Sacred Names

The Kabbalah is a set of ancient spiritual traditions thought to be the oldest wisdom in the world. It was the work of Abraham, some 3,800 years ago and forms the basis of the three biggest monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. According to Kabbalah, the entire Bible is written in cryptography, or code if you will. This code holds the secret to the oldest and most effective technology for taking control of your life. The system, known as the Goetia, was taken from the story of the Red Sea, in chapter 14 of the book Exodus. This was when Moses parted the sea so that the Israelites could escape the Egyptians. Once they had safely crossed, the waters engulfed the Egyptians, allowing the Israelites to gain their freedom. The secret to how this amazing feat was accomplished is revealed in verses 19, 20 and 21. Each of these three verses contains 72 characters. Taking one character from each verse and putting it in its proper place in the table reveals the greatest secret of all time, the ‘72 Names of God’.

Sacred Names

The completed table (in it's original Hebrew form) looks like this:

hll uhh ylk whj \wa dnm kym hym tyn rxm qnm \wm

chm \lu fys wal dla yzh wal \qh yrh hlm yyy rln yyr hac try qwk jhl wjy hhh zyy uhr lcu yru las ann \mu cjh jrh lyy \mn bmd yjm wnu yyh mby har

yly thk hkm lhp aah rcw \uj hly ynd ywp hhy wbj

whw aka lzy wwl htn bkl yna lww whw hbm bmw uya

The power of these names does not lie in their ethnic or religious background; it lies in what they represent.


Sacred Names

DNA of the Soul
If we are to initiate lasting change in our behaviour and lifestyle, it must take place at the root level of our existence. DNA is the instruction manual for our cells. All cells begin in an undifferentiated state. Our DNA then determines which cells will evolve to become internal organs, bone, brain matter and other tissues. DNA is written in an alphabet composed of 4 letters: A, T, C and G. These letters refer to four different kinds of nucleotides, which combine to create 20 amino acids. These produce the ‘words’ and sentences’, which compose the genetic code of every individual. Human beings have about 3 billion ‘letters’ in our genetic codes. Our differences lie in the combination and sequences of the four nucleotides. Each cell in our body contains the whole 3 billion-letter instruction manual. We are in a physical sense, a set of living letters.


Sacred Names

In truth, the entire Universe is alphabetic in nature. As letters form words, so atoms combine to form molecules. As words form sentences, so molecules form matter. The entire Universe has its own genetic-like building blocks and these building blocks are alphabetic in nature. There are a series of cosmic nucleotides that combine to form all spiritual and physical reality. The unified Light of the Creator fragmented into 22 distinct forces to create our Universe. Using this Creator alphabet, we can become spiritual geneticists. By harnessing the 22 primordial forces, we can reengineer our soul’s genetic make-up, altering our reactive nature and transforming our lives. These 22 energy forces manifest in our world as 22 frequency patterns. They are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Scan them from right to left.



Sacred Names

These letters were present at the very moment of Creation as magnificent forces of primordial energy. The Hebrew word for letter means ‘pulse or vibration’. Each letter acts as an antenna that arouses and harnesses the energy of the Universe. As such, they are instruments of power. It is believed that the mystical powers of Hebrew letters can ultimately reveal the answers to every question about God and the Universe.

The beginning of Judaism
A man named Jacob and his 12 sons founded the 12 tribes of Israel. One day, Jacob came to an oasis and was forced to spend the night. During the night he dreamt of a stairway to heaven, by which 7 Great Angels ascended to talk to God. Jacob got into a fight with one of the Angels and a new name was given to him - Israel, or ‘the one who wrestles with God’. As time went by, Kings would spend the first night of their reign by the oasis, just like Israel


Sacred Names

had done. As they slept, God would speak to them and grant one wish. When it was Solomon's turn, he asked God for nothing for himself. Instead, he asked that he rule justly and that the people of his kingdom live well. By not asking for anything for himself, God granted him the gift of Ultimate Power Knowledge. This sacred knowledge was the realization that Solomon already held the power to be a great king, to rule justly and to make his people happy. He held the power to evoke and control his own God like powers. Solomon used this wisdom throughout his reign and came to be known as the most powerful and wise King alive. To this day many consider Solomon the wisest man to have ever lived.

