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The mission of St.

Philip’s is to:
 Invite and Welcome everyone into our
Christian community;
 Nurture and Strengthen each other in our
 Reach out and Share God’s love in the world.

St. Philip’s Lutheran Church  6180 Highway 65 NE, Fridley, MN 55432  (763) 571-1500
www.stphilipschurch.net  info@stphilipschurch.net

EVERYONE is welcome “The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do
not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is
to worship at St. Philip’s! born of the Spirit.” John 3: 8

We just celebrated the birth of Jesus – born in a stable – to parents of limited

means – in the tiny town of Bethlehem. The Gospel of Luke tells us that the
first ones to hear the good news were shepherds out in the field “keeping
watch over their sheep by night”. It was a rather humble beginning. He went
on to become a carpenter in Nazareth, following in Joseph’s footsteps.

At 30, Jesus began to gather disciples – twelve men and several women – who
followed him, watching and listening. Jesus’ ministry mainly took place among
the poor, the sick, the outcast, the weary. He gathered crowds around him,
but who would have dreamed that this was the beginning of Christianity – one
of the great religions of the world.
Volume 51  #1
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: But so it is with the Holy Spirit – who, like the wind, blows and moves where it
St. Philip’s Giving 2
Hunger Emphasis 2008-2009 2 Through men and women and children, the Holy Spirit spreads the good news
Things to Celebrate 2 of Jesus from generation to generation – from continent to continent!

New Associate Pastor 2 So here we are at St. Philip’s, two thousand years later, blessed by the Spirit
New Director of Youth Ministries 2 who has chosen to move among us.
Adult Forum 3 • Our hearts and minds have been touched by the teaching of the Spirit
– taught to know God — a God of mercy and unconditional love – a
Mission Festival 3
God who calls us by name and makes us God’s own beloved children.
Holiday Office Hours 3 • Our hope is strengthened by the Spirit who assures us that God is
Paul’s Letter to the St. Philippians 4 forever present in this life and in the next.
• Our path in life is not certain for “like the wind, the Spirit blows where
Thank You Thank You Thank You 5
it chooses”. There will be surprises along the way, but the Spirit is
Disaster Relief Team News 6 there: guiding, comforting, strengthening, encouraging,
IRA Charitable Rollover Approved challenging…….
for 2009 7 • Our compassion is awakened by the Spirit, leading us to acts of mercy
From The Staff 7 and kindness, of justice and peace.
• Our joy is made real by the Spirit – a joy in God’s presence with us,
Discovering Your Healing Path 8
news too good to keep to ourselves.
Communication Emphasis 9
Music Notes 9 Thanks be to God for the gift of the Holy Spirit – active and alive in humanity –
working to make Christ known – giving hope to generation after generation.
Youth News & Nigeria 10
Like the wind, the Spirit blows and moves where it chooses, in and through
January Calendar 11 and around us.
Church Statistics & Staff 12
Grace and Peace,
Things to Celebrate
We will continue to present our as a Congregation
budgeted income/expenses, as
well as our actual income/expenses • On November 23, St. Philip’s called John
in each month’s issue of the Hierlinger to be our Associate Pastor of
Friend. Education and Family. His ordination was a
huge celebration on December 6. Welcome
• Beginning January 5, Ashley Tangen will
Please keep the following in mind: be our new Director of Youth Ministries. You
1. Again this year, we have several members who prepaid may recognize the name as her father is a
their 2008 pledges through stock gifts, IRA gifts, etc. former pastor at St. Philip’s. Welcome Ashley!
2. We will continue to work very carefully to keep our • So far this year, we have sent
spending in check in response to the pace of members’ approximately $2,600 dollars each to CEAP and
giving. SACA. This does not count the many, many
3. It is our hope to end the year with a positive groceries which members donate and are
$1,188 to overcome the 2007 deficit. picked up at the church by CEAP. Thank you so
4. These numbers are through November 30, 2008. much for your continuing generosity to help our
2008 Budget Year-To-Date Actual Year-To-Date • Assembling 26 Thanksgiving Baskets!
Income $911,348 $875,758 • Receiving so many generous Christmas
Expense ($909,310) ($902,748) gifts to be delivered through CEAP, SACA, The
TOTALS $ 2,038 ($ 26,990) Fridley Infant, Toddler, and Teen Program
(FITT), Plymouth Christian Youth Center, The
Net Income (Loss): ($29,028)
Angel Tree (Prison Fellowship -- families of
those in prison), Crisis Nursery, and Lynwood.
• Many pounds of food to be delivered to
the local food shelves (CEAP and SACA)
On Sun., Nov. 23, a special congregational meeting was held • A deeply meaningful and safe trip to
to consider calling John Hierlinger as Associate Pastor of Nigeria with the opportunity to visit our
Education and Family Ministries. Following a report and companion congregation in Bille and the
recommendation from the Call Committee, a motion was made Evangelist, Pius Kasawa. Thanks be to God:
and seconded to call John to this position. The vote totals at Pastor Hougen, Eric Hougen, Phyllis Ehlers,
the meeting were: YES - 190; NO - 11; ABSTAIN - 2 Larry Ehlers, and Pastor Jan Hartsook
We are glad to have John on board as an associate pastor, and
we know that he will contribute much to the education and
family ministries of St. Philip's. His strong faith and HUNGER EMPHASIS
enthusiasm are a blessing to our congregation.
The Board of Administration and the congregation thank the
Call Committee for their thorough work on our behalf. Heifer Project
We appreciate the many hours and careful deliberation they This February our congregation will again have the
gave to this important responsibility. opportunity to help communities in over 100
countries to become more self-reliant through our
A Note from Our New Director of Youth Ministries donations. The Heifer Project is a program which
ASHLEY TANGEN raises money to buy animals such as heifers,
Hi! I am Ashley Tangen and I am SO excited to be joining the sheep, or goats, which are then given to villages in
congregation of St. Philip's Lutheran this January as the Director of need. The recipients also receive training
Youth Ministries. I grew up far away in Dickinson, North Dakota regarding how to use these animals to produce
and have been living in the Twin Cities for the past year. I received food or income. The profits from these animals
my Social Studies Education Degree at Minnesota State University are then used to buy food, to educate their
Moorhead May 2007. I have spent several summers working at children, or to provide for medical needs. This
bible camps in North Dakota, Minnesota and even way down in
project has traditionally been an exciting one for
Texas! I have a strong passion for working with youth, so I am
our members because the offering is so basic and
greatly looking forward to rocking it out Lutheran style here in
yet the results are very dramatic.
Fridley, Minnesota!! St. Philip's is a special place for me because I
was actually a member here as a little girl in the late 80's! My dad,
Steve Tangen, was a pastor here from 1986-1989. It's a great treat Feb. 1, 8, 15, and 22 are the dates. Other
to be worshipping at St. Philip's again and I can't wait to get specifics will be printed in next month’s Friend and
started in my new position! in the service bulletins. Look forward to this
chance to serve through these special gifts!
**Sundays at 9:35 a.m. in the Chapel unless otherwise noted**

