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LES MIS: (from pres. on evolution of character) (Basically a summary) Valjean: -

Cosette -

Il commence comme un bagnard. Son enfance tait plein de misre. Son premire volution survient quand Myriel a lui donn les chandeliers en argent. Ces chandeliers representaient la rsurrection de son nouveau identit La prochane fois qu'on rencontre Valjean est dans la ville de Montreuil-sur-Mer. A ce moment, son nouveau nomme est M. Madeleine. On peut voir que sa vie a chang- il possde sa propre usine, il est le maire de la ville, et il a sauv deux enfants d'un feu. Aussi, quand il est all pour sauver Champmathieu on peut voir qu'il est devenu un meilleur homme. Cosette est la raison pour sa deuxime volution. Elle est la premire personne qu'il aime et qui lui aime. o Grce lui, elle put marcher dans la vie ; grce elle, il put continuer dans la vertu. Cosette et Valjean sont devenus une famille. Ils habitaient en Paris, et Valjean porte le nom Leblanc. Dans la quatrime partie du roman, on peut voir qu'il est un homme compltement nouveau. Il a sauv Javert des revolutionnaires, et mme qu'il tait peur que Marius pourrait prendre Cosette de lui, il a sauv la vie de Marius Dans la derniere partie de l'oeuvre, on peut voir que mme si Valjean aime Cosette plus que tous dans la monde, il est capable de lui laisser avec Marius, parce que avec Marius elle est contente. Quand il raconte son passe miserable a Marius, il se montre qu'il n'est pas de plus gn. Finallement, quand il est entrain de mourir, il voit la lumire des chandeliers, un symble de la ressurection. Cosette commenait comme une sclave des Thnardiers. Ses conditions de vie sont trs misrables Quand Valjean vient de lui sauver, la vie de Cosette s'ameliorer. La donne de la poupe est un symble de l'volution de sa jeunesse. Sa volution est aussi represent par les changements physiques. Quand elle est mcontente, elle est dcrit comme elle est laide. Quand elle est contente, elle est dcrit comme elle est belle. o Cossette tait laide. Heureuse, elle eut peut-etre t jolie... [pg 105] Sa dependance sur Valjean se diminuait au cours de l'oeuvre. Au commencement elle a lui besoin beaucoup, parce qu'il tait la seule personne dens sa vie. Mais quand elle a rencontr Marius, elle a commenc de devenir plus independante. Jean Valjean navait pas discontinu les promenades au Luxembourg, ne voulant rien faire de singulier et par-dessus tout redoutant de donner lveil Cosette ; mais pendant ces heures si douces pour les deux amoureux, tandis que Cosette envoyait son sourire Marius enivr qui ne sapercevait que de cela et maintenant ne voyait plus rien dans ce monde quun radieux visage ador, Jean Valjean fixait sur Marius des yeux tincelants et terribles. Le premire volution de Marius se commence avec sa famille. Pour tout son vie, il a pens que son pre avait lui abandonne. Mais,il a decouvrit que son pre a vraiment lui aim. Son grande-pre a deguise la vrit de Marius. Son vie a compltement chang avec la malhonnte de son grandpre, mais ventuellement il tait capable de pardonner son grand-pre On peut voir une autre volution quand Marius a chang ses opinions politiques et quand il a quitt la maison de sa famille pour vivre tout seule. Il a appris comment de prendre soin de lui mme et comment de faire ses propres dcisions

Marius -

Fantine -

Sa personalit a change beaucoup pendant l'oeuvre. Quand Marius a vu Cosette pour la premire fois, il tait trop timide de parler elle. Mais, ventuellement il a gagn la courage pour parler avec Cosette. Son courage est aussi montrer par son dcision de se combattre pour les changements sociaux avec les rvolutionnaires. L'volution de Fantine est trs differente que celui des autres personnages. Elle a commenc avec un emplois et un maison, mais elle a perdu tous. La premire venement qui a men la chute de Fantine tait la perte de son emplois. Grce la fait qu'elle n'tait pas honnte propos de sa fille, Cosette, elle a perdu son emplois. cause de a, l'argent a disparu avec la vitesse. La ruse des Thnardier ont caus la chute de Fantine aussi. Elle a eu besion de vendre ses dents, ses cheveux et son corps pour payer les Thnardier de "prendre soin" de Cosette A ce point, elle n'a pas d'emplois, pas d'argent, et sa beaut est disparu. Avec l'attaque de Bamatabois, sa maladie (la tuberculose) et son inquitude propos de Cosette, Fantine est morte.

