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The Peace River Agricultural Society


The Peace River

Fall Classic Horse Show and Fair

At the Peace River Agricultural Fair Grounds August 24 26, 2012

Directions to the Peace River Ag. Society

The Peace River Fairgrounds are located 7km south of Peace River on Highway #2. Turn east on secondary highway #688, and immediately left at Superior Propane (Old highway #2, aka Fairgrounds Road) and follow the pavement to the end of the road.

*In Case of Rain*

If the Ag Society Grounds are deemed unsuitable to ride, the show will be held at Billy Fosters. Stabling will still be at the P.R. Ag Society Grounds. Billy Fosters does NOT have stabling. You will have to hold your horse when not mounted. Please call Crystal 780-618-8998 or Janel 780-618-0289 to confirm the conditions of the show grounds.

Directions to Billy Fosters

Billy Fosters is located 9km south of Peace River on Highway #2. Turn west on Range Road 211 (Threshermans Trail.) Follow the gravel road for approx 2.5kms, Billy Fosters is on the left hand side, there is a large white & red Quonset arena.

Show Times
Show Office Hours: Thursday August 23, 6:00PM 9:00PM Friday August 24, 9:30AM Last Class of the Day Saturday August 25, 8:30AM Last Class of the Day Sunday August 26, 8:30AM Last Class of the Day

Horse Show Committee

Show Managers: Crystal McLeod, Janel Olir Judge: Gail Fuller Show Committee: Crystal McLeod, Janel Olir, Caitlyn Petluk, Veterinarian: Peace River Vet Clinic

Contact Numbers
English, Western & All General Inquiries: Crystal: 780-618-8998 & Janel: 780-618-0289 Gymkhana Inquiries: Caitlyn 780-219-0562

Show Entries
Entry Fees
Dressage: $15.00 per class Barrel Racing / Pole Bending: $15.00 per class Hunter / Jumper: $15.00 per class Peace River Vet Clinic Grand Prix: $20.00 per class Stakes Classes: $25.00 per class All other classes: $10.00 per class

Horseshow Entries are due by August 10, 2012 After that the entry fees will be two times (double) the entry fee.


Prize Money
Regular Class Prize Money: 1st:$25, 2nd:$20, 3rd:$15, 4th:$10 Stake class prize money: 1st:50%, 2nd:30%, 3rd:20% Show Champion: Added $200 Highpoint: Added $100 Dressage Highpoint: Added $50

1 : 5 points, 2 : 4 points, 3rd: 3 points, 4th: 2 points, 5th: 1 point Ribbons to Sixth place
st nd

Dressage Highpoint Jr: Most points accumulated in Open, Jr. or Freestyle classes on Friday. Dressage Highpoint Sr: Most points accumulated in Open, Sr. or Freestyle classes on Friday. English Highpoint Jr: Most points accumulated in Open or Jr. classes on Saturday. English Highpoint Sr: Most points accumulated in Open or Sr. classes on Saturday. Western Highpoint Jr: Most points accumulated in Open or Jr. classes on Sunday. Western Highpoint Sr: Most points accumulated in Open or Sr. classes on Sunday. Show Champion Jr: Most points accumulated in any Open or Jr. Class during the show. Show Champion Sr: Most points accumulated in any Open or Sr. Class during the show. Champions are awarded at the end of Sunday.To claim your prize you MUST be present!

1. Bedding (shavings) is provided for the weekend. Fresh water available. 2. A $20.00 refundable deposit is required for ALL stalls inside and outside. At shows end, deposit will be returned upon inspection, stall must be left in good repair and clean. 3. There are limited inside barn stalls, registrations that have been paid in full, requesting inside stalls will be reserved. Please note, this means FIRST PAID, FIRST RESERVED 4. The cost per night is $20.00 a stall inside or outside. Please note any changes in assigned stalls MUST BE APPROVED through the show office. 5. Barns and Stalls must be kept clean and unobstructed by vehicles. 6. Stalls will NOT be reserved as tack stalls as there are a limited number of stalls available. Sorry for the inconvenience. 7. If the Show is moved to Billy Fosters, stabling will remain at the PR Ag. Society Grounds. Stabling will NOT be available at Billy Fosters.