JANUARY - Global Missions Month at St. Philip’s February 1- Heifer Project

You will be my witnesses… A speaker from Heifer International will speak to us
to the ends of the Earth about new Heifer projects, which are helping families
ACTS 1:8 throughout the world.
January’s special emphasis on global missions will
include exciting weekly forums and an informative and February 8, 15 and 22
fun-filled festival weekend. Look forward to adult War, Peace, and God: Rethinking the Just-war
forums: Tradition
 1st Sunday: St. Philip’s Disaster Relief Team will By Dr. Gary Simpson
give updates on their work in Mississippi as well What do people mean by a "just war"? What are the
as Cedar Rapids, IA moral criteria for justifiably going to war and fighting in
 2nd Sunday: St. Philip’s Youth will give updates war? Can Lutheran congregations be peace churches
on their work in Juarez, Mexico and be within the Just War Theory? These are the
 3rd Sunday: St. Philip’s travelers to Bille, Nigeria important questions explored and addressed in this
will present on their trip timely book and to be addressed in Dr. Simpson’s
 4th Sunday: St. Philip’s travelers to Bille, Nigeria presentations on Sundays February 8, 15, and 22 at
will continue their presentation on their trip 9:35 AM in the Chapel.
We will be having a service that is centered on the trip
We are truly blessed to have this author and professor
to Bille. Pr. Sekenwa Briska will be giving the sermon
joining us for Adult Forum. Dr. Simpson’s book, War,
Festival Weekend, January 24/25.
Peace, and God: Rethinking the Just-war Tradition, will
We have been able to obtain a 22’ x 24’ quilt made by
be available for sale in the Narthex prior to his coming
the Mashiah Foundation. The quilt will be on display in
in February. Please consider reading through his book
the Sanctuary the weekend of January 16/17. It is an
and then joining the conversation and presentations.
extremely beautiful piece of artwork. We are very
Dr. Simpson’s presentations will be informative and
fortunate to be able to have it for all to see.
stimulating even if you do not read his book. Join us
We will be having various displays by other groups for
Sundays February 8, 15, and 22 and bring a friend!
you to look at; a slide presentation from Jim and Carol
Sack, our missionaries in Japan, Lutheran World Relief Dr. Gary Simpson was named associate professor of
items will be for sale along with items our travelers systematic theology at Luther Seminary in 1990 and
brought back from Bille, purses from South Africa will professor of systematic theology in 1998. Earlier, he
be for sale, free trade coffees and teas will also be for served as a Lutheran pastor for 14 years. He received
sale. the B.A. degree from Concordia Senior College, Fort
A lot of activity will be going on during January 2009 Wayne, Ind., in 1972. He earned both the M.Div. and
relating to Global Missions. So mark your calendars as the Th.D. degrees at Christ Seminary-Seminex, St.
we invite you to be part of this activity and fun! Louis, Mo.

We will be celebrating Mission Festival December 24 – The office will be open until Noon.
January 24 and 25, 2009.
December 25/26 – The office will be closed.
More information will be coming on the
various activities, speakers, potluck, etc. January 1 – The office will be closed.
that will take place during January.
Thank you for noting this schedule change.
Mark your calendars now!

