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-- Select Series -- Commissioning Report

revision 0811

Ensure you are using the most current version of this form. Failure to us the most current version will result in your Commissioning Report being rejected. The most current version can be downloaded from:

2. Your macro security level must be set to 'Low' or 'Medium' to use this Commissioning Report form. To change your macro security level, click Tools - Options. On the Security tab, click "Macro Security." 3. This form is to be completed and submitted electronically. Mitsubishi Electric will not accept hand written copies, mailed hard copies or faxed copies of this report (with the exception of the cover page discussed below). 4. Always clear the Commissioning Report form using the "Clear Form" button on the Cover Page prior to beginning a new Commissioning Report. Failure to clear the form prior to beginning will result in incorrect data being reported to Mitsubishi Electric and will delay the issue of your warranty certificate. 5. Complete the Cover Page. Provide all information requested. Failure to provide complete informaiton will delay the issue of your warranty certificate. Select the system type (outdoor unit series/model type) from the listing provided. The Commissioning Report form will be built based on the system type selected. - R2-Series (Modular): PURY models [P~T/Y(S)HMU, P~T/Y(S)JMU]; PQRY models [P~T/YHMU] - Y-Series (Modular): PUHY models [P~T/Y(S)HMU, P~T/Y(S)JMU, HP~T/Y(S)HMU]; PQHY models [P~T/YHMU] - S-Series (PUMY): PUMY models [P~NHMU] - R2-Series (TGMU): PURY models [P~TGMU]; PQRY models [P~TGMU] - Y-Series (TGMU): PUHY models [P~TGMU]; PQHY models [P~TGMU] 6. Complete all subsequent pages of the Commissioning Report, again providing all requested information about the system. The following fields are calculated fields and are therefore not selectable on the report form for data input. - General Tab: Total Indoor Unit Connected Capacity - Outdoor Tab: Additional Refrigerant Charge (calculated based on data input on the Index & Charge Calc Tab) - Index & Charge Calc Tab: Indoor Unit Sizes and Total Connected Capacities (calculated based on the outdoor unit and indoor unit models selected) - Index & Charge Calc Tab: Total System Index (calculated based on the outdoor unit and indoor unit models selected) 7. The Maintenance-Inspection Tab is provided as a reference guide for periodic maintenance. 8. A Maintenance Tool recording (minimum 2-hour duration) an an as-built Design Tool file must be submitted with the Commissioning Report.

CITY MULTI -- Select Series -- Commissioning Report

Site Name: Site Address: Address 2: City: System Designer: Installing Contractor: Commissioning Agent: E-mail: * Commissioning Date: System Reference: Location:
To be completed by MEUS/HVAC Service Department

Country: State/Prov: Telephone: Telephone: Telephone: Equipment Purchased From: CFC Safe Handling Registration Number: CITY MULTI Service Course Completion Date: Zip Code:

Warranty Number:

1. 2. 3. 4. Refrigeration pipe work has been pressure tested (600 psig) and evacuated using the triple evacuation method. Correct refrigeration trim charge has been added and service valves have been opened. All units, remote controllers and centralized controllers in the system have corrrect address settings prior to applying power to the outdoor unit. Power supply (source voltage) to all units must be checked prior to switching on. Once the unit has been switched on, the crankcase heater must be left on for a 12-hour period prior to start-up. Do not connect M-Net terminals during this period. After the 12-hour period has elapsed, turn off the main power circuit breaker for at least 10 minutes, reconnect the M-Net terminals and then turn the main power circuit breaker back on. All control cable installation is completed using 16 AWG shielded cable. Shield is grounded at the outdoor unit only (NOT at the 'S' terminal) for TGMU models. All condensate drainpipe work must be complete. Submit a Maintenance Tool recording (minimum 2-hours) and an as-built Design Tool file with this commissioning report.

5. 6. 7.


Test Pressure: Test Period: PSIG Hours

Vacuum Achieved: Pressure Rise Test Results: Microns Hours Microns


Select your outdoor series/model type: -- Select Series --- Select Series --

* Commissioning Agent's E-mail address is required for Mitsubishi Electric to provide registration number.

Original Commissioning Report documents and a CD containing Maintenance Tool recordings and Design Tool files must be received by Mitsubishi Electric at the address below no later than 21 days after completion of system starup/commissioning. Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. HVAC Advanced Products Division Attn: Service Department 3400 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road Suwanee, GA 30024 ** Ensure you are using the most current version of this form. Refer to the Instructions tab of this form for instructions on how to download the most current revision of the Commissioning Report being rejected. **

Mitsubishi Electric Electronics USA HVAC Advanced Products Division

CITY MULTI Commissioning Report

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