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Demonologia ianuarie 2003

Demonologia ianuarie 2003

The Horde Pages: Demonologie

Vincent Pryce A Demon Hunter, and one of the best. The mantle was passed on to her by her father, who disappeared soon after. Now, with an existential net and an oddly flaming staff, Vincent follows the call, a family curse, as she banishes demons and searches for the truth about her father's disappearance... but there is something about her... Charlie Winkle Charles (Charlie) Winkle is the son of Agnetha Winkle (a famous author in occult circles who disappeared a few years ago) and is quite blissfully unaware of just who, and what, he is... but once he manages to summon a small demon horde, he begins to realise that he has a Destiny. With a capital 'D'. The Horde: Poet An expert in the art of battle poetry, or so he says, Poet is summoned by Charlie Winkle in the middle of a recital of one of his greatest works... While eager to get to Charlie's secrets (and convince him that he has a Destiny), he is more than willing to keep many secrets himself... Ox Poet's brother, while hardly the sharpest sacrificial dagger in the coven, is still highly intelligent - a savant in fact, with a wonderful ability to build strange mechanical doohickeys that Poet can empower with demharmonics... Creak in't Night and Clammy A strange pair, this one - Creak is a nightmare beneath his cloak, able to turn those who see him to jelly, occasionally literally! Clammy is apparently female, though all that anyone has ever seen is her mischievous left hand... Pucky A chicken. And yet more.

Art populaire du Mexique

Demonologia ianuarie 2003

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Calices diaboliques utiliss lors de messes noires.

Chandelier dmoniaque.

Une poupe datant du XVII eme sicle utilis lors d'envoutements.

Demonologia ianuarie 2003

Pot de sorcires utilis pour des envoutements

Poignard utilis lors de sacrifices ?

Ancien autel Satanique

Serre livres diabolique

Pichet effigie satanique

Demonologia ianuarie 2003

Le billet satanique Canadien

Emblme Satanique

Satan et l'enfant

Pince-Papier Diabolique

Pichet l'effigie du Diable

Pichet l'effigie du Diable vu de face

Couverts Diaboliques

Demonologia ianuarie 2003

GOETIA-The Keys Of Solomon

First of all if you don't know what the Goetia is or haven't' had at least 10 years of experience practicing Ceremonial Magick e.g. Kaballah, you shouldn't be messing around with the Goetic magick!!! When I say 10 years of experience, I mean you should have knowledge beyond what you have read in books by Crowley, Regardie and Kraig. What is the Goetia? It is known as the Greater & Lesser Keys of King Solomon. The fable is that King Solomon imprisoned the 72 key intelligences or according the xtians "demons". In reality these beings are NOT demons, they are spirits who were at one time worshipped as gods. They are older than man and have been around since the formation of the galaxy. They are not bound by time, matter, or our false realities. The 72 intelligences are made up of Princes, Dukes, Djinn, etc. You should start out with beings that do not have negative traits and those without malice towards man. The two I recommend are Dantalion and Vassago. Dantalion is a Duke, can foresee the future, is able to see what others are thinking and has the abilities to change their minds. Vassago is a Prince, his abilities are mainly for divination purposes. You will need a scrying mirror or crystal ball, the seal of Vassago and the triangle of manifestation to get answers to your questions. You should not call upon him until you have exhausted all other resources (Tarot, pendulum, etc.) and it had better be important. Don't call on him to ask if so and so loves you, etc. Learn how to read people through body language and their direct actions/reactions. Although I have not worked Vassago, I have worked with Dantalion. Let me state right up front...there is a price for receiving help from these beings, and if you are not prepared to carryout your end of the deal, or you are worried that they may ask too much of you, don't call on them!!!! The intelligence you call on will tell you what it wants you to do for them in return for their help. So what happens if you don't immediately (immediately is the key word here) keep your promise? I can answer that from experience....your life will instantly turn to disaster! When we first called on Dantalion we were $300.00 short of the rent, no food in the house except for a steady diet of ramen, we couldn't do our laundry, put gas in the car, our business was in the worst shape ever, we couldn't supply the usual back to school supplies, ASB fees or new clothes for our son to go back to school, etc. Dantalion did do some pretty significant things, but it was not enough in my husbands mind. We had a big hurdle to cross on the rent...namely changing someone' mind in order to get the cash. Our rent did get paid, albeit a few days late, but the Apartment manager waived late fees because we had paid rent early every month for 5 years. In fact we got more than we needed from our hard headed benefactor (a parent) so we were able to buy food, put gas in the car and pay a few bills.

Demonologia ianuarie 2003 In our case my husband had promised to put up a web site to Dantalion if he/she would make our business successful by giving us favor with others, general good luck and change our son' negative attitude. Well my husband, the wonder brain decided that he would carry out his end of the bargain when he started to see significant changes in our lives. A few days after Dantalion moved heaven and earth to do these things my husband had decided that what he (she in our case) did for us wasn't significant enough for him to put himself out by building the web site. Wrong move! The next day we became quite ill with respiratory flu, and high fevers. Our business stopped generating sales, one of our sponsors decided that we we're violating our sales agreement (which we weren't) and therefore we would not be paid the $1,000.00 they owed us. My Dad cut me and my son out of his will over a long string of lies my sister had come up with over the years. We couldn't pay our utilities or our car insurance, and there was no income whatsoever coming in from anywhere! But that's not all. Needless to say I got busy by doing some things to honor the agreement, which was more of a band-aid until my husband could get his lazy butt to work on that website. Now don't decide this is an isolated case. When things started falling apart I contacted the man who put up the original website himself with Dantalions ritual. His reply....he didn't keep his promise immediately either. He almost ended up in jail, his finances hit rock bottom, and a long string of other things. His advice was to promise Dantalion anything and do it immediately!!! So if you are really set on taking on the Goetia, and you DO know what you are doing when it comes to magick I can recommend a few sites to help you. First of all check out the article "Goetia Made Easy" by Phil Legard. His website is at: http://psorecereezee.future.easyspace.com/goetia/easy.html. The Dantalion website we learned from is at: http://internettrash.com/users/dantalion. I also suggest a trip to Dark Mages Realm: http://i.am/Dark_Mage.

There is a lot of misinformation on the web as well as that which is perpetrated by authors that do not know the history of the craft or are deliberately leaving out the correct historical data, this includes Silver RavenWolf. Remember this, just because someone writes a book does not mean that they are an "authority" on the subject. It just means they did a little bit of research and they either knew someone of importance to help them get their book published or they were just plain lucky because there was a market demand and not enough new material. Misconception number 1: Wicca/Witchcraft has been in existence 11,000 years. FALSE! Shamanism and Folk Magick has been around 11, 000 years. Witchcraft is

Demonologia ianuarie 2003 the practice of magick, it is NOT a religion. Wicca is NEW religion, and you will find that definition in Scott Cunninghams Book; Wicca: For the Solitary Practitioner!!! Paganism is the worship of deity and that of the environment, (ie: Moon goddess, Sun God, Fertility deities, elemental Gods/Goddesses), without aligning yourself to any particular "religion" or belief such as Wicca or Witta. The pagan people lived off the land, they depended upon fertile soil, enough rain for the crops and plenty of children to help them work the land. Don't forget that the life expectancy in the early centuries was not all that high. Previous to the 18th century a person was considered elderly if they lived past their 30's. Previous to that a person was lucky to live until the age of 30. Wicca: "A contemporary (READ: NEW) Pagan religion with spiritual roots in Shamanism and the earliest expressions of reverence of nature. Among it's major motifs are: reverence for the Goddess and God; reincarnation; magic; ritual observance of the Full Moon; astronomical and agricultural phenonema, spheroid temples, created with personal power, in which rituals occur." Wicca was brought to the United States in the 1950's by an Englishman named Gerald Gardner. The beliefs of wicca were taken from the Gardnerian Book of Shadows, which was co-written by Mr. Gardner and Aliester Crowley. Aliester Crowley established the O.T.O (Ordo Templi Orientis) in the United States with the help of a man named Grady McMurtry whom he met in WWII, while Mr. McMurtry was serving his country in the U.S. Army. The Alexandrian tradition was started by Alex Sanders. Mr. Sanders based his tradition upon the writings of Gerald Gardner, as well as his background in ceremonial magick or what is often thought of as "Thelema, Golden Dawn, Babylonian magick and Qaballah. Misconception #2: The term and "Harm None" means that you will have "bad Karma" if you do anything to "bind" another from harming you, or if you use "poppets and image candles". Karma is an eastern term from India which has no place in Paganism or Wicca. The term Karma was never heard of until the mid to late 1960's. Those who speak of karma have not been properly educated as to their religion, nor have they ever been part of any "formal or organized" Coven/Trad, etc. The originators of Wicca never considered karma or the use of it in the belief system of Wicca. They did consider terms such as the "Law of Three" and the "Laws of cause and effect". Although some traditions believe in Karma. That's their business and their right, but don't push it on me!!! What does the Law of Cause and Effect mean? You had better be certain that the person is guilty of the works you accuse them of or you "will" pay the price! Let me just say one thing about love spells...you are bending someones will. The mundane term here is "be careful what you wish for", you may end up with something that you do not want, then you must do a binding to get rid of the person. In that case you are in the wrong. It's better for you to just ask the Lady and the Lord to bring the right person to you. Your life long mate will arrive when the time is right and not before then. It's better to spend your time learning communication skills, reading up on what it takes to have a successful partnership, how the mind of the opposite gender works,