A report from your president

This report summarizes our November 24 board meeting, noted that many of them have been completed and
which Pastor Ryan began with devotions from Chapter 2 made additional assignments for future action.
of Opening the Book of Faith, a discussion of how
Lutherans view and study the Bible. We continued last month’s discussion of an “Open
Mike” Program for Board meetings, suggested a few
Our October financial report showed that income was revisions, and then approved it. It dedicates up to
down again from last year. This was partially offset by thirty minutes at board meetings in even numbered
lower than expected utility bills, but we need a good months for members to be heard on any non-
November and December. We noted that giving for personnel issue or to ask questions of the board.
many members is down slightly from expectations rather Guidelines will be publicized before our December
than a few members being down a large amount. A meeting, when the program will start.
letter will be mailed in early December encouraging
members to meet or exceed their pledged giving for the We appointed Linda Benson to chair the Parish
year. Fellowship Committee for the remainder of the year,
and approved the hiring of Ashley Tangen as our
The Call Committee attended the meeting and discussed Youth Director, beginning in January. Ashley is the
issues that had come to their attention while conducting daughter of former Pastor Steve Tangen.
their work. Most of these related to the importance of
good communication between the board, staff, and Pastor Jan reported that a care giver program is
members of the congregation. They commented that being developed and will be conducted in February
communication has improved significantly in the past few and March. She also commented on the frequent
months. The board commended the committee for the funerals at St. Philip’s for non members, and told us
thorough process they used in arriving at their that she is on an Advisory Board for CEAP.
recommendation that John Hierlinger should be called to
St. Philip’s as a pastor, and their frequent status reports Pastor Ryan reported that the leadership training
to the congregation. program for pastors he has helped develop will be
held in February. Fifteen pastors will participate and
Benevolence Committee Chair, Sue Davis gave their both Augsburg College and Luther Seminary are
report. She told about some of the many social involved. He also has provided counseling at Fridley
ministry projects that come under this committee and High School following the recent shooting death of a
how important they are to people in need. student.

We brainstormed ideas for improved hospitality, one Administrator Becky Leicher has begun the annual
of four priorities developed at a staff/board workshop budget process by projecting possible adjustments
earlier this year. The suggestions could generally be from this year and reported on pledges received for
grouped into categories including: 2009. At the time of the meeting the number of
• Visitor and new member impressions pledges returned was fewer than the total a year ago
• Ease of use and physical appearance of at the same time, but the average pledge is higher.
our facility Total dollar amount of pledges received was less than
• Making our worship services more user last year. The Stewardship Committee is following up
friendly with members who have not yet pledged, and more
pledges come in each day. Becky also reported that
We assigned many of them to individuals or committees the keyless entry system, approved at our meeting
for implementation. We also reviewed previously a month ago, is being installed and that our that web
assigned actions for the other three priorities - site is being updated.
communication, faith formation, and relationships. We
Paul Rebelein, President
Thank you for organizing our talk on Nov. 2 during the Throughout 2008 and into 2009 we have many
adult forum. We are very glad we could share about volunteers who work with the office staff. The
our ministry in Russia with you. Many blessings to you first group we would like to thank is the Work
and please remember us in your prayers. Crew, who comes each Wednesday a.m.
From Eric and Liza Debelak throughout the year and work on our computers,
electrical projects, plumbing problems, seasonal
Thank you for your generous donations of 232 pounds
decorating, upgrading bathrooms, work on roof
of food, 22 birthday bags, and one huge box of
repairs, etc., etc.
clothing and shoes.
We can never thank this group of people enough
Thank you for your gift of $250 to the children and for all they do for us and for all of the money they
youth programs of PCYC. Know that we treasure your save the church! Without this group of men, we
involvement and your gifts and your wisdom. would be paying thousands of dollars out of our
From Plymouth Christian Youth Center budget for repairs needed throughout the church.
I am very grateful for those who drove for Meals on
Wheels the week of 11/10-14, 2008. Thank you for
giving of your time: Meredith and Larry Hille; Barb
Johnson; Larry Johnson; Becky Trancheff; Roger
Also, the office has some volunteers who work in
Musolf and Ellen Raeker; Clem Coverston; Lynn Holter;
the office each week and many members may not
Mike Tipler; Thelma and Myron Nash; Judy Beinie; Earl
know who they are, so they are listed below:
Hatten; Bob Johnson; Kathy Tostenson; Don Breining;
Norm Herzog; Bev and Chip Sperry; Wally Helmbrecht;
Kathy Swenson – Works each Monday late
Ron Cadwell; and Lynette Thompson. May God bless
afternoon entering contributions into the
all of you!
computer, so each of you gets credit for your
From Beth Terpstra
The St. Philip’s Library Committee thanks everyone Joyce Johnson – Works each Tuesday
who helped to support the Holiday Book Fair held answering the phones during the staff
recently. The book fair was a big success thanks to meetings. Also, Joyce assembles bulletins
everyone who bought books, gave a cash donation, or each Friday.
bought a book for the library. Kay Hansen – Works each Wednesday a.m.
Watch our shelves for wonderful new books arriving answering the phones, doing projects, files,
soon! and fills in for Sue or Wanda when they are on
From the Library Committee vacation. Kay also answers questions in the
office on various Sundays throughout the year.
Greetings from Geneva in the name of Jesus Christ!
Margaret Oelschlager - Works each
This is to express my profound gratitude to the St.
Thursday a.m. answering phones and assists
Philip’s congregation for your hospitality expressed in
with proofing the bulletins. Margaret also
the opportunity to share with you in worship and at
assists in answering questions in the office on
the reception. I felt one greatly blessed having the
various Sundays throughout the year. She,
opportunity to worship at St. Philip’s again. My family
too, fills in for Sue or Wanda if they are on
and I will continue to treasure the love we received
from this congregation as families and individuals
Marie Holmberg - Comes in and enters the
opened their space and lives to us. Together the
information from the Communion cards into
church body became our family and home thousands
the membership module of Shepherd’s Staff.
of miles from our motherland. We pray that God’s
Anne Gilbertson – Works each Friday to
grace continues to walk with the saints at St. Philip’s
assist in assembling the bulletins.
and the memory of those that departed remain
Cori Olsrud – Who assists in answering
questions in the office on various Sundays
From Rev. Dr. Musa Filibus
throughout the year.
Shirley Mosman - Who assists in answering
Thank you for the very beautiful cross that was
questions in the office on various Sundays
presented to me from the congregation. I will truly
throughout the year.
treasure it. How blessed I am to be serving here at
St. Philip’s as one of your pastors.
Thank you for all you do for us, we greatly
From Pastor Jan
appreciate your hard work. God bless you all for
your dedication to St. Philip’s Lutheran Church.