Peace River Agricultural Society, its members, volunteers, show officials or committee shall not be responsible for loss or injury to persons, livestock, or property. Enter and show at your own risk. Ride with care and consideration for others at all times. Safety First!

Horse Show Rules

1. 2. 3. Proof of AEF Memberships must be received before a rider will be allowed an event number. All classes to follow AEF Rules. Please be familiar with them, and any questions or uncertainties may be asked at the office. A separate registration form will be required for each horse. This is to ensure that the correct horse and rider combinations are matched to the correct classes and numbers. Extra registration forms available upon request. The Judges decision is final! Any harassment of the Judge will disqualify the exhibitor. Please approach the committee if there are any concerns or questions. Registered horses must be entered under their registered name, and proof of registration must be available upon request. Age of horse and rider are as of January 1st, current year. Horse must be under control at all times, and at the judges discretion the competitor may be excused from the arena. The executive committee reserves the right to decide at any point anything not covered by the rules and to correct any error or make alterations if necessary to the rules, prizes, or Horseshow program. A class that has less than 3 entries may be cancelled or combined with another class at the discretion of the committee members and or Judge. Protests must be submitted the day of the show, to the show manager in writing and must be accompanied by a $50.00 cash deposit, which is retained if the protest is not upheld. The announcer calling the class entries at the holding gate is a courtesy service only. It is the responsibility of the competitor to be at the gate on time. If you need a gate hold (at the discretion of the show committee) for tack changes etc. ask the whipper-in or ring steward. Green rider is a person in their first year of showing or has been in no more than 5 shows. Green horse is a horse under the age of 7, in their first year of showing or has been in no more than 5 shows. NO CROSS-ENTRIES ALLOWED in any of the classes. A horse/pony entered in adult classes cannot be entered in junior classes and vice-versa. Exception: Lead line Class and Walk Trot. A rider in Walk Trot and Lead Line cannot cross enter into junior classes. A.S.T.M. Approved riding helmets with secure harness are mandatory for all riders under the age of 18 and are mandatory for everyone in all jumping classes. Use of a safety helmet is acceptable wear in all classes and is recommended at all times. Paid entries will be accepted until August 10, 2012. If entries have not been submitted and paid for by this date, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY DOUBLE. No person may enter a class in the ring unless they have completed an entry form, been issued a number, and signed a liability waiver form. A junior rider must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Any person under the age of 18 may not show or ride stallions on the Ag. Grounds. Wear appropriate attire for your class. Please watch and keep horses out of posted areas. KICKING HORSES to wear a red ribbon in their tail. Competitors may enter 4 classes, Dressage Suitability, 2 consecutive dressage classes & a freestyle. Competitors may only enter 3 consecutive jumping classes/heights. All bits must be humane and absolutely NO gimmicks. The Horseshow Committee reserve the right to move and/or change assigned stalls as required. ANYONE failing to abide by these rules may be disqualified and asked to leave the premises. All Events will be run/executed following the rules and regulations of AEF 4|Page

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 13.


15. 16.

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Class Descriptions
Dressage Drop, Flash, Figure Eight, or regular noseband permitted. Only snaffle bits are permitted. A snaffle with upper cheeks is permitted, but not to be used cheeks down. Only humane bits are accepted. Reins are to be black or brown only. No martingales, Bit guards, boots, or bandages permitted. Whips are not to exceed 1.25m. (4 1). Exhibitors may compete in a Maximum of four classes, including; Dressage Suitability, two consecutive dressage classes and a freestyle. Riders are responsible for their own readers. Remember you are allowed 60 seconds to enter the ring after the bell has rung or whistle has blown. All tests done in a 20x60 arena and using the Cadora Tests. Freestyle No horse or rider may compete in a Freestyle at lower level of dressage than the highest level of dressage competed in on this day. If music is played or started incorrectly, you may halt as soon as you recognize the error and will be allowed to start again. If you continue with incorrectly played music, it will be deemed a no ride. English Equitation Basic seat, dressage or saddle seat judged on the rider. To be shown at a walk, trot, canter in both directions. Individual tests may be asked for at JUDGES discretion. Road Hack To be shown at a flat footed walk with reasonable loose rein, at strong trot, easy canter and hand gallop. Horse must present an overall appearance of substance with refinement. Only eight horses to hand gallop at once. Show Hack To be shown at a walk, trot, canter, hand gallop, collected and extended gaits, to be called for and to be able to stand quietly. Show hacks must have vitality, animation, presence, balance, and clean fine limbs. English Pleasure To be shown at a flat footed walk, normal trot and easy canter. To be judged 45% on performance, 15% on conformation, 40% on manners. English tack and attire suitable for these classes. No Martingales or bandages permitted. Showmanship- English or Western Horses to be shown in hand. Handler, to be judged on ability to show horse, on the appearance of the horse (grooming and condition). Tack should be neat, clean and in good repair. Exhibitor should be in suitable attire for the discipline shown. Pattern may be asked, at judges discretion. Peace River Vet Clinic Grand Prix This is a challenging 3 foot jump course, with added prize money for 1st place, where rails knocked down and refusals are each four faults. Three refusals incurred will mean elimination. All clear rounds and rides with 4 faults will move on to the second round. In the second round, on a shortened course, the combination of fault and time in this round will decide the champion. Green Horse/Green Rider A Green Rider is a person in their FIRST year of showing, or has been in no more than 5 shows. A Green Horse is a horse that is under the age of 7, in their FIRST year of showing or has been in no more than 5 shows.