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 and learning the art of compromise. There's no place for selfishness or dishonesty in a relationship, each side must learn to give and take. I'm not going to say it's easy either. The term and "harm none" was taken from the O.T.O.' Book of The Law, that was changed around a little by Mr. Gardner. The correct phrase was "Do what though Wilt is the Whole of the Law, Love Under Law, Love Under Will." This does not mean that you do not have the right to protect yourself from those who wish to cause you harm, which includes slander! You have the right to use whatever means necessary. Our Criminal Law system gives a person the right to use "whatever force necessary" to defend yourself against an attacker who means to cuase you harm. If our Criminal Justice system allows this, then why shouldn't you be able to protect yourself magickally? The use of magick will not cause anyone "physical harm" it will just keep them from engaging in a particular harmful action. It all depends upon your state of mind when you perform your ritual as well as your words or request of the deity. Therefore, you should put a lot of thought into how you are going to word your binding spell as well as keeping a lid on your anger. I do not suggest using a deity of "Justice" unless you are totally innocent of "any" wrong doing in this case. Justice is exactly what you will get, especailly if you have done anything wrong in the past or present. This means if you lied to someone about anything, or were not totally truthful or did something that was borderline, etc. the God/Goddess of Justice will make certain that you pay for your acts. The people that have worked the "Light & Love" garbage into their practices are not real wiccans or witches, they're either Christian or practitioners of the eastern traditions. What is the meaning of "New Age"? People who practice the "New Age" beliefs are actually christian. They believe in God, or correctly stated the christian God Jehovah. You can't you be Wiccan and Christian at the same time. Our views, practices and beliefs are diametrically opposed. To state that xtians can be wiccan is like saying that Nazis are being accepted into the Jewish faith, or a black man has been appointed as head of the KKK! But does this mean you should use greed, anger, hate & lust to guide you? Absolutely not!!! You should first learn the spiritual side of magick. It is a "medical fact" that anger, hate, greed, fear and lust will make you ill & can kill you. The point I am attempting to make is that there are many different beliefs, and it's not your right to demand that someone believe or think as you do. Leave it alone!!! OK, so what's the difference between Pagans and Wiccans? What's the difference between a Catholic and a Baptist, or an Orthodox and a Reformed Jew? There's a big difference! Even though the Catholic and the Baptist are both christians they both have different religious beliefs, you will never get them to agree that either one is correct. The same with the Orthodox and the Reformed Jew. To put it all in a nutshell, the Christians, Jews, Buddhists and the Pagans all have different "sects" within their belief structure. Within Paganism we have Asatru, Druidery, and Wicca. Although we do not believe in Satan the US Supreme Court recognizes the following religions which the xtians categorize as pagan: The Church of Goth, the Church of Satan, and the Church of Vampirism. Just a note: there are two different categories within Goth and Vampirism. Most people do not make this a religious belief. To them it is a "lifestyle". However, there are Gothic and Vampire churches forming and they do believe in deity. I'm not an expert, but if you wish to learn more go over to darksites.com and do a page search. There are a lot of pages put up by weirdos and


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 nut cases, but you will find some written by intelligent people who know what they are talking about. Wicca is only a very small part of the Pagan religions. Even within Wicca there are different "sects". There are Alexandrians, Georgians, Gardnerians, Temple of Isis, and many more. We are not against the wiccans, no more than we are the xtians. We are only against those who prostelitize that their belief or their sect's belief is the only way, and everyone must follow what their sect believes, and in doing so deny our "freedom of choice". Many wiccans have become just like the xtians in their prostelizing of anti-choice". A word about ecclectic practices: You can be Pagan or Wiccan and use different types of magickal practices or systems (magick not religion), there's nothing wrong with that. Just remember that terms such as Celtic, Dianic, etc. is a "cultural definition" not a separate religious practice. And although these different societies/cultures used different names for their Gods and Goddesses it still does not make them a different religion. You can be Alexandiran and use any deity you wish. Or you can practice Kaballah as part of a magickal ceremony without it deviating from your "religious" beliefs. So do not come back and say, "Well you say that we can't mix and match religions, but I'm eclectic so does that mean I can't use other sytems?" That's not what I said. What I said was you can't mix religions...you can't be xtian and Wiccan, or Wiccan and Druid or Asatru, or Wiccan and Jewish. But you can be Wiccan and use Odin or Cerridwen in a rite, you just can't mix and match religious beliefs. You CAN be a non-denomination Pagan if you wish to set your own "belief and worship" standards. Which is what the term "Pagan" means - non-denominational (and don't say that means you're wiccan-it has nothing to do with wicca). Or you can use any type of magickal system "Kabbalah, Golden Dawn, Hoo-Doo, Folk Magick, etc. and be any one of the above mentioned religions. And if you still don't understand this, or insist that it's all still Wicca, then you are either really dense or just plain stupid! And one last thing. If you do not like what I have to say about Wicca, Paganism, the history thereof, or xtians....tough, go somewhere else!!! There are millions of "fluff bunny" pages out there put up by total idiots like yourself, go find one!!! Furthermore, I really don't care what your opinion is, nor do I care to hear it. Your emails will be ignored and deleted, and you can email me till the earth turns flat it really doesn't matter. I've even been told by the truly ignorant that Shamans are new age and practice love & light and are not xtian (ha. ha. ha.!!!!!!). "REAL" SHAMANS ARE NOT NEW AGE NOR DO THEY BELIEVE IN LOVE AND LIGHT!!! You must be talking to one of those 'WANNA BE" Shamans. If you want to know what a real Shamans believe, thinks or practices read the writings of Carlos Castaneda or The Way of the Sahaman by Harner. Stay away from the makers of fine fluff like DJ Conway, and Susan Gregg!!


Demonologia ianuarie 2003

"Blessings upon thee, O creature of water, I cast out from thee all impurities and uncleanness of the spirits of phantasm, confusion, and any other negative influence." So Be It!

"Blessings be upon this creature of salt; let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth and let all good enter therein. Wherefore I do bless thee and invoke thee that thou mayest aid me in the names of the Lord and Lady." So Be It! (Walk the circle sunwise sprinkling the water around the edge of the circle, and as you do so visualize a blue light enclosing the circle. Walk the circle again doing the same with the salt. Take your athame and draw a circle with it of blue fire, making the circle that you have been visualizing grow large and strong. Then say:) " I conjure thee, O circle of power, that thou be a meeting place of love and joy and truth; a shield against all wickedness and evil; a boundary between men and the realms of the Mighty Ones; a rampart and protection that shall preserve and contain the power that we/I shall raise within thee. Wherefore I do bless thee and consecrate thee, in the names of the Lord and Lady." So Be It!

(Then say:)

"This is a time that is not a time, in a place that is not a place, on a day that is not a day, between the worlds and beyond.


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 (A lot of traditions stop here and go on with whatever ritual they want to do at this time. I like to call the Quarters or the Watchtowers).


"Ye Lords of the watchtowers of the East, ye Lords of air; EURUS, thou guardian of the eastern portals; I do summon, stir, and call you up to witness our rites and to guard the circle". (Trace invoking pentagram of air towards the east of the circle). "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the South, ye Lords of fire; NOTUS, Thou guardian of the southern portals; I do summon, stir, and call you up to witness our rites and to guard the the circle". (Trace invoking pentagram of fire towards the south). "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West, ye Lords of death and initiation, ye Lords of water; ZEPHYRUS, thou guardian of the western portals; I do summon, stir, and call you up to witness our rites and to guard the circle". (Trace invoking pentagram of water towards the west). "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the North, ye Lords of earth; BOREAS, thou gentle guardian of the northern portals; I do summon, stir, and call you up to witness our rites and to guard the circle". (Trace invoking pentagram of earth towards the north). (AT this point invoke whichever Dieties you choose for your purpose and do whatever ritual you choose. When you are done, close the quarters by saying the following). (Say goodby to the Lord and Lady, thank them for being with you,then say:) "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the East, ye Lords of air; EURUS, thou guardian of the eastern portals; I do thank you for attending our rites, and ere you depart to your pleasant and lovely realms, we/I bid you Hail and Farewell....Hail and Farewell". (Trace banishing pentagram of air towards the east). "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the South, ye Lords of fire; NOTUS, thou guardian of the southern portals; I do thank you for attending our rites, and ere you depart to your pleasant and lovely realms, we/I bid you Hail and Farewell....Hail and Farewell". (Trace banishing pentagram of fire towards the south). "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West, ye Lords of death and initiation, ye Lords of water, ZEPHYRUS, thou guardian of the western portals; I do thank you for attending our rites, and ere you depart to your pleasant and lovely realms, we/I bid you Hail and Farewell....Hail and Farewell". (Trace banishing pentagram of water towards the west). "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the North, ye Lords of earth; BOREAS, thou gental guardian of the northern portals; I do thank you for attending our rites, and ere ye depart to your pleasant and lovely realms, we/I bid you Hail and Farewell....Hail and Farewell". (Trace banishing pentagram of earth towards the north). Then say; The 14

Demonologia ianuarie 2003 circle is open but never broken, Merry Meet, and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again; Blessed Be. So Be It!