Cedar Rapids Trip #1 St. Philip’s Disaster Relief Outreach
Reflections on “Pruning” by Nellie Landrus comfortable beds; hot showers; hot tea to warm us up after
Nellie Landrus is a member of Atonement Lutheran in New chilly days at the work site; cookies hot from the oven when we
Brighton and also an integral member of St. Philip’s Disaster got back to our host families; bag lunches, snacks, and
Relief. She often writes “Reflections” on her experiences. beverages; delicious pumpkin cheesecake (one hostess was
‘practicing for Thanksgiving’); cats to sleep with us; dogs to play
"I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinegrower. He ball with us; clothes washed by one hostess so we would not
removes every branch in me that bears no fruit. Every branch have to wash all our dirty clothes when we got home. Our host
that bears fruit he prunes to make it bear more fruit.” John families kept saying thanks for coming to help their town when
15:1-2 it felt like we should be saying thanks for all they did to make us
Upon beginning this reflection, I felt like I did on the first feel welcome and for the loving ways they cared for us.
morning when we climbed the stairs, put on our masks, and We cannot thank God enough for our brothers and sisters in
walked into the brick house on Ellis Boulevard in Cedar Rapids. Christ at St. Stephen’s Lutheran who showed us God’s love in so
Where and how do I start? We were told that all of the walls many ways. They shared many stories with us. They know
have to come down. One of the others on the team whacked people who are allergic to the flood damaged area due to the
the plaster with a hammer and I did the same. The first blow mold, but wanted to be able to help in some way so provided
made a hole in the wall and many more followed. Slowly the lunches and beverages for us. We were told of one retired
walls came crashing down in piles at our feet. The walls were member of the congregation who worked on flood relief seven
plaster on top of sheetrock that was nailed about every two days a week for months. Other people have worked two or
inches so after we knocked down the areas between the studs, three days almost every week since June. One member came to
we used our pry bars to start the slow process of chipping away help while we were there and told us that she figured if we
on what was left on the studs. We pulled nail after nail until the could come from Minnesota to help she could drive 30 miles.
studs were stripped bare from floor to ceiling. We knocked it We shared our stories with them as well. And, as God has called
down and the faithful bucket brigade would shovel it up and us to do, we shared God’s love with one another. Without our
dump it into buckets or out the windows into a wheelbarrow connection, as branches, to the life-giving vine of Jesus, none of
below and then haul it out to the pile along the curb in front of this would be possible. It is God’s love flowing through all of us,
the house. In a sense, we carried the house, along with the past sharing our gifts with one another, that enables us to work
owners’ lives and memories, out in five gallon buckets! Later the together and grow together and to bear fruit in God’s kingdom.
big claw truck would pick it up and haul it away. And we would For that we say thanks be to God!
make another pile. Some of us spent hours on our “perches” (4’
step ladders) chipping away at the top of the walls while others Adult Forum
were down on their knees on the floor working away at the Join the Disaster Relief team members at the Adult Forum on
bottom of the walls. January 4th. The presentation will be based on the ELCA
Disaster Response devotional booklet Meeting God in the Ruins
The St. Philip’s Disaster Relief team is filled with many skilled and will include reflections from team members and photos
builders and has worked rebuilding many water damaged from past Katrina, Rushford, and Cedar Rapids trips. We will
homes. We have always known that mucking out and clearing also share information about future trips.
out a house is an important part of the recovery process.
Perhaps this trip gave us a deeper appreciation of the work of Lasagna Dinner
those who have often gone before us. After all, before people The 2nd annual Lasagna Dinner is tentatively set for February 8,
can build up a house there are things that others must tear 2009. The menu includes homemade lasagna, salad, bread,
down. beverages, and dessert. Tickets sales start in January. This
year’s dinner also includes a sealed bid auction. (Bidders make a
God stirred some thoughts about that and reminded me of single, concealed bid on an item. Bids will be reviewed and the
Jesus’ words about how he is the vine and we are the branches. high bidder will then be notified the week after the dinner.)
God is the vine grower who prunes the branches to help the Auction items will include tools, gift baskets, electronics,
vine bear more fruit. Before the houses devastated by computer accessories, household items and gift cards. Watch
hurricanes and floods can be rebuilt for families to live in, the the bulletin announcement, weekly emails, and the next Friend
damaged stuff must be torn out (pruned) to allow new walls for more information about the dinner.
(growth) to be built. It is hard work, and it is painful to see the
devastation, but we trust in God that after the pruning a time of Upcoming Trips
new growth will come and our work as God’s hands and feet will Proceeds from the dinner will continue to fund the St. Philip’s
bear fruit. Disaster Relief outreach with much of the money used to cover
gas for team travel. Another flood relief trip to Cedar Rapids is
The journey of the St. Philip’s Disaster Relief team to Cedar planned for February and a hurricane relief trip in April is
Rapids would not have been possible without many others who tentatively planned for the Galveston area.
