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23 February 2012

To Whom lt May Concem:

Letter of Authorisation and Confirmation.

1 confirm that the Getty Images group of companies, which are ultimately held by Getty Images, Inc., and of which Getty Images Intemational is member, have tbe sole and exclusive right to display, market and license al1 usage rights related to all contained in certain collections that are images made available on its intemet site, found at www.gettyimagcs.com. seen also in Israel (tbe "Territory").

Furthermore, 1 confirm that pursuant to a written contract, Getty Images has appointed Mar'ot Image Lfmited ("Mar'ot Image") as an exclusive representative in the Territory with the right to grant licenses in images (rom certain collections (the "Images"):
1 hereby confinn that Mar'ot lmage has the ful1 authority to take any legal actions, 01' any tonn (civil andlor criminal), in the Territory against third parties in its wn name in connection with the unauthorised use or alleged unauthorised use ("Unauthorised Use") ofthe lmages. In particular, Mar'ot Image shall be entitled to carry out the fol1owing acts in connection with any Unauthoriscd Use ofthe Images : 1. To sign and submit any claim or counter-claim, andlor any application, cOlnplainL, detcnse, objection, motion, application for leave to defend or for leave to appeal, appeal, notice, plea, petition or any civil proceeding connccted with Unauthorised Use, without exception. 2. To sign andlor to send notarial or other warnings or notices, to submit claims for declarations of bankruptcy or winding-up of a corporation or for the appointment of a recei ver and to take al1 steps connected with or deriving from Unauthorised Use. 3. To appear in connection with Unauthorised Use beiore any court, tribunal, arbitraLor or otber institution, including govemmental institutions, up to the highest level. 4. To submit any matter connected with Unauthorised Use to arbitration as Mar'ot Image may find appropriate. 5. To collect the amount of any claim or any other amount in relation to Unautborised Use including court costs and legal fees and to give valid receipts and releases for the samc. 6. To deal with the execution of any judgment or decision or court order, to apply f'or orders of sale and imprisonment orders, and to take any actions necessary in relation to executing necessary documents relating to Unauthorised Use. If you have any questions or need additional information, please f'eel free to contact us.

Marek Wystepek

Director, Getty Images International

Getty Images International (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands) Block 4, Bracken Business Park, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18, Republic of Ireland Tel: +353 (1) 246 2700 Fax: +353 (1) 246 2799 www.gettyimages.com