Adraste: Goddess of the Dawn. Aine: Love Goddess. Bright Moon Goddess of Magick. Airmed: Lady of Herbcraft and the Healing Arts. Andraste: Goddess of Victory. Anegus: Young God of Love. Harpist of the Tuatha De Dannan. Arawn: God of Annwn, the kingdom of the dead. Arianrhod: Goddess of Life, Death, and Rebirth. Lady of the Silver Wheel. Badb: Crone of the triple Aspect. Irish War Goddess. Bean Sidhe: Faerie Woman. Belenos: Sun Lord. Fire God. Brigid: Virgin Huntress. Fiery Arrow. Goddess of the sacred fire. Goddess of Home and Hearth. Cailleach: Crone. Death Goddess. She presides over the Cauldron of Death and Rebirth. She is the Crone form of all Celtic Goddesses. Cernunnos: The Horned Hunter. Horned Lord of the Earth. Consort of the Earth Mother. Lord of the Greenwood. Lord of the animals, Harvest, God of the Dead. God of Lust, and regeneration. The Male principal of Creation. Cerridwen: Keeper of Souls. Keeper of the Cauldron of Rebirth. Goddess of Life, Death, and Rebirth. Dagda: The Good God. God of Druidism. Lord of great knowledge. God of the Earth. Danu: Goddess Mother of the Tuatha De Dannan. Mother of the Gods. Goddess of Rivers, Wells, Prosperity and Plenty, Magick, and Wisdom.


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 Etain: High Queen of the Faeries. Goibnu: Smith God. God of Blacksmiths, weaponmakers, jewelry making, brewing, fire, meatalworking. Hu Gadarn: Horned Hunter of the Druids. Lugh: Sun Lord. Master of all the Arts. The Shinning One. God of Light. Mannanan: He dressed in a green cloak and wore a gold headband. He was a ShapeShifter. Chief Irish Sea God. His boat was called Wave Sweeper, and his horse was named Splendid Mane. His Magic Armor prevented wounds and could make him invisible. God of Magick, the Arts, and Merchants. Once every thirty-three years he held the Feast of Age, a banquet to ensure that those who ate of it would never grow old. Midhir: High King of the Faeries. Morrighan: War Goddess. Shap-Shifter. Reigned over the battlefield, helping with her magic, but did not join in the battles. Her symbol is the Raven or Crow. Goddess of Magick and Prophecy. Triple Goddess of War, Death, and Destruction. Oghma: God of Wisdom, Learning, Communication, Poetry, and Ogham(writing).


On the first day of Creation God created the Cat. On the second day, God created man to serve the Cat. On the third day, God created all the animals of the earth (especially the Salmon) to serve as potential food for the Cat (and the Cat said, it was GOOD). On the fourth day, God created honest toil so that man could labor for the good of the Cat. On the fifth day, God created catnip so the Cat could do something else while his human was busy laboring. And he also created malt, to help with fur balls. On the sixth day, God created veterinary science to keep the man from making too many human mistakes in caring for the Cat. On the seventh day, God tried to rest, but He had to clean out the sandbox. And on the eighth day, God created the dog, to give the Cat something to tease on the other seven days.Thanks to Misty Cat and her human Davyd. E mail Mys T through her human.


Demonologia ianuarie 2003

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? (Neo-Pagan-style) Alexandrian/Gardnerian: To reveal this would be to break my oath of secrecy. I can say, though, that it *really* is an ancient rite, dating far back in time, back even before 1951, and I have learned it from an unbroken lineage. As Gerald said, it takes a chicken to make an egg. Asatru: First, we don't believe in a "One Chicken" or a "Hen and Rooster." We believe in many chickens. Second, "crossing the road" is part of the three levels, or worlds, and the chicken simply crossed from one level to another. Hail to the Chickens! British Traditional: The word "chicken" comes from a very specific Old English word ("gechekken"), and it only properly applies to certain fowl of East Anglia or those descended therefrom. As for the rest, I suppose they are doing something remotely similar to crossing the road, but you must remember that traditional roads are not to be confused with the modern roads.... Celtic: In County Feedbeygohn on Midsummer's day, there is still practiced St. Henny's Dance, which is a survival of the old pagan Chicken Crossing fertility rite. Today, modern pagans are reviving the practice, dedicated to the Hen and the Green Rooster. Ceremonial: "Crossing the road" is a phrase that summarizes many magical structures erected and timed by the chicken to produce the energy necessary for the intention of the travel across the road. For example, the astrological correspondences had to be correct, the moon had to be waxing (if the chicken intended to come to the other side of the road) or waning (if the chicken intended to flee to the other side of the road), and the chicken had to prepare herself through fasting and proper incantations. Note: certain forms of invocation (summoning an egg *inside* your chicken self) can produce abnormal or even dangerous eggs and should only be conducted inside a properly erected barnyard. ... Chaos: Thinking in terms of "roads" and "crossings" is simply looking at the formal, typically perceived structure of chicken crossing space-time. We, instead, focus on the possibility of chicken crossing itself; what appears to be a random act is thus actually the norm ---- it is the **road** which is the freak of chance. Indeed, quantum mechanics now demonstrates what we knew all along: two roads can simultaneously exist in the same place at the same time. Thus, by attuning ourselves to the dynamic energy (called "crossing"), we can manifest the road. Of course, to the unknowledgeable, this appears as a chicken crossing the road.


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 Dianic: The chykyn ("chicken" is term of patriarchal oppression) sought to reclaim for herself the right to be on the other side of the road, after it had been denied to her for centuries. By doing so, she reawakened the power of the Hen within herself. Discordian: cock-a-doodle-doo ! Druid: To get to the sacred grove, of course! Keep in mind that 99% of everything written about chickens-crossing-the-road is pure hogwash, based on biased sources. Yes, there were a few unfortunate chicken sacrifices in the past, but that is over now... Eclectic: Because it seemed right to her at the time. She used some Egyptian style corn and a Celtic sounding word for the road and incorporated some Native American elements into her Corn-name, Chicken-Who-Dances-and-Runs-with-the-Wolves. Faery: In twilight times and under sparkling stars, those properly trained can still see the chickens crossing the roads. Reconnecting with these "fey-fowl" as they cross is crucial to restoring the balance between the energies of modern development and living with the earth. Family Traditional: Growing up, we didn't think much about "crossing the road." A chicken was a chicken. It crossed the road because that was what worked to get her to the other side. We focused on what worked, and we worked more with the elders of the barnyard and less with all this "guardians of the chickencoop" business. We didn't get our concepts of "chickens" or "the other side" from Gardner, either. You can choose not to believe us since we did not "scratch down" on paper what was clucked to us orally (which, at certain times in history, was the only way to avoid becoming Easter chicken soup!), but that doesn't change the facts: there *were* real chickens, and they *really did* cross the road! Kitchen Witch: The chicken crossed the road to get food, to get a rooster or to get away from me after I decided to have chicken for supper ! Left Hand Path: White, fluffy chickens prancing across the road ! Do you think that is *all* there is to crossing the road? Do you *dare* to know the dark side of crossing the road and the *other* path to self-development? New Age: The chicken crossed the road because she chose this as one her lessons to learn in this life. Besides, there was so much incense and bright, white corn to explore on the Other Side. Newbie: well, 'cause I read in this really kewl book that said, like, chickens are supposed to cross the road, right? Posting on an Online Discussion Group: What do you mean <> ???!!!??? Haven't you read **any** of the previous posts? We've been [expletive deleted] debating every word of that question, painstakingly trying to come to some kind of answer. I know you wrote <> but I'm fed up with newbies who can't even bother to REEEEEEEEAAADDD the posts on that very topic! No, this is *not* a flame. But, I and several others here have the *maturity* to properly explore and respond to this