shared their gifts and blessings. God called each of us who
traveled on the trip, but also those who provided financial If you’d like additional information on the Disaster Relief efforts,
support and those who blanketed us with their prayers. And we please contact Mike Anderson at flooddog97@aol.com or 763-
cannot say thanks enough for the gracious hospitality of the 784-7977 or Renee Johnson at Renee604@juno.com or 763-
people of St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids. They 571-6828. To learn more about past disaster relief trips, visit
went out of their way to make us feel welcome, with many our website at www.lutheransonline.com/spdr. Financial
family members giving up their rooms for a few days to provide contributions are always needed and greatly appreciated. Please
places for us to stay. Thanks to them we enjoyed warm, make checks payable to “St. Philip’s Disaster Relief.”
IRA Charitable Rollover Approved for 2009
On October 3, 2008, Congress passed and the President signed Remember: If you are intending to have this transfer qualify
the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (H.R. 1424), for exclusion for the year 2008, it is imperative that the
legislation that includes a two-year extension of the IRA distribution be postmarked no later than December 31, 2008.
charitable rollover. The provision, originally enacted as part of
the Pension Protection Act of 2006, permits Individual The purpose of this article is to provide general gift giving
Retirement Account (IRAs) owners starting at age 70 ½ to information and is not intended as legal, accounting or other
make charitable gifts totaling up to $100,000 per year from professional advice. For assistance in planning charitable gifts
their IRAs tax-free made directly to qualified public charities with tax and other financial implications, the services of
such as St. Philip’s Lutheran Church. appropriate advisors should be obtained,
Key Provisions
• Donors must be age 70 ½ at the time the gift is made.
• Charitable Rollover Gifts must be made directly from an
IRA account to a charity. IRA rollover may be used to pay
a pledge or make any monetary gift to St. Philip’s Lutheran FROM THE STAFF
Church. IRA Rollover Gifts may be used to satisfy the
Required Minimum Distribution amount you must take out
each year after age 70 ½. 1. The 50th Anniversary Cookbook Committee
• Total Gifts of $100,000 may be made in 2008. Additional raised enough funds to pay for a good portion of the
Gifts of up to $100,000 may be made in 2009. new stove in the kitchen, 12 new round tables and
• Spouses can gift $100,000 each year, too. racks for the Fellowship Hall, and table cloths for the
• Donors can support many charities and ministries at
new round tables. Sue Neisen and Wanda Benson
varying amounts as long as the total gifts do not exceed
$100,000. were co-chairs of this committee.
Who is most likely to benefit? 2. The Business Administrator, Becky Leicher,
• Individuals who must take mandatory minimum completed the first portion of her classes at St.
withdrawals, but don’t need additional income. And Thomas University last summer to become a Certified
qualified charitable distributions from IRA accounts count Church Business Administrator. She will complete the
toward the owner’s Required Minimum Distribution Amount
second portion of the classes next May at St. Thomas.
you must take out each year after age 70 ½ without
becoming taxable. 3. The staff is thrilled to welcome Ashley Tangen
• Individuals who do not itemize and who make a charitable as the new Youth Director at St. Philip’s. Ashley starts
gift in an amount less than the standard deduction will January 5.
benefit from a transfer directly from their IRA to charity. 4. The staff is also thrilled to have our newly
Many seniors do not have a mortgage and their medical
deductions are less than 7.5% of adjusted gross income. ordained pastor, Rev. John Hierlinger, as a continuing
The IRA rollover allows donors who do not itemize staff member.
deductions to contribute IRA assets to charity and enjoy 5. There are still 50th Anniversary Cook books
tax benefits similar to those derived from claiming itemized available for sale in the office for $15 each.
charitable deductions.
• Required IRA distributions may increase an individual’s
6. There are still 50th Anniversary medallions and
adjusted gross income and increase the percentage of stands available for sale in the office. The costs are
Social Security payments on which he or she has to pay. $12 and $3 respectively.
By choosing to make a charitable distribution with all or 7. The staff meets each Tuesday at 9 a.m. Notes
part of their required IRA distribution, donors may reduce from these meetings are shared with part-time staff
income and reduce the percentage of social security
subject to taxation. who cannot attend the meetings and are also shared
• Individuals whose level of income causes a phase-out of with the Board of Administration. This is another thing
certain deductions. we do in our continuing efforts to improve
• Generous donors who desire to give more than 50% of communication within St. Philip’s
adjusted gross income from their regular assets and then
make “over and above” gifts from their IRA.
8. Happy new year to each and every one of you.
May God bless you throughout 2009!
How do I make a Charitable Rollover gift?
To make a qualified charitable rollover to St. Philip’s Lutheran
Church to pay a pledge or make any monetary gift to St. Philip’s
Lutheran Church, you should contact your IRA custodian. Ask
for the IRA Charitable Rollover transfer forms. And to qualify
for a charitable distribution, your IRA custodian must directly
transfer the funds to the church rather than a withdrawal by
you for later gifting. Otherwise, the IRA withdrawal will be
taxed if you receive it. You will receive a written
acknowledgement from St. Philip’s Lutheran Church of your gift.