Jumper Classes All jumper classes are timed events, top six times are rewarded. Two refusals incurred will mean elimination. Rails knocked down at each jump will constitute 4 time faults, which is equal to 4 seconds, which will be added to the time at end of run. Boots and bandages are allowed. Judge has discretion to ask for boots to be removed. Competitors are only allowed to show in 3 consecutive heights/classes between Hunter and Jumper. Hunter Classes All hunter classes or divisions shall be judges according or confirmation or working hunter rules or a combination of both. Two refusals incurred will mean elimination. Rails knocked down at each jump will constitute 4 faults. Bridle may be Double Pelham Single (snaffle) or Kimberwick and must be leather. Bits must be humane in nature, snaffle with or without cheeks. Absolutely no gimmicks (e.g. nerve line, tongue ties, gag bits, tack nose bands etc.) are illegal. No bandages or boots allowed. Breast plates and martingales are optional. Competitors are only allowed to show in 3 consecutive heights/classes between Hunter and Jumper. Western Pleasure A western pleasure horse has a free flowing balanced stride of reasonable length in keeping his/her confirmation. The horse should be shown on reasonable loose rein, but with light contact and control. Horses to be shown at a walk, jog and lope in both directions of the ring. They should stand quietly and back readily. Western Reining The reining horse should be guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistance and dictated to completely. Any movement of his own must be considered lack of control. Deviations from the exact pattern will be faulted according to the severity of the deviation. Credit will be given for smoothness, finesse, attitude, quickness, and authority in performing the various manoeuvres while using controlled speed. Pattern to be posted a minimum of one hour prior to the start of the class. Boots and leg wraps allowed. Western Equitation Basic seat, or saddle seat judged on the rider. To be shown at a walk, jog, and lope in both directions. Individual test may be asked for at judges discretion. Trail Attire to be English or Western. To be shown over and through obstacles. Judged on performance with emphasis on manners and response to rider. Course to be posted a minimum of one hour before class. Gymkhana Attire to be English or Western. To be shown around obstacles. Judged on timing and faults. This is an event within the Horseshow. It is NOT a separate event. Please see the next two pages for class descriptions and rules. Entries must be received before Aug. 10, 2012 or you will pay DOUBLE!


Gymkhana Rules and Regulations

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Please see general rules for the Horseshow Western tack and attire; Hats and long sleeved shirts needed Roping reins are acceptable for events No elastics on boots or stirrups Sr. is Open which is a rider who is 18 years and older as of January 1st of the current year Jr. is Youth which is a rider who is 9 to 17 years of age of January 1st of the current year Youth is Walk/Trot which is a rider under the age of 8 as of January 1st of the current year, who can either ride on their own or be walked on the halter by someone over 18 Riding helmets are required. Whips and spurs, used humanely behind the cinch In timed events like poles and Barrels knockdowns will result in a five (5) second penalty Broken pattern is penalized as no time for the event Any contestants who, through lack of control or poor sportsmanship, endangers the safety of other contestants will be penalized for event, at judges/event director/horseshow managers discretion Foot wear with appropriate heel must be worn Profanity and unsatisfactory behaviour will not be tolerated, and can lead to disqualification The judge/event director/horseshow managers have final authority to enforce rules or handle discrepancies Gate will be closed. NO running through the gate. Riders will be disqualified. ANYONE failing to abide by these rules may be disqualified and asked to leave the premises. Events will be run as per AEF rules!