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 question, and we were properly trained; we *didn't* just read a book and think we were full-fledged chickens. "Sethian"/Jane Roberts: Session 666; Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1969; 9:00 p.m.: Now, you create your own chicken, each of you individually and en masse. Your physical senses fool you into believing you are seeing a chicken crossing the road, when instead, the chicken has already crossed the road, and hasn't even begun to cross the road. There is a probable chicken that never crossed the road as well. Further, because you each perceive a chicken, there is not only one chicken but, in fact, many different chickens. As I have said before, time is simultaneous. All probable versions of the chicken-past, present and future--exist at once in the spacious present. It is only because you *believe* [emphatically] that time is linear, with each moment followed by another in one-line kind of fashion, that you perceive the chicken taking chicken steps to get to the other side of the road. It does no good to ask "Which came first, the chicken or the egg," either, for they both exist at once in simultaneous time. [9:10 p.m.] Now, there are families of chicken consciousness. All life seeks value fulfillment, for consciousness is consciousness. What you perceive as a chicken may be something far different in another reality. The chicken may, for example, be a fragment personality of your entity. The chicken is no less than you are, however, simply because it is a chicken. Now, the chicken has its reality, and you have your reality. But the chicken is more than a chicken [emphatically], and *you are more than you think that you are!* [Pause one minute]: The chicken crosses the road because it *believes* it can, and it does. It knows that it is sacred and that it will not die. You (underline 'you') also are sacred and you will not die. But as long as you believe that it is unsafe to cross the road, you must take chicken steps and obey the laws that you have agreed upon to get to to the other side safely. [End at 9:30 p.m. Jane came out of trance easily. She didn't remember a word she had spoken as Seth.] Solitaire: The chicken didn't want to be part of a coven or an oven. Shaman: Crossing the road is a way to reconnect with the healing, visionary lifeways of the past. Chickens have long known this, but increasingly the Rooster's Movement is adding more roosters to the crossings too. Wiccan: The chicken crossed the road because she felt like she was finally "coming home." She could do it alone or with others, but she had to call to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the Barnyard first ... uhm, after casting the circle. How Some Pagan Authors Might Respond: Margot Adler: The recent chicken resurgence, it can be argued, is directly based on a response to the suburban middle class experience. While I found that chickens-whocross-roads who responded to my survey are of a wide range of ages and backgrounds, I discovered some trends in the "why" of crossing the road. For some it is was freedom. For some it is chickensim. Many chickens told me they crossed the road for intellectual satisfaction. One thing is clear: the growth of road crossing by chickens is expanding in the numbers of chickens and in the ways they cross the road, including at chicken festivals and for political blocking of roads.


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 P.E.I. Bonewits: Real crossing-the-road, we have seen, is a very interwoven and complicated subject. Our conclusion could be that real crossing-the-road is the build up of chicken emotion in conjunction with chicken concepts to vary the modulation of chicken energy so as to effect the modulation of the road's energy. That's all! Perhaps it is unfortunate, though, to use the word "chicken" in relation to it, since the "C" word is being used now in a way it was never used before in the English language and is an utterly meaningless term without a qualifying adjective. And this, of course, is the fault of the medieval Christian Church, through the Gothic Chickens it invented and used as the basis of persecuting men, women and chickens. The word "chicken" itself comes from an Indo-European root, "cheeka/e" meaning "one who lays eggs," and it has no relation to the later Anglo-Saxon word for "wise spirit of flight," as so often stated by certain contemporary "Chics." An'Chk'Rrhod ("Our Own Chickens on Our Own Roads"), an authentic Neo-Chicken Rooster tradition, offers the best of paleo-, meso- and neo- Chickenism ... Carlos Castenada 4/10/1964 I spent 14 hours, without food or water, sitting on the dirt and under the sun in front of Don Juan's house, grinding chicken feed. I asked Don Juan if I could have a drink of water, and he told me that it was always this way, that a man who wanted to cross the road with the chicken cannot have any food or water till the chicken feed is ground. I asked Don Juan if the chicken is an ally, like the little smoke. Don Juan seemed to get angry and stayed silent. After I completed grinding the corn, I hallucinated from heat exhaustion, and Don Juan said I was ready. As I collapsed to my side, I spilled the chicken feed around me. A chicken appeared to be eating the feed around me, and I became strangely absorbed in the vision. I heard Don Juan's voice tell me, "You must let the chicken cross the road into you. It is very painful, but for a man of knowledge it is easy." Scott Cunningham: A chicken passes between the grasses, clucking. The wind blows, and the chicken knows, *knows*, that this is the time. She puts her energy into taking the steps, in harmony with the gravel and the stones of the road. She is across; it is over, and the chicken stands in the field on the other side of the road. ... Natural chicken crossing is unique among most other branches of the art of chicken road crossing. It doesn't require years of collecting or fashioning coops, feeders or hen houses. Indeed, the most important tools of natural chicken crossing are free: the road, the chicken and you, your personal chicken power. You're already familiar with it. You've felt it. You *are* a chicken. Crossing the road is you, with your chicken need. And, you can do it on your own. After all, who initiated the first chicken? Janet and Stewart Farrar: Since so many editions of Gardner's Chicken Book of Crossings have appeared in print (some accurate, some not), we think it won't "lay an egg" too much if we clearly present "The Chicken Crossing Rite," especially if we do so after two and half pages of well researched introduction set in six-point type. In version A of the Chicken Crossing Rite, we find many pseudo-archaisms (e.g.,"Yea, Ye Anciente Rite of Ye Chiks and Ye Rodes is a moste powerful Crafting,taking thy athame..."); however, Doreen Valiente notes (in version C, which is what we present), and we agree, that underlying it all is a basic ritual for summoning the astral road through the spirit of the Chicken (drawn down in the person of the High Priestess, holding the black handled feed bin; of course, a second degree may assist or perform the rite when....


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 Llewellyn's Practical Chicken Magick Series: To some people, the idea that "chickens crossing the road" is practical comes as a surprise. It shouldn't. The whole idea of Crossing the Road is practical for chickens. While Crossing the Road is also, and properly so, concerned with spiritual growth and psychological transformation --the "why" of crossing the road-- every chicken's life must rest firmly on material roads. Crossing the Road is the flowering of chicken potential. And the profits from publishing all those books on how to do so? Well, that ain't chicken feed... Starhawk: The chicken crossed the road to reclaim the crossing experience, the experience of being fully alive, with streams and earth and rocks and road, in the fullness of her chickenhood after thousands of years of roosterarchy. The chicken crossing the road --not a chicken laying eggs, not a chicken being roasted and eaten-a chicken strong and free, crossing the road, this is something I can believe in. We chickens, as chickens, can reclaim this in harmony with the Earth who gives life to all chickens and Who has been terribly scratched by roosters. Exercises: Dance the Spiral Chicken. Doreen Valiente: Old Chicken really did exist, and she really did cross the road. Gerald talked about her often, but she didn't cross the road till before I began studying with Gerald. Still there are records of Old Chicken which confirm her reality. As for all the comments that Gerald had a "thing" for chickens, that is simply not true. The reason we worked with chickens is really quite simple: it worked ! Silver Raven Wolf: Although many times people have asked me why exactly the chicken crossed the road, I often wonder myself. My point is that every chicken comes to the road in a different way, and there is no one correct way for the chicken to get to the road to be crossed. The study of crossing the road is hard work if the chicken is going to develop any degree of proficiency. It is not something where you can just cluck yourself across the road. The first time my chicken crossed the road was for my chicken's friend, whose rooster was being abusive. The chicken worked the steps for crossing the road after carefully considering all the reasons for crossing the road and all the steps she would have to take. Finally, my chicken just started clucking and flapping her wings and started across the road. When she reached the other side, her friend's rooster was respectful! Afterwards, the chicken ate some corn to ground herself. How many Wiccans does it take to light a candle? 58 1 to contact Lewelyn to find out if this operation is "dumbed down enough not to interfere with their "cash cow". 2 to contact the HQ to make sure that this action is "politically correct" enough for the new age fluff bunnies. 4 to research the internet to make sure that the operation is not " real magick" that a "real" witch, pagan or magickian would do. 5 more to make sure that this is not something that was incorporated by Wiccas founders Gerald Gardner, Aleister Crowley and Alex Sanders to please the fluff bunny masses.


Demonologia ianuarie 2003

6 must be barrowed from the enterrage of Silver Raven Wolf's "throne carriers" for consultation. 40 to repair the damage at the Grave sites of Gerald Gardner, Alesiter Crowley and Alex Sanders as they roll over in their graves at knowning what the modern wiccans have done to their "established" system and religion.


Basic Altar Set up: Altar tools 2 White Candles Moond Magic or Goddess Incense Small Cauldron or Heavy Bowl Chalice filled with Wine or Juice Pentacle or Altar Dish Salt & Water in separate small bowls for casting the circle, consecration of tools or Cleansing Stones & Crystals Ritual Cakes (optional) Have a petition written out on a piece of white paper. This should be a request for Healing, meeting your financial needs, protection, or whatever else you need the help of the Goddess for. This is not a time to ask for anything negative! *Charge the Salt & Water. Cast your circle, calling upon the watch towers, return to the altar facing East. At this time you will want to summon the Lady & the Lord by chanting the "Charge of the **Goddess, and the Charge of the God. You can omit the charge of the God if you are performing a solitary ritual, or you are a small group of females. However, I prefer to have the rituals balanced e.g. ying/yang effect. Drink from the chalice visualizing blue electric light moving through your body. Be Simple, tell the Goddess what you need her help for, then burn the piece of paper with your petition written on it. You should light the petition with the Goddess Candle which is on the left side of the altar, then put the petition in the Cauldron to burn. As the peition burns, visualize your prayer (request) as fulfilled. Then thank her for granting your request.