SUMMARIES of LE VOYAGEUR SANS BAGGAGE (crit par Jean Anouilh en 1937)

Gaston, a veteran of World War I suffers from amnesia and has spent the last 18 years in a hospital trying to regain his memories. Although he is claimed as a son by various families, a rich Duchess believes the true family Gaston belongs to is the Renauds. Gaston travels to the Renaud's estate alongside his lawyer Huspar. A docile character, Gaston discovers his former identity of Jacques Renaud: a cruel and violent young man who used to kill animals for sport. He learns that immediately prior to the war he pushed his best friend, Marcel, down a flight of stairs, breaking his back, shortly after witnessing him kissing the maid Juliette, with whom Jacques had been intimate. He has difficulty reconciling his current personality with that of his past. His brother's wife, Valentine, (with whom he had an affair during adolescence), proves that he must be Jacques Renaud by telling him about a scar he has. Jacques had a tiny scar on his shoulder from where Valentine attacked him with a hat pin in a fit of jealousy. Gaston then sees this scar in the mirror, but does not tell Valentine about it. Soon thereafter, numerous families arrive at the Renaud estate searching for their lost loved one from the war. Gaston spots a young boy. This boy, who is the only surviving member of the Madensale's, a family who died tragically in a boating accident when he was an infant, is searching for his long lost nephew who happens to be much older than himself. Gaston tells the young boy about his scar on his shoulder and fabricates a story about the scar belonging to the boy's long lost nephew. Gaston leaves the Renaud's to become a member of this boy's family, later writing a letter to Jacques' brother Georges stating that their Jacques is dead and they need not search for him any longer.
Author: Jean Anouilh Genre: Theatre Edition: Folio Theatre Date: 2007 for this collection Number of pages: 218 ISBN: 978-2-07-034082-8 Back Cover: Walked from family to family as a result of amnesia caused by the Great War, Gaston, became rich in spite of himself through his pension arrears, found in stages eighteen years later in Renaud moments of his former life. But more revelations accumulate until the ultimate discovery, more divorce is between being accused and he was being he had dreamed. On this canvas that is not without liabilities due -vis Pirandello and Giraudoux, Jean Anouilh made a strong piece on the themes of memory, the past of bourgeois society, the purity and nostalgia of childhood, subjects who settle for ever the horizon of the work. 1937 turns in his career and an important date. The role of Gaston was also held by the greatest: Georges Pitoeff, Pierre Fresnay, Michel Vitold, Daniel Ivernel. ____________________________________________________________ A man loses his memory after being sent to the front and have participated in the War, even though this event remains in the background as the story goes after 20 years and that the characters have aged, it is important to note since Readers can imagine that the amnesia named Gaston is there to make him forget the horrors of this war. Five families, say they are relatives of Gaston. They will be confronted with it on purpose to make him recover memory. Arnaud family is the first to assess this potential. All suspected members, whether brother, mother, servants and even his beautiful sister who were also his mistress, describe a young child and a teenager who has tormented many stupid things and not the least. amnesia and financial benefits of Gaston managed by the attorney and Master Huspar remain the main theme of this piece which is divided into four very unequal lengths of tables. One is led diligently by the Duchess Dupont-Dufort. His nephew is none other than the doctor at the asylum in Gaston Pont-Au-Bronc. It introduces the characters and focuses on the regrets of Gaston to have perhaps not experienced childhood joys or not to remember. The Duchess is there to invent a past to support awareness of his nephew. The enthusiasm of the latter is opposed to the skepticism of Gaston about his true identity.