Remember: If you are intending to have this transfer qualify

for exclusion for the year 2008, it is imperative that the
distribution be postmarked no later than December 31, 2008.
Did you know? Most family caregivers become more
DISCOVERING assertive in gaining the skills and finding the resources
YOUR HEALING PATH they need once they start thinking of themselves as
Caregiver – You Are, Have Been or Will Be “caregivers”.
By Tuni Turner RN, Parish Nurse Those who work in service to family caregivers often
lament that the most challenging part of supporting
Did you know? In Minnesota, over 600,000 family
caregivers and preventing caregiver “burnout” is trying the
caregivers provide an estimated 651 million hours of care
reach them at the beginning of their caregiver journeys.
to family, friends and neighbors each year. While this
Family caregivers find it difficult to identify themselves as
care is unpaid, its value has been estimated at 7.1 billion
caregivers. Caregiving tasks are often considered the
dollars annually. Family caregivers provide 92% of long-
expected duties of a wife, husband, son, daughter, sister,
term care services in Minnesota. Every 1% decline in
neighbor, etc. Thus, the greatest obstacle to caregiver
these efforts costs the public sector $30 million dollars a
support is usually the caregiver him/herself.
year. (Statistics are from the Metropolitan Area Agency
on Aging – MCAA). These statistics demonstrate that There are many facets to the life of a caregiver, both
individuals, families and society as a whole benefit challenging and rewarding. Self-identification as a family
significantly from the efforts of caregivers. caregiver is an important and critical step.
Mid-winter 2009 (late February, early March) St. Philip’s
It is clear that Minnesotans desire to care for and do Befriender’s will host a 4 part series of classes especially
what’s best for their loved ones. But the costs to for family caregivers. Topic presentations will include:
caregivers are great. They take on new roles and Elder Law, Alzheimer’s-Dementia, Housing Options for
responsibilities while continuing to balance their many Older Persons, Finding Joy and Hope in Caregiving,
other life roles and responsibilities, including self-care. Depression in the Elderly, and Faith Stories (what does the
On the financial front, caregivers report taking time away Bible say about serving others and caring for oneself?).
from work, decreasing their work hours, and turning This series will be aimed at helping caregivers: discover
down promotions. Caregiving work is hard and alters resources, recognize the stresses of caregiving and to
the lives of individuals and their families. Caregivers learn ways to remain healthy as a caregiver (as well as
need help and support. how to find the joy in caregiving). Be alert for
announcements about dates, times and speakers.
This is not just an individual or family issue – it is an
I pray that you will come, learn, listen and discover –
important public issue as well. Current legislation to
knowing that you either are, have been or will be a
support caregivers has been introduced at both the
caregiver. I guarantee that you know caregivers. I ask
federal and state level. Proposed policy changes include
you to care for them by bringing them along. Together we
enhancements to the Family and Medical Leave Act, tax
will share a meal, fellowship, knowledge, experience, and
credits for care expenses, funding for information and
our stories. It will be very good!
referral services, study and promotion of “caregiving best
practices”, and the establishment of respite services. I
Lord, to the sick and the hurting, to the old and the lonely,
encourage you to educate yourself about this important to the dying and the least of us, to the children and the weak,
constituency that you have been, are or will be a part of. to reach out to the stranger, to mend a heart, to lift a spirit,
I pray you will discover a way to get involved. to touch a life, and to clap for joy; you call us to use our hands.
Lord, You call us to be your hands and to use our hands
A comprehensive list of state and federal policies to bring You with us to each and every person. Amen
introduced and the status of the bills can be found at the Taken from a Service of Worship and Praise to Celebrate Caring
National Alliance for Caregiving website, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Edina
www.caregiving.org/federalLegislation or the Caregiver
Alliance National Center on Caregiving, Tuni’s can be reached at the church Monday through
www.caregiver.org/caregiver. Thursday: 763-571-1500 ext: 116 or tturner@usfamily.net.

On September 30, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was placed in our building. (It’s located just across the
hallway from the main office door, on the brick wall.) Our church received the AED free of charge as part of our
partnership with Take Heart Anoka County, a pilot project whose goal to improve the survival rates of persons
experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. As of early December, over 50 St. Philip’s parishioners (of all ages) have participated
in “Friends and Family” CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED training thus becoming a key link to health and
healing for people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. I celebrate these people and all others who have taken time at
their work, school or home to learn CPR and AED use.
– Tuni Turner, RN, Parish Nurse. Contact Tuni for more information on training options for yourself, family, or group.
The Board of Administration has become
increasingly aware of the need to foster
better communications in all areas of our
church. We want to improve in all areas from
the members to the youth, Committees, the Board, the
Executive Committee and the Staff, and out into the
community. We need to develop more open lines to better MUSIC NOTES
communicate and share our mission. Music Schedule – January 2009
Music Schedule is subject to change
The Board members have had their pictures taken and are
posted on the bulletin board by the office, including their Sunday, January 11
contact information. The BOA would like to hear from you. 8:30 a.m. Sanctuary Choir
Your thought and comments are always welcome and we Sunday, January 25
need to hear from you. We need to hear from you so we 8:30 a.m. Sanctuary Choir
can continue our mission as you see it too. Please contact
us as we desperately desire your comments and feedback. Other choirs begin presenting music in February