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 If you are working alone or in a very small group you may want to do additional works such as consecrations, etc. At this time you may consecrate any new tools, or materials that you will need for performing healings, or other works such as mojo bags for charms, herbs and talismans, etc. This is also an excellent time to cleanse any crystals you have in the salt water mixture. When you are finished with your workings you should close the circle, then dismiss the watchtowers. If you would like you may celebrate with cakes, or bread. *Casting the circle, the Charge of the Goddess and the God and calling the Watchtowers can be found in the Book of Shadows section (BOS).


"Confundndu-se cu sectele religioase, satanismul este una dintre cele mai bine organizate reele care prolifereaz traficul de droguri i crima organizat ... S.R.I. atrage atenia c, n momentul de fa, la noi n ar activeaz 23 de grupri sataniste, micarea ncercnd s se extind." "Satanismul a intrat n Romnia pe filier maghiar" n "ULTIMA OR" nr. 671 din 18 iunie 2001 1. CTEVA REPERE Modul n care mass media abordeaz fenomenul satanist continu s fie, din pcate, marcat de numeroase confuzii i inexactiti, ceea ce face necesare unele precizri preliminare - mai ales c, aa cum rezult din citatul de mai sus, este invocat S.R.I. pentru a acredita unele dintre aceste afirmaii . nchinarea la Diavol, la spiritele Rului este practicat din timpuri imemoriale, fiind adesea asociat cu practici magice (vrjitorie, ghicit). Ritualuri satanice ancestrale, transfigurate folcloric, supravieuiesc pn n zilele noastre n colectiviti restrnse sau chiar ca tradiii de clan - invocarea demonilor apelor de ctre practicantele pretinsei magii "albe" ori festivalul de la Brneti-Ilfov, cu ai si "cuci ri" imortalizai de pictura Margaretei Sterian, fiind exemple binecunoscute (nu ntmpltor la Brneti s-a nregistrat prima sinucidere satanist din ara noastr). Totui, nu trebuie confundate practicile satanice folclorice cu satanismul. La fel, nu trebuie confundat luciferismul cu satanismul. Unii pretini "specialiti" situeaz momentul naterii satanismului modern la sfritul secolului al XIX-lea, ntemeietorul acestei doctrine fiind considerat ocultistul american Albert Pike. Sistematiznd dogmatic credine luciferice multimilenare, cel n cauz a formulat, la 4 iunie 1889, n celebrele sale "INSTRUCIUNI", dogma divinitii lui Lucifer: "Lucifer, zeul luminii, lupt mpotriva lui Adonai, Zeul Bibliei; Lucifer este adevratul dumnezeu". Faptul c Albert Pike este i autorul lucrrii "DOGM I


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 RITUAL", baz a Ritul Scoian Antic i Acceptat al Masoneriei Universale, este speculat n mod neavenit n sensul c masoneria ar avea un caracter "satanist". n primul rnd, nu trebuie confundat ezoterismul luciferic al lui Pike cu satanismul de joas spe practicat prin subsoluri sordide ori biserici abandonate, n al doilea rnd aceste "instruciuni" controversate au fost redactate ntr-o perioad crepuscular a vieii lui Albert Pike, marcat deja de boala care-i va aduce sfritul. Satanismul modern a fost de fapt ntemeiat cu opt decenii dup Albert Pike, de un fost saltimbanc, devenit inapt pentru profesia de circar ca urmare a consumului de droguri - Anton (Antal) Szandor La Vey. n 1969, respectivul a redactat un fel de catehism satanic ("BIBLIA SATANIC"), care nici mcar nu are caracter teologic, ci se limiteaz la parafrazarea rudimentar i blasfematorie a unor fragmente de text biblic. Semnificativ n acest sens este unul dintre cele mai cunoscute fragmente ale "BIBLIEI SATANICE" - aa-zisa "rugciune": "Tatl nostru care eti n infern, mreasc-se numele tu, precum n infern aa i pe pmnt. Pcatul cel de toate zilele d-ni-l nou azi i du-ne pe noi n ispit i nva-ne de ru. Ave Satan!". Coninutul dogmatic al lucrrii fostului saltimbanc nu depete pe acela al unor mai vechi parafrazri antiteiste ale Bibliei (de genul "Biblia hazlie"), fiind aproape nul, ntruct se limiteaz la "porunci" de genul " Nu ai voie s crezi n Dumnezeu, pentru c lumea este a mea i voi considera credina ta ca un pcat " ori " F i un idol i nchin te lui n fiecare duminic. ". n fond, aceast nsilare de fragmente grosolan pastiate se limiteaz, n fond, la negarea tuturor valorilor sociale, de la credina n Dumnezeu i pn la morala minimal. Contient de lipsa total de valoare teologic sau ezoteric a "operei" sale, La Vey nici nu a formulat pretenia c "BIBLIA SATANIC" ar fi produsul vreunei "revelaii" (fie ea i infernal), drept care i-a asumat statutul de autor, acumulnd o avere considerabil din copyright-ul respectivei lucrri. Mai mult pentru a-i proteja de Fisc aceste venituri, n 1970 La Vey s-a pus sub protecia permisivei legislaii americane referitoare la culte, ntemeind n California prima Biseric a lui Satan ( "CULTUS SATANAS" ). Totui, n absena unui coninut teologic coerent i a unei dogmatici demne de acest nume, satanismul nu este cult i nici mcar sect, ci un curent spiritualist (n sens larg) de orientare anomic (termen provenit din limba greac i consacrat n sociologie, anomia desemneaz "absena de norme" - morale, sociale, religioase.) cu manifestri antisociale. Excepionalul succes financiar al iniiativei pretins "cultice" a fostului saltimbanc poate fi explicat nu numai prin fondul preexistent de anomie social din acei ani, ci i prin alte implicaii, mai puin afiate, ale satanismului de rit La Vey. America deceniului al aptelea al secolului trecut era marcat de o evoluie dramatic ascendent a consumului de droguri n mediile de tineret. Pe bun dreptate, anturajele implicate n narcotrafic, formate din clanuri ale criminalitii organizate transfrontaliere, au descoperit n teoriile nihiliste, imorale ale lui La Vey o "justificare" pseudo-cultic de natur s faciliteze racolarea unor medii de tineret la consumul de droguri - practic pe care Biserica lui Satan a nceput s o promoveze cu struin, sub pretextul c ar fi "indispensabil comuniunii cu Duhurile ntunericului" . Numrul mare de "sataniti" arestai sau condamnai pentru deinere i comercializare de droguri constituie o dovad indirect c, dincolo de pospaiul "cultic", extinderea satanismului de sorginte La Vey s-a fcut i cu implicarea clanurilor crimei organizate transfrontaliere, semnificative fiind i tirajele nregistrate, n anii '70, de "BIBLIA SATANIC", a crei traducere, tiprire i difuzare n