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Event Rules
Barrel Racing Three Barrels shall be placed in a triangle formation. The rider will cross the start line to barrel #1 (Left or Right barrel may be taken first) circle left or right to the Second #2 barrel, circle left or right, and then ride around #3 third barrel left or right, once circled around ride to the start/finish line. When circling each barrel, you must cross your path. Avoid Not crossing finish line Crossing finish line before completing pattern Knocking over a barrel (5 second penalty) Keyhole Race Keyhole is a white chalk circle on the ground 20 Feet in diameter with an open slot that is 4 Feet wide and 10 Feet long. Starting line is 100 feet away from pattern and rider must run through the slot, turning within the keyhole and run back out across the finish line without touching or stepping out of the chalk line. Avoid Breaking pattern Touching chalk line


Pole Bending Six poles should be placed 21 Feet apart with the first pole Set 21 Feet from the Start/Finish line. The rider crosses start line, Rides to either side of pole #6, turns left or right and weaves (bends) around the opposite side of each pole to pole #1, turns around pole #1 and weaves back up the pattern to pole #6 again and exits left or right side of the pole to head to the start/finish line. Avoid Riding across finish/start line before completing pattern Knocking a pole over ( 5 second penalty) Breaking Pattern

Flag Race One 55 Gallon drum will be placed 30 Feet form Start/Finish line. Four (4) poles will be lined down 24Feet from the drum and each other down a line. Rider must cross the start line heading to the fourth pole; rider grabs #4 pole with one hand and deposits it in drum while bending around it. Repeat this three more times till all poles are placed into drum, than once completing that you must run to start/finish. Avoid Dropping a pole Flag not remaining in bucket Missing circling the barrel or pole Knocking over barrel or poles (5 second penalty) Crossing start/finish line before pattern is complete

Flying Boots All riders must enter the arena and remove one of their boots and give them to the judge, the judge will place all the boots on one side of the arena. Once everyone has done so all riders must be dismounted and will line their horses up on the opposite side of the arena. When the judge or director decides to begin riders must run their horse over to the other side of the arena where they must find their boot. Once found rider must mount their horse and race back to the finish line. First rider to the finish line is the winner. No Spurs allowed! Avoid Pushing or harming another rider Hiding or stealing another contestants boot Running into another horse or rider

NOTE: Gymkhana is NOT a separate event! It is part of the Fall Fair and Horseshow. ALL entry forms are due August 10, 2012. Or you WILL pay DOUBLE!


List of Classes in Order, with Dates & Times

Friday Aug 24, 2012
10:00 AM START Dressage
~ Dressage ring will be set to the 20x60 arena. CADORA TESTS ~ Patterns may be called. Competitors are to arrange for their own caller. ~ Only 2 consecutive classes allowed from 101 to 114. Not including Freestyle or Dressage Suitability 100 - Dressage Suitability- Open 101 - Walk & Trot Class Test A- Open 102 - Training Level Test A- Jr. 103 - Training Level Test A- Sr. 104 - Training Level Test B- Jr. 105 - Training Level Test B- Sr. 106 - Training Level Test C- Jr. 107 - Training Level Test C- Sr. 108 - Training Level Test D- Jr. 109 - Training Level Test D- Sr. 110 - First Level Test B- Jr. 111 - First Level Test B- Sr. 112 - First Level Test C- Jr. 113 - First Level Test C- Sr. 114 - First Level Test D-OPEN. 115 - Freestyle Training Level 116 - Freestyle First Level


Saturday August 25, 2012

9:00 AM START English
200 - English Pleasure (13 and under) 201 - English Pleasure (14-18) 202 - English Pleasure (Sr.) 203 - English Green horse and/or Green Rider 204 - English Equitation (13 and under) 205 - English Equitation (14-18) 206 - English Equitation (Sr.) 207 - Road Hack (Jr.) 208 - Road Hack (Sr.) 209 - Show Hack (Jr.) 210 - Show Hack (Sr.) 211 - English Pleasure Stakes- Open (must compete in one other English pleasure class to qualify) 212 - Walk and Trot and/or Leadline (8 and under) (may not cross enter into Jr. classes) 213 - Hunter Hack Jr. 13 and under 214 - Hunter Hack Jr. 14-18 215 - Hunter Hack Sr.


