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Lord Maitreya

Translation and compilation by : Sanjay Bharatha

He is a Yogeeshwara who bestows the Knowledge, makes one practice the Yoga and grants Siddhi and Buddhi. He is the KarmaYogi who strengthened the Bhakti, Jnana and Vairagya of thousands of Jeevas and appointed them on the path of Nishkama Karma. Sitting in the Padmasana He always practices the 8 fold Yoga comprising of Yama, Niyama etc. His heart is always on the feet of Lord Sri Krishna. He sees Krishna even in his sense perceptions. Having been put to performing holy sacraments, his body radiates lustrous rays of light. His hands extend upto his knees, he is a Tapasvi and the color of his body is like molten gold. His forehead is quite wide with two vertical lines meeting to form an illustrious flower like shape. The light that shines from his forehead is like the glow of a lamp of ghee that dispels darkness. Lord Maitreya is the head of all such sad-guru lineages that are working incessantly on this planet. He is the Siddha who is appointed as a Jagat-Guru up to the end of Kali Yuga by the Ancient Purusha Lord Sri Krishna. Dharma keeps spreading on this earth being personified in his form. He keeps transmitting love, compassion and truth at the time of sunrise and sunset through his palms. The very remembrance of Lord Maitreya destroys all the sins. Those who see him do not see any signs of mind in themselves. The places where he moved have become holy spots. He keeps traveling only in order to purify the world. He is under the influence of those who surrender onto him.

Maitreya is the Yogeshwara who is staying on this planet. He is equivalent to Lord Sri Krishna Himself. Lord Sri Krishna formed His own abode in the person of Lord Maitreya. Lord Maitreya is the World-Teacher, who is implementing the Divine Plan of Lord Sri Krishna on this planet. He is the Siddha who is being worshipped as Christ by Christians, as Maitreya Buddha by Buddhists and as Imam Mehadi by Muslims. Lord Maitreya possesses divine body. He is purity personified. He is able of release anyone from the fetters of infatuation by his mere vision. He is the Bodhisattva who is standing at the threshold of Supreme Achievement so that the beings of the world could transcend the world and get enlightened. He is the holy one who stands out as the Way for the descent of divine intelligences from the Eternal Divine Abode into this works and for earthlings to reach the Divine Abode. He is the personification of Complete Bliss who enables the fellow yogis to be in the state of bliss and prompts them to teach the way of Yoga to the beings of earth. He is the master of Siddhi (Yogic achievement), Buddhi (intelligence) and Jnana (Knowledge).

It is due to this heart that pranava got established in the bodies of Jeevas as their inhalation and exhalation. It is such wisdom of Dhanvantri that Dhanvantari, the son of king of Kasi codified as the science of Ayurveda along with his study-mate, Bharadwaja. It is due to these two that the science of Ayurveda became famous in the world. Later the son of Dhanvantari, Ketumanta became famous in Ayurveda and ruled Jasi for 400 years. During his times there formed a university in Kasi. As his father had prepared 6000 Sushrutas and spread them in the world, Ketumanta prepared Charaka Samhitas and started the system of healers going around the world to heal the sick. Such healers became famous by the name of Charakas. Both the Sushrutas and Charakas began to dispense the health and the knowledge of the way of life. The son of Ketumanta was Bheemaradha. The famous rejuvenating medicine Chyavanprash was inaugurated during his time. The son of Bheemaradha was Devodas. During his time the Vasanta Kusumakara was inaugurated. Devodas ruled Kasi at the time when 400 years were still left in Dwapara Yuga. He was the contemporary of Shantanu, the emperor of Kuru dynasty. Maitreya is the son of Devodas. He made Maitreya well created in Vedas, Ayurveda and the arts. After completing the education at his fathers place he became the disciple of Sri Parasara Maharshi and did the service of his Guru for a long period. He became the 8 fold yoga through his guru and tore asunder the fetters of physical body and began to practice moving around in the divine bodies. It was through his questions put to his Guru Sri Parashara that the Vishnu Purana came to be told. It was this Purana that was later divided into 18 Puranas by the son of Parashara Maharshi, called Veda Vyasa. Layer in the Kali Yuga Bhagawata Purana came out in the form of the conversation between Vidura and Lord Maitreya. Parashara Maharshi being an omniscient foresaw the advent of the Avatara of the Supreme Lord with his divine eye. Parashara Maharshi is the foremost among the great ones who assisted the advent of the lord

