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TEACHERS: CLAUDIA PATRICIA ORTEGA Logro: Los estudiantes de nivel bsico Identificarn con claridad de los hechos y actuaciones cuando me hablan de una forma clara y sencilla. Topics PASADO SIMPLE PASADO CONTINUOS VOCABULARIO VERBOS REGULARES E IRREGULARES Adems, desarrollara las siguientes actividades: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Revisar los temas vistos en clase. Estudiar el vocabulario de estas pginas del student`s book. Desarrollar el taller. Anexo. Preguntarle al profesor sobre las dudas que encuentres en el taller. Durante la semana de recuperacin el estudiante debe hablar en 3 minutos sobre su vida. Examen oral. 6. Se actividades todas son evaluativas. 7. Con el docente revisars el taller para aclarar dudas.

Todos los triunfos nacen cuando nos atrevemos a comenzar. Eugene Ware


NAME:___________________________________________________ GRADE:_____


Complete with the past simple of the verbs in brackets. MY SUMMER HOLIDAY

Last summer, my family and I

________ (spend) our holydays in Naxos, an

2 ________

amazing Island in Greece. The Island (be) lots of things to see and do.

(be) very big and there 3________

We 4. ________ (stay) at a comfortable bungalow and day at the islands beautiful beachesI


________ (go) swimming every

________ (get) a great sun tan!\

We also 7.________ (try) the local cuisine. There 8. ________ (be) various traditional taverns on the island and we 9. ________(eat) there every evening!...I 10. ________ (put) on about 3 kilos during these holidays! But Naxos is not all about fun. We also 11 ________(visit) many interesting sights, like the Archeological Museum and some prehistoric settlements, which I 12. ________(find) pretty impressive I also

________(love) the local people. They 14. ________(be) very friendly and We 15._________(have) a great time.


B- Match the following verbs with the correct past tense. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.. 6. go a. spoke write buy send teach study b. read c. taught d. bought e. sent f. went

`` 7. 8. 9. 10. read sing speak break g. studied h. sang i. broke j. wrote

2. Complete with the simple past of these verbs. You can use some verbs more than once.

When Fiona (1)__________ her house at eight o`clock last Monday, she didn`t realize that it was a bank holiday. She (2) _________ that there (3) ________many people at the bus stop and when she got off the bus in the town center. The streets (4) _______

deserted. She (5)__________ her breakfast as usual in the caf opposite her office. Then she (6)__________ the road and (7) _________ into the building. She got the lift to the third floor, but she was surprised to find that the door to her office was locked. Then she (8)_________ at her watch and (9) the date. She (10) ________ a bit stupid! 2. Read the paragraph about Olivia`s holiday in Greece last summer and answer the questions with complete the sentences. I had a fantastic holiday last summer. I went to Greece with my friends. Trudy and Jane. We didn`t have much money, so we travelled by train and boat. We eventually arrived on island of Santorini. We stayed in a small hotel and we shared a room. It was very cheap, but clean. Every day we got up quite late and had breakfast on the terrace outside the hotel. Then we went to the beach and swam or sunbathed for a couple of hours. We bought food from shop for lunch. And ate it on the beach. In the afternoon we went walking or cycling. We had dinner in the hotel restaurant every evening. After dinner we went to the disco. We didn`t go to bed until after one o`clock. I had a great time. 1. Where did Olivia, Trudy and Jane go last summer? They went to Greece last summer

2. How did they get there? ______________________________ 3. Where did they say? ______________________________ 4. What did they do in the morning? ______________________________ 5. Where did they do in their lunch? ______________________________ 6. What did they do in the afternoon? _____________________________ 7. What did they do in the evening? _____________________________ 8. What time did they go to bed




11. a. On a book b. On a envelope c. on a newspaper


12. a. In a train station b. In a parking lot c. In a library

Please make sure you have a ticket before you travel

13. a. On a hill b. In a forest c. At a beach

Danger Do not swim here

14. a. On a bus b. in an elevator c. in a park

46 seats no standing

15. a. In a office b. In a hospital c. In a bank

Those with appointments to see the nurse should wait here

Complete las cinco conversaciones en las preguntas 16-20, marque A, B, C en su hoja de respuestas. 16. I`d like the pasta, please? a. Certainly b. I hope so c. Do you like 17. Shall we eat now? a. Good idea b. This is fine c. It`s the same 18. What do you think of modern art? a. b. c. I`ve seen it I would like to I love it

19. Are you sure the match start at two? a. b. c. It started well It`s all right I think so

20. I can`t do this math problem


a. b. c.

I suppose so Let me see Certainly not

21. When do you start classes? a. b. c. Yesterday morning Next week Every day

22. How many students are there in this room? a. b. c. Twenty Two o`clock Thirty dollars

23. We have time to show this video a. b. c. Are we Was it Are you sure?

24. I need two tickets for the opera, please a. b. c. There she comes Here you are I think so

25. May I help you? a. b. c. Yes, she can Yes, I like it Yes , thank you