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Peace be upon a grave visited from afar;

Peace be upon the one who visited, in the night, his


Peace be upon the garden, and in it, Muammad.

Then He conveyed to him what he desired in his every


Peace be upon the one who asked the lizard, Who am To which it responded, Messenger of God, you are

Peace be upon the one enshrouded in the earth of

A prophet whom God gifted with beauty and

Oh you who is mounted, towards Medina intent,

In his blessed garden is my hope and wish,

Even if it is far from me, and visiting is difficult,

I turn my glance towards the beauty of its meadows,

So here I am, oh Pole of All the Worlds!

And send blessings on the Pole of Existence,

The one whom God distinguished with virtue and

Then glad be a slave who visits the grave of

Convey my greeting to the Beloved, Muammad.

And in it is cure for my heart and my soul, my repose.

Still, its likeness before me is a most excellent image!

Such that my intellect, my heart, my innermost finds

Of longing I turn to it for the cure of my deficiency.

A prayer by which all of our errors are effaced.