~ Only 3 consecutive classes/height divisions are allowed 300 - Poles and Rails Green Rider and/or Horse 1.6ft (Open) 301 - Baby Green Hunter 2ft (Jr.) 302 - Baby Green Hunter 2ft (Sr.) 303 - Green Hunter 2.3ft (Jr.) 304 - Green Hunter 2.3ft (Sr.) 305 - Novice Hunter 2.6ft (Jr.) 306 - Novice Hunter 2.6ft (Sr.) 307 - Jumper 2.6ft (Jr.) 308 - Jumper 2.6ft (Sr.) 309 - Jumper 2.9ft- (Jr.) 310 - Jumper 2.9ft- (Sr.) 311 - P.R. Vet Clinic LTD Grand Prix 3ft Open (ADDED MONEY)

10 | P a g e

Sunday August 26, 2012


400 - Registered Stallion 401 - Registered Mare/Filly 402 - Registered Gelding/Colt 403 - Grade Mare/Filly 404 - Grade Gelding/Colt 405 - Champion class. All 1st and 2nd placings from classes 400-404. 406 - Showmanship Jr. 407 - Showmanship Sr.

500 - Western Pleasure (13 and under) 501 - Western Pleasure (14-18) 502 - Western Pleasure (Sr.) 503 - Western Green Horse and/or Green Rider 504 - Western Equitation (13 and under) 505 - Western Equitation (14-18) 506 - Western Equitation (Sr.) 507 - Western Pleasure Stakes (must have competed in at least one other pleasure class to qualify) 508 - Walk and Trot and/ or Leadline (8 and under) (may not cross enter into Jr. classes)

600 - Junior Reining 601 - Senior Reining 602 - Green Horse OR Green Rider Reining


700 - Trail (13 and under) 701 - Trail (14-18) 702 - Trail (Sr.)

800 - Barrel Racing Sr. (Open, 18+) - two runs 801 - Barrel Racing Jr. (Youth, 9-17) - two runs 802 - Barrel Racing Youth (Walk/Trot, under 8) - two runs 803 - Pole Bending Sr. (Open, 18+) two runs 804 - Pole Bending Jr. (Youth, 9-17) two runs 805 - Pole Bending Youth (Walk/Trot, under 8) two runs 806 - Flag Race Sr. (Open, 18+) one run 807 - Flag Race Jr. (Youth, 9-17) one run 808 - Flag Race Youth (Walk/Trot, under 8) one run 809 - Keyhole Sr. (Open, 18+) - one run 810 - Keyhole Jr. (Youth, 9-17) one run 811 - Keyhole Youth (Walk/Trot, under 8) one run 812 - Flying Boots Sr. (Open, 18+) 813 - Flying Boots Jr. (Youth, 9-17) 814 - Ride-A-Buck Open (All Ages)

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A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Event Sponsors
English Flat Awaiting sponsorship Dressage Northern Sunrise County Hunter/Jumper Awaiting sponsorship Gymkhana Awaiting sponsorship Western Flat Awaiting sponsorship Halter Awaiting sponsorship Reining Awaiting sponsorship Trail Awaiting sponsorship P.R. Vet Clinic Grand Prix Peace River Veterinary Clinic English Show Champion Awaiting sponsorship Western Show Champion Awaiting sponsorship English Highpoint Jr. Awaiting sponsorship English Highpoint Sr. Awaiting sponsorship Western Highpoint Jr. Awaiting sponsorship Western Highpoint Sr. Awaiting sponsorship Dressage Highpoint Jr. Awaiting sponsorship Dressage Highpoint Sr. Awaiting sponsorship Basic Dressage Freestyle Champion Awaiting sponsorship First Level Dressage Freestyle Champion Awaiting sponsorship Halter Champion Awaiting sponsorship Reserve Halter Champion Awaiting sponsorship

In Kind Sponsors
Greenhawk, GP Tim Hortons Keddies UFA, Grimshaw Billy Foster Houlders Quintel

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, Please Contact: Janel 780-618-0289