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 milioane de exemplare nu poate fi explicat dect prin masive subvenii ce nu puteau proveni din rndurile declasailor social crora lucrarea li se adreseaz. Aceasta ns nu justific afirmaia c satanismul ar fi este una dintre cele mai bine organizate reele care prolifereaz traficul de droguri i crima organizat. n primul rnd, satanismul nu are coerena unei "reele", n cadrul fenomenului satanist coexistnd mai multe grupri concurente. Astfel, n mediile marginale ale "culturii hippye" au luat fiin, n anii de glorie ai generaiei "Flower - Power" , zeci de asociaii i grupri care, profitnd de legislaia californian a acelor ani, se declarau "cultice": - BISERICA FRIEI SATANICE, - BISERICA ORTODOX SATANIST DE RIT NETHILUN, - ORDI TEMPLI SATANAS, - FRIA BERBECULUI, - ORDINUL BERBECULUI NEGRU etc. n al doilea rnd, activitile acestor grupri (n cea mai mare parte disprute) nu pot fi asimilate crimei organizate, rezumndu-se la "rituri" care mai de care mai exotice, agrementate cu practici sexuale situate mult dincolo de limita moralei i chiar a bunului sim. De altfel, nici o grupare criminal care "se respect" nu ar accepta n rndurile sale declasai drogai i fr cpti, adepi ai necrofiliei, zoofiliei i onaniei n grup - pur i simplu, ar fi prea riscant. A califica satanismul drept "cult", "reea a crimei organizate" ori "grupare anarhist" nseamn a-i acorda un credit pe care n nici un caz nu-l merit, fie i datorit faptului c principala preocupare a satanitilor este de a se distruge pe sine prin practici njositoare i inumane, fa de care alte forme de sinucidere par de-a dreptul "elevate"... Evident, organele de ordine public i siguran naional din rile afectate nu puteau asista pasive la evoluia ascendent a acestui fenomen anomic n mediile de tineret. Msurile luate s-au concentrat ns la nivelul adevratelor reele ale crimei organizate, care aprovizionau cu droguri anturajele sataniste - iar msurile nu au ntrziat s dea rezultate, n anii '90 fenomenul satanist nregistrnd, n Occident, o involuie general - cel mai ilustrativ exemplu fiind dispariia comunitii sataniste ntemeiat de La Vey, dup moartea acestuia, pe fondul disputelor dintre urmaii si. Cu totul alta a fost ns situaia n Europa Central i de Est - inclusiv n Romnia. 2. PENETRAREA FENOMENULUI SATANIST N ROMNIA Marile transformri geopolitice ale anului 1989 au deschis noi piee narcotraficului, a crui expansiune - nsoit de extinderea fenomenului satanist i a sub-culturii Heavy Metal - a nceput mai nti n cele mai dezvoltate dintre rile Estului ex-socialist, unde tineretul dispunea de o anume solvabilitate. - Primul val de expansiune a satanismului n Est (1990) l-a constituit formarea, pe filier german, a unor grupri sataniste n Ungaria, Polonia i Cehia (Moravia). Urmrirea dinamicii consumului de droguri n aceste ri i, n special, compararea datelor pentru anii 1990 - 1991 cu cele din anii 1995 - 1996 poate da o imagine sintetic asupra eficienei pretextului "ritual" n promovarea, printre adepii satanismului, a consumului de droguri. - Al doilea val de expansiune a nceput nc din 1991, cnd, cu sprijinul satanitilor polonezi, iau natere n Ucraina grupri de aceast factur, mai nti n rndurile minoritii poloneze (la Lvov), apoi extinzndu-se n rndul tineretului din Kiev, Cernui i Tiraspol, ajungnd n Rusia i Basarabia, odat cu prbuirea URSS


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 i consolidarea noilor rute transcontinentale de trafic cu droguri, din Asia Central exsovietic spre pieele de desfacere din Vest. Este inexact faptul c "satanismul a intrat n Romnia pe filier ungar". Prima grupare satanist care a "sondat" n 1992 posibilitatea extinderii n Romnia a fost grupul aa-ziilor "galaxieni" din Kiev, care se nchinau "celor 33 de spirite astrale" sub conducerea unui fost ofier K.G.B., reangajat de gruprile mafiote post-sovietice, cunoscut sub pseudonimul "Pater Disciplinarius". Este n schimb exact faptul c, n prima sa etap, accesorii de tip satanist (CD-uri, publicaii, amulete etc.) au fost difuzate pe teritoriul Romniei preponderent de grupri ungare de aceast factur. Semnificativ n acest sens este faptul c primele concerte de "satanic trash" i "dead metal" au fost susinute, n ara noastr, de formaia ungar THE BELDAMN , cu prilejul turneului efectuat n mai multe orae din Transilvania n perioada 21 septembrie - 1 octombrie 1992. La acea dat, ns, existau deja nuclee sataniste autohtone bine nchegate, spre exemplu "ngerii Morii" din Brneti - anturaj n care, la nceputul anului 1993, s-a nregistrat i un prim suicid ritual. 3. ETAPELE FENOMENULUI SATANIST N ROMNIA "Epoca Romparkin" (1993 - 1995) n etapa iniial, fenomenul satanist a aprut n Romnia n mediile de declasai vagabonzi, aurolaci, boschetari, ceretori. Pentru acetia, practicile pretins "sataniste" constituiau un accesoriu destinat s dea o brum de "prestigiu" sordidelor orgii heterosexuale, dar preponderent homosexuale agrementate de consumul masiv de spirt medicinal aditivat cu Romparkin i "ndulcit" cu antigel (mono - etilen - glicol, compus cancerigen). "Ritualurile" erau pe msura minilor nceoate de Aurolac ale participanilor la aceste inoculri n grup cu maladii sexual transmisibile: butul de snge de gin, dezgropatul de strvuri, onania colectiv. Semnele de apartenen la "clubul select" al consumatorilor de intestine de pisic "ritual sacrificat" erau "crucea lui Nero" (ntoars), "crucea Vieii" (cu ans), pentagrame (stele n cinci coluri, evocnd simbolul comunist) i amulete macabre (n general, confecionate din resturi de cadavre). Ctva timp, aceste practici au fost cantonate la ceea ce n limbaj colocvial se numete "drojdia societii". ncepnd din 1994, s-au semnalat primele cazuri de prozelitism satanic n rndul unor elevi de liceu marcai de ratare i eec colar. Tinerii - n general semnalai i cu alte "probleme", de genul prostituiei ori furturilor mrunte - s-au lsat atrai de anturajele de marginali, efectul fiind n general dezastruos. Astfel, n 1994, nucleul de boschetari "sataniti" constituit la Dorohoi (jud. Botoani) a reuit s racoleze dou eleve de liceu. Pentru a le convinge s participe la practicile orgiastice ale gruprii (pn atunci preponderent onaniste), celor dou minore le-a fost administrat un amestec de Frecie "Carmol" cu excremente de cine, care le-a adus n stare de com alcoolic, pentru stabilizarea leziunilor hepatice i cerebrale fiind necesar spitalizarea de urgen. O a treia elev, C. A., de la liceul "Grigore Ghica" Dorohoi, nu a mai putut fi recuperat neuro-psihic, sinucigndu-se dup puin timp. Evoluia fenomenului a fost relativ lent, dar n 1995 nucleele de boschetari "sataniti" din majoritatea marilor orae din Transilvania i Banat reuiser s se insinueze n ariile marginale ale mediului colar.


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 "Epoca Anioa" ( 1995 - 1998 ) Simultan, evoluia fenomenului satanist a intrat n atenia mass media i a marelui public odat cu "incidentul de la Constana" - astzi considerat momentul iniial al "Epocii Anioa" ( dup numele unui canabis ieftin, dar caracterizat printr-o ridicat radioactivitate rezidual, ca urmare a faptului c este cultivat n arii de pe Spaiul Est mai puin controlate de autoriti, fiind afectate de catastrofa de la Cernobl ). Printre primele nuclee sataniste care au aderat la consumul de droguri mai mult sau mai puin infestate cu cesiu i stroniu s-a numrat gruparea aurolacilor cu sediul n canalele din zona Grii de Nord din Bucureti, pompos denumit "Fraii Stpnului" (aflat n acel moment n conflict cu alt grupare similar bucuretean, "Allzdam" - de la "All is Damned". Cei n cauz "reinvesteau" sumele obinute prin prostituie (n general homosexual) n droguri venite pe diferite filiere nistrene, crora principala gar bucuretean le servea drept punct de escal. Treptat, la grupare au fost cooptai elevi de la liceele din Bucureti, dar i din alte localiti. Prima "roire" a nucleului bucuretean a avut loc nspre Constana, cu sprijinul a doi sataniti locali - D. Marius (zis "acalul"), elev la Liceul "ENERGETIC", i M. D. Andrei (zis "Hiena"), fr ocupaie, care au acceptat s se implice n traficarea drogurilor vehiculate de emisari ai "Frailor Stpnului", revnzndu-le n mediul elevilor de la "ENERGETIC", "TRAIAN" i "GEORGE CALINESCU" din Constana. Printre boschetarii constneni racolai s-au numrat Pintilie Horaiu, fratele su, Pintilie Tiberiu, i Andronache Cristinel - toi fr ocupaie, care, sub influena halucinogenelor, au svrit dou crime abominabile ( 3 i 8 mai 1995). Dei mass media a acordat o atenie aproape exclusiv acestui caz, n acea epoc penetrarea n medii sataniste a consumului de stupefiante ieftine i radiotoxice fcea ravagii i n alte zone ale rii. Astfel, n noaptea de 5 spre 6 iunie 1996, doi boschetari sataniti din Buzu au efectuat o "descindere" la domiciliul unui paroh din localitate. Vizibil sub efectul stupefiantelor, cei doi i-au solicitat preotului s i spovedeasc ntruct au 'spurcat' icoanele. In urma refuzului preotului de a le da curs cererii, respectivii au declarat c sunt "reprezentanii Satanei", iar n cazul n care va anuna organele de poliie l va ucide att pe el ct i familia sa. De fapt, nu era nevoie de aceast ameninare: cei doi erau deja "n atenie", amnarea msurilor cuvenite fiind determinat doar de necesitatea identificrii ntregului anturaj. De fapt, n Romnia se repeta "scenariul" care se derulase deja, n anii '70, n S.U.A. i Europa de Vest, iar n anii 1990 - 1992 n Europa Central. Exponenii crimei organizate transfrontaliere cutau noi debuee pentru drogurile invandabile pe piee mai avizate ori "pretenioase". De la boschetari i aurolaci, fenomenul satanist sa deplasat spre rockerii din discotecile dubioase (mai mult sau mai puin prostituai hetero sau homosexuali) i spre tinerii gravitnd la periferia adevratei interlope (n general ca "ginitori" ori "ciorditori", "penaliti" n devenire). n unele cazuri, personajele sunt de-a dreptul pitoreti - spre exemplu D. G., poreclit 'PARANOIA', care bate rockotecile constnene cu Biblia Satanic la subra, ncercnd s conving turitii "s-i piard sufletele", ori Nagy R., care a contactat presa din Miercurea-Ciuc, anunndu-i calitatea de "purtator de cuvnt al satanitilor din jude". n alte cazuri, este vorba de psihopai periculoi - spre exemplu un anume D.R. Mihai din Cernavod, condamnat la nchisoare cu suspendarea executrii pedepsei pentru furt calificat, care n cadrul ntrunirilor pe care le organiza n Cimitirul Ortodox din ora (n locul cunoscut sub numele "La Cavoul lui Farmache"), incita adepii la omor i sinucidere. Una dintre tinerele aflate sub influena C. V., i-a urmat ndemnurile, ncercnd s se sinucid (a fost salvat n ultimul moment). Mai puin