The Story of the Red Sea
Many people have heard the story about the Red Sea; however, few are aware of the secret meaning behind this story.


Sacred Names

The banks of the Red Sea were filled with 600,000 Israelites. Pharaoh and his army were not far behind, determined to slaughter anyone who defied the command to return to the city and a life of slavery. The Israelites were cornered and needed a miracle. So they begin to pray, crying out to their Almighty God - the true Creator, they begged for pity. And God said, "Why are you calling out to me?" This was probably not the response they expected. Then God said, "Now, go jump in the water!" Those poor suffering souls were dumbfounded. Was God giving up hope on them? Was he sentencing them to death by the hand of Pharaoh's army? Not exactly. If you recall, the "72 Names of God" are actually encoded into this story of the Red Sea.


Sacred Names

These statements by God were actually statements telling the Israelites how to make use of the ancient technology. Moses called out unto his people to remember the "72 Names". He reminded them to have unshakable confidence in their own God-like powers that had been given to them by the Creator and how these powers enabled them to take control over the physical world. "Why are you calling out to me?" was of course, like most other stories and statements in the Bible, a code. God was actually telling the people that they themselves had the power to escape from their mortal situation on their own. God, the Creator, gave us everything we need to achieve everything we'll ever want. The truth is, God never answers prayers - you do.

How it Ends
Most of us are aware of the outcome of the Red Sea story: just before the Pharaoh's army reached the Israelites, the Red Sea parted, allowing them passage, but crushing the army as it followed. What an amazing feat it was, but as you might have been able to tell, it wasn't God who constructed this feat, it was Moses.

Sacred Names

As Moses cast his hand out over the Sea, he called upon the power of the Names of God. As the night went on he caused the winds to drive back the water with a powerful east wind, transforming the seabed into dry land. But belief in the Names alone will not part an ocean, a physical action is require to activate these God-like powers within. That was the secret meaning of God's response of, "Now, go jump in the water!" The Israelites realized that they were required to demonstrate total certainty in their power. They did this by walking into the sea with a complete conviction on a positive outcome. Not a single water molecule moved until the Israelites conquered their fear and doubts and waded deep into the sea with total certainty. But then, as the water reached their neck, and then their nostrils and their certainty and conviction remained steady - swoosh - the water's were divided.

How to part an Ocean
To utilize the power of the Sacred Names of God, one must start from the beginning. While


Sacred Names

it may take a lifetime to perfect, to start takes only three steps. Step 1: You must obtain self-mastery over your own fears and doubts. You must begin to take control of your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you. Imagine that emotion as a tangible object, able to enter your body through all your senses, an object that once inside your body - the mind grabs and embraces. When your right brain grasps onto an emotion and starts to flood your body with it, take a step back and use left brain to think about and deduct the emotion you are experiencing. Next time your emotions start to take control of your actions, remember these words. Remember that taking control of these lower, or dark forms of thought and emotion is the entire goal of the Goetia, and the great men of the past who were able to successfully master this first and very important step, were then later able to part oceans, defeat giants, build empires and crush all their enemies.


