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MGE Comet S31

Three phase / Single phase

15 / 20 kVA

3 Phase Performance Power Protection for Industrial Application, Automation Control and Critical manufacturing Processes > Wide Input Range Industrial > Single Phase Output

MGE Comet 31 15 / 20 kVA

High Availability
> UPS and battery fully replaceable on-line > No demand on the batteries over a wide range of
input voltages

> UPS can be connected to 2 independent electrical


> Redundancy, ability to operate in sequential

redundancy mode, control of 2 levels of availability

> Enhanced protection with the Battery Monitor:

- recharging cycle adjusted to the temperature of the room - protection against full discharges - precise measurement of the battery capacity - periodic and automatic tests

> Integration into any environment > High mobility: low weight, 4 castors, 4 locking guides > Straightforward connection: high capacity, easily
accessible terminal blocks

> Straightforward connection: high capacity, easily

accessible terminal blocks

> Simplified operation and indicator system

> Compatibility with multi-source environments > Several Comets can be monitored via the Ethernet

> Wide choice of discharge times, from 10 to 50 minutes

MGE Comet 31 Features

Protection for equipment susceptible to interference
> On-line double conversion technology > Double filtering on input and output > Structure sealed for protection against radio-electrical interference

Associated communication
> Multislot > Environment Sensor for the SNMP/Web card > JBus/ModBus card > Network Management Card > Status information card

On-Line Double Conversion Topology

True on-line topology combined with Digital Power Quality > Continuous regeneration of the voltage and frequency > Inverter walk-in to eliminate inrush currents > Manages all power quality issues

Associated Services
> Commissioning > Teleservice > Maintenance contracts > Battery replacement > Battery monitoring > Site audit

Technical characteristics
UPS Rating kVA/KW (PF = 0.8) Nominal AC input Input voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Grid System Mains Output Output voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Grid System Performance Technology Efficiency mains mode Efficiency battery mode Overload capacity Permissible crest factor Current distortion Operating temperature Noise level (dBA) Communication Port Slot 15/12 20/16 325-445 V 47-63 Hz, frequency converter as standard function 3-phase + neutral power supply 1 and power supply 2 common or separate 200/208/230/240/250 V 50/60 Hz +/- 1% phase + neutral On-line double conversion 93 % 92 % 1.3 to 1.5 ln for 10 seconds, 1.1 to 1.3 ln for 1 minute, 1.05 to 1.1 ln for 10 minutes 5:1 4% 40C for 8 hours; 35C for 24 hours; 0C to 30C continuous 50 Sub-D 15 port for LAN communication 3 slots for the S31 communications interface: RS232/U-Talk card, GTC card (JBUS, Monitor Plus terminal)

Options Enhanced filtering Filtering option Electrical insulation Optional isolation transformer Standards and certifications Performance and topology EN 50091-3 EMC EN 55011/022 level A Certification CE ; TUV Design and manufacture ISO 9001 Connection to input / output terminal block (optional PDU terminal strip) Flexible cables 10 mm Rigid cables 6 mm Dimensions of the modules, H x L x D (mm) UPS with integral batteries 1085 x 560 x 680 Weight (kg) of UPS with integral batteries Without packaging 370 With packaging 418

35 mm 16 mm

450 478