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 norocoas a fost alt membr a grupului, care i-a "reuit" sinuciderea n aprilie 1997. Evoluia a fost mai rapid, astfel nct n perioada 1995 - 1997 au luat fiin grupri sataniste n 22 de judee: Arge, Arad, Alba, Bacu, Botoani, Buzu, CaraSeverin, Constana, Covasna, Cluj, Dmbovia, Gorj, Iai, Ilfov, Harghita, Hunedoara, Mure, Neam, Prahova, Slaj, Sibiu, Teleorman, Tulcea i Municipiul Bucureti. n pofida accelerrii evoluiei fenomenului, nu a fost nevoie de cine tie ce metode informative pentru o cunoatere aprofundat a situaiei. Labilitatea psihic a celor implicai, faptul c mediile interlope respective sunt oricum n atenie, dar i delaiunile stimulate de orgolii mrunte fac ca la cel mult dou sptmni dup aderarea la o grupare satanist, numele celui n cauz s apar pe calculatoare. Numai dou exemple dintre zecile de cazuri similare: liderul satanist din Piatra Neam, Alexandru I., s-a prezentat n iulie 1995 la primria din localitate, unde a relatat c solistul unei formaii "Metal" locale, Ady B., a reuit s-i constituie un nucleu satanic alctuit din circa 100 de adepi (elevi la liceele Calistrat Hoga, Petru Rare i Liceul de Art din ora - lista era n cea mai mare parte exact). Pretextnd c adepii lui Ady B. sunt "membri ai unei disidene satanice periculoase", cel n cauz a declarat c intenioneaz s constituie o "filial oficial a adevratei Biserici a Satanei" i a solicitat primriei s-i atribuie drept sediu Catedrala Domneasc Sf. Ioan din localitate! n mod similar, n perioada 1993 - 1995, E. Adrian i aroga calitatea de "ef al satanitilor din Rmnicu Srat", judeul Buzu. Reclamat de ali pretendeni la acest "titlu", i s-a naintat dosar la Parchet privind svrirea unor infraciuni prevzute de art. 19 din Legea 51/1991. A beneficiat de oarecare clemen, colabornd impecabil cu organele de anchet, n special n elucidarea activitii altui satanist din zon, cunoscut sub porecla 'GAZA' (cel care, de altfel, l reclamase "anonim"). La fel de cooperani cu organele de ordine public s-au dovedit a fi R. I. - "lider al satanitilor din cartierul Micro IV Trgovite"; B. Emil - luat la ntrebri dup ce doi sataniti din judeul Gorj s-au sinucis; E. Gyula - lider satanist din Harghita (surprins n timp ce se juca cu un revolver) N. Marian - lider satanist buzoian, cercetat de organele de poliie pe cnd era militar n termen la U.M. 01936 (fiind suspect de profanarea unor morminte din cimitirul Dumbrava) i muli, muli alii. n mai toate cazurile, listele furnizate organelor abilitate ale statului cuprind nu numai adresele exacte i numerele de telefon ale membrilor respectivelor grupri, ci i poreclele lor de "chat", uneori deosebit de pitoreti: - "EDDIE MORTUL" din Alba Iulia, B dul ---- nr. 71, bl. A16; - "MORTUS CADAVERICUS" din Piteti, B dul ----, bl. B32; - "MACELARUL" din Piteti, str. ----, bl. D1; - "DAVINA HAKKINEN" din Urziceni Ialomia, str.---- nr. 2, bl. 117; "MORTUL" din Oneti Bacu, Bd. ---- nr. 1, bl. 1; - "BLACK ALIEN" din Brila - Calea ---- nr. 13, bloc 13. Cei care se recunosc n aceast list pot, dac doresc, s completeze numele real i adresa. Noi oricum o cunoatem i i rugm pe aceast cale s nu-i blameze pe cei care, nc din 1996 - 1998, i-au "bgat n cerneal". n fond, respectivii nu au fcut dect s respecte ntocmai jurmntul fcut: "Voi fura, voi nela, voi trda i chiar voi ucide de va fi nevoie, voi fi ipocrit oi meschin, n numele tu, Satan!". Evident, ntr-o ar democratic, fiecare este liber s se nchine oricror idoli, chiar s se sinucid n ce mod dorete, n msura n care nu ncalc legile i nu impieteaz asupra libertii celorlali. Cea mai mare parte a adolescenilor teribiliti care gust din experiena satanist renun la aceste practici, dup ce se aleg cu un sifilis imun la antibiotice (ca urmare a "riturilor sexuale") sau cu un panariiu ce necesit amputarea


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 a dou-trei falange (consecin obinuit a profanrii de morminte). Civa - al cror creier este prea nceoat pentru a mai reaciona ct de ct normal - continu mai muli ani pe aceast cale. Dar nu prea muli ani, fiindc consumul de stupefiante infestate ori de alcool aditivat cu neuroleptice are efecte ireversibile. Semnificativ este cazul liderului satanist R. C. Gabriel, aflat nc din iunie 1996 n cercul de suspeci pentru profanarea unor morminte la "Biserica Domneasc" din Tg.Ocna. Pn s se lmureasc situaia, poliitii bucureteni l-au "interceptat" pe cel n cauz la ore mici ale nopii, n zona "Cimitirului Bellu" din Bucureti, avnd n mini o halc de cadavru n putrefacie i o lumnare aprins. La secia de poliie, cel n cauz a nceput s-i mnnce excrementele, ceea ce a determinat ofierul de serviciu s-l trimit de urgen, cu ctue la mini, la Spitalul de neuropsihiatrie. Au fost necesare 11 zile de tratament ca R. C. Gabriel s-i revin n simiri, dar intelectul su continu s fie ireversibil afectat. Ca urmare, n Romnia - ca i n alte ri - fenomenul satanist, aflat sub presiunea uzurii fizice i mai ales psihice accelerate a adepilor, are tendina de a involua rapid, odat ce-i sunt tiate rdcinile ce-l hrnesc, pe filiere interlope, cu stupefiante ieftine. Ca atare, maxima evoluie a fenomenului satanist n Romnia s-a consumat n perioada mai 1997 - mai 1998, fiind constituite grupri de aceast factur n alte 7 judee: Bihor, Brila, Dolj, Galai, Slaj, Vaslui i Vrancea (deci un total de 29 de judee afectate). n acea perioad, situaia ajunsese la un prag critic, semnalat dealtfel de presa vremii: multe cimitire din mediul urban erau afectate de distrugeri cu evident caracter satanist, se nmuliser sinuciderile i omuciderile "rituale", iar unele grupri sataniste trecuser la promovarea unor doctrine politice radicale, etalnd o ostentativ predilecie pentru Adolf Hitler, "cel mai tare satanist" (aa cum recunotea n form olograf, n faa organelor de anchet, un membru al nucleului "SATANIC WERMACHT CD" din Deva). Sub presiunea mass media i a opiniei publice, au fost luate msuri adecvate de nsprire a pedepselor privind traficul i consumul de droguri, iar fenomenul satanist a nregistrat o involuie pronunat. "Epoca NetSurf" ( din 1998 ). Astzi, "vechea gard" de la "Allzdam" i "Fraii Stpnului" din Bucureti beneficiaz de programul "Din nou acas", ntemeietorii "ngerilor Negri" din Ploieti sau a "Fiilor lui Lucifer" din Cluj-Napoca arboreaz cmaa de for, fiind sub ngrijire psihiatric aprofundat, iar veteranii de la "SATANIC WERMACHT" din Deva ori "Cavalerii Iadului" din Galai fie fac declaraii complete, fie depun o munc util comunitii, escortai de gardieni narmai. Pn n prezent, nici un satanist romn nu a reuit s ajung la termenul "contractului" - "Voi servi 20 de ani lui Lucifer, apoi m voi bucura de toate bunurile lumii, de-a stnga sa". Cei mai muli au clacat dup trei-patru ani. Totui, fenomenul satanist rmne prezent, n forme insidioase, n puin 20 de judee i municipiul Bucureti. Este adevrat, orgiile din cimitire s-au mpuinat, profanrile de morminte nu mai sunt la mod - satanitii de astzi sunt mai mult surferi pe Internet dect butori de snge de pisic. Fenomenul satanist continu ns s fie n atenia agenilor de aplicare a legii din ntreaga lume. Ca atare, nici frecventarea chat-urilor i siturilor sataniste de pe Internet nu este lipsit de riscuri. Acest lucru l-a putut recent constata un anume instalator bucuretean reconvertit la "death-nazy", care se plnge prin lumea muzical c, dup un "excurs satanic" ceva mai prelungit, PC-ul su a czut ntr-un profund "bestial darkness", remedierea costnd cteva milioane bune. i acesta nu este dect nceputul. Restul surprizelor l ateapt cnd va solicita o viz unui stat strin, o slujb unei mari companii ori un