Sacred Names

Step 2: Evocation the Names. Once your mind is clear, no longer clouded with emotion and centred, then comes the time to call upon the spirit your true will decides on. This is the Name of God. Step 3: A physical follow through action. Ah yes, the fun part. Spirits will only begin to manifest themselves on earth when physical action is taken. For example: You’re painting a beautiful picture. As you paint the picture, you take a second and close your eyes to remember the image your trying to convey on the canvass. A couple more strokes of the brush and you hold in your hands a genuine masterpiece - a physical manifestation of thought. Or here's another: You’re confronted by a thief in the street. Revealing a knife from his jacket he demands your wallet. You control and suppress the emotions of fear and doubt in yourself and center yourself to think clearly about the situation - all within a fraction of a second. Pretending to reach for your wallet you grab the mace instead and blast him in the face, relieving

Sacred Names

the immediate threat and giving you a chance to get away. The success in this situation was a result of selfmastery, evocation of proper thought/spirits and a perfect follow through action. The spirit that started as just a thought is now a physical manifestation in the form of a neutralized threat - or a blind thief. This third and vital step was the secret meaning behind God's statement to the Israelites when he said, "Now, go jump in the water!" Now you know.

It's time to TAKE COMMAND
It's time you step up to the plate and claim what's yours. It's time unlock those God-like powers woven into your very DNA. It's time to finally awaken the giant within. It's time to take command of your life, your environment, your emotions and the demons within. By now I hope you're starting to realize that these Names are woven into your DNA and have been a part of your since you were born. They've been waiting for you, and will continue to wait until your willing to activate them.

Sacred Names

Let there be light
The eyes are seen as the windows of the soul. By simply scanning various sequences of the Hebrew letters, which create different blends of energy, enormous amounts of spiritual light is released that purifies not only our hearts and minds, but also our bodies. The Hebrew letters act as keys, opening the doorway to the soul. Visualising or looking at the letters creates a resonance between the Light of God and our souls. In this way the energy of the letters is duplicated in the soul and absorbed by our subconscious mind. True internal change is created through the DNA power of the Hebrew letters.

The 72 Sacred Names of God
The Names have the power to overcome the laws of nature by literally allowing access to the subatomic realm of nature. These three-letter sequences are the conduits that transmit various energies of Light into our physical world.


Sacred Names

Using the Names
We have everything we need to enjoy a life of peace, bliss and abundance. It is only our minds that cause us to fall from Grace. If you are in need of clarity or perhaps would like to affect change in your life; quietly and sincerely ask what it is that you need to know in order to create that reality. With your question in mind, draw a card from the deck and read the message. Reflect for a moment upon its relevance to your question. Then simply look with focused attention at each character, always remembering to scan from right to left. The sequences are not words and are not pronounceable in any way that matters. Once you have re-minded yourself, take the appropriate action in your life necessary to bring about the change. If you would like deeper insight, identify each letter in the following section and contemplate its meaning as it relates to your situation.


Sacred Names

The Sacred Spirits
‘Twenty-two Foundation letters: He engraved them, He carved them, He permuted them, He weighed them, He transformed them. And with them, He depicted all that was Formed and all that would be formed. Twenty-two Foundation letters He engraved them with voice He carved them with breath He set them in the mouth In five places Alef Chet Hei Ayin in the throat Gimel Yod Kaph Kuf in the palate Daled Tet Lamed Nun Tav in the tongue Zayin Samekh Shin Resh Tzaddi in the teeth Beit Vav Mem Pei in the lips’
Sepher Yetzirah


Sacred Names

Aleph – the numerical value is one, and this represents the unique and indivisible God. The energy is that of the primal force of Creation. Meditating on Aleph brings stamina and strength and helps you to become more receptive to creative ideas.

Beit – this energy encourages us to find peace within our own household. It helps us to understand that we each have our own place within the cosmos, and that God dwells within each of us. Meditate on Beit to feel peace and at home with the world.


Sacred Names

Gimel – the energy reflects kindness and growth and is seen as a kind man running to a needy person. Meditate on Gimel for growth in all aspects of life.

Daled – represents the Four Worlds. It is through these worlds that everything in the physical world has reached us from the point of Creation. We are surrounded by hidden doorways in life, and we must learn to tune into our spiritual selves to be able to see what we are missing. Meditate on Daled to open yourself to the hidden spiritual doorways in your life.