on this earth. Lord Narada from the higher worlds and Parashara Maharshi on this earth have indirectly made the necessary arrangements on this earth for such an advent. In order to be of help to the Supreme Lord during His advent on the earth, Parashara Maharshi gathered a few noble individuals around him and trained them in all the Vedas, 8 fold Yoga, etc and made them masters. He dedicated these individuals along with his own son to the will of the supreme Lord. Lord Maitreya was principal among such trained masters. Other principal masters were Maruvu of solar dynasty, Devapi of lunar dynasty, Akrura of Yadu dynasty, Sandipani, Bruhaspati and others. With the grace of his Guru and with the permission of his father Lord Maitreya gave up the responsibility of rulership and dedicated his everything for the service of the Land of Bharatha. He made the Kalapa caves in the Himalayan Mountains as his abode and vowed to carry out the divine work for a long period of time. With the help of Devapi Maharshi and Maruvu Maharshi he resurrected the village of Shambala that had been earlier absorbed into Himalayan Mountains.

Lord Maitreya saluting his Guru Sri Parashara Maharshi. And bound himself upto the end of Kali-Yuga as a carrier of Lord Sri Krishna's energy for carrying out the Divine Plan eternally. Maharshi Parashara gave out Sri Vishnu Purana in response to the questions put by Lord Maitreya. Vishnu Purana is a synthesis of all the Vedas. Lord Maitreya obtained this as a blessing from Parashara Maharshi.

State-Craft or Rajaneeti, Dandaneeti or Crime & Punishment, Astrology, Geography, Science of Time measurement etc are sub-topics of Sri Vishnu Purana. Lord Maitreya carried out the study of Vishnu Purana for about 50 years. The first 10 years o that study was carried out under the Baniyan tree situated in front of Kapala Village in Himalayas. Next 10 years of teaching was carried out at Badarikashrama. The next 30 years of the teaching took place at Krushna Dweepa near Prayaga. Thus the incredible feat of teaching a single Purana for 50 long years was possible only for Maharshi Parashara and studying it in such a manner was possible only for Lord Maitreya. Both these Guru and Disciples are correct match for each other. Lord Maitreya has three sisters as his bodily relations. They are quite famous in Mahabharata as Amba, Ambika and Ambalika. Bheeshma Pitamaha was contemporary of Lord Maitreya. Drutarastra and king Pandu are his nephews. Even though he had renounced the world Lord Maitreya had warned Drutarastra on a few occasion off his infatuation towards his son, he would end up losing his entire family. Lord Maitreya played a principal role in the Yagna that Maharshi Parashara performed in order to prepare a divine body for Lord Sri Krishna at the time of his birth. Parashara Maharshi had organised a 7 day Yagna on the orders of Mata Parvati and Narada Maharshi.

