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East Pilbara Mining Operations

Greg Lilleyman General Manager East Pilbara Rio Tinto Iron Ore Financial community visit 11 June 2007


Excellent operational performance New people initiatives delivering value Opportunities for technology to add value Expansion program and new mine development on schedule Planning for Pilbara expansion to 320Mtpa

We care for your safety Evacuation procedure please familiarise yourself with the alarm/siren and muster point for this building Please observe the following during your visit: Always follow the advice of your host/guide
Wear safety glasses, hard hats and hearing protection when advised Safety belts must be worn when in a vehicle - including the bus All enclosed workplaces are smoke free including offices, vehicles and within five metres of doorways or other access ways. Do not do any work without appropriate HSE & Area Inductions Report all incidents, injuries, near misses and safety suggestions to your host You may be subject to our random Alcohol and Other Drugs testing regime. Alcohol <0.02% BAC; Other Drugs as per AS4308 Yandi emergency numbers - 91448222 or 222 or Channel 68

Safety performance


East Pilbara All Injury Frequency Rate






Ju l-0 6 06 Ja n06 Ju n06 Ja n07 Fe b07 ec -0 5 Fe b06 06 ov -0 6 Se p06 Au g06 ec -0 6 ct -0 6 07 06 07 ay M ar M ar Ap rAp ray M 07

Performance Ore Produced

Total material movements and ore production - East Pilbara

250 200 150 Mt 100 50 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 Total material 2007 2008 2003 Projection 2004 2005 2006 Ore production Hope Downs 2007 2008 Projection

West Angelas


East Pilbara working together to capture the synergies

Shared training between East Pilbara sites making course numbers viable without unduly affecting site staffing or supervision Belt crew based at Yandicoogina and servicing West Angelas and Hope Downs, including utilising tooling equipment Yandicoogina warehouse storing critical spares and equipment for West Angelas and Hope Downs Shared technical resources team including hydrogeologists, geologists, mine planning and rock mechanics West Angelas airport facility shared with Hope Downs; triangulated flights with West Angelas and Yandi for better flight utilisation. Fleet planning and procurement managed Pilbara wide but optimised locally within East Pilbara (eg drill sharing) Plans to develop an East Pilbara fuel hub servicing all 3 East Pilbara mines

Access to critical supplies

Tyres Operational focus on tyre conservation Sourcing from non-traditional markets (Russia) Retread facility, first tyres in use at WA Explosives Ammonium Nitrate sourced internationally and delivered to NW ports Shut Labour Improvements to Contractor Management System; consolidating work packages Fuel New contract with BP Progressing East Pilbara fuel hub Labour Creative sourcing strategy Regional FIFO strategies Flexible work opportunities

Lean implementation
Early days but some gains already Large opportunities apparent Lots of training underway Deployment of LEAN tools throughout the East Pilbara Focusing on the foundations and engaging the workforce Lean coaches deployed with critical production teams Recruited the experts to help do it right

People Regional FIFO Broome Geraldton Other options being examined Increased focus on indigenous recruitment Apprenticeships at FIFO sites Flexible employment initiatives Camp upgrades Radio recruitment on NOVA Creating more Perth based operational roles (historically site based)



Mine operations overview Yandicoogina - Junction

Ore Reserves Ore Reserves 437Mt (Junction Central & South 437Mt (Junction Central & South East) East) Mineral Resources Mineral Resources 2105 Mt + additional 2105 Mt + additional Performance in 2006 Performance in 2006 Total Material Movement 47.9 Mt Total Material Movement 47.9 Mt Saleable Ore Product 34.3 Mt Saleable Ore Product 34.3 Mt Main mining areas in 2H07 and 2008 Main mining areas in 2H07 and 2008 Junction Central Junction Central
Hairpin West Hairpin West Hairpin East Hairpin East

Junction South East Junction South East

Union Central Union Central
as at 31 December 2006 as at 31 December 2006


Yandicoogina overview Channel Iron Deposit (CID) Low waste : ore ratio 36 Mtpa capacity achieved in Q4 2005 Largest ore production capacity of all the RTIO mines in the Pilbara Two crushing and screening plants
24 Mtpa dry plant to process high grade ore 12 Mtpa wet plant to process low grade ore. Ability to process at 17.5Mtpa via the High Grade Bypass

