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2000Soft Serves Up Success For R & M Foods

A MAS 90® Solution

“2000Soft essentially re-implemented our
software. The difference between what we
had, and what we have now is remarkable.”

& M Foods owns five restaurants across for sales and support of MAS 90. “2000Soft’s approach
southern California. Four of these, called The was to take the time to get to know us, and then make
Whole Enchilada, are energetic establishments solid recommendations about what changes we could
serving fresh Mexican food with handmade tortillas. make, and how they could help implement those
The fifth is Mills Restaurant, a family restaurant serv- changes.”
ing home-style foods. The company’s owner, Ruben The first step was to implement the Bank Recon-
Villaivencio believes in giving his employees the tools ciliation and Visual Integrator modules. By adding
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and training to grow personally, while growing a prof- these two modules, R & M was able to eliminate hours
itable business. of manual data entry.
The Chips Were Down The Bank Reconciliation module greatly simpli-
R & M Foods has used MAS 90 for years, starting with fied the monthly reconciliation task by detecting unre-
just the Accounts Payable and General Ledger mod- corded transactions between books and bank, locating
ules. As Lil Palmer, direc- errors or differences, allow-
tor of operations for R & M ing corrections, and match-
explains, MAS 90 was sim- ing R & M’s books to its
ply a place to record finan- bank statement. Reconciling
cial transactions, “We re- the company’s various bank
ally didn’t understand what accounts became a straight-
we had. Our reseller didn’t forward process, rather than
have much more expertise a painstaking one.
than we did.” As a result, 2000Soft’s consultants
Accounts Payable checks designed custom imports
were typed on a manual in Visual Integrator to bring
typewriter, and spreadsheet 2000Soft helped R & M Foods realize the full power of the data files from each res-
files from each of the stores, MAS 90 and eliminate hours of manual data entry. taurant directly into the
containing daily sales and general ledger, cutting out
deposit data were hand entered into MAS 90.” the data entry tasks. Now, rather than analyzing each
Food For Thought spreadsheet, printing it, and typing its data into the
A newly hired employee, with experience using MAS general ledger, Palmer runs a simple import utility
90, pointed out that many of the tasks they were per- which validates the data and imports the data directly
forming manually could easily be automated. That into the data entry files. Palmer then prints the register
employee also recommended switching to 2000Soft and updates the transactions.

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While the software didn’t change, with 2000Soft’s help, She also appreciates that her consultants at 2000Soft
Palmer says, “We began to see the possibilities. 2000Soft es- go out of their way to help her to be self-sufficient by un-
sentially reimplemented our software. The difference be- derstanding MAS 90’s capabilities. “They’re not about sell-
tween what we had, and what we have now is remarkable.” ing something,” she says, “They’re about showing you how
Multi Company Financials they can help make your business more efficient.”
R & M Foods handles each of its five restaurants a separate Palmer is impressed that 2000Soft’s technicians typi-
company, with separate financials. Before she met 2000Soft, cally are able to give her answers immediately when she
Palmer handled this by copying financial data from each calls, without waiting for a callback, “They have a knowl-
of the companies into Excel spreadsheets, where formulas edge and a comfort level with MAS 90. It’s clear they keep
were added and ultimately financial statements were gener- very current with the technology.”
ated. Using FRx Financials, an industry-standard financial No Reservations
report writer, 2000Soft developed custom financial state- Building on the efficiencies they’ve enjoyed, R & M has
ments that combine data from each of the five compa- more plans for MAS 90. Payroll is currently outsourced,
nies, delivering consolidated financial statements showing but Palmer is considering bringing that function in house.
the overall health of the organization. What once involved “We already do all the data input, and with MAS 90’s Pay-
hours of data entry and data manipulation is now accom- roll module, we could easily complete it.” Palmer also plans
plished in seconds from within MAS 90. to take Crystal Reports training courses through 2000Soft,
Intercompany transfers are common as the different enabling her to design custom reports to closely analyze the
restaurants borrow, loan, and even make purchases on be- large amount of data collected and make better business
half of the others. Additional reports prepared by 2000Soft decisions.
speed the reconciliation of these transactions by listing MAS 90 is a flexible and scalable, capable of grow-
the disbursals and identifying out of balance transactions. ing with R & M and supporting its operations for years to
Palmer recently attended an FRx training course offered by come. Through the capable guidance of 2000Soft consul-
2000Soft, enabling her to design and refine her own reports tants, R & M was able to appreciate the full capabilities of
using this powerful tool. MAS 90 and realize huge efficiency gains. “With MAS 90
Five Star Service and the assistance we’ve received from 2000Soft,” explains
Palmer has nothing but praise for the excellent service she Palmer, “We’ve been able to add another location without
receives from 2000Soft, “It’s rare to receive such responsive, adding any employees.”
high-quality service,” she says. “They’re always good to their

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