In this Yagna Lord Maitreya, Veda Vyasa, Maruvu, Devapi, Sanatkumara and Sanatsujata played a pivotal role. This Yagna was aimed at purifying the impure Trigunatmaka Prakriti by purifying the Pancha Bhootas by the sound vibrations of Vedas and making those useful to the divine body of the Supreme Lord who was to take birth as Lord Sri Krishna. Due to such sound vibrations of the Vedas the atoms of the body of the lord that was growing in the womb of Devaki Devi became pure. These Veda Ghoshas or sound vibrations of Vedas were different from all the preceding ones in any of the past Yugas. The Veda Ghoshas that arise from that Yagna were such that they reverberating in the atmospheric circles Those were heard as a sort of flute sounds. And such a pious act of arranging a purified body for the Supreme Lord was also to the credit of Lord Maitreya along with Maharshi Parashara. After the end of Mahabharatha was lord Sri Krishna drew out a plan for the emancipation of humans during approaching Kali Age. Influenced by this Divine Plan Veda Vyasa Maharshi wrote Bharatha, Bhagawata, etc. He incorporated Bhagwadgita in Mahabharatha. Bhagwadgita was the synthesis of Vedas, Upanishads, Sastras, Brahma Vidya and Yoga Sastra. Maharshi Veda Vyasa heard such Bhagwadgita through his clairaudience and incorporated it in Mahabharatha. But for Maharshi Veda Vyasa Kali Age would not have had such a literature with a foresight. Lord Sri Krishna arranged that such synthesis of Bhakti, Jnana and Vairagya be spread across the world through Maitreya Maharshi. Maharshi Maitreya played a principal role in the execution of the Divine Plan of Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Sri Krishna has unprecedented grace upon Lord Maitreya. Sri Krishna thinks that in the coming age of Kali, Lord Maitreya is the Jagadguru who would be able to show the right path to the humans. And Lord Maitreya thinks that Lord Sri Krishna is the only Guru of the three worlds.

Rishsi headed by Sri Parashara Maharshi performed a grand Yagna to aid Lord Sri Krishnas Avatara -9-

The relations between them are extremely fascinating. Accepting the play of the Divine completely and being ready for it is the speciality of Lord Maitreya. Lord Maitreya is always alert towards the Divine. Lord Maitreya obtained due to the grace of Lord Krishna and through Lord Krishna the path for Divine Abode. Lord Sri Krishna had arranged a way out of the ill effects of Kali Age. He resolved to provide a path for emancipation or Divine Abode through the means of the sound of Flute.

In order to grace this upon the souls, Lord Sri Krishna intended to utilise the subtle body of a Siddha. And He chose Lord Maitreya for this purpose because he was an immortal, a Siddha and such a stable minded Siddha who could not be even touched by Kali. When such an accomplished Siddha is available the Lord need not be in the physical body. He can carry out everything through the medium of such a Siddha. And He could thus expand or reach out to the souls. This is known as Vishnu Principle. Like this, as the souls keep coming into the reach of Vishnu Principle the Kali becomes helpless. After thus choosing Lord Maitreya for this purpose Lord Sri Krishna appointed Sri Devapi Maharshi and Sri Maruvu Maharshi as the followers of Lord Maitreya, thus forming a Triangle. This Triangle is the corner stone for the divine plan in this Kali Age. The huge structure of Divine Plan is said to be resting upon the able shoulders of these three Maharshis. Thus Lord Maitreya became the Jagadguru for the Kali-Yuga. From that time to even this time Lord Maitreya along with his followers is promoting the welfare of the souls through the path of subtle divine magic. He would continue to do so until the end of Kali-Yuga. This is an unprecedented vow. No one can compare to Him.

He resolved to establish Vishnutva or divinity in humans through the vibratory consciousness by extending his company in the form of low thunderous subtle vibratory sound in the hearts of jivas. The jivas will be subtly attracted to the path of consciousness by the sound of flute that they hear in their hearts. Those who are attracted to this subtle magic of thunderous sound of flute will not succumb to the black magic weaved by Kali. Lord Krishna created his subtle magic of sound of flute as opposing to Kalis Black Magic. The resolve of the Lord is to grace every soul one by one through this continuous subtle magic and to make them enter the path of consciousness. In this path of bestowing the divine touch in the heart and making him travel in the path of light, there is no harm for the soul even if he has to reincarnate a number of times in this world. Whenever he is again born the magic of subtle divine consciousness that is hidden in his heart would gradually flower and make him travel in the path of light alone. This subtle path of divine magic is one that bestows divine kingdom.
- 10 -

An Artists impression of Lord Maitreya

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