One product = HIY fines 447 km by rail to Dampier FIFO operation ~500 direct employees, 300 contractors (shutdowns) Expansion to 52 Mtpa approved in Q4 2005 to add a third plant Commissioning has commenced Accelerated ramp-up planned On time (early) and on budget

History of development and expansions

1. Initial development 5. Expansion; 36 Mtpa to 52 Mtpa Based on Junction Central deposit Based on Junction South East 15 Mtpa dry plant deposit Completed in 1999 New 16 Mtpa capacity dry plant 10Mt produced in 1st yr operation (1999) Enlarged stockyard (4 275 kt) Additional rail loop and train loadout 2. Expansion from 15 Mtpa to 20 Mtpa Now producing ore and in rampModified crushing & screening circuit in up phase (earlier than plan) 15 Mtpa dry plant Completed in 2000 3. Expansion from 20 Mtpa to 24 Mtpa Modified crushing & screening circuit in 20 Mtpa dry plant Included new 600kt live capacity stockyard Completed in 2004 4. Expansion from 24 Mtpa to 36 Mtpa New wet plant to process low grade ore Commissioned mid 2005

JSE Expansion overview

Commissioning of JSE is underway New 16Mtpa dry plant with primary and secondary crushing using mineral sizers Tertiary crushers and product screens (expanded) located inside the rail loops
Shared with 12Mtpa wet plant and bypass

Enlarged stockyard (4 x 275kt stockpiles)

Additional reclaimer

Additional rail loop and train loadout JSE production plan for 2007 and 2008
Production commenced in May 2007, rampup to full capacity by the end of 2007 Mining to commence in Union Central area


Yandi mining equipment Haul trucks 13 Komatsu 730E (190 t) 9 Komatsu 830E (240 t) Loading units 1 O&K RH170 1 Hitachi EX3600 5 Komatsu WA1200

3500 t/hr 3500 t/hr 3500 t/hr

Auxiliary 3 Reedrill SKS 10 5/8 rotary drills 3 Caterpillar D11 dozers 2 Komatsu 825A graders 1 Caterpillar 16H grader 2 WD900 Komatsu wheel dozer

Pit de-watering

Approx 40m draw down required to de-water the ore body Two new bore fields established in 2002 to enable pit expansion; currently 12 pumps operational 2 x in pit sump pump for additional de-watering Water discharged to Marillana Creek, downstream of the mine (15ML/day) Some water used for dust suppression in the pit and plant (2ML/day) Groundwater storage is recharged by high summer rainfall


Aquifer recharge at Yandicoogina JSE Since 2006 the recharge system returns 16.5Ml/day to the CID aquifer, which accounts for 45% of the de-watering volume. Assessing for use at Hope Downs


Yandi Process Plants Flowsheet

TLO #2 TLO #1



Central 24Mta Dry 3700 tph

Central Plant 24Mt

CV215 CV12 CV212

Loop 28 Mta Dry 4310 tph

Central 12Mta Wet 1850 tph

Wet Plant Feed 15 Mt Product 12 Mt

300 Kt

Central Wet Plant Primary

Junction Central

275 kt Central 17.5 By Pass 2700 tph

Wet Plant ByPass 17.5 Mt

8010 tph



Possibility to cart from JSE to Wet Plant


300 Kt

275 Kt

JSE 16/24 Mta Dry 2460 tph 3700 tph

JSE Primary 16 / 24 Mt

Junction South East

Replenish Depletion


Upgrades - Yandicoogina

Yandi - Ore Produced



34.3 29.6







10.0 2003 2004 2005 2006


Hope Downs


Mine operations overview - Hope Downs 1

Ore Reserves Ore Reserves 344 Mt (Marra Mamba at Hope 1) 344 Mt (Marra Mamba at Hope 1) Mineral Resources Mineral Resources 290 Mt (Brockman at Hope 3 & 4) 290 Mt (Brockman at Hope 3 & 4) 250 Mt (Marra Mamba at Hope 1, 2 250 Mt (Marra Mamba at Hope 1, 2 & 3) & 3) 70 Mt (DID at Hope 1) 70 Mt (DID at Hope 1) 40 Mt (CID at Hope 2) 40 Mt (CID at Hope 2)
as at 31 December 2006 as at 31 December 2006