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 credit unei bnci serioase: nimeni nu are ncredere n indivizi n al cror trecut exist episoade sataniste, fiind considerai instabili mintal, pretabili la violene gratuite i n relaie cu elemente interlope. Iar modaliti de verificare sunt multe, fiindc - mai ales n domeniul comercial i bancar - nimenea nu dorete s rite miznd pe un individ cu trecut ceos. Un teribilism juvenil poate astfel pecetlui un destin. Cel mai adesea, este o pedeaps prea grea pentru o rtcire a tinereilor. De aceea, n ceea ce ne privete, nu inem la zi vreun "catastif nominal" al satanitilor din Romnia i nici nu intenionm s facem vreodat public identitatea real a celor care, de-a lungul ultimilor ani, au fost semnalai cu asemenea activiti. Realitatea demonstreaz ns c, n cele mai multe cazuri, ei se arunc singuri dup gratii (cu buzunarele pline de "Anioa" fosforescent) - i acesta este cazul fericit. Pn n prezent, nu deinem date privind vreun caz n care Necuratul s fi facilitat eliberarea din detenie a vreunuia dintre nchintorii si, s-i fi tiat treangul n ultima clip ori s-i fi luat din mn flaconul de barbiturice. Se pare c nu-i st n caracter ntunecimii Sale s fac asemenea gesturi, dar informaia este n curs de verificare.


Incubus In medieval European folklore, the incubus is a male demon (or evil spirit) who visits women in their sleep to lie with them in ghostly sexual intercourse. The woman who falls victim to an incubus will not awaken, although may experience it in a dream. Should she get pregnant the child will grow inside her as any normal child, except that it will possess supernatural capabilities. Usually the child grows into a person of evil intent or a powerful wizard. Legend has it that the magician Merlin was the result of the union of an incubus and a nun. A succubus is the female variety, and she concentrates herself on men. According to one legend, the incubus and the succubus were fallen angels. The word incubus is Latin for "nightmare". These demons associated with an individual witch or sorcerer are known as familiars. Ipos A mighty earl and prince appearing as an angel with a lion's head, the webbed feet of a goose, and a hare's tail. He knows the past and future, and imparts wit and courage. J Jezebeth


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 A demon of falsehoods. Jin Laut An Indonesian sea demon. In Javanese mythology, a servant of the goddess of the southern ocean, who can kill a person by sitting on his chest. Jinn The usual Arabic term for demon is 'Jinn.' They are referred to as the 'dark ones' or the 'concealed ones.' They are usually regarded as the descendants or ghostly shadows of nations who have passed away. They live in desolate places that were formerly populated, and also in burial grounds and places of filth or refuse. It was believed that they loved darkness and feared the approach of day. Another story of the Jinn tells of several thousand years before the creation of Adam, a class of beings called Jinn inhabited the earth. They were made of fire, which circulated in their veins instead of blood. When a Jinn was mortally wounded, fire burst forth from his body and consumed him until he was but a heap of ashes. In the Koran, this fire is called 'smokeless fire,' and it is associated with the scorching heat of the desert wind Simoon, as opposed to the life substance of the heavenly angels whose blood is linked with the pure light substance emanating from Allah. The Jinn were a powerful race, governed over by a succession of seventy-two kings or Suleyman. The last Suleyman, Jan-Ibn-Jan, is said to have built the pyramids. They were a vain and hot-headed race and Allah often sent angels, in the guise of prophets, down to earth to admonish them. When they refused to better their ways or be true servants of God, an army of angels was dispatched to earth, defeating them after several battles and taking many prisoners. Among the prisoners was a young Jinn, named El-Harith, whom the angels took with them to heaven. There he grew up under their guidance and finally became their leader. ElHarith was no other than Iblis, 'the evil one,' as he was to be called when he lead the angels' revolt against Allah. When the children of Adam had peopled the earth, the vindictive Jinn lead by Iblis, distributed themselves among them and perpetrated all kinds of malicious deeds. They later began to resemble men in that they ate and drank, and propagated their own species. At times they united with human beings, and the offspring of such a union took on the nature of both parents, making them very cunning and dangerous mortals indeed. The Jinn take on any number of animal or human shapes, according to their whim. They also have the ability to be visible or invisible at their choosing. The Jinn usually take the form of snakes, lizards, scorpions, and other creeping things, but they can also take the form of larger animals. One legend tells of a family of Mecca that was so plagued by the Jinn that its members went out into the desert and began to


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 systematically kill all insects and reptiles. After a while the Jinn were so depleted in number that they decided to call a truce. The family then returned home and was never again plagued or haunted by the demons. Sometimes they take on the form of hybrid animals, such as a combination of a wolf, a hyena, etc. The Jinn are not pure spirits because if one is killed, a solid carcass remains. An example of this is the story of how a Ghul ('the daughter of the Jinn') came one night to the fire which a man had kindled. The man cut off her head, which resembled a cat with a forked tongue. King Solomon, when he first saw the Jinn, was horrified by their ugly appearance. But with the help of incantations and spells given to him by one of Allah's archangels he managed to gain power over them and could command then at will. He confined them in a brazen vessel which he hid in a deep well. The Jinn are usually divided into five classes, the least powerful being the Jann. These demons create minor nuisances, and steal animals from farmers. The Jann are usually demons who have been demoted from the second and more powerful category of the Jinn. The third class is called the Afrits. These are considered to be the embodiment of cleverness, so much so, that to call a Mohammedan an Afrit is the highest compliment one can pay to his intelligence. Next in rank come the powerful Marids and Sheitans, the most evil ones, and the favourite troops of Iblis, who bestowed upon them great gifts of extraordinary strength and knowledge. Besides the five classes of these fiends, there are a number of Jinn who are obedient to Allah and believe in the Prophet. These good Jinn often assume the form of household serpents, still common among certain East African and Ethiopian tribes. Frequently they appear in the shape of a toad. In Morocco, toads are therefore not killed, but respectfully requested to leave the house. At times the evil Jinn ascend to the confines of the lower heaven, where they eavesdrop on the conversations of angels. Men versed in the arts of conjuring and binding demons can make the Jinn reveal what they overheard, and so gain some knowledge of future events. The Jinn are said to be responsible for everything that appears contrary. For example, if cattle refuse to drink when driven to water, the Jinn are responsible. They are also said to be responsible if a woman is unfruitful or has a miscarriage. They are said to be the cause of all sickness and disease, and can also possess people. Throughout Persian and Arabic civilizations, encounters with the Jinn have been a favourite topic for the narratives and comments of eminent historians and religious leaders. An example are the famous tales of the Thousand and One Nights. Here is one small story, as told by the historian Ibn Athir. "In the year six hundred of the Hegira (the usual Islamic time-reckoning, based on the date of Mohammed's flight from Mecca to Medina in A.D. six hundred and


Demonologia ianuarie 2003 twenty-two), Ibn Athir resided in the city of Mosul on the Tigris River. It was then that an epidemic disease of the throat ravaged the country. The source of the epidemic was traced to a woman who was of the Jinn race. This woman had just lost her favourite son, Ankood, and was angry at Allah for what she called an unjust treatment. When she was in mourning, no one came to console her, so to avenge herself and her son's death, she used her evil powers to spread the fatal disease. As soon as it was known that she was a Jinn, all the people assembled and surrounded her house. They yelled with all their strength: 'O mother of Ankood, excuse us! Ankood is dead, and we did not mind it!' The Jinn, thus pacified, left the region never to return or to be heard of again, and in a few days time, the epidemic subsided." Junier Prince of the demonic angels. K Kabrakan A giant demon in Mayan myth who causes earthquakes. He makes mountains disappear, while his brother Zipakna makes mountains rise, also through earthquakes. They are the children of Vucub Caquix . Kaitabha The Hindu demon which tried to attack Brahma.