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Our Vision Patients are our passion. Our physicians and associates are our pride.

Healing is our joy. We will be widely known for the way our physicians, nurses and associates combine sophisticated medical technology with spirituality and compassion. Shoulder-to-shoulder, we stand united in our community to care for those in need. We will be a leader in service excellence.

Our Goals
Provide the highest quality of patient care to achieve positive patient outcomes.

Provide increased access and expanded services to more patients. Grow market share through increased volume, physician recruitment and facility planning maintenance.

Exceed patients expectations for the services provided. Provide excellence in patient care and support services to meet or exceed physician needs and expectations.

Achieve positive financial performance to reinvest in enhanced clinical programs and improved facilities for our patients as well as competitive salaries and benefits for our staff.

Maximize our human resources through recruitment, retention, training and development, resulting in the provision of excellent clinical care and support services to our patients.

Improve the image of MGH with staff and care providers as well as with our external constituents. Continue our efforts in community outreach to better meet the health and wellness needs of those we serve as well as those we hope to serve.

Mission & Core Values

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Mission Statement
We deliver quality care to every patient through comprehensive integrated clinical practice, medical innovation and lifelong learning. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of:

Our patient - excellent and cost-effective healthcare Our staff - continuing development and welfare Our nation - partnership in promoting health

Our Vision
To be a renowned organisation at the leading edge of Medicine, providing quality healthcare to meet our nation's aspirations.

Our Quality Commitment

"Best Outcome, Best Experience"

Clinical Quality - Assure safe and integrated care delivery Service Quality - Create Seamless Service ; Excel in Personalised Care

Our Environment, Health & Safety Commitment

Guard against adverse Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) risks and continuously improve our performance Reduce, re-use, recycle Enhance efficient use of resources and energy Ensure compliance with legal and other requirements Nurture and promote EHS awareness among our employees, suppliers and contractors

Care and Respect

1. At SGH, you will be treated with dignity in a humane and safe environment. Your personal safety includes being free from physical restraints or seclusion, unless required as part of your overall medical treatment. Appropriate protection will be accorded to the disabled, elderly and those with special needs. 2. We will conduct consultation, examination, treatment and case discussion discreetly and with respect to your personal privacy. 3. We respect your personal values, religious and ethnic beliefs and need for privacy. Your nurse in the ward can arrange a visit by a religious counsellor if you require support in this area.

4. Making decisions about medical treatment for a serious illness can be difficult for you and your family. The Hospital's Bioethics Committee Secretariat provides guidance on difficult issues arising in such situations. We respect and will comply with your decisions made in accordance with your Advance Medical Directive if you have made one.