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1 What do you think globalization means? What global companies can you think of?

What industries are they in? Do global companies do more harm than good? In my opinion,globalization means a company set up subsidaries in the other countries and make them into local companies.Also setting up new companies means the transferring of technology and capital.When offering to global companies ,we may easy to think of P&G,KFC,AIRBUS,NOKIA and so on.these companies are in different industries,some in instant food industries,some in heavy industries,some in aviation industries.It may different to say absolutely global companies do more harm or do more good.It obviously that global companies give us much cheaper ang higher quality products which make us enjoy a more comfortable life.Also global companies introduced more advanced technology and management skills.But on the other hand,with the strong competition,some national companies is eliminating and our national cuture is also dispearing with the step of globalization. 2 Are you influenced by brands when you choose products or services? (Why or why not?) Would you consider buying a new brand of product newly introduced to the market? (Why or why not?) What do you think a company should do to create brand awareness for a new brand? I think whether I influenced by the brands depend on different kinds of things.When I choose something I use everyday such as shampoo,I will firstly take brands into consideration.Because I think shampoo is a kind of chemical product,some small companies may add put some unhealthy addition ,which may have a bad influence on my health.But when I choose cloths ,I think style and quality are important than brands.Generally I dont want to have a try to a new brand of product,because I think it is not worthy for me to try a product with un certainty.But if there are some discount or free-trying,Id like to have a try. For a company who want to create brand awareness,I have some suggestions.Firstly its necessary to make a product rocognisale.Secondly,the company should associate with specific quality with his brand.thirdly,forming a customer loyalty is impotant for a company.

3 How often do you travel by air, rail, underground, road and sea? What do you enjoy about traveling? What dont you enjoy? To be honest,t have never traveled by air and sea.when I go to school or go back home , I will travel by train. Almost I will traveled by train four times a year. But when I go out for a short trip. I will travel by bus.when I travel to different place ,I am enjoying the scenes in differert place,I will be happy when I learn different culture from different cities. Also ,during the journey we can communicated with different people and gain some friends. But there are some unhappy things such as the crowed train,the traffic jam or some abusive person. We may lost our way to in strange cities .

4 Whats important when choose household appliance? Brand name Technology

When I choose house hold appliance ,I will take several factors into consideration such as brand name ,price ,sevices,and technology and so on .firstly,I will select several famous brands for me to make choice.the reason why I choose famous brands because usually famous brands stands for good quality and better sevices.besidea that price worth for money is also important,with the same quality ,I will choose the product with a lower price.as we all known that household applicance is a kind of durable product.well use it for a long time ,so the sevice is important too.good sevice is a guarantee for our products.last but not least, a product with advanced technology may means more time it can be used and much safer,more electricitysaving.

5 Which of the following statements do you agree with? Why? People remember advertisements not products. Advertising raises prices. Advertising has a bad influence on children. I think people sometimes remember advertisements but not the product.usuarally if a advertisement is too attractive ,the people who watch it may pay more attention to the advertisement rather than the product.but usually,people will remember the product also because there is a high frequency of broadcasting advertisement.actually advertusing will arise the price of product,as we all know,advertising is very expensive,so the advertising increase the tolly cost of the product ,so the product will be sold at a higher price.but on the other hand ,advertising reduce the seeking cost of customers,customers can easily to fing out what they are want tobuy and avoid buying a wrong product,so it is difficult to say advertising raises prices absolutely. I think there may be bad influence on children,because some companies in order to promote their sales,they may add some unhealthy factors to advertisement to draw childrens attention.so this may had bad influence on children.

6 What is dress code? How important is personal appearance at work? For example? Think about formal clothing, uniforms, men with earrings and tattoos, etc. Dress cold is how you dress in certain place. For example if you work in the police-office ,you need to wear uniform. But if you work is designing something you need to wear casually as you want. I think the personal appearance have great relation to the work. If you work as a accountant ,your personal appearance should be neat and tidy. We usually see some barber with earring in order to show that they are fashion. But if a policeman withearrings we may think that he shuoldnt be a good policeman. It will be amussing that a barber dressed in a uniform. That may also have bad influence on their job.

7 Is free trade always a good thing? Do you think it leads to the creation of jobs, or to unemployment? Should certain industries be protected? If so, which? As everything in the world have two sides,free trade is not the exception. On one hand free trade

may make our product import more easily,meanwhile,the product from the other countries will import to our country more easily . if the product we produced have a competitive advantages ,free trade may leads to creation of jobs. But if we dont have advantages ,our factories may go to bankrupt, and a lot of people will out of work. In my opinion some indutries such as energy industries and military industries should be protected. Because these industries is the economic lifeline of our country. In order to get a good economy order ,we should protect these industries.