The BOA has voted unanimously to approve an Open

Microphone Session at all of the BOA meetings for each
even numbered month of the year. A copy of the outline
follows. 10:30 WORSHIP

As the world changes, so does our need to reach

out in different ways. It is so important that people
OPEN MICROPHONE FORUM know the love of Jesus Christ, and it is our priority
FOR THE ST. PHILIP’S LUTHERAN CHURCH to present the message in relevant ways, without
BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION MEETINGS changing the content of the message. One way,
among many, is music! Music is so important in all
The purpose of this forum is for providing the opportunity of our lives and it is one thing that transcends
for the members of the congregation to offer ideas and/ or almost everything else. Most people can tell you
feedback to the Board of Administration. This is not meant what kind of music they like and what kind of
to be a question and answer session. The open micro music they don’t like.
session will be made available during the even numbered
months of the year. Board meetings are regularly scheduled In an effort to reach people and stay relevant to
for the fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 PM and are held the world, we are in the process of making some
normally in the Lounge. The Open Mike session will be held changes. You may have noticed some different
from 6:30 to 7:00 PM. Please consider the following when things in the past couple of months. The band is
you want to be a part of an open microphone session: no longer called “Celebrate” but instead, just
1. Limit your presentation to a maximum of three minutes “worship band”. We have some new players and
2. Please be respectful during presentations. some new instruments (have you seen and heard
3. This is not the place for personnel issues of any kind. the fancy electric guitar?) and a new sound. You
4. Please refrain from addressing an individual or will also notice that our sound is more guitar led.
commenting about an individual Our hope is to maintain a high quality sound that is
5. Handouts with an outline of your presentation are both appealing to the current attendees, as well as
preferred but not required. The more prepared you are those who are drawn to a more contemporary
the better your comments and/or suggestions will be sound.
6. The President of the meeting has the option to limit the If you are skilled at playing guitar, electric guitar,
number of presentations to insure the BOA has adequate bass or drums, and are interested in playing for
time to transact its agenda for the meeting. worship, I would love to hear from you. We will be
7. The BOA may respond, however responses may not rehearsing on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. after
always be possible. Christmas. Please contact me at the below e-mail
8. There BOA members are always available for you to call address if you are interested.
them directly and would welcome your contact. Their
pictures and contact information are posted on the Blessings,
bulletin board by the office. Stephanie
The Staff and Board of Administration
St. Philip’s Lutheran Church
As St. Philip’s gets ready to welcome our new youth director with
the new year I want to sincerely thank all of you for the last few months.

Especially to the youth: Our church is really quite blessed with the diverse
group of individuals that you are. I have genuinely enjoyed getting to know
your spunk, your struggles, your aspirations, and your faith. Continue to love
one another in our youth group so that you are able to love those in our
community. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives this fall and letting
me explore ideas about our world and our Lord with you! Please, keep
striving to be movers and shakers everywhere you go.

To the youth at heart but adult in age: Thank you for your consistent support. From my personal nursing job search
to my transition at St. Philip’s, I felt exceedingly blessed to have so many of you showing me encouragement and
guidance…truly an image of the Family of God.

St. Philip’s will always be my home congregation. While I may not always be in the area, you all will always be filling
my prayers and my thoughts. So, I suppose, this is very much a “see you soon” type of greeting.

In His Love,
Anna Johnson
Make sure to always check the youth binder and
WEEKLY PROGRAMS youth bulletin board in the hallway outside
Sunday Morning Live of the new youth room for the most up-to-date
information about all youth events.
Grades 6-12
Sunday School meet in the youth room at 9:35 a.m. Join us on Sunday, January 18 at 1 p.m. for an
afternoon of ice skating at the Depot in Minneapolis!!
High School Fellowship Time We’ll meet at St. Philip’s and car pool downtown.
Admission is $6 if you are 17 or younger and $8 if you
Wednesday Nights are 18 and older. You can rent skates there for $7 if
Post-confirmation high schoolers meet in the youth you need, also. This is a great event to invite your
room at 7 p.m. friends to. If you have never tried ice skating before,
don’t worry…falling is half is the fun!

We are still working on compiling all of the Youth Live

Band music so that we can get it to those of you who
have shown interest in joining this worship team.
Thanks for your patience. Expect a group rehearsal
time to be coming up soon!


After an election in Jos, Nigeria, conflict broke out between the Muslims and the Christians. It is reported
that more than 300 people died. Jos is one of the cities where we stayed on the trip to Nigeria. While
there, our home base was the Dogon Dutse Guest House, which was evacuated because it was targeted to
be burned down, but has been saved. One of the Minnesota Area Synod Companion Congregations,
Dogon Karfe, was burned down along with the parsonage. The pastor and family are safe. The
congregation worshiped the next Sunday in the ruins and ashes of the church. Please keep our brothers
and sisters in your prayers that the violence will soon end and pray for the safety of missionaries, pastors,
and their families.
- Pastor Jan