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Peace River Agricultural Society Fall Fair and Horse Show Entry Form
August 24 - 26, 2012 ***Use a SEPARATE form for each Horse/Rider Combination*** The Entry Form consists of Pages 13, 14, 15, 16 ***All Entry Forms and Money must be received by August 10, 2012 by MAIL*** Faxes and e-mailed forms will not be accepted ***Cheques Made Payable to Peace River Agricultural Society*** Mail Entries To: Crystal McLeod Box 233 Berwyn, AB T0H 0E0 Competitors Name: ____________________________________ Birthdate (if Junior): _____________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________________ Postal Code: ____________________________ Phone: ________________________________ Work: _______________________________________ Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________ (The Peace River Ag Society Horseshow Book will be e-mailed out next year, it will not be mailed! Please provide your email address to ensure you receive a Showbook in the years to come!)

AEF # (HCBC, SHF, etc): _________________________ (this is needed for insurance purposes to compete at our show, if you dont have one, please contact your provincial equestrian federation. Alberta residents please go to www.albertaequestrian.com and click on Memberships.)

Horses Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Breed of Horse: _____________________________________________ Age:____________________ Sex: _____________________________ Registration #: _____________________________________ Horses Owners Name: ________________________________________________________________ Horse Owners Signature: ______________________________________________________________

13 | P a g e

Place a (checkmark) Rider: ______________________________ In-Front of your Horse:_______________________________ classes of choice

Please Fill Out

Office Use Only

Sunday 9am Name of Class
Registered Stallion Registered Mare Registered Gelding Grade Mare Grade Gelding Champion Class Showmanship (Jr.) Showmanship (Sr.) Western Pleasure (13+under) Western Pleasure (14-18) Western Pleasure (Sr.) Western Green Horse or Green Rider Western Equitation (13+under) Western Equitation (14-18) Western Equitation (Sr.) Western Pleasure Stakes - Open Walk and Trot &/or Leadline Junior Reining Senior Reining Green Horse or Green Rider Reining Lunch Break, Approx 1 Hour Total $$$ 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 10 10 10 10

Class #

Friday 10am Name of Class

Total $$$

NOTE: ONLY 2 Consecutive Classes/Levels are Allowed From Class # 100- 113. NOT Including Freestyle or Suitability 100 Dressage Suitability Open 101 Walk and Trot Test A Open 102 Training Level A Jr. 103 Training Level A Sr. 104 Training Level B Jr. 105 Training Level B Sr. 106 Training Level C Jr. 107 Training Level C Sr. 108 Training Level D Jr. 109 Training Level D Sr. 110 First Level B Jr. 111 First Level B Sr. 112 First Level C Jr. 113 First Level C Sr. 114 First Level D Open 115 Freestyle Training Level - Open 116 Freestyle First Level - Open 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15

Class # 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215

Saturday 9am Name of Class

English Pleasure (13+under) English Pleasure (14-18) English Pleasure (Sr.) English Green Horse or Green Rider English Equitation (13+under) English Equitation (14-18) English Equitation (Sr.) Road Hack (Jr.) Road Hack (Sr.) Show Hack (Jr.) Show Hack (Sr.) English Pleasure Stakes Open Walk and Trot &/or Leadline Hunter Hack (13+under) Hunter Hack (14-18) Hunter Hack (Sr.) Lunch Break, Approx 1 Hour

Total $$$ 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 10 10 10 10

Class # 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 600 601 602

NOTE: ONLY 3 Consecutive Classes/Height Divisions are Allowed from Class #300 to 311

300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311

Poles & Rails: Green Horse &/or Rider Baby Green Hunter 2ft (Jr.) Baby Green Hunter 2ft (Sr.) Green Hunter 2.3ft (Jr.) Green Hunter 2.3ft (Sr.) Novice Hunter 2.6ft (Jr.) Novice Hunter 2.6ft (Sr.) Jumper 2.6ft (Jr.) Jumper 2.6ft (Sr.) Jumper 2.9ft (Jr.) Jumper 2.9ft (Sr.) P.R. Vet Clinic Grand Prix 3ft - Open

