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2009 Presenting Company Schedule

Company Description Day Time

Produces endoscopically implantable devices to control appetite and
Endosphere Tuesday 8:30 AM
regulate glucose production in patients with metabolic disorders

Is developing an early-stage human health vaccine pipeline consisting

ImmunoVaccine Tech Tuesday 8:45 AM
of infectious disease and therapeutic cancer products
Manufactures bionic and implantable neurostimulation devices
Victhom Human Bionics involved in the treatment of a variety of physical and physiological Tuesday 9:00 AM
dysfunctions, including gait disorders
Is developing catheter-based products to improve outcomes for
Genesis Medical Tuesday 9:15 AM
patients suffering from occlusive vascular diseases

Offers a portfolio of cancer therapeutic drugs based on its

NeoPharm Tuesday 9:30 AM
proprietary tumor-targeting platform and drug delivery system
Is developing and commercializing a three-dimensional approach to
NewCardio Tuesday 9:45 AM
Provides implantable mechanical heart assist devices for patients
Sunshine Heart Tuesday 10:00 AM
with moderate to severe chronic heart failure

Develops and commercializes proprietary cell-based technologies

ISTO Tuesday 10:15 AM
designed to regenerate and restore damaged cartilage and bone

Operates a full service technology licensing and incubator program

UAMS BioVentures Tuesday 10:30 AM
for medical device and pharmaceutical start-up companies

Utilizes a patent-pending technology that powers implantable cardiac

Endurance Rhythm Tuesday 10:45 AM
devices using energy from the beating heart
Specializes in cryoablation technologies for the treatment of prostate
Endocare Tuesday 11:00 AM
Developing a catheter-based therapy for the treatment of cerebral
Coaxia Tuesday 11:15 AM
ischemia, most notably: ischemic stroke.
Incorporates proprietary 'Occlusion Spectroscopy' technology for non-
Orsense Tuesday 11:30 AM
invasive glucose monitoring
Offers catheter products that facilitate the local delivery of cells,
BioCardia gene, and protein therapeutics to the heart, along with cardiac Tuesday 11:45 AM
regenerative medicine systems involving autologous stem cells

Specializes in the novel unit dose packaging of drugs and develops

Mystic Pharmaceuticals Tuesday 1:30 PM
precision delivery systems for various applications

Has developed referenced EEG (rEEG) technology to assess the

CNS Response presence of individual neurophysiologic abnormalities and to guide Tuesday 1:45 PM
subsequent psychiatric treatment
Seeks to pioneer and commercialize therapeutic applications of
Silere Medical electronic neurostimulation technology targeting tinnitus and other Tuesday 2:00 PM
auditory conditions
Has developed a patented pathogen inactivation technology for
Clearant biological products, including soft tissue allograft implants and bone Tuesday 2:15 PM
Characterizing protein and gene expression biomarkers to provide
Crescendo Bioscience Tuesday 2:30 PM
molecular staging for-and facilitate treatment of-rheumatoid arthritis
Is developing disposable catheter-based technology to detect and
Minnow Medical shrink atherosclerotic plaques implicated in the progression of Tuesday 2:45 PM
peripheral artery disease (PAD)
Facilitates minimally-invasive implantation of artificial chordae
NeoChord Tuesday 3:00 PM
tendineae to improve outcomes of mitral valve regurgitation
Offers proprietary biopolymer and biotherapeutic devices for the
Symphony Medical treatment of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and post-operative atrial Tuesday 3:15 PM
fibrillation (POAF)
Creates novel technology to enable the diagnosis of lipid-core
InfraReDx Tuesday 3:30 PM
containing plaques in the coronary arteries
Developing innovative, implantable devices that repair heart valve
MitralSolutions, Inc. Tuesday 3:45 PM
Develops next-generation drug-delivery approaches to treating
Medlogics coronary artery disease, as well as creating drug-eluting stent Tuesday 4:00 PM
Developed fully-integrated pattern scan laser system to treat retinal
Optimedica Tuesday 4:15 PM
Markets pain management solutions, such as disposable pain pumps,
Symbios Tuesday 4:30 PM
for use in post-surgical patients
Provides device that entraps and removes potentially obstructive
PercSys Tuesday 4:45 PM
materials from the ureter during urological and endoscopic surgeries
Develops innovative devices that allow women and their doctors to
NeoMatrix Wednesday 8:30 AM
promote optimal breast health
Develops containers used to transport food, water, and medical
Carego Intl. supplies to disaster areas, which then transform into fully efficient, Wednesday 8:45 AM
self contained medical facilities.
Created a three-dimensional and web-based biomechanical
Sherlock-NMD diagnostic system measuring motion in patients with musculoskeletal Wednesday 9:00 AM
Provides advanced revenue cycle management technology and
MedSynergies transactional support to help healthcare management organizations Wednesday 9:15 AM
improve operating processes, medical billing and cash flow
Introduced innovations in signal processing for the noise and
Data-Physics vibration community, including dynamic signal analyzers, vibration Wednesday 9:30 AM
controllers and shakers
Offers a proprietary portfolio of high-margin cardiovascular and
PrognostiX Wednesday 9:45 AM
inflammatory biomarkers for cardiovascular diagnostic testing
Developing collagen-based bioimplants to reinforce the repair or
Pegasus Biologics Wednesday 10:00 AM
reconstruction of soft tissues
Developed, and currently markets, minimally invasive three-
SuperDimension dimensional imaging for the diagnosis and treatment of distal lung Wednesday 10:15 AM
Offers health connectivity software suites that streamline
Kryptiq Corporation information sharing among healthcare professionals, health Wednesday 10:30 AM
insurance plans, patients and other colleagues