Tuesday, January 20
Thursday, January 1 Sunday, January 11 (cont’d) 9:00 Staff Meeting
Office Closed 9:35 Adult Forum 10:00 Friend
7:00 EA 10:30 Worship 6:00 Worship Band
7:00 NDRS 12:00 GIH 7:00 Baptism Class
7:00 SDA 12:30 NDRS 7:00 SDA
7:30 AA/Alanon 3:30 NDRS (Rms. 17-18) Wednesday, January 21
Friday, January 2 4:30 Christmas Concert 8:30 Work Crew
9:00 Camilia Club 7:00 Mentor Meeting 9:00 Quilting
7:00 SDA Monday, January 12 Thursday, January 22
7:30 Bridge 9:00 Glory Circle 7:00 Women’s Book Club
Saturday, January 3 9:00 Camilia Club M-F 7:00 EA
8:30 Worship Band 4:45 Worship Planning 7:00 NDRS
9:00 SDA 6:00 Child Advocacy 7:00 SDA
4:00 SDA 7:00 All Committees 7:30 AA/Alanon
5:00 Worship/Communion 7:00 GA/GamAnon Friday, January 23
7:00 GIH Tuesday, January 13 7:00 SDA
7:00 SDA 9:00 Staff Meeting Saturday, January 24
Sunday, January 4 Sabbath 6:00 Worship Band 9:00 SDA
7:30 Disaster Relief 6:00 Child Care Providers 4:00 SDA
8:30 Worship 7:00 Health & Wellness 5:00 Worship/Communion
9:35 Sunday School 7:00 SDA 7:00 GIH
9:35 Adult Forum Wednesday, January 14 7:00 SDA
10:30 Worship 8:30 Men’s Work Crew Sunday, January 25 Sabbath
12:00 GIH 10:00 Women’s Book Club 8:30 Worship
12:30 NDRS 5:15 Dinner 9:35 Sunday School
3:30 NDRS 5:15 JuBellation Ringers 9:35 Adult Forum
Monday, January 5 6:15 Rock Solid Choir 10:30 Worship
9:00 Camilia Club M-F 7:00 Big Dig 11:30 Mission Festival Potluck
9:30 Joy Circle 7:00 Confirmation 12:00 GIH
7:00 GA/GamAnon 7:00 High School Youth Night 12:30 NDRS
Tuesday, January 6 7:00 Joy Ringers 3:30 NDRS
Friend Deadline DEADLINE 7:00 Sanctuary Choir Monday, January 26
9:00 Staff Meeting Thursday, January 15 9:00 Camilia Club M-F
2:30 Cook for Sharing/Caring 6:15 Bells of Praise 1:30 Knitters & Crocheters
7:30 Worship Band 6:30 NW Photo Club 7:00 GA/GamAnon
7:00 SDA 7:00 EA 6:30 Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 7 7:00 NDRS Tuesday, January 27
8:30 Men’s Work Crew 7:00 SDA 9:00 Staff Meeting
9:00 Quilting 7:30 AA/Alanon 6:00 Worship Band
11:00 Go to Sharing/Caring Friday, January 16 7:00 SDA
5:00 The Way 7:00 SDA Wednesday, January 28
5:15 Dinner Saturday, January 17 8:30 Men’s Work Crew
5:15 JuBellation Ringers 9:00 SDA 5:15 Dinner
6:15 Rock Solid Choir 4:00 SDA 5:15 JuBellation Ringers
7:00 Big Dig 5:00 Worship/Communion 6:15 Rock Solid Choir
7:00 Confirmation 7:00 GIH 7:00 Big Dig
7:00 High School Youth Night 7:00 SDA 7:00 Confirmation
7:00 Joy Ringers Sunday, January 18 Sabbath 7:00 High School Youth Night
7:00 Sanctuary Choir 8:30 Worship/Communion/Healing 7:00 Joy Ringers
Thursday, January 8 9:35 Sunday School 7:00 Sanctuary Choir
6:15 Bells of Praise 9:35 Adult Forum Thursday, January 29
7:00 EA 9:35 Blood Pressure Check 6:15 Bells of Praise
7:00 NDRS 10:30 Worship/Communion/Healing 6:30 NW Photo Club
7:00 SDA 12:00 GIH 7:00 EA
7:30 AA/Alanon 12:30 NDRS 7:00 NDRS
Saturday, January 10 3:30 NDRS 7:00 SDA
9:00 SDA Monday, January 19 7:30 AA/Alanon
4:00 SDA Office Closed Friday, January 30
5:00 Worship/Communion 7:30 Excecutive Committee 7:00 SDA
7:00 GIH 9:00 Camilia Club M-F Saturday, January 31
7:00 SDA 7:00 GA/GamAnon 9:00 SDA
Sunday, January 11 Sabbath 4:00 SDA
8:30 Worship 5:00 Worship/Communion
9:35 Sunday School 7:00 GIH 11
7:00 SDA
Recuperating at home or hospitalized during the month…Bev Rehani, Vivian Bratt

Sympathy…Gordie & Lenna Johnson on the death of daughter, Sandy Sankowitz; Lee and
Margo Tech on the death of Lee’s mother, Sylvia Tech

Congratulations to…Dana & Rejoice Sabiya on birth of son, Wilson Sabiya on December Next FRIEND deadline
6 Tuesday, February 3
Congratulations to the following couples who are celebrating special wedding
anniversaries…Dale & Phyllis Schmidt married 58 years on January 19

Baptisms…Henrik Alexander Kunze-Williams; Ashley Elizabeth Schmoll; Preston Troy

Metcalf; Alexis Nicole Lantz; Henry Douglas Johnson; Hunter Lee Ellestad

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