Viewers and readers learn as Gaston has a small fortune as a mutilated War. The second table is very brief. Under the prying eyes of servants look through the eye of a lock, we proved the troubled past of Gaston. In the third picture memory of Gaston wakes up in the Arnaud family contact, it is the witness of the past of unscrupulous young man. The teenager was difficult. Two capitals confidences made by Valentine, raises doubts among both spectators and players and Gaston himself. The character of the latter becomes more precise, he is both proud and has mood swings revealing. Valentine plays an essential role. On morally, his sordid past sometimes he does not like then denies being Gaston Jacques, it will therefore continue in the comedy of amnesia .. The fourth table is very short support doubts in the minds of viewers under the gaze of the driver and the valet. While Gaston is upset by the discovery of his past, the timely arrival of a little boy surprised everyone at the fifth and final table. This boy can be likened to the conscience of Gaston and hence its dual. There is also a member of the candidate families. Their two solitudes will join forces for a future full of hope. The final outcome is unexpected and daring as is Gaston. This dramatic play mid, mid comedy is easy to read. It remains an interesting perspective, staging, stage sets, twists and surprises. Allowing readers to stay captivated. The tone is sometimes bite because of tensions among family members and potential within the family Arnaud, while Gaston does not appear on stage. assist readers in Initially the loneliness of man without a past, in his anxiety of identity, then the hypocrisy of members of his entourage who wish to restore its history by building a future, often for their own edification. All this arouses the interest of the play, especially when the situation is reversed. We strive to Gaston for the revelations which are increasingly difficult to accept. The improbable end shows us a vision of human relationships and Gaston particular, it remains in the register of hypocrisy and farce. A nice piece. I think she should be as pleasant to read than watch them play. Note that this edition includes a preface by Bernard Beugnot which is the work in context and a file containing a biographical chronology, a notice , documents, notes and summary. You find other books by this author HERE.

__________________________________________________________________ A man is found in 1918 on a railway siding, having come off a train loaded with returning prisoners of war. He has amnesia, and nothing is known about him. He is given the name Gaston. Gaston spends more than a dozen years in a mental institution, largely ignored. Despite his surroundings, he is kind, sane and down-to-earth. This peace is shattered when a new psychiatrist comes along and decides to find out who Gaston really is. Another reason to determine his identity lies in the fact that several families have come forward to claim Gaston as their own, mainly because he receives a large disability allowance. He is brought to one family who believes he is actually Jacques, the son they thought lost in the war. Their remembrances of Jacques, however, are disturbing to gentle Gaston. They tell of an arrogant, aristocratic bully who crippled his best friend, killed animals and slept with his brother's wife. He is horrified at this image of himself and denies that he was this monster. The sister-in-law convinces him that he is Jacques by referring to a scar on the back of his shoulder. Even with this evidence, Gaston/Jacques escapes this identity. He deals with another family, and even though he knows he is Jacques, he pretends to be someone else. He thus releases the fetters of his past and emerges from his existential crisis.

SUMMARY OF CYRANO DE BERGERAC (ecrit par E dmond Rostand en 1897 )

Plot Overview



1640, a brilliant poet and swordsman named Cyrano de Bergerac finds himself

deeply in love with his beautiful, intellectual cousin Roxane. Despite Cyranos brilliance and charisma, a shockingly large nose afflicts his appearance, and he considers himself too ugly even to risk telling Roxane his feelings. One night, Cyrano goes to the playhouse at the Hotel de Bourgogne to make trouble: he has forbidden the actor Montfleury to take the stage for one month, but Montfleury plans to perform in the nights production of La Clorise, with Roxane in the audience. Also in the audience is a young, handsome nobleman named Christian, who confides in his friend Ligniere that he loves Roxane. When Montfleury takes the stage, Cyrano bullies him off it. A group of aristocrats tries to send Cyrano away, but he challenges them all to a duel. He fights Valvert, a Vicomte whom the Comte de Guiche has selected as a husband for Roxane. As he fights, Cyrano improvises a poem about the duel. Then, upon speaking his last line, Cyrano thrusts his sword home. His victory causes a sensation, and Roxanes duenna brings him a message from her mistress, asking him to meet her in the morning. As he agrees, he learns that Ligniere has offended a powerful nobleman with his latest satire and that a hundred men are waiting to ambush him on his way home. Cyrano boldly proclaims that he will see Ligniere safely home and, if necessary, fight all hundred men in the process. The next morning, Cyrano meets Roxane at Ragueneaus pastry shop. He nearly tells her his feelings, but she confides in him that she loves Christian, who will soon join Cyranos company of guards, the Cadets of Gascoyne. She asks Cyrano to protect Christian, and he agrees. Outside, a crowd has gathered, buzzing with the news about Cyranos triumphs the night before. Cyrano angrily ignores them, upset by his meeting with Roxane. When the cadets arrive, Christian tries to prove his courage by insulting Cyranos nosean act generally considered fatal. Instead of killing Christian, however, Cyrano embraces him and tells him about Roxanes feelings. Delighted at first, Christian then becomes distraught. He considers Roxane an intellectual and sees himself as a simple, unpoetic man. Then Cyrano has a bright idea: Cyrano can write to Roxane -pretending to be Christian. Christian agrees, welcoming the opportunity to reach Roxanes heart. Now, Cyrano can express all his thoughts and feelings secretly. One night soon after, Roxane confides in Cyrano that she thinks Christian is the most ravishing poet in the world. Cyranos disguised letters have moved her inexpressibly. Christian tells Cyrano he no longer wants Cyranos help, and then makes a fool of himself trying to speak seductively to Roxane. Roxane storms into her house, confused and angry. Thinking quickly, Cyrano makes Christian stand in front of Roxanes balcony and speak to her while Cyrano stands under the balcony whispering to Christian what to say. Eventually, Cyrano shoves Christian aside and, under cover of darkness, pretends to be Christian, wooing Roxane himself. In the process, he wins a kiss for Christian. Roxane and Christian are secretly married by a Capuchin, but their happiness is short-lived: de Guiche, angry to have lost Roxane, declares that he is sending the Cadets of Gascoyne to the front lines of the war with Spain.