Sacred Names

Hei – resonates as an exhalation of breath, teaching the importance of focusing on the breath for spiritual advancement. As a 5, it alludes to the 5 dimensions of the human soul: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and oneness with God. Meditate upon Hei for advancement in the spiritual realms.

Vav – signifies that each person is unique and that every existence is meaningful. Meditate on Vav to reveal your spiritual uniqueness to the world, in order to strengthen your social connection with others.

Sacred Names

Zayin – as the number 7, it represents completion and unity. It reminds us that our soul is the most important part of our being and not to get caught in banal, everyday matters. Meditate on Zayin to become more relaxed and less stressed with everyday living.

Chet – relates to life and promotes health and vitality. Meditate upon Chet for physical health and for greater spiritual understanding and guidance through your dreams.


Sacred Names

Tet – reveals that goodness, or Divine Light, is often hidden from us. As the first letter of the word Tahor, it relates to brilliance or purity. As we experience spiritual clarity, so our soul becomes more open to Divine communication. Meditate upon Tet to open up to true goodness and spiritual inspiration.

Yod – links to the energies of the 10 sephirot of the Tree of Life. It represents a spiritual messenger bringing change. It contains great energy and force. Meditate upon Yod to bring change into your life.

Sacred Names

Kaph – is considered one of the primary keys to transcendental awareness through meditation, prayer and the visual forms of the Hebrew alphabet. Meditate upon Kaph to improve intention, willpower and singlemindedness.

Lamed – has the numerical value of 30. According to mystical tradition there are 36 truly righteous people on earth in every generation. Meditate upon Lamed while asking how you can become truly righteous.


Sacred Names

Mem – learning Kabbalah is about attaining a higher spiritual level, allowing us to connect with the teachers of higher spiritual knowledge. Meditate upon Mem to open yourself up to your angels, teachers and spiritual guides.

Nun – denotes abundance and fertility. Faith and understanding can bring great affluence into our lives. Nun can mean regeneration and disintegration; reminding us of the cycles of life. Meditate upon Nun to strengthen your faith and to think about your true identity.


Sacred Names

Samekh – symbolises completion and God’s protection. We all have the power within us, to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. Meditate on Samekh to realise of your inner strength and to let the Divine Energy of God protect you.

Ayin – teaches us to open our eyes to the world around us. It is up to us to grow spiritually in order to truly see the world. It reminds us that we are all part of the Tree of Life. Meditate upon Ayin to open your eyes and heart to the world around you and enhance your insight and intuition.


Sacred Names

Pei– represents the power that speech and sound can make. By resonating the Names of God, we add an extra dimension to the power of healing. Meditate upon Pei to enhance your communication with your fellow man.

Tzaddi – is the first letter of the word Tzadik, which means righteous. The Tzaddikim are known for their sense of community, goodness and spirituality. Meditate upon Tzaddi to enhance your feeling of goodwill to your fellow man.


Sacred Names

Kuf– by opening ourselves up to receiving the knowledge of the Kabbalah, we are entering a new state of knowledge and awareness. Meditate upon Kuf to increase your spiritual awareness and knowledge.

Resh – represents our ability to transcend spirituality. It is through this that we can greatly enhance our senses as we open up to intuition and become an open channel to the spirit world. It is through this channel that spiritual healers and teachers can carry out their work here on earth. Meditate on Resh to enhance your senses an intuition.


Sacred Names

Shin –leads us to meditate on how we should achieve greater knowledge and spirituality with each progressing year (shana) of our lives. Meditate on Shin to bring peace (shalom) and harmony (Shabbat) into your life.

Tav – as the 22nd letter, Tav symbolises that our lives are a cycle which, when it has been completed, marks another phase in the spiritual learning journey of our souls. Meditate upon the letter Tav to understand the meaning of your life and the lessons you are continuing to learn.