Provides minimally invasive, site-specific and image-guided cancer

Nu Vue management systems based on proprietary guided ultrasound and Wednesday 10:45 AM
chemotherapeutic encapsulation technologies
Provides an interactive social network offering resources and services
Gaming For Health to support the adoption of healthy gaming as a means to improve Wednesday 11:00 AM
health education, condition management, fitness and quality of life
Developed a high-field dedicated purpose MRI system specifically for
ONI Wednesday 11:15 AM
orthopedic extremity imaging

Applies its patented 'systems pathology' platform-a combination of

Aureon Laboratories, Inc. imaging technology, clinical data, and advanced mathematics-to Wednesday 11:30 AM
assess the likelihood of disease progression for various conditions,
including prostate cancer
Provides comprehensive and advanced cancer diagnosing services,
Clarient identifies optimal drug and therapy strategies for individual patients, Wednesday 11:45 AM
and monitors patients undergoing therapy
Develops and commercializes anti-adhesion and drug delivery
SyntheMed products incorporating its proprietary bioresorbable polymer Wednesday 1:30 PM
Provides integrated drug dispensing devices and usage tracking
MedicaSafe systems to improve medication adherence and compliance among Wednesday 1:45 PM
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets bioabsorbable
Coapt Wednesday 2:00 PM
products for use in facial aesthetic and rejuvenation procedures
Introduced a miniaturized and compact heart-lung machine for
LifeBridge Medical Wednesday 2:15 PM
Emergency Cardiopulmonary Support (ECPS)
Develops ophthalmic devices for the diagnosis and treatment of age-
Occulogix Wednesday 2:30 PM
related eye diseases
Manufactures a 3D oriented matrix which mimics the matrices found
CollEngin Wednesday 2:45 PM
in human skin and tendons
Provides healthcare with real-time location applications for safe,
Radianse Wednesday 3:00 PM
effective and room-level patient tracking and asset tracking

Provides tools to track health statistics in a calendar format and

Health Analytic Services
instantly integrates your data into a complete and clear report that Wednesday 3:15 PM
you can share with whomever you like
Specializes in molecular tests that detect the irregular gene or
Diagnocure Wednesday 3:30 PM
protein activity patterns associated with cancer
Is developing real-time PCR based diagnostic devices for the
Enigma Diagnostics Limited detection and identification of infectious organisms in Wednesday 3:45 PM
environmental, clinical and biological samples
Produces disposable sensors and electrodes for the diagnostic testing
Dymedix Corporation Wednesday 4:00 PM
and treatment of sleep disorders
Uses biophotonic research to develop portable, low-cost devices to
Claro Scientific rapidly identify micro-organisms from bodily fluid samples, including Wednesday 4:15 PM
blood, urine and saliva.
Offers a diagnostic solution using Holographic Ultrasound to detect
Advanced Imaging Tech and characterize breast lesions, particularly in women with dense Wednesday 4:30 PM
breast tissue
Provides non-invasive 'Dynamic Motion Therapy' for various
applications, including the prevention and treatment of bone loss
Juvent Wednesday 4:45PM
associated with osteoporosis, maintenance of musculoskeletal
stability and enhancement of the circulatory system