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SW&TS ECO APQC Activities:

3.4.3. MANAGE CUSTOMER SALES (Presales WBS checks, creation and administration; Presales reporting) Perform pre-sales activities (10191) Record outcome of sales process (10193) 3.5.4. MANAGE SALES ORDERS (Sales order management; sales order reporting) Accept and validate sales orders (10194) Collect and maintain customer account information (10195) Enter orders into system and identify/perform cross-sell/up-sell activity (10198) Process back orders and updates (10199) Handle order inquiries including post-order fulfillment transactions (10200) 4.1.2. MANAGE DEMAND FOR PRODUCTS & SERVICES (Project (deliverable detail) planning and reforecasting) Develop baseline forecasts (10235) Monitor activity against forecast and revise forecast (10239) 4.2. PROCURE MATERIALS & SERVICES (Procurement) Process/Review requisitions (10292) Create/Distribute purchase orders (10295) Expedite orders and satisfy inquiries (10296) Record receipt of goods (10297) Research/Resolve exceptions (10298)

4.4. DELIVER SERVICE TO CUSTOMER (Sales order management; sales order reporting) Process customer request (10324) Generate service order (10326) Create resourcing plan and schedule (10327) Manage order fulfillment progress (10332) Validate order fulfillment block completion (10333) Identify completed orders for feedback (10334) Identify incomplete orders and service failures (10335)

5.2.2. MANAGE CUSTOMER SERVICE REQUESTS/INQUIRIES (Supporting PM through reporting, which in turn communicates with the customer) Respond to customer requests/inquiries (10396) Receive customer complaints (10397) Resolve customer complaints (10399) Respond to customer complaints (10400) 6.6 MANAGE EMPLOYEE INFORMATION (Maintaining SAP HR Master Data; consultant attendance & utilization reporting) 6.6.1 Manage reporting processes (10522) 6.6.4 Manage human resource information systems (HRIS) (10525) 6.6.6 Develop and manage time and attendance (10527) 8.1 PERFORM PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING (Month end close) Prepare periodic budgets and plans (10772) (Perform planning) Prepare periodic financial forecasts (10773) (Finance performs it with ECO support) Perform cost of sales analysis (10775) (BW reconciliation with Finance) Perform variance analysis (10777) (BW reconciliation with Finance) Report on profitability (11175) (BW reconciliation with Finance) Generate customer billing data (10795) (Invoicing customers not only during MEC) Transmit billing data to customers (10796) (Invoicing customers not only during MEC) Post receivable entries (10797) (Automatic by SAP when ECO invoices customer) Resolve customer billing inquiries (10798) (ECO supports Accounts Receivable & PM) Prepare AR reports (10802) (ECO supports Accounts Receivable) Post AR activity to the general ledger (10803) (Automatic by SAP, initiated by ECOs) Process journal entries (10820) (JVs) Process period end adjustments (e.g., accruals, currency conversions) (10822) (JVs) Post and reconcile intercompany transactions (10823) (IC Billing through eQuate) Reconcile general ledger accounts (10824) (GL & Balance Sheet reconciliation with Finance) Prepare trial balance (10826) (GL & Balance Sheet reconciliation with Finance)