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Joint Team Investigation Form

Joint Team Investigations File #

A.P.A.R.T of Washington (Auburn Paranormal Activities Research Team of Washington) has a protocol set in
place regarding joint team investigations. We work with outside investigators or teams often, and wish to
maintain a cohesive investigation standard, as well as maintain our reputation within the community.

Following are the basic joint team regulations/guidelines:

1. If A.P.A.R.T. has made the initial contact for the investigation, they become known as the Primary Team. The
other team will then be known as the Co-Team, and takes their lead from the Primary Team. If another team
invites A.P.A.R.T. in, then APART assumes the Co- Team role on the investigation.
Client will only then deal with the initial contacting team. We respect the team’s initiative to obtain the
investigation in the first place. If A.P.A.R.T. is the Co- Team, they will not contact the client outside of the
investigation unless otherwise noted by Primary team leads.

2. The client has the right to approve any outside investigators who wish to be present and involved.
The client also maintains the right to refuse any, or additional, investigators from the joining the Primary team
who will be investigating.

3. Co- Team members will adhere to the primary team’s protocols and regulations used during the
investigative process; pre-investigation, investigation, post investigation and follow up. It is important that both
teams read, discuss and understand what is expected on investigations from the Primary/Co-Team guidelines.
Examples of protocols are confidentiality, no drugs, drinking, or tobacco use while investigating,
professionalism in dealing with client, etc.

4. Evidence obtained during the investigative process will be turned over to the primary investigative team.
The primary team has the final say over validity, acceptability and presentation of the evidence; either with
client, public or on websites. After findings have been released, Co- Team may present evidence on their
website as well with respects paid to Primary team.

5. Primary investigator will have the responsibility of obtaining all permissions and releases to investigate the
location. They will also be responsible for insuring any Co-Team investigators have provided the release forms
used by their group.

6. At any time during the investigation, if either team employs questionable methods, behaviors, or shows lack
of professionalism, the offending team should immediately remove themselves from the investigation. Primary
team will then note the infraction as to why the Co - Team has removed themselves.
At any time the Primary team has the right to request the Co-Team to dismiss themselves from further being
involved in the investigation.

If form is used for the Meeker Mansion hosted investigation, please note that respect of the staff and location
are expected. In the event an antique, item, or rules have been broken, A.P.A.R.T. is relieved of any costs
associated with the damages.

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