Hope Downs mining equipment

Loading Equipment 2 Hitachi EX5500 Shovels 2 Komatsu WA1200 Loaders Haul Trucks 10 Komatsu 830E Haul Trucks Auxiliary Equipment 1 Reedrill SKF-15 Drill 2 Reedrill SKSS-15 Drills 2 Caterpillar D11 Dozers 2 Caterpillar 16G Graders 2 Komatsu WA900 Loaders 1 Komatsu WA500 Loader 1 Hitachi EX1200 Excavator Conventional open-pit operations FIFO operation 280 direct employees Up to 180 contractors (shuts) Large dewatering exercise underway (50% BWT) Pre-strip activities start this month Recruitment progressing well All key leadership roles filled Overwhelming response to advertisement campaign on NOVA


Hope Downs plant Process Plant design based on West Angelas design with specific improvement modifications. Designed to initially process 23 Mtpa from Hope North with an allowance to expand to 32 Mtpa with addition of Hope South (stage 2). Plant is under construction with commissioning planned for Q1 2008. Plan to accelerate stage 2 and ramp-up rate


Hope Downs joint venture

50:50 Unincorporated JV between RTIO and Hancock Prospecting Bianca Rinehart currently on the Executive Training Program Operational experience Development focus Other commodity exposure


Hope Downs mine development RTIO manage the JV subject to a joint management committee (Rio casting vote) To develop the HDJV assets Hope 1-6 Reserve and resource ~1bt Construction of mine and rail well underway Expect to begin pre-commissioning activities in late 2007 with first production very early in 2008 Mine product to be part of Pilbara Blend Capital cost Mine development US$590m (Rio share US$295m) Rail, rolling stock and power US$390m (100% Rio) On time and on budget

West Angelas


Mine operations overview - West Angelas Deposit A

Main mining areas in 2H07 and 2008 Main mining areas in 2H07 and 2008
New mining concept well underway New mining concept well underway

Progressing west from East Pit Progressing west from East Pit Ore Reserves Ore Reserves
408 Mt (Marra 408 Mt (Marra Mamba -- Deposits A, Mamba Deposits A, B & E) B & E)

Mineral Resources Mineral Resources

505 Mt (Marra 505 Mt (Marra Mamba -- Deposits A Mamba Deposits A to G and Angelo to G and Angelo River) River)

Performance in 2006 Performance in 2006

Total Material Total Material Movement 87.6 Mt Movement 87.6 Mt Saleable Ore Product Saleable Ore Product 23.7 Mt 23.7 Mt
as at 31 December 2006 as at 31 December 2006


West Angelas operations overview

Conventional open pit operations Employees fly-in / fly-out operation 870 room camp 460 employees Up to 390 contractors (shuts) Train load time 3hrs Train-loading rate 8000tph Primary Crusher Rate 3800tph
West Angelas - Ore Produced
26.0 24.0 22.0 20.0 Mt 18.0 16.0

23.7 21.4


14.0 12.0 10.0 2003 2004 2005 2006


West Angelas key parameters Largest RTIO mine in terms of total material mined (~100Mtpa) Ore quality control integrated with blending Production of WA Lump and WA Fines at the mine historically but now planning transition to component of Pilbara Blend in Q3 07 15% of the ore body below the water table New pit design implemented in 2006. Mining now concentrated at one end of deposit, decreasing area which needs to be cleared and reducing pit overhead costs


West Angelas mobile fleet Loading units

2 x Hitachi EX5500 shovel 2 x Hitachi EX3600 Excavators 1 x Hitachi 3500 2x Le Torneau 1350 Loaders 1 x Komatsu WA1200 Loader

Auxillary equipment
2 x Komatsu WD900 wheel dozers 2 x Komatsu 375 Track Dozers 2 x Komatsu 475 Track Dozers 3 x Komatsu 825 Graders 1 x CAT 24H Grader 2 x Ingersoll Rand DML 15 drills 3 x Redrill SKSS 15 drills 1x Komatsu WA900

Haul trucks
13 x 730E Komatsu (190t) trucks 10 x 830E Komatsu (220t) trucks


West Angelas process flowsheet

As part of the expansion from 20 Mtpa to 25 Mtpa, the product stockyard capacity at the mine was increased to 900kt (6150 kt) Supplementary ore is being supplied (via CV50) from a contract mobile crushing & screening plant located near the low grade ore stockpile This initiative increases total capacity to 28.5Mtpa