At the siege of Arras, the cadets languish and suffer from hunger. Cyrano writes to Roxane every single day, using Christians name. Moreover, he risks his life each morning by sneaking through the Spanish lines to a place where he can send the letters. De Guiche reveals that the Spaniards will attack within the hour. Suddenly, a coach arrives and Roxane climbs out of it. She has longed to see Christian, again and brings a feast to the soldiers. But Christian has guessed Cyranos secret feelings for Roxane, and he forces Cyrano to tell her the truth and make her choose between them. On the cusp of revealing his feelings, Cyrano is interrupted by a sudden gunshot that kills Christian. Cyrano cannot tell Roxane the truth. She faints, and de Guiche redeems himself by taking her to safety while Cyrano charges into the battle. Fifteen years later, Roxane lives in a convent, and Cyrano visits her every week. His friend Le Bret informs Roxane that Cyrano is doing very poorlyhe has made many powerful enemies, and his life is constantly in danger. Then, Ragueneau rushes in and privately tells Le Bret that Cyrano has been ambushed and hit with a heavy log pushed out of a high window. His health severely jeopardized, Cyrano could die by simply raising his head from his pillow. Le Bret and Ragueneau rush off to their friends side. No sooner have they gone than Cyrano appears at the convent, walking slowly and with a pained expression on his face, but sounding as cheerful as ever. He gives Roxane a news update. As night falls, Cyrano asks to read Christians last letter to her. He reads it, and when it is completely dark, he continues to read, as if he knows the letter by heart. Roxane realizes that Cyrano wrote the lettersshe has found the soul she was in love with all along. Upset, Ragueneau and Le Bret rush in, proclaiming that Cyrano has killed himself by getting out of bed. Cyrano removes his hat, revealing his heavily bandaged head. Roxane exclaims that she loves him and that he cannot die. But Cyrano draws his sword and engages in one last fight with his old enemies falsehood, prejudice, and compromiseslashing at the air insensibly. Then he collapses and dies, smiling as Roxane bends over him and kisses his face.

PREVIOUS PUBLIC QUESTIONS Question Plusieurs personnages ont des obstacles surmonter afin de trouver le bonheur. En vous rfrant un personnage dans deux uvres diffrentes que vous avez tudies cette anne, expliquez comment ces deux personnages ont essay de trouver le bonheur malgr les obstacles. Cyrano - Cyrano had always loved his cousin, Roxanne - believed his nose would stop him from being loved by even the ugliest of women - there was also another man in his way (christien). - over came them by teaming up with christien - found comfort simply being with Roxanne - found slight happiness, especially in his last moments with her when she finally realised who she had loved the entire time (then he died) Les Mis - Valjean use to steal things to feed his sisters family - he had his life turned when he tried to steal some candle sticks, and in return for not turning in, the priest who owned them told him he must become a better person - other obstacles would be; promising Fantine to care for Cossette - Javert constantly trying to arrest him - Giving Cossette to marius in the end he finds happiness and solarity in being needed by cossette and needing her in return. Surrounds himself with good things, and becomes the good person he promised Myriel he would become. Conflict: Valjean vs. everything thats happened to him. Internal conflict to find happiness and un joie de vie Voyageur Gaston has no idea who he is, not a clue - knows that there are several families fighting saying he is apart of them - when he finds out all the truth of the family that says he is theirs (renauds), he is appauled - soft of happiness in the end, the little boy represents an escape, a chance to truly start anew.