8 What is important when advertising a product? Target markets Choice of media To be a succeseful advertisement ,here are some important factors. The purpose of the advertaisement is promoting sales. To find the right target market is very important,only fing the potential customer can the advertisement be effective.choosing the right media is may help you convey the information of the product effectively to the potential customers. For example ,KFC also make advertisement on bus TV or bus stop. But some daylily-comsumption product may advertise on TV.Tirldly,the content of the advertisement is also important. Nowadays with thedevelopment of advertisement,there are so many different advertisement on TV or some other media,the attractive content is a guanrantee for draw enough attention from the custums. The factors mentioned above are both important for a good advertisement. 9 A colleague in a company which tests medical equipment has been making bad mistakes recently at work. This is because she has a serious illness. You are her friend and the only person at work who knows this. She has asked you to keep it a secret. What should you do? Before i make decision,I should get some information about the miatake and the bad influence of this mistake. If the mistake have a serious influence on my colleagues work. I will have a talk with my friend and tell her or him that the lose. I will advise him or her to tell the leader the truth,and I will help him to explain the situation . but if he insist that he would not tell the truth I will not keep the secret.I will make a explaination to my company in order to help the company to make a right decision. Though I dont keep the secret and maybe my friend will be angury with me ,I still i do the what i should do. 10What is your opinion of the following strange inventions: The self-extinguishing cigarette has a container of water buried near the filter tip. A collapsible coffin which can be carried on the bus. The self-extinguishing cigarette is a very interesting invention. I think this invention may help those people who have always forget to extinguish the cigarrete extinguish the cigarette. Maybe this invention will reduce the chance of fire. But I think this kind of cigarrete may cost too much to make and use .With this reason I think this kind of cigarrette may not sell very well. A collapsible coffin is easy to carry. But I think if we use this kind of coffin for my dead relations ,the passengers on the bus may feel very uncomfortale . meanwhile I think this kind of coffin also show unrespect to my relations. SO i think I would not like to use it at all .

11 What are the methods of communication to staff in most companies? Is it important to let your manager know your ideas about work? (Why?) Do you think people can be trained to communicate more efficiently? (How?) In companies ,people often use telephone ,MSN and e-mails to communicate about work. People also use telephone to communiate how to do the work. They use e-mails to repot to leader what work they have finished. It is important to let my manager know your ideas about work. Because through communicate the work ideas ,my manager will get further understangding with me ,which may give me a hand on my work. I think people can be trained to communicate more efficiently. For example they use the same format to send and reback e-mails. If there is a meeting people should give suggesttion in turn and should not interrupt other s talking .

12Do you think cultures are becoming more alike? Is this a good or bad thing? For example, think about : a. improved communications; b. global business; c. cheap foreign travel; d. trading groups (EU, ASEAN, etc.) In my opinion , cultures are becoming more alike nowadays. With the development of technology and information, Cultural Exchange is become more common these days. With the cutrual exchange , some cutures has absorbed some of the advantages of other cultures.I think Cultural assimilation is a trend of the development of cutures. I think that cultural assimilation is a good thing. Because it is adapted to the needs of the community. Under the similar background of cultures, communication will become more easy, which is the driving force for social progress. global business also will develop very quickly.

13Discuss these statements. Do you agree with them? Give your reasons. 1. Small is beautiful is a better strategy in business than big is best 2. Big companies should aim to gain market share rather than make profits. 3. Companies should focus on what they do best rather than diversify. I think it is difficult to say absolutely small or big is good in business. In my opinion , The

size of the company must adapt to the development of itsself. I agree with the idea that Big companies should aim to gain market share rather than make profits. Large companies have a strong production capacity.
Only more market share can match to the production capacity .also large companies have Economies of scale,so big companies have a lower cost of product. I agree that Companies should focus on what they do best rather than diversify. F ocusing on what they do best will help the company get the competitive advantages such as Adequate funding and advanced technology. 4.

14What makes a great leader Make a list of characteristics. Are there differences between men and women as leaders? Are people who were leaders at school more likely to be leaders later in life? I think a good leader should be open and decisinve and Charismatic. An open leader could communicate with people at all levels in order to get enough information to make deisions . also it is very important for a leader with the ability of selecting information,so decisive is also important. I think actually there not much big differences between men and women as leaders. Because we know that good leaders also have some characteristics in common. There maybe some slingtly difference between men and women as leaders such as the manners they use when do the work. I think people who were leaders at school more likely to be leaders later in life. Because we know that leaders at school may get some ability to be a leader ,which nay help them to become a good leader in the future. 15Whats important when evaluating the success of teamwork? Mutual trust In my opinion , Mutual trust Full cooperation and adquate communiation are important when evaluating the success of teamwork. Firstly Mutual trust is the basement of the team. With Mutual trust Members may focus on their own work Efficiently.secondly ,cooperation is crucial to a team s success. With th e help of each other s the work will be more easy to do. And there will be many different ideas among different member,which may help the leader to board his horizion.thidly adquate communicate will help menber know each other very well.with the adquate communicate with each other ,something difficult will be more easy to solute.

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