'hrr-'c rounds
r \ l ' y I i " . 1 1 , 1 \ 1 , ] u n 1 3 l \rl , h r l i r v ( ; r N r p _ l t X ) l ( X ) ; , \ 1 . 1 .R I ( ; H ] . S R F S I : R \ : F I ) 1 :;

, , I l , r r l f \ ! i ) : ] 1 r N 1 , ' r r r l r r nl o h r l i r v ( , r , ' r 1 .. ' t l t t . , 1 r i l , . . \ L l . R l ( ; l l T S R [ . \ l ] ; l \ ' I t ) l .


.,\n L)cilnition: cttrittnrttcc cl'ftln llstrng lcsslhan (){) tleiirritirllr rrrin.'l'h-.i i.s oricntcd(o thc paccrrf thc uflirrt.Il'llrc trthletc rows -i0 nrin irt a hcurl ratcol'i-1()<9{)cl'tort. if t}rcathlctcrorve tlrll slnre -10 I -15it is ctrnsidercd Enclurance an d mrn trying tu nut:ntainan I-lR of >l(r.i thc cl'lirrl l'allsinto thc ltlrvcr-Enclurtncc c:ategory.

Notes: BreathineLadderscan bc uscd firr Endu:ance <90 rvtirkoutsif the duration falls betrvecn30-)0 rnin. activity pcrformedfor -10-90 Any cardiovascular rnin Climb Clyclc Ilikc Paddle Run Row Srvim



Delinition: Endurance sessions lastinglonscr than 90 min. Tr,picall.".' thcscare sport-.specilic efforts but may bc as simple as a hike. Sincepaceand intcnsityare thc inverseof dura:ionthe longer the cftbrt thc lower thc porveroutpu( and ht:art ratc. As the Endurzncc>90 min sessions incrcasein duration(>2-3 hours)thc HR declincstt'rrvard what we might call an ultra-cndurance pace,somethingthat may be maintainedforcver. Any cardiovascular activity perfonnedfrrr over 90 nrin Climb (iycle Hikc I'addlc Rulr Rtlrv Srr'inr


\ 1 . u 1 l r r r . r h i . \ k ' u n r : i n \ f , , h r l r t v( l r ( ' u p l t X ) l - ' ( . { t ;. \ l t . R . ( ; } l I S R h i ^ F R V F I )

, \ l . L r k l r r r l r t i r l , r i t ! . 1 r i ) \ t , , l r i l , : r ( i r ( , 1 , 1 .-. 'a X ) 1l ; l l1 ' l

Rl(;]ll 5RI:5ijR\;i:t.)

l ) c l i t r i t i o r t.:\ t r c l s l r : l f o l tu l i l i z i n u ' . l l vl r l u ' - r n r p l e tn o v ' c n t c n t l n cf o r J ( ) - 6 0 r dr ()l rlliltLttrts \cr! low hc:.trt (-(),5',i \'()i)r\lHR. ()r <lntrnol/[. lact.rtc). ilt nltc fhe purix)sc ol.thisc:..tr('rltcl_y urrrktrutis (o lrroveblood irroul)tl. lrght ilush hyprotlttcts o1'the dav'scffirrt antl crcutcI dcrnand lbod. [or l):cvi()Lts ('y c lc Lilipticril I Irke i{trw .SteirMaster Sr'"'irn Walking the dos

t \ l r r k ' [ t r i v l r t . \ { r ' r r n r i Dy , ' h l i r r \ ( ) r n u p - " { - ) 1 . - ' r { ).;\ l i _ R l ( ; H T . S r RIi-\I:R\.Fl)