Le conflit joue souvent un rle important dans la vie des gens. En vous rfrant un personnage dans deux uvres diffrentes que vous avez tudies cette anne,

Conflict : Cyrano internal. Cyrano keeps fighting for roxanne (give examples, mention what happens with them and with christien.. how he fights internally with what

Conflict: Gaston vs his past self / accepting all that happens.

expliquez comment le conflit affecte la vie de chacun de ces deux personnages. --------------------- Lvolution dun personnage est un lment important dans chacune des oeuvres que vous avez tudies cette anne. Dcrivez comment un personnage change dune faon significative au cours de lhistoire dans DEUX de ces uvres. Selon vous, lequel de ces changements est le plus dramatique et pourquoi ? ---------------- Diffrents types de motivation sont prsents dans les oeuvres que vous avez tudies cette anne. En vous rfrant deux de ces uvres, expliquez comment un personnage est pouss commettre des actes extraordinaires. Le thme de lgosme est prsent dans chacune des uvres que vous avez tudies cette anne. En vous rfrant

he thinks of himself and what he thinks Roxanne deserves loves her so much is willing to give her up)

Javert assumes people cant change, Valjean deserves punishment Thenardiers plain old meanies

Renaurds in general, assume they are the family even though they may not be.

un personnage dans deux uvres diffrentes, dcrivez comment chacun ne pense qu lui-mme en essayant de raliser ses objectifs. Quel exemple de lgosme vous a frapp le plus ? Le thme de la solitude est prsent dans chacune des uvres tudies cette anne. Dcrivez comment deux auteurs que vous avez tudis cette anne ont dvelopp le thme de la solitude dans leur uvre. Quelle uvre vous a le plus touch en dveloppant le thme de la solitude ? Appuyez votre rponse avec des dtails pertinents. Diffrents types damour sont prsents dans chacune des uvres que vous avez tudies cette anne. En vous rfrant deux de ces uvres, discutez de limpact de lamour sur un ou plusieurs

personnages. Quel type damour vous touche le plus ? Justifiez votre rponse. Le thme du don de soi est prsent dans chacune des oeuvres que vous avez tudies cette anne. Dcrivez comment un personnage a donn de lui-mme dans deux uvres diffrentes. Quelle situation vous a touch le plus ? Expliquez pourquoi. Le thme du courage et de son absence est prsent dans chacune des uvres que vous avez tudies cette anne. En vous rfrant deux de ses uvres, expliquez comment un personnage a dmontr du courage ou non. Quelle situation vous touche le plus ? Le thme de la rvolte de lindividu est prsent dans chacune des uvres que vous avez tudies

cette anne. Dcrivez la rvolte dun personnage dans deux uvres diffrentes. Laquelle de ces rvoltes vous touche-t-elle le plus ? Expliquez pourquoi.

What are some common mistakes: What youll write Les Thenardiers, Les Renauds incorrect past particles of irrgulier verbs (ex: il a decouvr) Sur lautre main Characteur, charactere, etc expresser dserver pour example tomber lamour avec quitter (Jacques a quitter pour la guerre) savoir realiser appearance rejecter especialement au/dans prision actuallement pas de confidence pas de argent apporter parce que son nez a la meme fois prendre avantage de faire un dcision merci au conflit entre elle droit parce que elle facer avec un change un convict tous quil peut' parce-que il a sucid pour faire certain il est concern avec au cause de temps resolver laudience plus bon What youll mean to write Les Thenardier, Les Renaud correct past particles. (ex. il a decovert) a lautre cote personnage exprimer mriter par example tomber amoureux/amoureuse de partir connaitre se rendre compte apparence rejeter surtout en prison not a french word. rein amener au cause de son nez en meme temps profiter de prendre un dcision grace au conflit entre elle doit a cause de elle fait face a un changement un forat/un bagnard tous ce quil peut' parce que il sest suicid sassurer il sinquete de, or il est au sujet de, or il sintresse cause de fois rsoudre les lectures meilleur