15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 20

700 701 702 800 801 802 803 804 805 806 807 808 809 810 811 812 813 814

Trail (13+under) Trail (14-18) Trail (Sr.) Barrel Racing Sr. (18+ yrs) 2 Runs Barrel Racing Jr. (9-17 yrs) 2 Runs Barrel Racing Youth (3-8 yrs) 2 Runs Pole Bending Sr. (18+ yrs) 2 Runs Pole Bending Jr. (9-17 yrs) 2 Runs Pole Bending Youth (3-8 yrs) 2 Runs Flag Race Sr. (18+ yrs) 1 run Flag Race Jr. (9-17 yrs) 1 run Flag Race Youth (3-8 yrs) 1 run Keyhole Sr. (18+ yrs) 1 run Keyhole Jr. (9-17yrs) 1 run Keyhole Youth (3-8yrs) 1 run Flying Boots Sr. (18+ yrs) Flying Boots Jr. (9-17 yrs) Ride-A-Buck Open (All Ages)

10 10 10 15 15 15 15 15 15 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

14 | P a g e

Horse Show Fees

Class Fees
Class Price # Classes Total_________

Dressage Barrel Racing / Pole Bending Hunter / Jumper P.R. Vet Clinic Grand Prix Stakes Classes All other classes Administration Fee (Per Horse/Rider Combination) Stalls * First Entered & Paid, First Reserved * Barn Stall Inside per night Barn Stall Outside/Covered per night Please check which nights you require a stall Thursday:

$15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $20.00 $25.00 $10.00 $10.00



______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ __1___

# Nights

= = = = = = =

$________ $________ $________ $________ $________ $________ $ _10.00__


$20.00 X ______ = $________ $20.00 X ______ = $________




Request to Stable Beside: (Rider & Horse Name or Group/Stable Name)

_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________
***Please NoteThis is only a request, we may not be able to accommodate your request!
Price # Nights Total__________


Site with Power per night Site without Power per night

$20.00 X ______ = $_________ $0.00 X ______ = $__ ______

TOTAL: $___________
Price # Riders/Stalls Total__________

Number Deposit (Separate Cheque) Stall Deposit (Separate Cheque) Sorry no tack stalls!

$20.00 X __1___ = _$20.00___ $20.00 X __1___ = _$20.00___

~ ~ ~ Cheques made payable to the PEACE RIVER AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY ~ ~ ~ * * * * * *

***NO REFUND OF ENTRY FEES, EXCEPT WITH A VETERINARIAN / DOCTORS CERTIFICATE*** Other extenuating circumstances will be to the discretion of the show committee.

* * * * * *
I Hereby Acknowledge that Equine Activities can Involve Inherent Risk of Accident and/or Injury I Accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for MYSELF and MY HORSE(S) ACTIONS at this event. I AGREE to Abide by the Show Rules and Directions of the Judge and Show Committee. Signature of Competitor: ____________________________________ Date:________________
(Anyone under the age of 18 must have consent, to participate, from Parent or Guardian)

I hereby authorize: ____________________________________, a junior Competitor, to participate in the Peace River Agricultural Society Horse Show, August 24-26, 2012. Signature of Parent/Guardian:__________________________________ Date:________________ It will be the discretion of the show committee to deny passes to people who are not essential to the operation of the Horse Show.

15 | P a g e


This document will affect your legal rights and liabilities. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY I acknowledge that the sport of horses is a high risk sport and that I am participating at my own risk and in full knowledge of the hazards and potential hazards inherent in this sport. I further acknowledge the inherent risk in riding and working around horses, which risks include bodily injury to both horse and rider, which can result from normal use, competition or schooling. In consideration of being allowed to participate in this event, I hereby assume all risk and hereby absolve the Peace River Agricultural Society, their directors, officers, employees, servants, agents and representative, and their respective person representatives from all responsibility, liability or claims of any nature which I may have arising from my activities in this activity, including but not limited to bodily injury or death to myself or my horse(s) and damages to property arising from any cause whatever, including the negligence of one or more individuals and organizations referred to herein. I hereby declare that in signing this document, that I have read and fully understood and agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and that is binding upon my executors, heirs, or assigns.

Signature of Rider:_______________________________________ Date:_________________ ( If rider is under 18 years of age, the Parent/Guardian must also sign)

I acknowledge as Parent/Guardian of ____________________________________ that I have read

(Riders Name)

and full understood and agree to the terms and conditions stated herein on behalf of ___________________________________ and myself.
(Riders Name)

Signature of Parent/Guardian ___________________________________Date__________________

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